Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why DoeS it Always Rain On Me?

i don't like to be negative.. and i don't like to believe that there is such a thing as bad luck... i don't like how people say everything is " 7asad" or "3ayn".. thier son trips they go like " ma7soood".. ( it could always be that he was running on wet floor)
someone gets a ZIT on their face.. they say its " 3ayn"
i usually would have said.. come on people.. 3ayn does exist but don't let it be the constant thought in your head...

but.. with the recent events... i've been told wallah hay " 3ayn 3alieki"... maybe its true because its unnatural what has been going on...

ofcourse you are all updated with the events in my life... most recent event is... that sharjah recently decided to make a RULE... awal ma they heard i am getting married.. they decided to make a rule that doesn't allow "ZAFFA" in hotels.. hmmm

i won't have a party... pretty much zaffa WAS the wedding... so now i have to look for another place in dubai... not only that.. the guy who was going to print my wedding cards... disappeared... one day he said i'm coming to your office 2moro.. next thing i know he doesn't pick up and is in india for an emergency...

all i seem to be hearing is bad news! mom's car broke down for no reason.. my friend's dad is in the hospital with a brain stroke like my dad.. my friend at work canceled her wedding because her uncle and grandmother are both extremely sick...another friend canceled her wedding because her dad got a brain stroke too..

Soooo.. what is going on? mawsim il jaltat wil wedding cancellation? is it possible someone has "3ayn" vibes spread on all the world especially the 3arayis!

people used to tell me " khaaafo min il 3anayhom zuru2 wa snaaanhum furu2" " you should fear those with blue eyes and a gap in between their teeth"

it is said that "3aynhum bitseeeb" lol

soo what about hazel eyes? do contacts affect the intensity of the "3ayn"?
hmmm what if someone had the "LAZIC" operation... would he have lazer 7asad? lol

i'm not saying 7asad & 3ayn don't exist.. they do.. and maybe i have been ma7sooda or 3alay il 3ayn.. but it's also maktoob 3ala every person what will happen to them... thinking WHY will drive you mad... just say al hamdulilah.. and know its for the best... if you feel better blaming it on your blue-eyed snaan furug neighbor then do that ... or blame it on that girl who stared at you all day long... blame it whoever you want...

whatever floats your boat :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's All About The $$$$$

"Money makes the world go round " is what people say... i think money makes the world go NUTS..

i used to say money is not a problem and its not the most important thing in life.. that there are other things that are more important like a person's faith health & love .

i still think those are more important BUT what i have realized is that money is not a problem when YOU HAVE IT... otherwise it could be... that to get good health and the best treatment you NEED money.. to get married and live the life you want with the one you love u also NEED money... i realized that without enough money love health & faith can be shaken..

Anyway... money...i would never ask for it even if i needed it..hamdulilah we are not in need of money... but i hate asking for anything or feeling that i need someones help in any way... i know its not right.. but i can't help it..

like now without a car i never ask for rides and well people have to insist on dropping me off.. i just can't deal with the idea that i could be a burden on someone.. or that someone would get out of their way to do something for me... or that they would do something just cause they feel its the right thing to do...

What i hate the most... is to finally say okay after they insist.. like for ex "pls let me drop you off... plz plz.. its no problem at all... you are on my way..." i eventually open up and think it's okay to need someone or to accept help i say.. "okay if you insist..."

till its time to go and she would say " oh sorry... i said i was going to drop you off... you are not exactly on my way.. but wait i'll drop you half way if you want"

then i'd say it's okay... i'd rather take a cab..... ( what i wish i said was)

I Never asked you to drop me off... you insisted...i would have never asked you..
& i hate to get in someones way...


which brings me back to the main subject... COW has realized the importance of $$$ & has started her new JOB today! due to her inability to read or speak the work load is getting bigger...


Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's NOT ALL about YOU

The WHOLE world does not revolve around YOU.. when i say YOU i mean those people who somehow make any event that happens, no matter how trivial or significant it might be, they make everything ABOUT THEM ...

Those people who would come and just flip out and act like its okay to bite your head off just cause THEY are having a bad day...

