Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hello HoliD@y!!!

ITS THE WEEKEND!! Not just any weekend i have 9 DAYS OFF WOO HOOOO!! *clapping with joy!!! i will use this time to spend some quality time with my cow.. she has been feeling a tad bit depressed lately! She even started listened to RAP music and is swearing a lot!! lol Anyway... soo i was thinkin we will go surfing together!!!

So.. i didnt find my phone :(-- but i got a new one and got my same line back... *sigh...

what else... so you guys i probably will not be blogging as much in the vacation! so from now let me say... EID MUBARAK To ALL & HABBY NEW YEAR! May this new year be a GREAT year for everyone & May it bring endless blessings and JOY :)

i know my year will be special! Its the first year i start with my soulmate.. my best friend... 7ayati wa GGGGGalbi 7amooda :P
im looking forward to our many coming years together inshala :) you have brightened up my life:)

At times like this i wish my name was mona... i would apply the " AHMAAAAAAD MONAAAAAAAAAAAA" scenario in my life

*3a7med runs after 9'ina in mazra3a... then they write their names on SHAGARA and 7aytan! LOL

*later on that day are arrested for trespassing & ruining public property !! :P

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

NeW AddiTioN 2 My BloG

well since 7amooda is a huge part of my life i decided to add him to my blog.. my blog from now on will include 3a7mad :)
you know instead of him helping me out with my "lack of sense of direction"! I end up making him get lost with me
hahah 7amooda getting lost with you is so much fun!!!! :P ba7obak ya ba3li :P

btw my bagara has been a bit depressed an emotional... feels left out now that im not single anymore *sigh... hope she finds herself a 6owr soon lol

Monday, December 25, 2006

Lo$t My Mobile

ok not only do i get lost... i tend to LOSE THINGS!! :(--- last night i think i dropped my phone while i was getting out of the car and when i got home i assumed it was in the car... till today morning i found out IT WAS NOT IN THE CAR....

*breaks down into tears!!

its not abt the phone itself! its the msgs i have saved on it! its the CONTACTS !! Its the Pics on IT! ARGHHH!
i feel i cant think straight!! :(-------

so i guess i am " MTHAY3A" 3ala ra2i one taxi driver in jordan... lol

i sure do hope i find it!!! YA RAB!! :(--- *sigh

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ho$pit@l Dr@mA

Hello all!! Its been a while since i last posted here.... thank you all for your kind words & zaghareet lol so now that u know the BIG NEWS let me tell you abt some of the last minute adventures... Before we had the "writing of our book " lol we found out that there is a new rule in uae that for the marraige contract we need to both get blood tests done.. anyway... i thought it would be a simple & quick experience... up until mr. Nurse... Apparantly had a problem FINDING MY VIEN! im thinking HOW CAN YOU MISS?!?! im soo white its not even FUNNY... u practically SEE ALL my VIENS!!

So he pricks the needle into me and says.. " $h%@.. $%@%!!" and i am thinking "that is not the exact COMFORTING word i had in mind!!!" sooo... then i see weird things happening under my skin... then he decides to MOVE ON To the OTHER ARM! was it not ENOuGH he has DESTROYED ONE! LOL soooo he started his SEARCH IN other hand.... till finally he " SHIRIB MIn DAMI"

Anyway.. all that happened one day b4 my katb ktab.. u can imagine the way my arms looked the next day... one word perfectly describes it.. " JUNKIE" LOOOL i tried to look at the bright side... my dress was green so there was a sort of color matching going on with my GREENISH BLUE AFTER-SHOT ART!

im sure the way ppl love to gossip they probably either said " hay b6i63a6a mukhadarat" lol or " shaklo il 3arees budrubha"
sk translation : ( she is either on drugs or is getting beat up by her husband) lol

now they are a lovely shade of brownish purple.... Ashooof feek yom ya 3amo ta3 il 2ibar ( let me see a day inside of you mr nurse) LOOOL eheheheheh ok that sounded wrong :P

let u in on more pre-katb ktab adventures later :P

Sunday, December 17, 2006


ok... now you will all know why i have not been posting much lately.. i was kind of busy... im now MARRIED... well my wedding wont be till summer but inkatab ktabi :) yes this might come as a shock to most of you.. i have to say im surprised myself... things happened really fast.. but al hamdulilah i don't think i have ever been this happy... i didnt get a chance to tell people didn't want to say anything till things are official! :) So ma tiz3alooosh mini yakhwana...

it happened exactly like i imagined it too... no awkwardness.. no stress.. sub7annalah... i used to always wonder how you would know the person is "THE ONE"... and well i will tell you how i knew.. you sit there with that person and you feel sooooooooo comfortable.. like you can say ANYTHING! You find yourself smiling so much your cheeks start to hurt! The thought of forever with them is no longer scary but more like something you cant wait for... You feel like you can be yourself.. that he would love you even after you tell him about all your quirks and "bagara" love ! lol

i have to say i thought twice b4 telling him about my blog.... wasn't sure he was ready to know about this side of me lol but he is still around... awwwwww :)

I am still not used to the idea that im MADAM Dina! But that doesnt mean im not happy about it :)

Ahmed 7abeebi you are the best thing that ever happened to me & i will spend the rest of my life trying to make you the happiest man alive... i love you & i havent forgotten you have promised me a "Bagara" as a wedding present!! :P if our wedding is in a farm bikoon a7san... wa our wedding cake will definitely be a CHOCOLATE CAKE :)

Our Wedding will inshala be in Summer... :) not sure who is invited yet... maybe ill have it online so all u bloggers can attend!! :)

3u2balkom yali 3ayzeeeen :) Plz Pray for us that Allah ybareklna in our new life together :)

Madam Dino$!!!! *looks in the mirror checking if she looks different hehe same old dinos only now im a MRS!!

