Sunday, October 18, 2009


YES believe it or not i am in scotland! my taller other half (hubby) is here for work and we came along! where do i start... it's so beautiful here. i feel like i have never seen trees or nature till now! trees to me have always been one color. GREEN! here now that is autumn there are wonderful shades of orange,red & yellow sometimes even purplish yellow! well its cold here in aberdeen but if you see lulu wearing her winter clothes and how her little tiny face comes out of a rabbit hat it is worth it! not only is nature here breathtaking. there are lots of ..... COWS!!!! AAAAAAAH! am i in heaven ? lol

seriously never in my life did i see so many cow and sheep roam freely in one place! And it is also the first time i see a horse wearing a jacket!!! YES! some horses wear jackets lol! i mean i can so imagine a rich horse wearing a burberry's jacket ! oh and the people here are so FFRRRRRRRRiendly! i love the accent! but sometimes they talk Rrrrrrrrreeeeellly fast i dont get what they say! but so so so sweet! they say lulu is a "GOrrrrrrrgeous PRrrrincess" hehe she is lovin it here as well

i so soso dont want to go back to reality. i would move here in a blink. oh its so weird to drink tap water here! its actually drinking water! try that in jordan and u will be in the hospital within minutes. there are rabbits and squirrels running around. there is a smell of fresh flowers everywhere.

why did no one ever tell me scotland was so AMAZING! al hamduliah that God has granted me the gift of seeing such a beautiful country! Sub7an Allah is all i can say.

Big hug to scotland, scotland cows , and ofcourse scottish people!

*Dino skips in cow farm

OH AND on top of allllllll this.... CHOCOLATES HERE........ *dino faints

apparently i have not tasted chocolate TILL NOW! even the ones we have in dubai are NOT like the ones herE! they just taste SO much better....

conclusion is I LOVE SCo2land :)