Monday, February 23, 2009

dino in egypt

Well so sorry for not blogging for so long i have been so busy with the new apartment and the baby room and the pregnancy that i havent had much time to blog. Well now i am blogging for the first time from EGYPT! :) Here for a few days with my hubby who is here for business.

The doctor said its okay to travel till the 34th week.! wouldnt want to get into labor in the flight! So here i am!! EGypt is something else... or should i say.. IT IZ SOMESINGE ELES! BEoble here all share the same english egyptian accent. I LOVE IT :) its so entertaining just hearing people talk.
even when they talk egyptian they are naturally funny without even trying.

WE haven't gone to the pyramids but i have seen them before and really dont think running around in the sun would be a good idea :S

Has anyone seen how people drive in egypt?!?!? There is no lane.. All cars drive wherever they want to in any direction. its SO SCARY! the cars here look like came out of a abd al haleem old movie! but in general its a nice experience.

don't go out much in the hotel all day while husbandi at work. but i must say i am enjoying watching tv. showtime and orbit and egypSHAN ShAnnelZ :P

any ideas of where to go if in egypt?? Share with me BLEAZ before march 1rst

masr um il dunya. and i had to come here before being an UM myself.