Wednesday, January 30, 2008


You know i was thinking maybe the death of HEATH LEDGER was a conspiracy! They wanted to distract the world from what is happening in GAZA! Hmm how would we let the people forget about GAZA? yeah well lets focus o HEATH LEDGER!

Don't get me wrong i think he was a good actor and his death was sad because DEATH itself is sad especially when it's someone young who dies. But what makes his life worth more than than the lives of thousands of Palestinians and Iraqis dying everyday?

Millions of groups on facebook mourning the death of Heath ledger! Discussing whether he died on an overdose or whether he committed suicide! Ya3ni he is dead lets all please GET OVER IT!

Imagine if there was a group for every palestinian who died in palestine! bisaker facebook min the overload of groups!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Igliboo wijihkin

It's one of those days you wake up not on the wrong side of the bed but rather on the wrong side of the Shibshib! :S I dunno liesh but everything seems to be getting on my nerves! The slightest whisper sounds like a chipmunks scream! Anything said to me today is followed by this reaction :

*dino carries shoe and say " EISH EISH GASDIK EISH EISH??"

opps another jordanian slip up

It's like i don't only have one chip on my shoulder but Kyaaas CHIPS KTEER! And the only comfort to my soul today is the thoughts that go through my head every time i am annoyed by someone. * dinos imagines she is a giant stepping on everyone that annoys her

I'm warning you.... telling me things like " you look tired are you sick?" or " " did you gain weight" might lead to severe damages.

bagoora akalat katleh today :P


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Zikrayat Iyam sa3eeeede

*singing "3al 2alb 2areeebeeeeeeeh! Ma3 Dino Kibro il wlaaad zghaar tghazoo saroo kbaa -aa -aar!"

The older i get the more i look back at those toothless years. Those days where my problems in life revolved around how to let go of my baby tooth or whether i should buy " pizza thips" or "tha3tal thipth". Those days when your worries were as little as you were.

When i was a kid i used to have a habit of biting people. When people used to ask me "Dandoon sho your hobby?" i'd proudly say " 3udo 3udo" *displaying my front teeth and making the"im gonna bite you" move :P

I used to bite everyone who visited us. hehe 3anyway. Point is. The older we get the bigger our problems and worries. So i think maybe 10 years from now these days will be my NIDO days. I might as well enjoy them. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meen Birthday Girl? Ani ANi Ani!

On this day 25 years ago ( dino hears someone correcting her and saying 26) she glares at that person and throws a shoe and says more threatening manner.. 25 years ago a cute kalbooza baby was born.( someone yells fat baby) again she throws a shoe and says.. An anorexically challenged chubby baby was born 4.5 kg.

Now she is all grown up. ( someone yells YEAH RIGHT)

Dino has run out of shoes and throws the nearest person at that annoying voice in the crowd.

So... people.. yes.. i'm getting older.. yet cuter.. he3 he3

I was thinking of a special post today. I thought of the person who delivered this pudgy baby. The person who i owe everything to. Mama 7ayati :) So i made her a card that i want to share with the world :) She keeps asking me what i want for my birthday not knowing that she is my gift :) mama ana ba7obbek :) Allah ma yi7remni minik

Monday, January 21, 2008


I love sleeping. Going to bed and getting under the covers on a cold day! I somehow feel protected. Maybe it was because when we were kids mama used to make us all cuddle in bed and we would play the game of " IJA IL WOLF" ! How do we play that game ?

Basically we all would be mlabteen in bed me my sis and brother and mammy. Then suddenly she would say " itkhabooooo ija il WOLF?" And ofcourse being the kids we were we would fa3fit and scream and giggle and we would all hide under the covers! Then we would try to be quiet 3ashan ma yisma3na the wolf hehe

i bet you a blanket wont save me from a wolf but somehow ever since in my head i feel that if i'm under the covers no one can hurt me! No wolf or bo3bo3 or ghost! hehe (bo3bo3 bloggger i don't mean you here lol)

Anyway again i seem to have moved away from my topic! DREAMS! i get the weirdest most unexpected dreams! Usually it would relate to something i saw or something i spoke about.
Recently i had been watching "HEROES" and you can imagine the dreams i have been getting!
Most include me moving objects with my eyes or reading peoples thoughts :S

But my problem is i get so affected by my dreams and sometimes i wake up and i cant stand some people. Or i sit their and analyze those weird dreams and wonder what they meant.

