Sunday, July 30, 2006

Feeling U$ele$$

One of the worst feelings in the world is the feeling of helplessness... is seeing and knowing your family,friends and country are being bombed every second.. and not being able to do anything but pray!!!!! Yes we should not underestimate the power of our prayers! But what hurts the most is not just that we are unable to help those who are far away suffering.. its that those who can help or can ALLOW us to help are the ones STOPPING US!!

So many pathetic spys looking in the wrong direction! Sad greedy materialistic low lives who would kill their own mothers for some money!!! Morals & Ethics are long forgotten!!

What saddens me the most isnt just ISRAEL! WE always knew israel and expected everything that is happening right now!!! What repulses me, disappoints me, makes me sick to my stomache is the current ARAB situation! They are crippled by fear from ISrael and America they dont even flinch to the continous INHUMANE bloodsheds that go on ! Not only that.. lots of volunteers from Jordan/Syria are shot on the borders of lebanon and palestine.... NOT by israeli soldiers!!!!!!!!!!

Do we have to wait till the gun is pointed at our head?! Till we lose our own family members?! Why is it the we disconnect ourselves from those suffering around the world! WE watch tv and bodies being loaded into trucks and buried.. we might shed a few tears.. then we move on with our lives.. laughing, eating sleeping hanging out with our friends, attending weddings.. no actions taken!!

Our words of compassion and sympathy are INSINCERE when are followed by actions that contradict what we SAY!

Sad world we live in today.. Cruelty has become a casualty..
Peoples lives have suddenly become worthless and insignificant.. Peace is a word that is tainted with the blood of so many innocent victims that there is no way it can be

Blinded by our selfishness we will never take action till they threaten our own life.. Dont we realize that it could of been us in their place? Dont we know that this evanescent world is not supposed to be our aim .. That we should live as passers by till after this life is over we go to eternity in heaven Inshala!!

Why is it that people fear everything... heights, poverty,death,THE BIRDS FLUE eetcccc!!
They fear people MORE than theyfear GOD! WE should ONLY fear GOD.. For HE has created this world with everything in it... And we will have our VICTORY one day... not because of our military strength... not because we have all united... only becuse GOD is with US and with TRUE FAITH in our hearts INshala GOD IS ON OUR SIDE!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Crime against humanity

Sorry for attaching these images which are pretty graphic but i doubt the BBC or EURONEWS will be showing anything like this... I was flipping though the news channels and all i felt was disappointment and more shame!! Arabs all around the world are just watching while people in palestine, lebanon and Iraq are being killed. Its not just about MUSLIMS anymore its not only about ARABS its about HUMANITY!

Israel's Cold Blooded murders to innocent civilians is seen as " SELF DEFENCE"!!!!!!!!

what the?!! Why is it that when Israel bombs anywhere its SELF DEFENCE! And when Arabs try to defend their country they are "TERRORISTS" !!

Why is it that an israeli life is seen more precious in the eyes of the media when thousands of Arabs are killed everyday and NO ONE does anything about it!!! Even ANIMALS have rightS!!

I remember seeing some Cop series on tv! They spent a whole day tryin to SAVE A CAT that was stuck in some sewage somewhere! And the drama i witnessed made me feel sorry for the ARAB WORLD! Or after the gulf war when they started saving the ducks and sea animals and well what about HUMANITY for a change?!

They had more sympathy towards an animal than they do towards HUMAN BEINGS!!

ISrael recently bombed a bus of civilians that was heading towards SYRIA!! They are bombing homes and killing women and children!! Not only that but they are using ILLEGAL WEAPONS CLUSTER BOMBS & RUBBER BULLETS! Weapons that are known to cause burns and injuries in soft tissue.

Dr Saqqa who has been working in the Al Shifa Hospital for almost 10 years said he had never seen such wounds before. I thought it was just because the attack was from a close distance or that the temperature of bullets penetrating the bodies of injured or killed people were so high they were causing burns.

Enrichment of uranium for use in nuclear weapons and reactors produces various waste products, including so-called depleted uranium (DU). For the past twenty-five years, the U.S. Department of Defense has produced ammunition using this nuclear waste, which is both radioactive and chemically toxic. Evidence of environmental and human health damage caused by depleted uranium has steadily increased, despite Pentagon assertions that such impacts would not occur. The United Nations Human Rights Commission Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities considers DU munitions to be weapons of mass destruction or with indiscriminant effect and incompatible with international HUMANITARIAN law.

What is Depleted Uranium?