Those people who say things like " i know that girl lost her parents in tsunami and is paralyzed and will not be able to pay for her treatment, I've been through worse!! I was swimming in jumaira beach once and i SWEAR i was about to drown! then i got bit by a jellyfish!! I FELT like i was going to die so i KNOW how she feels.. at least she doesn't have a jellyfish SCAR on her arm"

pssssssht * dinos Rolls eyes

I think we all tend to get a bit selfish and make things always about ourselves... i also know people do stupid things sometimes and say " It's MY LIFE ANA 7ur free to do what i want" unaware that sometimes THEIR stupid actions don't only affect them but the people around them...

Freedom of choice has nothing to do with being an IDIOT!

Someone who drinks and drives can kill innocent people and block traffic for hours!
Someone can suddenly go into "CANDYMAN/ FRIDAY 13th" mode and kill innocent people..

Unfortunately, as soon as ANYONE does something horrible they are not the only ones who suffer the consequences.. Every person comes from a certain group or is labeled

So if one arab or muslim does something bad.. automatically the WHOLE GROUP "shilleh"
is to blame...

IT's NOT ALL ABOUT YOU... it's NEVER just about you...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Choking Love

when i say choking love.. i am not using choking as a VERB.. but i am saying it as an Adjective to express how love can be choking sometimes...

Sometimes you feel a person loves you so so much to a point that it turns into possessiveness... it turns into a sort of unbearable clinginess, over protectiveness...

You feel you have to get away because you can't breathe... it's like poor cow who has to deal with my EXTRA loving! She seems to think she has grown up but to me she will always be a baby... i do express way too much and maybe i worry a bit too much too... but i have to realize she is not a kid anymore and will have her own baby cows to worry about someday! Glad humans don't eat their children like cats do when they are afraid they would get hurt.

If that was the case then there we would all be walking happy meals.

min al 7ubbi ma qatal.

i have to realize that by being over-loving and clingy i'm actually pushing people i love away rather than keeping them closer.... not everyone expresses love the same way you do... which is why each person should be free to express themselves the way they want to...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shark Tale

I went to see an aquarium a while back and i was amused at the different types of fish and i still remember how the shark was "darib booz" swimming like he owned the place! ofcourse with my imaginative mind i imagined swimming in that huge tank.... and i thanked God fish can't think like humans do.. or they would create ways to come after US! :P

Sunday, June 10, 2007

hyundai ad

:) here is something that made me laugh today.. thought i would share it with you

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tea Spill

the reason i don't blog much lately is because i feel my negative feelings and vibes will spread to the world so i try to save he negativity to myself and blog later when i'm back to "cheerful" mode..

but... then again the initial purpose of this blog is to vent & let out those negative feelings online rather than out on the people around me..

Let's say you are holding a very hot cup of tea... and for some reason you trip on something.. your hot tea is now not only spilt all over you.. but all over the person by your side... when you are hurt.. you usually unintentionally spill some of your anger and hurt on to the people closest to you...

so.. recently i have had not one.. not two but many slaps of reality... and i think i have been spilling most of my "TEA" on the closest people to me..

especially poor Cow :P who has her nieces visiting from "AMeriCana"

if i ever unintentionally burnt anyone by my "shay il wizza" im sorry...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Gat $aleemA

first let me just assure you that i don't make up stories.. and this blog is proof of how dramatic my life can get! Here is the story...

i was driving to the hospital to see baba.. and well te traffic light turned yellow and i knew i would miss it so i decided to slow down and stop when it turned red... and well i did... suddenly i hear someone hit the BREAKS.... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE still unsure if that person would hit ME!! BOOOOOOOOOM! HE HIT MY CAR!! he was driving over 100 on a road with 70 speed limit!!! im so glad i was wearing a seatbelt... that no one was driving ahead of me!! it could of been much worse... so al hamdulilah...

i have to wear a neck brace for a while till my neck feels better.. nothing serious.. al hamdulilah.. but its the whole experience!!!

hope this is the end of the DRAMA!

Cow survived the crash with slight injuries.. and a broken leg :P

btw my car is useless now.. too damaged to be fixed.. so im carless now.. *sigh

yala al hamdulilah...

do u believe me now when i say... 7ayati FILM!