Sunday, December 21, 2008

Anybody see Bagoora

I'm in the 6th month now... and i feel my belly is getting bigger by the second. i wish i could say it was all baby but i know for a fact i have been pigging out! Yes Yes i know i should eat healthy and watch what i eat and those extra pounds will stick to me forever. TELL THAT TO MY APPETITE! It's not a feeling of hunger! its simply "FAJA3"! whats mafjoo3a in english??

Slowly i am sayinbg bye bye to my feet. i still see the front part but im sure soon i will have a hard time reaching my feet! maybe i will walk around barefoot like my cartoon :P

So bagoora seems to have been missing anyone SEE HER? lol

Sunday, December 14, 2008

IT's A GirL

Sorry i haven't posted for a while i was in kuwait :) Back now and GUESS WHAT?!

ITS A GIRL! YIpeeeeeeee! i have to admit i kind of felt it was from the start! with my baby girl baby dreams! i thought maybe the dreams were because i always wanted a girl but apparently my psychic feelings were CORRECT :)

someone has to stop me from spending all my money on cute baby girl clothes! i am addicted to baby shopping! OH and someone has to STOP ME FROM EATING!

in the beginning the problem was that i could not eat because of the puking so i ended up losing a lot of weight! NOW I CAN'T STOP! its like there is a HOLE in my stomach i can eat and eat and eat and not feel full!

But after the doctor said i gained way too much for one month i am starting to control myself
*munching on khass and khyar and healthy food and trying to imagine that it's chocolate 


Baby is kicking now and when i have chocolate i think she starts dancing and kicking all over the place!

i am going to name her LAYLA inshala :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Girl or Boy

So i still don't know if it's a girl or boy but its so annoying because i could have found out 2 months ago. Last appointment i had it on the calender and thought i had an ultrasound! Apparently i should have booked a separate appointment for ultrasound! So well my appointment is DEC 4th! CANT WAIT!

What is more important than that baby's sex is that its a healthy baby inshala :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby Fears

So now i am in the beginning of the 5th month now and i feel everyday i find out something new! or i experience something weird! Now my belly is in that stage where people stare at it wondering is it a KARSH or Pregnant belly?! I don't puke anymore but well i am expanding ! Some changes are too embarrassing to blog about! lets just say me and cow will only have more and more in common !

I start imagining how it will be like after being used to sleeping a lot and having time to myself. I freak out when i think of how i will deal with the responsibilities of having a bobo. But inshala i will manage somehow with a lot of valium and coffee to stay awake :P

Any mothers out there if you have any useful tips please share them with me and if you are going to tell me negative things like " forget your life" or " u will never sleep again" . save it i have heard it before. 

Monday, November 17, 2008

Where have all the Cow-Bees Gone?

Okay for once in my life i will blog about something meaningful & actually freaky! I am not a big fan of bees. When i see one i scream like there is no tomorrow and i ran for my life! I just never thought of bees as pets :S i actually thought they were only good for honey! 

i was so wrong. Well apparently we need these bees to survive! not only do they get us yummy honey for our pancakes but well they pollinate plants and without bees there is no pollination. 
Some may think oh well then too bad for the vegetarians out there i love BAGAR but truth is BAGAR and animals feed on plants. And when there are no plants, animals will have no food, and well WE would have no food and eventually.... DA DA DA DIE *GASP!

Now the fact is that bees are dying and disappearing all over the world in vast numbers and the world has no clue at how serious this issue is! Scientist all around the world still don't know why this is happening and some say it could be the cell phone radiation and genetically modified crops ! There is no evidence to prove any of the theories yet.  Truth is this will affect all of the world if not END IT eventually!

Albert Einstein said : " If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left"

I personally was shocked to hear and read about this because the world has no clue and well maybe by spreading the word i can help save the world in some way.

no bees,no plants, no animals= no us    that is the conclusion

Years later the scientist who solved the world disappearing bees crisis says " I had no clue about this until i came across a blog with a hijabi and cow cartoon and well i read her post and chose to find the solution to this"

yeah right lol

if you don't believe me google it yourself its called the "colony collapse disorder" or search for "disappearing bees"

So next time you see a bee and you are afraid. instead of trying to kill it tell it to go home or give it a hug :P

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hassa batokhkin

As i promised here is a new cartoon with our new adventures! We wanted to do something new so we went SHOOTING in abu dhabi a few days back and well i must say i was surprised to find out that i actually can AIM! But its not as easy as angelina makes it seem in her movies!

Bagoora was afraid that i will aim in her direction when the targets became boring and i was looking for more action and challenge! :P

So now i know that i can tukh! but didnt know that my shoulder would be sore afterwards !

Conclusion is il biza3ilni.. Batokho :P

*some ppl who read dina's blog arrest her claiming that she is a potential threat to society!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bobo (_/_)'s

Sorry for not cartoon today and for being away for a while. i keep catching all sorts of flus and end up feeling sick and tired. I think that i can feel little bobo kicking but not so clearly its like little butterflies or twitches. Some say i could be mistaken that it could be gas lol but i stand by my belief that it was the bobo!

Don't you love baby (_/_)'s !Soo cute! im probably never going to let my baby wear diapers so that i can admire its tiny tatooz! But well i will probably suffer the consequences! Those tatoozat are tiny and cute you would never believe the amout of poop that can come out of them.

I think this is one of my rather disgusting posts and i dont know why im discussing gas,tatooz and poop 3al subu7. :P

Have a great day ! :P

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pregnancy & Runny Noses

I learn something new everyday in my pregnancy. Apparently the puking was the reaction of the body rejecting the "bobo" because to the body it is a "foreign body" and will reject it and eventually the immune system will be suppressed an is less effective and well this explains my cold :) 

I feel like someone forget his shib shib in my throat. I feel like i need to attack a vacuum to each nostril! i think in 2 days i have finished 4 tissue boxes. 