Family Guy

this video reminded me of my childhood! i used to always do this! hahahhaha maybe not to my mom but to my brother and sis!! it would be like " hatem hatem hatem ... "SHOOOOOOOOOOOO BIDIK?"" id say " TOZ" and run away heheheheheh lol

im so evil!! :P *evil laugh

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cool Ad

lol and here is a pic i received and i find this very disturbing... this is found very attractive i think in AFRICA !! i must say... EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! YA3ooooooooooooo!!!

The Invi$ibLe Cow!

well since i love cows so much i had to post a video abt cows ! hehe forgive me if its too GRAPHIC lol but i LOVEEEEEEEE THIS CARTOOOOOOOOOOOOON! COW is ADORABLE!!! :) its a hilarious episode hahahahah

I love this video posting option... yeay !! *clapping*

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Fir$t Video Po$t


i got this today in my mail! lol well i did change the wording a bit! but imagine the drama of the poor katkoot when he sees his cousin/brother after they have turned into a BREAKFAST :S

i know i know ... im delaying the new cartoon... i have been working on something and inshala when im done ill post it :)

i keep getting weird calls.... listen to last nights call..

Me : alo
HIndi Man : ALo Mohamad?
Me: emmm no
HIndi Man : oh sorry... Shukran habibi
Me: *shocked that he is my habibi soo soon! :P

yala guys have a great day :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It$ R@INING Ag@in

when i said i need a boat to get to my car you thought i was exaggerating... here is a pic of a parking in SHARJAH!!
i got to work at 10 am! i left the house at 6:10 :S seriously... im soo sleepy...... *yawn*

you know what i hate... other than traffic and pickles :P i hate when people act like they like you when they just can't wait till they hear that something bad happened to you...they try to hide what they really feel but you can always tell who truely is happy for you when something good happens in your life... one look and one word would give away what they feel!! they keep asking you a billion questions a second about your life and would never tell you anything about themselves...

*sigh* anyway... al hamduilah i think by now i can tell who is sincere and who isn't...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I've Been T@gged

i am about to just use this sling shot to GET AWAY from all you TAGGERS!!! Lets see who TAGS ME when im FIL SAMA! :P

Seven Things I want to do in life:
1. Memorize the Quran & learn how to read it with tajweed :)
2. Go to Hajj inshala with my future husband
3. Make a difference to the Muslim Ummah somehow
4. Go to Al Masjid Al Aqsa
5. Learn as much as possible about Islam
6. hmmmm... maybe teach Quran 2 ppl above the age of 8 someday :P
7. Become a better muslim :)

Seven Things I can do:
1. Make people laugh when they are feeling down
3. I can get along with almost anyone especially kids :)
4. Immitate almost any accent :P
5. Be very silly & make the weirdest baby voithe :P
6. Sing without breaking any glass :)
7. i can Bake yummy cakes & I GET HIGH ON CHOCOLATE & CAFFIENE :P

Seven Things I can’t do:
1. Lie! when i try i fail miserably lol
2. Play the guitar or any other instrument :P
3. Hide my what i feel... Usually u can tell what i am feeling by looking at my face :)
4. Stay Quiet!!
5. I can't act like i like someone when i simply dont...
6. Play basketball or dance Dabkeh!

Seven things I say the most:
1. YA toooota! YA poooolie!!! YA LalaaaaaS!
3. Ba7obbik
4. Sub7annallah!
5. La22aaa
6. MashaAllah
7. Merci ya Morsi

Seven Things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. Height
2. Nice smile & teeth
3. Sense of Humor
4. Someone who appreciates my psycho moods
5. Someones who is not a Show off
6. Simplicity, Honesty
7. Someone i feel comfortable being myself around & who will like me the way i am even after reading my blog ;)

Seven Celebrity Crushes:
Cant say crushes... but i love thier acting... Tom Hanks, Edward Norton, Al Pacino, Robert De Nero, Brad Pitt :P And i have no idea if they are crazy in real life i just like their acting yabu laghloogh :P

i will tag ppl later...

let me move on to the next tag.. sho malkom kolkum taggin me !!! yala

Tag Rules

- Grab the closest book to you

- Open page 123

- Scroll down to the 5th sentence

- Post the next 3 sentences on your blog

- Name the book and author

- Tag 3 people

i work in a pharmecuetical company lol soooo ya3ni sho hal hazz look what i got...

Composition : Each tablespoon (15ml) contains Kaoilin 2.7 g. Pectin

Indications :

Symptoms relief of mild diarrhea!!!!! loooool

Dosage and Administration :

Adults 2 tablespoonful!!

ya3ni out of all the pages i get the diarrhea page... i could of chose another one but i am too honest i cant cheat lol

i will not tag anyone to avoid any more unecessary info!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

H@ppy D@Y

Today i woke up with a smile on my face :) and i don't think i will let anything change my happy mood :)

Dino stands on the Titanic with her bagarah and yells " IM THE KING ( i mean QUEEN) of the WORLD)" :P

hope everyones day is as happy as mine :)

*dinos skipping away singing "lalalalalalala " :P

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


So... if you live in the uae you would probably have noticed the RAIN!! you know how they say // "its raining cats & dogs"! It rained soo much i have to say it was raining COWS :P OMG.. i was actually surprised to how much it rained! I LOVE the rain!! The only thing i don't really like is the way the roads have turned into RIVERS! How traffic is even worse when its raining!!

The parking in front of my house has turned into a big pool :P its soo weird to have to swim to your car :P hehe ok im exaggerating! but the water would almost reach your knee at some points!! :P