Monday, August 27, 2007

In6agieeet Again :)

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i have to mention at least 5 smells i really love... hmmmm khaleeni afakir... bas 5??

the smell of ti2layet il towmeh (garlic) when you cook molookhiyeh especially when you are starving!!! Of course i don't mean after you eat it and your breath smells like many unpleasant things lol

the smell of al nadafa... mostly the smell of clean clothes ( with softner )

the smell some hair conditioners & bath oils especially when it's a good hair conditioner gives you a whiff every once in a while like a sunsilk ad

ta ta ta ta taraa raaaa raaaaaa

the smell of scented candles

the smell of anything that is made out of CHOCOLATE

the smell of BAnzeeen * dina twitches wipes nose with her sleeve :P

the smell of Super glue & markers! hada ana tli3t JUNKIE!

* after this dina enrolls in a support group by the name " ana ba7ib ashim floooooomaster " then goes to " no more banzeen " group

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Car Trouble

Ok.. i promised honeymoon adventures but there is "khabar 3aaajil" breaking news hehe that interrupted my train of honeymoon thoughts...

remember how i i blogged once about my last car getting canceled in a car accident.. i forgot to mention i recently got a new CAR... that is not the khabar.. the news is that my new carcareeero.. :(---- 3a6laneh! there was an oil leakage and i dont even know how it happened.. yes i sometimes daydream when i drive and im not exaclty the best driver which makes all fingers point at me when things like this happen but really im innocent! i have no idea what hit the car! :(--- its new!!

not only that it got scratched 2 huge scratches in the PARKING!When i say scratch i don't mean those down with a key.. like MAJOR SCRATCH! ALLAH ysam7ak ya b3eed!

i park and wake up the next day to surprises! PEOPLE if you scratch someones car leave a NOTE or actually LOOK WHEN YOU TURN! ifffffft

i started thinking of other ways to get to work that don't involve car scratches oil leakage or speeding tickets! :P You know off the topic you know when you are following someone to somewhere ( not following as in psycho killer stalker following) but folloowing as in for directions.. and you end up on a roundabout... don't you get annoyed how you always end up waiting for like 10 mins after they pass?! or when you are at a traffic light and it turns RED right after they pass!? or when suddenly all the buses trucks and cars in the world decide to CUT IN FRONT OF YOU!!

AAAARGH.. sho hada?!

Ofcourse bagarti is back in business! She has had a hard time getting over the fact that i'm married! But now she adjusted to the new lifestyle :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

HoneyMoon Adventures II

Let me start by saying thank you to all those people who keep reading my blog and leave me the sweetest comments i am so sorry if i dont always get a chance to reply to all of you.. but know that when i read your comment i always smile :)

so well as i promised i will have more than one post about the honeymoon adventures so what did i do on most of the honeymoon days??

lets see it was a mixture of sleeping coughing and mostly trying to control my runny nose! it was not only runny it was burkuth rkaaath! how attractive? hehe but you know il martha fi blaad il ajanib ghier ya nass! hayk il naffeh hnaak ghier! lol

i felt sorry ahmed who had to witness my beautiful recovery ! but you know even with me being sick it was an amazing honeymoon! I will post the real adventures soon but i have lots of work these days because soosi my friend who works with me in the design department is on her vacation! soo kolo 3ala dmaaaghi!! lululeeeeesh

Sunday, August 19, 2007

More Wedding PIcs

here is a closer look at the post-it giveaways i did for the wedding with a pic of the zaffa and cutting the cake :) the zaffa people were very good! they kept saying something then "A7maaaaaaaaaayyyyyd" and i remember when they left the ballroom they did a zaffa group hop to the door!! hehe

I LOVED OUR WEDDING :) nifsi kaaan akol basssssss all i had was shrimpayeh 7azeeneh ! people are still telling me how good the food was!*sigh* next wedding im going to bug the bride and groom and i will not let them eat!!!

i used to always wonder why the bride and groom leave when the boufet is served! it is because if they stay in the hall they will not EAT!!! lol

i forgot to mention the bouquet i was holding weighed at least 5 kgs! im serious it had some wires in it or something! by the end of the zaffa my hand was shaking and people thought i was nervous! i wasn't nervous i was IN PAIN! lol

at the end they asked me to throw my bouquet... i decided not throw it in case if it landed on someones head and caused instant death of the poor bride to be!