Il muhim al humduliah :) i got to see my bobo move for the first time. Little tiny bobo that is only 4 cms now and already moves and kicks little bobo kicks! Sub7analah!  I mean seriously this calls for a movie called "what lies beneath the karsh" lol 

Monday, October 06, 2008

More on Pregnancy

Now that im pregnant even my dreams revolve around babies and pregnancy and labor! All baby dreams! Last weird dream was that my baby was so tiny and turned into "3ajeeneh"
I do know that my sister used to call me "al ragheef al 3ajeeb" because of my chubby round face but to have a "3ajeen" baby is something else! lol

So ofcourse the news of someone being pregnant spreads as fast as the news of engagements and weddings & death (b3eed il shar). So i keep getting calls from people saying " YOU'RE PREGNANT!" followed by a lot of chipmunk like screams and a few " OMG OMG OMG"
hehe it's nice! But what i hate is the unwanted advice! Or when people decided to say things like " oh you reminded of myself when i was 3 months pregnant i had a miscarriage" or " when i was pregnant i was going to die in the 8th month from complications"
"my marriage was fine up until i had kids" etc.

What i want to hear not is Happy Thoughts! Im already freaking out about the cow-like milk fountains that could start even before delivery! The Labor Pain! Whether or not to take the risk of Epidural! What will happen in delivery! How i will manage to take care of a baby when i can hardly take care of my plant! :S

Oh and what i hate! is when they always say "WALAD WALAD" inshala! As if il binit ils mseeebeh! i mean come on are we still in the stone age! They go like "jeebi il walad wa i6amani"! i say kolo min Allah mnee7! And its not like there is a button you press to get a BOY! i hear stories of men threatening to divorce the wife if she doesn't get a boy! all i can say to that is that is the definition of "TAKHALUF"

As for me i love girls and boys and if i love any gender more it would be girlies! with their cute baby clothes and hair clips! And when they grow up they turn into fountains of love. I would rather have a girl that grows up to make me proud and be good to me than a boy that could eventually yi6ali3 3ayni with his mughamarat & raging hormones.

Cow says she will help and that i am welcome to any fresh milk for the baby at anytime :)

Monday, September 29, 2008


I just wrote a long post for EID and it disappered! So let me remember what i said. So EID is here and RAMADAN is over! HOW? i mean it was just yesterday i was thinking its here and now its gone! It was the fastest Ramadan ever. I didn't feel so spirtual this year was puking most of the time and have to make up for 11 days! I puke almost everyday :(-- bobo is tiny but mghaleb il waldeh ktheer ktheer.

So.. Its EID! Woo hoo! I love waking up early on EID! (only on EID i would rather sleep any other day). So we go to EID prayer then ofcourse we go to have BREAKFAST! i miss having a big yummy breakfast! Pancakes! Fried Eggs with Toast and Croissant & jam!

I just remembered on EID once in jordan a long time ago i saw an AD for shoes. And a girl had bought her new EID shoes. BATA shoes. She slept with them right on her pillow next to her head. i mean okay we look forward to eid and new clothes and shoes but do we have to sniff our shoes to sleep? :P

Ofourse bagoora is giving out Eideyeh only to people who promise to sign a contract that they wont slaughet any animals on EID :) hehe

Oh i also love love love ka3k il EID :) especially when it's homemade ! speaking of ka3k bi 3ajweh i remembered a song that i dedicate to anyone who was in jordan who probably heard it before.

Ka3k Bi3ajweh
ABU Youssef

Dino Ahmed & Bagoora wish you all a HAPPY EID wa kol 3am wa into bkhier :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lazy Dino

So pregnancy is not as easy as i thought. Nausea aside you actually get really emotional. I cry to almost everything. for example there is this "ramadan" ad with a kid singing. I cried to another ramadan ad where a guy buys another guy a shirt. Everything makes me cry! So dont tell me anything that is even slightly sentimental or sad. I cry then i wonder WHY AM I CRYING?! its my hormones i guess!

Anyway. i feel so lazy and i just want to sleep all day! I know its too early to be in pregnant mode but wallah i already have lower back pain along with a bunch of other not so lovely symptoms!

NO Coffee No tea no tuna or anything raw. I have to eat more vegetables and healthy food.
Certain smells make me wanna barf! Even tastes! The toothpaste makes me GAG everytime i brush my teeth! Some perfumes too!

I feel my sense of smell has become even stronger! I always knew my nose was small but fa3aaal! now i feel i have super powers! i can smell things from a distance!

Not a good feeling when you are walking in a corwded place! Imagine walking next to someone who smells like sweat to a normal person. TO me i feel like my nose is ta7t baaaa6oh! ya333oooo

*dino puts nose clip on

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Dino on the way...I'm BrEGNaN6 :)

This is the post you have all been waiting for ! Baby Dino is on the way! yes i am pregnant i still don't get it and realize that a human being is growing inside of me but soon when i look like i have swallowed a big bateekha i think it will sink in. I'm 8 weeks now. And well believe it or not this baby didn't like chocolate!! But now maybe cause its ramadan bobo is being good and is liking chocolate with mommy!

Bagoora was sad to hear the news and packed her stuff and wants to leave. i told her she could stay that i can love both my bobo and bagoora but she still feels that it wont be the same :P

Can't tell if its a boy or girl yet... i have craved many things i would never crave like " 3adas & FISH" :S weird? the only thing i ever craved was chocolate!

So... Conclusion is im gonna be a mama. Pray that the baby is a healthy baby and that im good mommy! will keep you posted :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ramadan Tv

People have this idea that ramadan is the month of tv shows and late night sheesha and ofcourse food food and more food. Some have 3azayim for su7oor. Im not saying i don't watch baab al 7ara or tv but im shocked at how many shows start in ramadan. I saw this preview the other day for a tv show saying "ahlan ramadan" with a ra2asa ? hmmm

I remembered fawazeer nelli and sharehaan that we  used to watch as kids. In my head growing up ramdan was the month of fawazeer. Its sad but true that we are all caught up with all the "events" that come with ramdan that we don't do much thikr and 3ibadat. 

