Saturday, June 26, 2010

my flight to al GORDON

So as soon as i enter the plane. and next to me is a lady that looks extremely exhausted carrying what i thought was a bag on her chest. and 3 hyper kids sitting next to her. as soon as i sat down she started complaing to me. saying. " hatha 6ayaran mush nafe3! mush mka3deena kolnajamb ba3d" so i assumed hes husband was in the second aisle. but well she said" hay ibni la7alo warah"

*WIDE EYES* ibnek ( if i was drinking water now it would have bazagt-ha out of my mouth)

side note : what i thought was a bag on her chest was a month old BABY! so small that you cant even see HIM!

so in total.. this lad had 5 kids. and is travelling ALONE!

i asked : liesh ma 3indik khadameh? keef bt2dareee????

she replied " JoWzeeee ma bido khadameh li2no rijaal mutadayen wa ma byakhud ra7toh fil bayt!!!!!!!wa bido lisa kaman walaaadd"!!!

omg?! and me i a thinking how do ppl manage with 2 kids without a maid!!!

she obviously was so exhausted and mutdamra. and i cant blame her. i also felt sorry for her eldest girl who is 5 years old! because she doesnt have a maid she makes her daughter help take care of her brothers.

for ex. many timeso n the flight she would say " roo7i shakheeekheee akhoooki fil 7ammaam"
how disturbing is that? her brother is like 9 months younger than her and she took him to the bathroom and seemed to have done this many times before! even when lulu ran away from my la on the plane she came to me with lulu saying " khalto hay bintik"

so i sit there hearing her complain about her life and how she would love to "zet wa7ad feehum" if not " zethum kolhum" !! ofcourse she spilt all sorts of drinks 3alay. and i could here her kids zinoo every 2 secs " yummmmaaa btilkli3 il 6ayaaara" "yammma hab6a6 il 6ayarah" " yammaaa hatha il talafezyooon fee 2al3aab" yammmaaa yaama yamma

they offered lulu some marshmallows with CHOCOLATE SYRUP... and u can imagine manzareee and weyaha. full of chocolate ( note to self - DONT WEAR WHITE EVER AGAIN)

so in conclusion... i dont believe children is a responsiblity that is only on the mother. its both parents! and it is unfair in marraige that man only thinks about his "raa7aaa" and neglects how tiring it is to take care of kids!women should not just keep getting children when they cant hadnle them till they reach a point where they believe thier life is over because of thier kids and start bottling up anger and rage that eventually come out on the kids. who grow up with major psychological problems.

2aall wa shooooooooo wa hiyeh taking care of all these kids and takes them to school and bitdaressss wa bit7ammem he comes and complains that she is ignoring his rights as a husband and bu3ud bitwa7am 3ala 6abkhaaaat!!!!

i just go frustrated.. and i had to share. havent blogged in a while guess gordon inspired me!