Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wayn il Buffet?

I dunno if its just an arab thing but i think not. I think its human nature. It's only human nature to always go where you feel you are getting a good deal or where you are getting "value" for your money. So what does everyone all around the world do? EAT!!

When you hear the word "FREE" next to "FOOD" the only image that comes to my head is some sort of ATTACK or INVASION. No FOOD + Hunger = BREAKING DOWN WALLS! But this "Hujooom" is not only when you are hungry or poor.

For ex you go to a wedding, a very classy wedding. All those people from "yaaay" wa "tra la la la" class, wearing high heels and dresses by eli saab. You think those are the last in line for the buffet? Think AGAIN.

There is just something about buffets at weddings restaurants or anywhere. It's like some sort of race where you want to get the most out of it. You wish your stomache had the capacity of a tank so you can go for 2nd,3rd rounds. You start poking the person next to you and say" yala yala 3al DESSERT 2alb ma yikhlas." And even if you have no space left u force yourself to eat some more li2ano ya3ni BISIRISH!

After you are done stuffing your face and you leave your plate full of the weird food you decided to Tuskub in your overflowing plate. You sit there and you are hardly breathing and some unbotton the first zirr on their bantaloon and say " akhhhh akalt kteeer"


Cow tries to stop people from having cow meat in their buffets by making her own rebellious strike.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

ana Maleed

So... Don't you hate it when someone is extremely sick and insists on coming to work to spread the virus?! Yes i am sick at work as i type but im in the final stages of the marad not the phase with aggressive viruses!

As i was sitting bi AMAN Allah working on something a co-worker who is known for spreading her love and sharing her viruses on more than occassion comes to our office.

DOor slowly opens *eeeeeeeeeeee
"ya nas ana ta3abanah"

*dino notices the tissue in her hand and the sound of barabeer in her voice
and trys to hide behind the computer

*girl gets closer to dina.

dino read somewhere that you should be 6 feet away from someone who is sick

*measures in her mind! " LAaaaa2aa ma bidi" the inner dino screams

HHA HA HATsooooooooooooooooooooo girls sneezes right next to dinos

Dinos can actually feel the virus move in slow motion

at that moment i knew it.. in3adiet...


Now i feel like there is a a group of munchkins dancing a dabkeh in my throat and that some pipe has broken in my nose.

Positive thought : i like the mrashi7 voice :) hehe

poor bagara hugged me and well has joined the infected club.


4 girls at work are sick now.
next time if you are sick and go to work don't VISIT others stick to your place and save us some barabeer production :P

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tajmeel Anyone?

So it's time to share another one of cow's adventures. After watching a lot of grey's anatomy with me bagoora was inspired to start her internship in a hospital. Well now she is in the " Cosmetic" section because there is a lot of 6alabeih in that department. Getting a nose job or "botox" injection has become more common than ordering a shawerma sandwich. it's like

3amo mumkin wa7ad shawerma jaaj wa wa7ad la7meh wa bil 6areeq ghuzni 2ibreh fi tumi bidi yseerli shala6eef! :P

Cow has been sharing stories with me and she says that she was so scared to go back! When i asked her why? she said that some patients have had so many surgeries they look CREEPY! Faces so stretched that they have one FIXED expression for everything. Lips so puffed like they have come out from a round with the "contender".

Conclusion is... we will all get old and wrinkly.. some will look younger than others even if they were the same age. But seeking operations and injections might fix this aging problem temporarily but on the long run it will back fire and u will be sitting there waiting for your botox injection that will not help because by now your face is mistaken for a BUTTOX! :) excuse my faransi ya3ni

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ana Geet Shaha2a ya Ramadan

After i spent some time in my bubble with my bagara. Contemplating and thinking about life and the way things happen and the way sometimes your experiences in life change who you are.

When you are depressed or sad you have a more realistic perception of life and your abilities. When you are too positive you lose sense of realism and you get a sense or belief that you can control, or at least influence outcomes that you in reality have NO influence over.

I guess we all need slaps of reality every once in a while to sit and think and be more realistic. My main lesson is you can't Control everything in life. ONLY GOD can do that.

I believe that it's true that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and wiser. I believe that instead of crying and saying" why does it always rain on me" I should get my self an UMBRELLA to shield myself from the rain. TO expect it anyday even on the sunniest days the umbrella will always be with me.

I believe anything found in abundance will only make it lose its worth. When you know you have something or that's always available you stop appreciating it or realizing its true worth.

Even feelings, tears or words when expressed excessively they stop having the same meaning. Scarcity makes everything more precious and appreciated.

I am not going to be a negative person. I will just stop being naive.

We are human beings. Made out of clay. Clay can be molded into many things. It can be turned into an ashtray or a monument or work of art. We are the clay. And we are what we make of ourselves. I will not be an ashtray. I will not let anyone step all over me or treat me less than i deserve to be treated. I am a creation of God. That itself makes me a work of ART.

I believe that sometimes i have to live knowing that i don't have all the answers in life and that sometimes its better not knowing those answers. That the more you know the more you wish you didn't know.

I also believe that chocolata can make me feel better at ANY DAY.

Enough wisdom for one day :P *dino takes off thinking cap

Im BACK. Im fine and I Missed you :) My bagoora says hi :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I just wanted to say i am not going to be blogging for a while. To blog i need to be in a cheerful mood to avoid nakad. So i promise to blog again lama Allah yifrijha. Too much has been going on. I can't seem to just do what i usually do, smile and ignore everything.


*stops for breath


Question. When you really really really want something. You are dying for this something. You live your life just to get it, to earn it, to deserve it. When you finally do manage to get it.
Does it slowly lose it's worth?
Do you lose interest and start wondering if you got a good deal? Do you start looking back at other possible things you could have got?
Does this apply to everything in life?

Is this human nature? IF yes than we are never going to be pleased with what we have. We can never be happy.