Allah yu3fu 3anna & May God accept your prayers.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fatta humus wa Fatwa 3al hawa

So its ramadan again and ofcourse if you turn on the radio station you will here a lot of Fatawee 3al hawwa. Ofcourse people call with the same yearly questions. Whether its oka to brush your teeth in ramadan. If its okay to wear perfume and makeup. All sorts of questions! Some are just sometimes weird and emabrassing and you sit there wondering did that guy just REALLY say that?

Bagoora overheard a question on a station the other day. Someone was asking if its okay to eat a cow that is also considered a relative because they are so close to each other. She suspects it was me and has been avoiding me again. lol

I forgot to mention that fatta humus is something that tastes good with la7m il bagar :P ehehehe

Anyway... happy ramadan again!

Monday, September 01, 2008


RAMADAN IS HERE AGAIN! A year has passed ! Sub7annallah! it was like yesterday that i was cooking for last ramadan :P oh the stress of finishing the tabkha on time! Today ma3zoomeen so NO COOKING YEAY! 

Has anyone one of you been to the supermarket lately? im guessing YES! i saw you all there when i went lol ! seriously EISH HAAAAAAATH?! hheh that called for the jordanian accent to come out. It only comes out in times when i want to make my point more AGGRESSIVE !

We went to get groceries. And ofcourse in the beginning we couldnt find a 3arabayeh! so we ended up with those messed up ones that are so m3affneen that you can even push them right! you end up bumping into ppl and saying "sorry" and pointing at the messed up shopping cart! And sometimes it decided to stop on its own like an sa3eedi donkey. And sometimes it just goes in directions on its OWN! After a lot of kicking and pushing and high blood pressure! i noticed that maybe its not just ramadan maybe its TSUNAMI or something? 

PEOPLE were shopping like crazy! VIMTO was out of stock 3 days ago! Cheese Sambosa all GONE! I was like omg? are we all MAFAjeeee3?! ofcourse i couldnt help but peak at everyone else's cart and omg. All full to the point that you cant see the person pushing it! haha

oh and the line for the cashier was up till the end of each aisle! can you imagine? so i experienced how it feels like when people ATTACK  a supermarket! 

So before i was told never to shop when i am hungry. I think shopping while you are fasting is much worse!!! :P

I admit we also got a lot of food but it was just because we don't plan on shopping for food in ramadan so it was like a month of shopping.. hehe 

So anyway... PEOPLE... RAMADAN KAREEM! kol 3am wa into bkhier! May all your prayers be answered. Bagoora is avoiding me and says i look at her differently. She claims that i see her as a walking hamburger in ramadan. I dont plan on eating her but last ramadan i was so close to using her for tabkha when we ran out of la77777meh!! :)

Friday, August 22, 2008


You know i am one of the people who repeats stories because of my very very horrible memory i tend to repeat stories over and over again. lol I had to draw a cartoon for al alam about something similar . Those people who make up unbelievable stories just to impress you and in reality they look really stupid because no one really believes them. Like for ex saying they can see dead poeple. I met a girl who said she saw dead people not in her dreams but in real life. And all i can say to her is no more watching the series " GHOST WHISPERER"!! :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Man's Point of View On Marriage

Hello All... miss me ? :D here is a cartoon i did for alalam newspaper. And well it was a post about a man complaining that since he got married all he is doing is buying gifts for his wife and her family and things for his wife. He complains that marriage is life a jail and that he wishes he was single again.

I mean its not marriage itself i guess it depends on who you marry :)

Bagoora will be back soon im a bit busy these couple of days

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Away for a while

Dear Readers

i will be busy for the next couple of days so i will probably not be able to post any new bagoora cartoons. But as soon as i can i will definitely keep you posted with her new adventures.

:D see ya

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today is my LAST DAY of WORK!! I AM SO SO SO SO HAPPY! SO SO SO SO HAPPY! i feel like i have been trapped in a cave and suddenly i SEE THE LIGHT! to think of the world of possibilities and how much potential i have and the time i wasted here i just say
AL HAMDULILAH! AS soon as my next job is official i will definitely blog about it
but for now inshala khier!


WOOOOOOOO HOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Islamic Noor ( GumuS)

Hello Everyone! Sorry its been a while been kind of busy lately!! Ofcourse If you live in jordan or any part of the middle east you may have already caught the "GUMUS" fever! The Turkish series "GUMUS" mdablaj in baab al 7aara style on MBC4.

At first you start watching out of curiosity and you make fun of the names like " 3abdeeen"and "ruqaya" and you are like hahah sho hal habal! then somehow you hear that everyone is watching it and you find it on tv all the time so you start watching it secretly and still make jokes about the ppl who watch it. Then you turn into an official mohanad and noor fan and u even start convincing ppl to watch it! saying things like "ino insi il accent il 2esa kteeer kteeer 7ilwe!!"

it's like Casandra & Bab il 7ara all over again!

My friends are in Turkey for a visit and were told that this was one of the lamest series in turkey and that these ppl are not very famous there! No wonder they have time to come to DUBAI and KUWAIT to meet their fans! No wonder muhannad has time to star in a video with a haabta singer.

Everyday in the newspaper there is a new story about a woman who got beat up by her husband after she asked him to be more like muhanad. Another was divorced for putting muhannads pic on her mobile as a screensaver! lol

aslan his name isnt mohannad! its sounds more like a sineye falling from 3al daraj
kivantatalug ting tash ting tash hahah :P

So yes i watch it.... and no i don't plan on watching it till season 7! Did u guys know it is actually still playing in turkey?! it has reached season 7!

MUHANNAD eventually dies and his son actually grows up to be HIM! hahahahhaha SHOCKER

And i think that noor chic will grow up to be noor and they start falling in love all over again!

