Thursday, October 07, 2010

Getting Old

i was asked he other day when i graduated from university.. and i hesitates before i said "i went into uni 11 years ago!!" just saying it made it a reality and i just never felt those 11 years pass by! i mean some memories feel so recent like it was 2 to 3 years ago but its actually 11 and counting. and ofcourse i am not getting any younger. i am now 28 years old and i dont consider myself old but its just that i know time passes by so fast and before i know it another 10 years will pass and then another 10 and im 50 years old and i look back at my life and wonder how i got here so fast!

i am 28 and already i feel after delivery like my body has been hit by a hurricane. its like one baby and back pain has never left me. its like i get up and i sound like a grandma. " akhh dahrriii" i feel that by the end of the day i dont have any energy left. i worry about what will happen after 3 kids! its like pregnancy, delivery and motherhood sucks the life out of you and ur body no longer responds to you. id be sitting on the couch.. and the something is on the floor.. and in my head i say " goomi ya marra"... silence... "GOOMEE yalaaa" no reaction..

i think as the years pass by.. the stronger the effect of gravity is on ur body.. its like everything is heading down lol and you will likely get laghaleegh... you will expand in ways you never knew possible.. you notice stretch marks.. wrinkles.. white hair and one day you will look in the mirror and think "WHO IS THIS PERSON?"before you know it your children will grow up and have thier own grandchildren and you will be a GRANDMA! i still cant get over being called " KHALTO" :S

with time u start needing more and more medications. to control cholesterol diabetes.. your memory gets worse.. your hearing gets worse... you need alarms to remind you to take the medications and you need hearing aids to hear the alarm! :S

i think i will never get over the shock of seeing ur friends kids or baby sisters after a few years.. and suddenly they are grown ups!! my friends son was so tiny and cute and i used to hold him and play with him. that was when he was 3 or 4.... last time i saw him.. he had facial hair! and sounded like a "3amo"! i just can never get over that... how fast ppl grow.. how fast we grow.. and i just wish that by the time im really old i look back at my life and feel i accomplished something
that affected the world somehow. i want to be remembered. i want to make a difference.