Monday, December 14, 2009

jingal jingal

its been a while since i posted. and well it is for many reasons. but mostly cause i like to post with a new cartoon and i havent had much time to do a cartoon for my posts. but coming soon is my cartoon for my visit to london!! and it includes a cartoon of the day i got BIT BY A SQUIRREL! i mean things like this just happen to ME!!! had to get a tetanus shot! LOL

anyhow.... its the first time i stay anywhere that is not in the middle-east and i am surprised that there are a lot of hijabees here and london is pretty much 90% arabs! in the emergency waiting room while waiting for my tetanus shot i saw, a syrian couple, 2 moroccan man, an egyptian with his mom, an iranian, a libyan and surprising the security gaurd who i thought was from nigeria came to me and said " ya ukhiteeee intii mneeenaaa?" in a SUDANI accent haha

when i was in london it was like a bigger middle east! it was nice and i learnt not to feed any squirrels! EVER!!

about my little lulu... she is getting bigger and everyday she does something new. i remember going into the hospital with my big belly/karsh and i just could not imagine how it would be like to be a mom. and i remember when i left the hospital with her in my arms i was thinking! IS THAT's IT? i can TAKE HER HOME?! i felt like i needed to go through some sort of test or fill in some papers that make sure i will be able to do this MOMMY job!

it gets easier everyday. and anything i do for my baby. no matter how hard or tiring. i do with love and i will never ever make her feel guilty for any of this. some moms keep bringing up the 16 hours of labor or the 9 months they carried you around in thier belly. or the sleepless nights or trips to the hospital in the middle of the night to thier kids when the grow up just to make them feel guilty for being born or like no matter what they do it wont compare to 9 months and labor!

yes a mom does go through a lot. but it is all worth one smile, one laugh, and seeing your baby grown up and okay. that is my reward. i dont need a future thank you. i thank GOd for this blessing and i love being a mom. al hamduliAllah

and to all you ppl who celebrate christmas! JINGAL JINGAL is dedicated to you :) hehe