So bagoora went to meet them and says that nooor had another wedding this time with hijjab and she had bagoora do all the cooking!! heheehhe

Ya rayt yi7ajboohum fi hal musalal !

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


After almost 2 years of working in a pharmaceutical and doing things like Diabetic Foot Brochures and seeing images of amputated feet, ulcers and all sorts of infections ALL OVER THE BODY. when i say all over i mean ALL OVER!!! Ewwwwwww

So... yesterday was the day i decided to take the step of leaving. And well today i finally RESIGNED. And i think its the best choice i ever made. I was simply staying for the wrong reasons and i can do so much better.


OKay Anyone have offers in D0ubai?

I prayed istikhara last night and i feel so relieved.


At least for a month till my month notice is over :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

BAgoora Goes to Burger KING

Another Day, Another Adventure. I have been wondering where bagoorti spends her time and i found out from (secret) sources that she has been standing outside burgerking with signs asking people to stop eating BURGERS!

i told her not to do that before after one of the people who worked there tried to turn her into WHOPPERS! :S

So.. after a long long talk and a few hugs and promises that i will never eat her even if we are stuck underground with nothing edible but her. I promised her not eat any of her relatives either ( except for the annoying ones). I am not really that into bagar eating, i am a chicken eater :)

So.. this pointless will end with a something meaningful. So let me think of a moral here.. hmmm... When you love someone and they are a big cow, you can still be the better person and not eat them when you can. You will rise and be the better person. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sha7adeen Stories

Shahadeen, Sha7ateen, Beggars whatever name you choose to call them, they are everywhere. In some places more than others and with endless scenarios and acts. i will share a few stories :

Once i was standing in Jordan in "sweifyeh" where they seem to have DAWAM RASMI and well some guy comes up with a paper and he was not saying anything and gave me a sad look of "ana miskeen" and came up to the car window. I think the paper was some medical paper saying he is DEAF! Just as i was about to get my purse some car from behind him HONKED its HORN and GUESS WHAT THE DEAF GUY DID? bil 2orduni " NAGAZ" hmmmm ya3ni mush fahmeh how he HEARD THE ZAMOOR!!!

Again in Sweifieyeh in the car this time i stopped at one of the traffic lights. And the traffic light in jordan first thing you should do is roll up your window unless if you want someone to throw in some "S&B" chewing gum, or even sometimes stick their head in your car and yell things like " ALLAH yib3atLIK WA7ad 7ilo zayek! Allah yib3atlik wa7ad 3yooonoh ZURUG". So as i was about to roll up the window i notice one little boy crying and his box of chewing gum ( which he apparently dropped on the floor).

He was crying and picking up the gum. So i was like haram miskeen, he probably will get in trouble by the BIG BOSS who throws them in the street to start with and i 7sint 3alieh and gave him some money. NEXT DAY!!!! SAME BOY! CRYING! SAME PLACE! SAME BOX! it was FILM! and so many ppl fell for that! When i told my friend she too FELL for that FILM and felt so sorry for him and went and got him another box of chewing gum to SELL!!

i felt so stupid! i mean this boy deserves an award for his acting!

Oh so many stories i lost track. But well this one is funny. Last time i was in amman i was feeling that my IMAN needs a boost that i miss going to the masjid and that i want to feel the spirituality again.

So that day i was so emotional when i went to the masjid next to our house. The lecture was about tawba and how if GOD loves someone He makes it easy for them to get 7asanat. So after the khutbet il jum3a i was leaving and this lady came to me crying telling me her son has something wrong fi "thaanoh" (his ear) and needs an operation.

At that time i did not plan on buying anything so i had no money on me. So she kept crying and telling me about "thaan ibinha" and in my head i felt that i couldnt help her because maybe God doesnt love me and doesnt want me to get 7asanat which is why i dont have my wallet. So i started crying and crying! And praying for her and her son. Suddenly i look at her and she is not crying anymore, she has a weird confused look on her face and she said " khalas khalas and walked away." She realized her act was useless and went on to someone else.

looking back all i can say is ma ahbaaaaaaaaaalni!

Oh oh and once i had like 10 JDs and this kid kept following me trying to sell me " BLASTAR" so i was like ma3eeeesh fra6ah he goes " haaaaaaaateeee maaaasik"

really yantabiq 3alieh al qawl "shahaaat wa bishare6"

If you have any stories to share please do! :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cow Afro Adventure

For those of you who are new to this blog, you are probably asking the same question which is " WHAT'S UP WITH THE COW?" Your answer is in this old post that will clarify how my cow obsession started :)


So, well to those who already know Bagoora and are waiting for her new adventures. She has become quite famous and has started avoiding her fans by wearing AFRO hair and sunglasses only every once in a while someone realizes who she is and yells out " BAGOORA"!

She is not liking the fame too much and says that she misses lying in the 7asheeshat without someone following her with their video cam.

You know some people are affected by fame and become snobby, but bagoora will never let her fame and fans change her. It's so funny how some people go through extreme life changes and still are the same and they don't let life change them. While others go from extremes without really going through any major life changes.

Il muhim sometimes people are forced to change to be able to survive in this world.

Keef 2alabt drama? okay so back to COW. she is not for sale. and she is does appreciate being called " EISH YA SHAWERMA"

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Dino & Baby Bagoora

Today is one of the days i am feeling nostalgic and looking back at the old days when life was much simpler. I remember the first time i saw the snow! And well i ran out to play with it made a very ugly snow man that looked more like jabal amman.

I would open my mouth and wait for some snow to come in my mouth.Come to think of it it did taste weird :S Or i would stand like in that scene from the movie "i know what you did last summer" when jennifer love hewit has her arms wide open and yells


I used to hang out with the neighbors kids ( till this day i wonder why i did hang out with them. They were pretty handy when it comes to finding old tires to use as snow boards! i remember getting on a 3ajal (tire) and sliding down a small hill next to our house. It was an interesting ride the required many pushes along the way down the 10inch hill! :P

Come to think of it those neighbors might have lived in the street :S because i remember no matter what time i go down they are there doing things like riding their " BUSOKLAYT" on ramps ( which were khashabat they found in the street). They even taught me how to make a SLING SHOT.

maybe i have shared too much about my past lol

so.. bagoora loved the snow too and borrowed a pair of my boots when we went out. Only by the time we came back home we could not feel our feet and had them stuck on the "Dafayeh"(heater).