HoneyMoon Adventures I

So.. where should i start... i talk for ages on my normal days.. days that are typical and mundane in my life somehow turn into adventures so you can imagine what i have to say about a trip to a land with lots of snakes elephants & monkeys!!

i'll write in episodes ! Of course when you go to an island with beaches and pools... less clothes ( nas labseen min ghier hudoom) is expected... at certain points i would feel the urge to aim a remote at people hoping somehow i would change to " IQRA" or " AL JAZEERA".. sadly my plan would fail.. and i would try to distract ahmed! it's not about ghad il basar.. i mean no matter where you look there is a body part smiling back at you!! ehem !! next time we are going to saudi or iran! hehe

what else... nature there is BEAUTIFUL! AMAZING! i will post pics as soon as i download them here!! the weather was also AMAZING compared to UAE humidity ! The only thing that could have bothered us was the mosquitoes!!! they seemed to like new mustawrad meat! i lost track of how many mosquito bites i had! i think I'm still itching!! but then look at the bright side... no malaria in Thailand *PHEW*

So... did i mention how i got a major VIRUS as soon as we reached Thailand... i think i carried it with my luggage from UAE! hehe spent most of my time in bed! but eventually it got better and we had a wonderful time :)

next post will be about the monkey and elephant adventures!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm Back

MISS ME? ana back!! ok i dont even know where to start with the wedding or the honeymoon adventures but lets start with the WEDDING!!

so after stressing out and planning and freaking about about the little details things always turn out different and no one even notices those little details you freak out about and you spend your time tense on your kowsha when people didnt even realize if the cd has played twice or the other changes in plans...

so the day passed by soo quickly it was the quickest day of my life! i invited more people that the hall could fit and that was the major thought that occupied my mind the whole time.. so when the zaffa started at first i didnt see much people.. then suddenly i saw a LOT OF PEOPLE!! and people could tell from my face that im thinking " OH MY GOD WAYN RA7 yu23odooooo kol hadol!! there are not enough seats!!"

inforont us in the zaffa i had my friends cute 6 year old girl throwing flowers.... wel that was the plan and my cousins 2 cute kids were holding candles infront of us... in the middle of the zaffa the cute little girl decides to tug at my dress and say " ANTI ANTI sho 2a3mal wayn aroo7".. * dina smiles at camera and glares at the nearest family members to save the scene... family member are too caught up in the zaffa they don't really notice the GLARE or the GIRL lol .... the other 2 kids seem to be having trouble keeping the candles still.. soo i could see the flame heading towards the camera mans head and im thinking " hareeeeeeeeega!!" soo then all the kids come to a halt and i'm thinking yes zaffas are supposed to be slow but are we supposed to stop?! sooo ofcourse no one noticed my glares of " HELP" and i actually had to give the kids a little push on the back fi nus il zaffa to MOVE!! LOL

sooo... after the zaffa there was an entrance song supposed to be played WHEN WE GET In.... as we were standing outside waiting for the people to get back to their seats i HEAR " TUleeeeeeeeeeeeeee bil abyad TUllleeeeeeeeeeeeeee ya zahrit neesan" and im thinking " TAL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN Lisa walum lisaaaa" ahhaha

so after almost half the song finished playing and people got back to thier seat we played it again at the RIGHT time.. lol again things i thought people would notice went wrong!