Usually people say one thing when i tell them my weird dreams. They look at me with a blank face and say " sho mit3ashyeh mbari7?" or " mthagleh shiklik 2abl ma tnaami"

heheh :P i can go on forever about my dreams. I wonder is it my thoughts that i dream about or are some thoughts a result of my dreams?

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Many of your might have already heard about the rivers in the uae streets! But well maybe not all of you will believe me when i say in the most fala7i accent ( because i feel its more expressive) GHRIKNAAAAAA!!!!! I myself was shocked to see these pics!! I mean i think dubai has planned for so many things and its funny to think they might have totally forgot about the possibility of RAIN! Even in malls i walk and see little buckets of water everywhere where the walls are dripping!!

You needed a boat to get to your car if you lived in sharjah or ajman. Then after you manage to get in your car after a long swim. Your car might float and you might need to Row your way to work. :) I LOVED the RAIN! It was kind of hilarious to how people in the uae react to FLOODS!
It's like they don't know how to deal with it and are afraid to drive over the tiniest puddles!

PEOPLE your car will NOT break down from a small puddle. IT's just the MAJOR floods that you should worry about. Anyway i heard it might rain again soon! woo hoo! maybe we will have another unexpected holiday!

*dino is singing in the ma6arat

Friday, January 18, 2008

OBinioN Nee9'e9'

Hello Everyone..

I dunno if its the first time you come across this blog or if for a weird inexplicable reason you are someone who is always reading this craziness constantly :P

i am talking to those who have read a few posts. Do you have favorite post? I have been asked to contribute to a magazine that was talking about the blogging world and well i was told to choose a post to share. wa mi7taaara

Bayne wa baynkom i feel most my posts are FADAYi7 :P heheh

So if you have a minute please tell me if you ever read anything hear that u liked or remember and think would be considered my best post :)

SANK YOU i really will appreciate this :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

3ajali Banshar

Its raining.. It's windy.. It's the perfect setting for *drums roll


As i left work i was told 2moro is a public holiday because 3amo bush is visiting the uae
( 7atssafar?) * dino sings "Amreeka sheeka beeka song" to make things better :P

3anyway.. maybe it was the happiness of sleeping the next morning.. maybe it was the annoying song i had playing on the radio.. " Seebni athooB fe a7thaanak mithil qit3i6 jaleeed" how cheesy is that? i mean who would want to shabih 7alo fi Qit3it jaleed? ICECUBE mfakr 7alo? msaggi3 yimkin!! ( dunno why i didn't just FLIP the channel)... Sometimes you hate a movie or a song but feel like you have ot listen to it because its like WAAAAJIB!!!

I tend to get away from my topic.. where was i... so maybe it was the unnecessary mini fatayer i had eaten in the office.. maybe it was the masa7at going back and forth making that EEE EEEE EEE sound.. or MAYBE it was that Freaking BUS that was heading my direction with no breaks!! If i was in amman i would be tempted to roll down my window and scream

" MABROOK 3aleik il shaaari3" (jk)


what up with my english 3arabi talking hehe

so i reached the house and hamdulila the tire was making fart-like noises all the way.. till finally i parked and Thanked God that again GAT SALEEMA!

p.s out of all the days i had forgotten my phone at home and was trying to send out an SOS to the world using TELEPATHIC VIBES! Not sure it worked though :P

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What ifs?

Have you ever wondered about the choices you made in your life? The changes you went through and how the way you think changes over the years! Even the way you see things changes! Your type of friends change. Your sense of style changes.

How your experiences in life even if you regret some of them are what makes you who you are.. I personally went through a lot of changes and i was just sitting and wondering how different my life would be if i never changed! Would i be where i am now? Would i even be married? or would i be applying in "superstar"? lol Happy ? Depressed? Famous? Suicidal?

Did you ever feel that you have so much potential, so much to offer to the world? That you want to do so much but you are limiting yourself by where you are? Maybe you don't believe in yourself enough. Maybe you are not taking enough action.

What IF wake up 60 one day and wonder what i did in my life & if i made a difference and then i will look back at where i am now and wish i did something in my life.

Today i am making a decision. And i will no longer complain and wonder but i will TAKE ACTION :)

bukra bitshooofo :)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Choco - Coffee Effect

I don't know if what happens to me is normal.. but i doubt it.. when i have any Chocolate or Caffiene intake you can TELL! This image pretty much shows you the EFFECT! It's Magical!
Only sometimes i over dose on the chocolata and well.. there are severe fadee7a consequences.. lol