Monday, June 09, 2008

Girl$ & BathrooM Talks (oh btw im BACK)

So... after a lot of thinking and hesitation and many messages from people! I really didn't know that many people liked reading my posts. That is why i am BACK!

If you find my blog offensive, and if you think this blog is pointless you can easily overlook it and not visit it.

Now about todays post.. cow noticed that girls usually go to the bathroom in groups.. unlike her cow friends they usually go anywhere and they don't need to take their friends along. So she decided to hide in one of the bathrooms to see what is the secret!

Conclusion is Girls go in groups to GOSSIP and talk about girly stuff like their current crush, boyfriend, or someone who is sitting with them on the table wondering why they took so long in there.

Some girls mostly in jordan choose to smoke in the bathrooms.

Others reapply layers and layers of makeup and spray tons of perfume.

Hope this post was enlighting to many males wondering what was the big secret.


Many more cow adventures to come inshala! It's Good to be Back!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last Post ( for a while)

Hello readers.

This will be my last post. And i just wanted to say thank you all for your comments and i am sorry that i wont be blogging anymore.

I will miss you all & Cow will miss you all too :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time is Running !!!

There is a constant feeling i feel! I feel that time passes by so quickly and now you can say things like " ;">omg i cant believe ive been working here for almost 2 years!" or
" omg your daughter is actually 2 years old now i feel like yesterday u called saying u were pregnant"! And when u don't see someone who has kids for a long time you suddenly realize how long you havent seen them when their babies now walk and TALK!

i feel i have no time. And that lots of people are za3laneen minee because i havent seen them in ages! I have to say marriage takes up a lot of my time. So let me give you my daily ruotine:

Wake up early go to work. after work i go back home or pass by to get some groceries that i need for the tabkha. By the time i reach i start my tabkha! Then realize that i left a big mess in the kitchen and have to clean it. Then i realize that im so tired and that i can leave a few dishes in the sink till 2moro. Suddenly its a pile of dishes and a pile of clean unfolded laundry in the living room. Then there is the closet that always seems to "yitla3oo masaereeenha". And on week days i feel i can't do all this intensive cleaning. So i wait for the weekend. Ofcourse i have freelance jobs that also require time.

Every friday i go to sharjah to see my family. So i am left with Saturday. Keep in mind throughout the week i have not seen any of my friends or gone out. So saturday is "grocery" shopping day. Getting the basics for survival of the week!

There goes my week. Trip to sharjah in the middle of the week is around 2 hours. so when i leave work at 4:40 i reach there around 6:00 or 6:30. I have work the next day so i leave around 8:00 or 8:30 keeping the 1:30 traffic to dubai in mind . I feel by the time i reached i have to go again.

So people... Give me a break * someone throws a kitkat

that works too :)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Prices = NaaaaR

Global food prices have risen by 40% in the last nine months. That explains why the TWIX bar is now 3 dirhams rather than 1.5 :S

I feel all the prices are going up and the salaries are going down. I remember not so long ago when you had a 100 DHS u felt rich and u could get more than one thing! Now its like you go to buy a few groceries and the bill is more than 300 DHS!

Um il 3abd is complaining and after going to get some rice for her kids found that even the price for RICE has gone up! Her kids sell chewing gum in 2isharat 3abdoon now and they seem to be doing well !

conclusion is akhritna nish7at

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Elevator Adventures

Our work is on the 12th floor. So almost everyday i have to go through some sort of elevator adventure. Usually after going around the parking for hours waiting for someone to leave so i can take their parking spot, i run to the elevator and wait there for a few minutes till the elevator yisharif! I start pressing on the button aggressively ( knowing that you only have to press it once) but still bafish khil2i!

Then finally the elevator door opens. Sometimes its full and i have to wait for the next RIDE! and sometimes its empty and each floor it stops to pick up more RUKAAB! Some people see that its full and insist on squeezing themselves in! LIKE HELLO BREATHING SPACE! Some people look at their feet others stare right at you and even when u give them the " stop staring look" they still continue on staring.

Some smell like curry others like fish. Mostly SWEAT! And i am already claustrophobic so i stand there and the trip to the 12th floor feels like the longest 3 minutes of my life.

Some come in with their headphones on and start singing along with the song! Usually they are Filipinos. I think every Filipino or filopiniyeh i have met insists on singing. While they clean they sing. While they walk they sing. Even in the bathroom!

Anyway. My cow has found a job in my building and she is now watering plants in the offices.

Message to the world. When the elevator is full. WAIT for the next one. When you are listening to your mp3 you don't have to sing along and make others suffer. When people faint when you are around it is not because you are gorgeous it is probably because you smell like rotten feet and dead rats!!

*takes breath after saying all that in one breath*

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dinos vs Bionic Namooseh

So picture this you are about to sleep and you have the covers over your head and then u hear... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... mosquito attack! U cant sleep since it is determined not only to suck your blood out but to also sing in your ear!!

Yesterday i saw a namooseh on the wall. Upside down. Waiting for the right moment to have her dinner! So i thought i would "atghada beeha abl ma tit3asha beya" so well slowly i tip toe towards the jamooseh. I couldnt reach so i used a towel to kill it.

so.. after i thought it was dead. I look up at the wall and it is there. This time i made sure i hit it. AND I AM SURE I DID! But this namooseh bisab3it rwaaa7!