so then... after the zaffa 3adat 3ala khier no tripping no fires no stepping on little kids... we sat and infront of us was some yummy looking food! And each time ahmed and i tried to eat a lu2meh! people came for pics!! i just had one lu2meh and then the food was taken away.. :(----

oh oh cake time .... the cake ofcourse had a hijjabi with shades... done by me ofcourse and well the sword was big but no injuries al hamdulilah... there was a slight problem though when we attempted to give each other a sip of JUICE... from my side everything was okay.. i aimed at ahmeds mouth and the straw was easy to capture but ofcourse ME.... i looked so silly like a fish following bait as ahmeds hand was a bit far away from my mouth and i had my mouth open trying to get the straw of 3aseer in my mouth! lol mom saved that scenario after like 2 minutes of struggling! sure it was on video to horrify me later lol

what else..... yes there were some people sharing seats.. some people sitting on the wrong tables.. some kids who were not supposed to be there were there... but in ther end it was a nice wedding.. the food was great ( i heard ) and the people had fun.. it was a small dinner and people said it was cozy and classy... i will post pics of the hall decoration and the giveaways too :)there were chocolate boxes on each table with our honeymoon cartoon on it! ( no cow though) i will post a clearere close ups of the boxes & post-its soon :)

for now here is the cartoon that was inside the wedding invitation & some wedding pics :)

here is the mini-kowsha i did ! i made mini seats for the pens out of clay and covered them with cloth and the same ribbon that was on the seats! ofcourse the pens too are designed :) and you know that little golden thing next to the mini flower bouquet was not supposed to be there.. another mini mistake lol :)

these cartoons were circles one attached to the wedding invitation (front/back) other to the chocolate box :)

so WE ARE MARRIED! and it went WELL! i wish i was less tense thought because no one noticed anything but the food :)

CAN't wait to tell you all about THAILAND!!!

Coming Soon.. Dinos shares how she spent the honeymoon recovering from a VIRUS!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


its 12:50 AM.... i would say my wedding is 2moro but its actually today... I AM GETTING MARRIED.... the more i say it doesnt help me realize that its going to happen lol it's like ive been to many wedding only this time im the 3aroosa! weird! so all those people who will clap and zaghrit will be zaghirting for me?!

i need to sleep i SHOULD be sleeping right now but guess WHAT!? i can't.. i keep thinking of scenarios and possible mess ups! like for ex the CD being exchanged by mistake with some weird SONG like " sean paul" or BOMBASTIC or even some weird CD with the sounds of Nature .. * suddenly crowd hears sound of waterfall and horses

dina raises her (very heavy) dress and runs to Audio man.. " WALAK MUSH HAADA IL CD"
or even worse if i really have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the zaffA! ( i usually feel like going when im nervous) ( Someone remind me why im sharing this with the world) lol like excuse me zaffa people can you wait 5 minutes till i go and powder my manakheer!?

or even worse like im holding the sword with ahmed to cut the cake and some lady sneaks up from behind us with no prior alarm or notice she zaghrits the most egptian zaghroota in the world.. and ofcourse nervousness + zaghroot + sword = THAT CAN'T BE GOOD LOL

again remind me why we have to cut the cake with a deadly army weapon?

i just had flashbacks of all the weddings ive been to... all typical... couples slow dance people cry... ( i cry too at weddings there is just something about seeing somene get married that seriously makes all girls cry) here is why :

married women cry because they got married and single women cry because they WANT to get married

then people complain why the food is soo late... food arrives and people still complain about something.. " il wara2 3inab mush zaki" or " yee il khubuz baarid" then well they all form a "crtique session" and start discussing the bride's dress and makeup and ofcourse each person shares the info they know about the bride and groom and how they met and who loves each other more... bla bla bla...

then some kid crys somewhere and ofcourse we all KNOW where those babies should be right now! FIL DAR MAKHMOOODEEN! :P

and ofcourse there is always that person who is in the video and the wedding that NO ONE knows.. bride's side assume they are with the groom and the groom assumes they are from the bride's side of the family!

aah i can go on forever about weddings lol and well i should SLEEEP.. today i had some sort of nervous breakdown when i tried the dress... hoping i dont get anymore nervous breakdowns!!

WISH ME LUCK PEOPLE! i promise to show u all cool wedding things i did as soon as this night yi3adee 3al khier :)

ok that was too much


when they say beauty sleep does it mean if u dont sleep enough u will turn ugly

i will not be posting for a while but inshala i will as soon as i get a chance with ALL WEDDING DETAILS.. hope i dont have weird stories to share!