Thursday, May 07, 2009


i have to remind myself everyday
that im the motha of this baby
She only wakes up at night to play
will mommy ever sleep? maybe!

Never in my life did i hold this much poop
My life has turned into a big Loop
i am feeding,changing, burping lulu 24 hours a day
i miss sleeping ofcourse ! lulu please sleepat night if u may

i was not informed that it would be this hard
i feel like lulu's body guard
i am her all you can eat open buffet
i feel like a cow in every way

but i must say all this work & lack of sleep
is nothing compared to this love so deep
i love you lulu no matter what you do
even when u vomit on mommy & cover her with poo

i introduce my lulu cartoon in this post :) she is cuter but its close

Saturday, May 02, 2009

EPidural I Love You

i was in so much pain
till you came along
you are the sun after the rain
i am writing you this song

Epidural..Epidural i love you
I don't know why i hesitated to take you
You worked like magic!
Without you my delivery would have been tragic

MR amo who took my pain away
i thank you with all my heart
i would have hugged u but islamically its not okay
but your work is fine ART :)

Epidural Epidural I Love you
Dunno what i would have done without you