Again i find it in the same place. then i yell " AHMEEEEEED ta3al 2o2tolha"

Ofcourse ahmed came to the rescue as always and even he is not sure it is dead

*twilight zone music

*namoosa home has invited all her namoos friends for a 3azeemeh on Dino$ tonight

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So.. Lots of people have gotten married and lots are having babies and this brings me to the thought of having my own kids one day. And the idea of finding out you were pregnant with TWINS! or even triplets if u are lucky enough!

You throughout your life you experience all sorts of things and its only a few that for some reason STICK to your mind! I remember when i was around 10 years old i was invited with my family to a "3azeemeh" at some family friend's house. I also remember that there were a lot of kids. And that one of them PEED on the CARPET!!!

OMG.. His mom freaked out and was totally embarrassed to what her kid has done! IT was a memorable scene!!Another kid broke some expensive vase in the living room while playing soccer in the house!

KIDS! AAAAAAAAAAAH! i love them but i worry about being a mom one day! HOW did our parents MANAGE!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Annoying People

Sorry i have not had time to draw my own cartoons in each post so i might as well post the ones that have been published :) this was an article about the annoying people that just won't get the hint and stick to you and just wont LEAVE u ALONE!

They talk and talk.. in their very very irritating voice and tone.. Saying very pointles things that just piss you off some more.. and u start blocking everything they say when all u see is someone talking and you know they are saying something but they are totally on BLOCK... And even if you dont join in on the conversation.. and u only nod or say things like AH.. Aha.. hmmm hhhmm mmm... they CONTINUE.... going on an on... BLA BLA BLA

This type of person is born to annoy the world. Those people that are just simply so zinkheen your blood pressure goes up just at the mere THOUGHT of them. They don't intentionally annoy you but its them being THEMSELVES that GETS ON YOUR EVERY NERVE...

I will not go into who is annoying me... generally speaking there are people that you must see on almost a daily basis and they are just UNBEARABLE!

I just hope i am not that person to someone :S freaky thought!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


This is my latest publication in AL ALAM newspaper. It reminded me of my Current MOOD!
i dunno when it started. But i feel i have changed into a very AGGRESSIVE person. I have noticed that my reactions to things have changed. For Ex.

The other day i was driving back home. I saw a car with 2 kids dancing and waving and making faces at me. ( they weren't exactly cute) Anyway... i didn't even smile back and totally ignored their silliness ! The old me would of started making faces and dancing along... It was the moment i realized i have changed.

I am EVIL.... Somebody arrest Me...

Sunday, April 06, 2008

What is Next?

How do you know the world is coming to an end??????


Thomas is a transgender person, born female, who had his outward features medically altered to achieve a more masculine appearance but kept his reproductive organs intact. He claims he became pregnant five months ago via artificial insemination.

ya far7itna

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I have been Tagged

i have been tagged by lulu and princess :)

The rules are:

“Post 10 random things about yourself,

choose 5 people to tag and a reason you chose each person

Leave them each a comment directing them to your blog so they know they are it

You cant tag the person who tagged you

As a courtesy to the person who tagged you, please let them know when you have posted”

Hmmmmm 10 things

1. When i sleep i sometimes raise my foot and kick the bed

2. Before i sleep i must rub my feet together

3. My words are faster than my thoughts. I speak before thinking of the consequences of the things i say.

4. I can't hide what i feel and if you know me well enough u can tell what im feeling

5. I sometimes get in a weird mode where nothing u say will make sense to me and i
feel like i have the IQ of a thubabah

6. I get high on chocolate and cant control anything i do after eating too much!!

7. The worst thing anyone can ever do to me is lie to me

8. I always have a new addiction. Now its BAKING. ( havent had time to experiment yet)

9. Many people find my calm attitude and the bad habit of delaying important matters very irritating and they wish i would take more ACTION.

10. I have 2 sides to my personality and both are total opposites. The serious Dino and the Goofy Dino.

i will not tag anyone but whoever wants to answer these feel free to say i tagged u and post it in your blog :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wayn il Buffet?

I dunno if its just an arab thing but i think not. I think its human nature. It's only human nature to always go where you feel you are getting a good deal or where you are getting "value" for your money. So what does everyone all around the world do? EAT!!

When you hear the word "FREE" next to "FOOD" the only image that comes to my head is some sort of ATTACK or INVASION. No FOOD + Hunger = BREAKING DOWN WALLS! But this "Hujooom" is not only when you are hungry or poor.

For ex you go to a wedding, a very classy wedding. All those people from "yaaay" wa "tra la la la" class, wearing high heels and dresses by eli saab. You think those are the last in line for the buffet? Think AGAIN.

There is just something about buffets at weddings restaurants or anywhere. It's like some sort of race where you want to get the most out of it. You wish your stomache had the capacity of a tank so you can go for 2nd,3rd rounds. You start poking the person next to you and say" yala yala 3al DESSERT 2alb ma yikhlas." And even if you have no space left u force yourself to eat some more li2ano ya3ni BISIRISH!

After you are done stuffing your face and you leave your plate full of the weird food you decided to Tuskub in your overflowing plate. You sit there and you are hardly breathing and some unbotton the first zirr on their bantaloon and say " akhhhh akalt kteeer"


Cow tries to stop people from having cow meat in their buffets by making her own rebellious strike.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

ana Maleed

So... Don't you hate it when someone is extremely sick and insists on coming to work to spread the virus?! Yes i am sick at work as i type but im in the final stages of the marad not the phase with aggressive viruses!

As i was sitting bi AMAN Allah working on something a co-worker who is known for spreading her love and sharing her viruses on more than occassion comes to our office.

DOor slowly opens *eeeeeeeeeeee
"ya nas ana ta3abanah"

*dino notices the tissue in her hand and the sound of barabeer in her voice
and trys to hide behind the computer

*girl gets closer to dina.

dino read somewhere that you should be 6 feet away from someone who is sick

*measures in her mind! " LAaaaa2aa ma bidi" the inner dino screams

HHA HA HATsooooooooooooooooooooo girls sneezes right next to dinos

Dinos can actually feel the virus move in slow motion

at that moment i knew it.. in3adiet...


