Saturday, May 18, 2013

Turkish Bath Horror

So i havent been bloggin much.. i would love to blog more.. i would love to do alot of things more.. but    well life as a parent of two very naughty girls is not easy and there isnt much time to spare. and when there is time i am too lazy to type... but there is always an exception... i have to blog when i experience BIG shocking experiences... 

* if you are under the age of 18.. look away from this post cause it might get ugly hahaha

husbandee took us to our first family trip to TURKEY! up until this day Turkey to me was only a sanweesha of turkey and cheese.. or a MUSALSAL turkey.. i must admit thanks to my mother in law i am hooked on 2 turkish series now.. and whenever i am RELIEVEd that its OVER! that i finally finished the 19892893898 episode.. i find out there is SEASON 2 3 4 * ya lahweee

soo any hoooo... we went to turkey.. with two kids.. two stroller.. 3 bags & lots of Jnaan.. My comments on Turkey is that its a beautiful country.. weather is lovely.. ppl are friendly.. and well it made me wish i concentrated in History class as there was so much History in ISTANBUL!

And if you think its only the turkish series that are 7abeebeh wa Laveeveh you havent seend Turkish ppl in real life.. Kolo fish 7asheesh be7eb il taani.. Couples everywhere holding hands, heads in each others laps fel 7asheesh*dino stares at ppl expressing thier love and feel she is in musalsal.
* ppl give her a look that she should stop staring

as i tweeted before i wish there was a DAblajeh button where i press it and everyone around me is suddenly speaking Syrian :S But anyway balad 7abeeeb... m7ajabat mush m7ajabat kolo love love love ..  zay muhanad wa noor wa hakaza

Dogs there seemed drugged though for some reason all the dogs there are always sleeping or about to sleep!

But i must ask the Turkish BEOBOLS.. Why why dont you speak a little bit of english.. ya3ni keef keef ballahi can i explain i want to buy" BAMBARZ" to wa7ad befhamsh english or arabic

* man stares at dina as she acts out the word KAKA.. :S ok ok i didnt but i was abt to!

So.. they hardly speak english or arabic other than the word " Tanzeelat Tanzeelat"

The Country is not Children friendly which is why i believe they LOVE kids because there arent much kids in the streets. I think ppl there dont bother leaving the house with thier kids because its just TOO HECTIC

* dino pushes stroller on rocky roads.. carries them up stairs with husbandii.. * kids head wobbling up i seriously was worried if there was any IRTIJAAAJ fil mukh! long days of sitting in a very bumpy stroller ride.. lulu was kind of cranky and did a huge tantrum in AYA SOFIA.. well when she grows up and studies it in school i will tell her.. MAMA we took you there and your screams echoed inside!

*dino tries to calm her down by pointing at the calligraphy.. Shoofi ya mama.. haada maktoob min alaaaafff il sineeen hahhhaha yeahhhhh that worked KTEeeer ( sarcasm)

After spending 3 days in IStanbul we went to ANTALYA... another plane ride only this time with a bus ride to the plane and my poor ba3li had to carry both strollers to the bus.. wasnt a long flight though and was worth it! Antalya is beautiful..

So now we get to the main event... *drums roll.. Jowzi al 3azeez saw how stressed i was and offered to let me get a turksih bath and massage in the hotel.. at that moment i thought.. YA SALAM.. relaxation. i envisioned candles and relaxing music .. skin shining with nathafeh...

So i go up to the Spa.. to a lady who ofcourse speaks no words of 3anglish..
I understood from her sign language that i should get ready.. i pointed out that sharafi ma besma7 that i wear only my birth suit.. and at that moment i thought she understood...

holding on to my towel like it was sharaf il 3eileh i walk with her to the turkish bath ghurfeh.. and once we walked i saw..... * twitches... agool wala ma agooollllll

OLD Naked Ladies... Fat Old Naked Ladies... sitting there like its OKAY.. Chatting along ... with things hanging and at that moment i wanted to run out.. but it was too late....

and the rest i cannot say.. all i can say is... it was not in my hands.. actually the towel WAS in my hands.. then it wasnt * cries hysterically and hugs knees...

hatha kowm wil  MASSAGE kowm... i forgot i cant really blog about this... its an experience i dont think ill Get over..

Sharaf il 3eileh..... daa3 daa3 hahhahaha

here is an additional video from Turkey... pls notice my tasweer il video clip.. ahaha