Depleted uranium (DU) is a waste byproduct of the enrichment of natural uranium for use in nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. DU is mostly composed of Uranium isotope 238, but does contain small amounts of more highly radioactive U-234 and U-235. DU created when used nuclear fuel is reprocessed may also contain plutonium and other extremely dangerous substances. The half-life of DU (the time it takes for half to decay and turn into another substance) is 4.5 billion year

On July 12, Israel killed 22 Palestinians in Gaza, including nine civilians from one family. An economic, political and physical siege has been placed on the Palestinian people. In the past two weeks, the Israeli bombardment has killed eighty Palestinians, knocked out power and water for the majority of Gaza’s 1.3 million inhabitants, and pummeled Gaza’s infrastructure with thousands of artillery shells. The international community has been silent on the sidelines, while Israeli forces bombed Gaza back twenty years—as it promises to do with Lebanon. While the premeditated assault on Gaza continues, Israel still holds nearly 10,000 abducted Palestinians, including many members of the Palestinian government.

10,000?!?! hmmm so it is not self defence to try to get back our hostages but for them to bomb lebanon for 2 israeli hostages that were taken IN RETURN for their own is NOT SELF DEFENCE!!!!

This war is not just LEBANON or PALESTINE! It IS CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!! And anyone with HALF A HEART can see that ISRAEL is NOT the VICTIM HERE! Dont let the MEDIA mislead you into believing that israel is victimized! They dont show 0.00001% of what is really goin on in palestine & lebanon!!

The least we can do right now is unite in our PRAYERS... Don't underestimate the power of PRAYERS... LEts ALL pray That GOD WILL BE BY OUR SIDE AND HELP OUR BROTHERS & SISTERS in PALESTINE, LEBANON & IRAQ!!

check this link and check out how innocent ISRAELI KIDS ARE!!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Zipper Needed!!

So... i sometimes say things without thinking.. or say things then think " OMG WHAT DID I JUST SAY!" im not talkin abt gossip here... although i admit i am guilty of sometimes being drawn to the gossip talk... im a woman and its in my genes... unlike men woman have the need to express their emotions...

So there is normal average woman who express themselves and then there is ME!! lol

I on the other hand can't keep my feelings to myself.. i feel like id explode!!

whether they are negative or positive.. i blurt them out... whether its a sillythought or somethng meaningful... i HAVE TO GET IT OUT! or my skin will start to itch and ill go into multiple siezures! hehe

it sometimes those feelings are temporary feelings and are just caused by a certain event and fade away and are best left inside... but no.. me being me... i have to always say what is on my mind... what i feel... then i suffer the consequences... and i say.. i will learn.. but i can't change th way i am.. i just have to find some sort of zipper for my mouth!

And when im nervous its even worse!! i start saying 10000000000 words per second... i jump into 1000 topics that are totally UNRELATED to each other... id start talking abt the weirdest things! like once i met ppl for the first time and i shared how when i was in kg2 i wet my pants and was sent home... HOW I BROUGHT THAT UP in the first 5mins??? I DONT KNOW! Were they impressed? hmm more like STUNNED, SHOCKED REVOLTED and that piece of info i should of been kept to myself... hmmmm why do i feel i just did it again? sharing my embarrasing stories across continents lol


Monday, July 10, 2006

JorD@n Upd@tes

Jordan is Cool! the weather is amazing! Everyone seems to have planned my future with thier son or neighbor... its annoying... as if i have nothing to do with it!

I believe in fate and love and that when you meet the "ONE" you will KNOW... In life we will meet people who we like who simple dont see us in that way.. and viseversa... we should not dwell on such things and have faith that God will bring what is best for each person...

Yes i should be realistic and its not just abt love.. nothing is like the movies... but i know for a fact when i meet him ill just KNOW.. its not like buying a car... its the rest of your life!

you can't force yourself to love someone... nor can you force someone to love you.. its not something you can plan .. not something that needs convincing...

Sometimes you are convinced someone is right for you for many reasons then you realize they are not and that it was all in your head...

When you like someone i think everything they do will be taken as a hint that they like you back
no matter how you act... they sometimes tend to imagine things... or exaggerrate the simplest things like you being yourself as a sign...

anyway... i hate the process of getting hurt or hurting someone .. guess its life.... we just have to learn from our mistakes..

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


wow first blog from jordan... the weather is amazing here... i wish i could say the same abt the taxi's lol i hate amman taxi drivers... i hope i dont have to take many cabs

the flight was nie its weird when you actually think of the idea of the plan in the air.. sub7annallah.. its just amazing... anyway.. there are a lot weddings and engagemnets to go to each summer...

ill try to blog more :)