Now i feel like there is a a group of munchkins dancing a dabkeh in my throat and that some pipe has broken in my nose.

Positive thought : i like the mrashi7 voice :) hehe

poor bagara hugged me and well has joined the infected club.


4 girls at work are sick now.
next time if you are sick and go to work don't VISIT others stick to your place and save us some barabeer production :P

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tajmeel Anyone?

So it's time to share another one of cow's adventures. After watching a lot of grey's anatomy with me bagoora was inspired to start her internship in a hospital. Well now she is in the " Cosmetic" section because there is a lot of 6alabeih in that department. Getting a nose job or "botox" injection has become more common than ordering a shawerma sandwich. it's like

3amo mumkin wa7ad shawerma jaaj wa wa7ad la7meh wa bil 6areeq ghuzni 2ibreh fi tumi bidi yseerli shala6eef! :P

Cow has been sharing stories with me and she says that she was so scared to go back! When i asked her why? she said that some patients have had so many surgeries they look CREEPY! Faces so stretched that they have one FIXED expression for everything. Lips so puffed like they have come out from a round with the "contender".

Conclusion is... we will all get old and wrinkly.. some will look younger than others even if they were the same age. But seeking operations and injections might fix this aging problem temporarily but on the long run it will back fire and u will be sitting there waiting for your botox injection that will not help because by now your face is mistaken for a BUTTOX! :) excuse my faransi ya3ni

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ana Geet Shaha2a ya Ramadan

After i spent some time in my bubble with my bagara. Contemplating and thinking about life and the way things happen and the way sometimes your experiences in life change who you are.

When you are depressed or sad you have a more realistic perception of life and your abilities. When you are too positive you lose sense of realism and you get a sense or belief that you can control, or at least influence outcomes that you in reality have NO influence over.

I guess we all need slaps of reality every once in a while to sit and think and be more realistic. My main lesson is you can't Control everything in life. ONLY GOD can do that.

I believe that it's true that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and wiser. I believe that instead of crying and saying" why does it always rain on me" I should get my self an UMBRELLA to shield myself from the rain. TO expect it anyday even on the sunniest days the umbrella will always be with me.

I believe anything found in abundance will only make it lose its worth. When you know you have something or that's always available you stop appreciating it or realizing its true worth.

Even feelings, tears or words when expressed excessively they stop having the same meaning. Scarcity makes everything more precious and appreciated.

I am not going to be a negative person. I will just stop being naive.

We are human beings. Made out of clay. Clay can be molded into many things. It can be turned into an ashtray or a monument or work of art. We are the clay. And we are what we make of ourselves. I will not be an ashtray. I will not let anyone step all over me or treat me less than i deserve to be treated. I am a creation of God. That itself makes me a work of ART.

I believe that sometimes i have to live knowing that i don't have all the answers in life and that sometimes its better not knowing those answers. That the more you know the more you wish you didn't know.

I also believe that chocolata can make me feel better at ANY DAY.

Enough wisdom for one day :P *dino takes off thinking cap

Im BACK. Im fine and I Missed you :) My bagoora says hi :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I just wanted to say i am not going to be blogging for a while. To blog i need to be in a cheerful mood to avoid nakad. So i promise to blog again lama Allah yifrijha. Too much has been going on. I can't seem to just do what i usually do, smile and ignore everything.


*stops for breath


Question. When you really really really want something. You are dying for this something. You live your life just to get it, to earn it, to deserve it. When you finally do manage to get it.
Does it slowly lose it's worth?
Do you lose interest and start wondering if you got a good deal? Do you start looking back at other possible things you could have got?
Does this apply to everything in life?

Is this human nature? IF yes than we are never going to be pleased with what we have. We can never be happy.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

First Newspaper Publication

Hello All :) this is the first cartoon of mine published in a newspaper :) to read the article go to . I don't write the articles i just draw the cartoons:)

Btw the newspaper comes out every Wednesday and is FOR FREE :)

So if u are in dubai.. pick one up and maybe u will find a cartoon by moi


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

il HijjaB il Cool

I recently did another freelance cartoon that i enjoyed drawing. It shows the different hijab styles. The "modern" shakira/ britney hijab and the right muslimah hijab.

Recently i feel there is a misconception of the concept of hijab. You find a girl with her boyfriend holding hands, exchanging kilmat fi bo2 ba3d :S.

Missing prayers that is IF they pray at all. I see all sorts of styles the funniest to me is the one with the high boots and short skirt! lol come on girlies?
Fakhdeh = 3awra

Oh and there is another new style of hijjab where the girls raise there hair up so high under the hijjab.(the Camel-Hump Look).

Or even add weird things under it to make it puff up and they put the hijjab on just enough to cover the Jabal on their head and ofcourse there is always the perfectly blowdryed "ghurra" bangs that shows.

It's not just about covering skin its also about not wearing something so tight that it seems like it was sprayed on you. It is not about bringing attention to yourself.

I am not in a place to give lectures to anyone. But it is also my duty as a muslim to deliver this message to the world.

Hijab is not just a piece of cloth on your head. It is an honor. It is a flag telling the world you are a muslim. Your actions now represent ISLAM. So please think twice before you become the reason people have more and more misconceptions about hijab.

The clothing must be thick enough so as not to show the color of skin it covers or the shape of the body.

The Prophet (SAW) said that in later generations of his ummah there would be, "women who would be dressed but naked and on top of their head (what looks like) camel's humps. Curse them, for they are cursed." (Muslim)

" صنفان من أهل النار لم أرهما بعد : رجال معهم سياط كأذناب البقر يضربون بها الناس ، ونساء كاسيات عاريات مائلات مميلات على رؤوسهن كأسنمة البخت المائلة ، لا يدخلن الجنة ولا يجد ريحها ، وإن ريحها ليوجد من مسيرة كذا وكذا

May God help us all always to live up to the name of ISLAM.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Meen Famous??

ANIiii :)

For the first time my blog is mentioned in a magazine :) ARABAD magazine. I couldn't find it in the uae. But they sent me a copy :)

When i am a famous cartoonist i will 2a3zimkom all on MANSAF :)

BTW i also got my first freelance cartoonist job with ALALAM newspaper. SO if you are in the uae you better start BUYING IT :) Finally my work will be published somewhere.

It's a start! Btw i am currently teaching myself flash and am doing my first animated BAGARA cartoon! Can't wait to post it!! Yipeeee!

*dino skipping away

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


this guy's cartoons are amazing i didn't know he had animations!! He has inspired me to start my own animations! CHeck this "3alarasi" video out! hahahahahahahaha

Soon i will be posting one of my VIDEOS starring BAGARTI

Thursday, February 07, 2008


So just when i thought i got those " bidkeesh titzawajee?" people off my back! A new group appears and this group is called " Bidkeesh tkhalfeee?"

Oh oh and the question i hate the most " MUSH MKHABYALNA ISHI?"
hmmm awalan it's not a GIFT for you for me to HIDE wa when you say " MKHABYA-LNA"
does it mean when the baby is born you will be the one staying up all night breast feeding and changing diapers??

or when they say "bidkeeesh tjeeebelna baby nil3ab 3alieh?"

HELLO?! Go to jbeeiha il3abi as much as u want! Babies are not a TOY!

I see mothers who spend the whole day complaining about their kids and how getting babies ruined their bodies and their marriage! Then after an hour of complaining they say...


Dont get me wrong i love kids and inshala someday i will have my own kids. BUT STOP ASKING ME! When i do get one i'll probably have a big fat post about it!!


Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Did you ever feel like you were "JAAAHLEH"? (ignorant) I remember the first time i had to use those automatic water taps that work by sensors. I remember thinking " HOW DOES THIS WORK? WISHO hatha?" i felt like a had just come from the farthest desert when the lady in front of me looked at me and laughed and said " hayk" as she very elegantly swayed her hand under the water faucet and OMG WATER CAME OUT!

ALLAHU AKBAR! *dino stands mouth wide open staring at the magic water
* dinos starts doing tricks by seeing how good the sensors are
*people stare at dino when she uses her foot in the sink
* dinos is taken away from the bathroom with bodyguards after being reported as a "weirdo"

Anyway.. This whole automatic thing has become more and more common. Everything is automatic even the FLUSH! i mean come on are people that LAZY? Even the soap comes out as soon as you place your hand at the sensor!

My friend heard a man who most probably was Jordanian in the mall and he was also as amused as i was with this technology. he was like " YA ZALAMEH HAATH IL SAboon BINZAL HOWN MARGHI KHAAALIS"

3anyway i sense people are only becoming more lazy depending on technology in everything in life. They move less and eat more. Which brings me to my new Jowhara theory which is that

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


You know i was thinking maybe the death of HEATH LEDGER was a conspiracy! They wanted to distract the world from what is happening in GAZA! Hmm how would we let the people forget about GAZA? yeah well lets focus o HEATH LEDGER!

Don't get me wrong i think he was a good actor and his death was sad because DEATH itself is sad especially when it's someone young who dies. But what makes his life worth more than than the lives of thousands of Palestinians and Iraqis dying everyday?

Millions of groups on facebook mourning the death of Heath ledger! Discussing whether he died on an overdose or whether he committed suicide! Ya3ni he is dead lets all please GET OVER IT!

Imagine if there was a group for every palestinian who died in palestine! bisaker facebook min the overload of groups!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Igliboo wijihkin

It's one of those days you wake up not on the wrong side of the bed but rather on the wrong side of the Shibshib! :S I dunno liesh but everything seems to be getting on my nerves! The slightest whisper sounds like a chipmunks scream! Anything said to me today is followed by this reaction :

*dino carries shoe and say " EISH EISH GASDIK EISH EISH??"

opps another jordanian slip up

It's like i don't only have one chip on my shoulder but Kyaaas CHIPS KTEER! And the only comfort to my soul today is the thoughts that go through my head every time i am annoyed by someone. * dinos imagines she is a giant stepping on everyone that annoys her

I'm warning you.... telling me things like " you look tired are you sick?" or " " did you gain weight" might lead to severe damages.

bagoora akalat katleh today :P


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Zikrayat Iyam sa3eeeede

*singing "3al 2alb 2areeebeeeeeeeh! Ma3 Dino Kibro il wlaaad zghaar tghazoo saroo kbaa -aa -aar!"

The older i get the more i look back at those toothless years. Those days where my problems in life revolved around how to let go of my baby tooth or whether i should buy " pizza thips" or "tha3tal thipth". Those days when your worries were as little as you were.

When i was a kid i used to have a habit of biting people. When people used to ask me "Dandoon sho your hobby?" i'd proudly say " 3udo 3udo" *displaying my front teeth and making the"im gonna bite you" move :P

I used to bite everyone who visited us. hehe 3anyway. Point is. The older we get the bigger our problems and worries. So i think maybe 10 years from now these days will be my NIDO days. I might as well enjoy them. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meen Birthday Girl? Ani ANi Ani!

On this day 25 years ago ( dino hears someone correcting her and saying 26) she glares at that person and throws a shoe and says more threatening manner.. 25 years ago a cute kalbooza baby was born.( someone yells fat baby) again she throws a shoe and says.. An anorexically challenged chubby baby was born 4.5 kg.

Now she is all grown up. ( someone yells YEAH RIGHT)

Dino has run out of shoes and throws the nearest person at that annoying voice in the crowd.

So... people.. yes.. i'm getting older.. yet cuter.. he3 he3

I was thinking of a special post today. I thought of the person who delivered this pudgy baby. The person who i owe everything to. Mama 7ayati :) So i made her a card that i want to share with the world :) She keeps asking me what i want for my birthday not knowing that she is my gift :) mama ana ba7obbek :) Allah ma yi7remni minik