Sunday, June 26, 2011

i (heart) SLEEPING

SLEEP! What a wonderful thing! Its the only thing EVERYONE in the world has in common. No Matter what nationality you are.. you SLEEP! No matter what RELIGION! you SLEEP! Whether you are EVIL or GOOD or PSCHO or a SERIAL KILLER ! We ALL SLEEP and if we dont we go crazy and cant FUNCTION!!  i wonder how murderers and Evil people actually DO SLEEP after the balawee they do butttttt.. never theless we all NEED some Shut eye to function and to be beautiful.

Thus the saying " BEAUTY SLEEP". which reminds me of my first months as a MAZAR and how BEAUTY was not the word you would use to describe me... GODZILLA maybe I hardly got any sleep.. so when you are sleep deprived and your body feels like it has just been hit by a train, believe me, you dont look lovely. I was also a emotional and agressive  had some hallucinations and ofcourse was depressed all because i NEEDED SLEEP!

Now that my little mini me lulu finally sleeps through that night and i really REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE SLEEP!!! Just to be able to hug your pillow and get under the blanket and not worry about having to wake up in the next hour to be milked.. is just.. BeeU2ifULLLLLL! *dino kisses fingers and does this moves she saw on some chicken Tikka commericial. ok why chicken tikka? maybe im hungry? hmm

So speaking of sleep.. who here talks in their sleep? walks? sings? i have done all of those. and To those who were lucky enough to sleep next to me. ok that sounded bad.. ya3ni i meant my girlfriends and family and bas husbandeeeee... they have shared stories... like... me saying things like

" Mama momkin t2ooli la ra2fat il hajaan yjeebli 3abayatiii min il dry clean"

" raa7 3alaaaaay baaaas il madarasssssa liesh ma sa7etoooniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"

"FEEE DAaboooooor fil KILOWT MA TEKWEEE MA TEKWEEE" haahahah

Usually this happens when i stay up late and im tired and i ALWAYS dream about the last thing i SAW. usually its whast on TV. so.. my latest very funny story is that My lovely huzbandee wanted to watch a horror movie at night. and well i was already freaked out by some dream i had. but i was like ok ok.. the movie was not THAT scary but welll.. apparently it affected me...

i woke up in the middle of the night... stared at his face and touched his cheek as if i am wiping off some gewy liquid and woke him up saying " AHMED LIESH WISHAK AKHDARRRRR"

So many more stories.. like once i slept over at my friends house and she says i kept kissing her arm :S i think it was around the time i met ahmed and was in that lovey dovey phase of il dinya hugs and lovin. haha same girl said she woke up with me sleeping on her (_/_) .. i have done that to many before. i just dont know how that happens.. Apparently LULU has inherited my head on Butt sleeping behavior cause whenever she joins us in the bed.. her head usually is on my "POPO" as some very "classy" lady once said hahaha

ok maybe its time for me to sleep... SEE WHY I DONT BLOG that OFTEN? cause all i type is FADAye77 :P

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


So Let me start by saying... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! i did not know potty training would be this emotoinally draining! Some may have noticed i have not been very active on my blog or even facebook or twitter. WHY? i have been POTTY TRAINING! and well after so long all i can say is it is NOT working! I already get comments when people look at lulu ,who actually looks bigger than her age, they would say something like " yeeeeee lisaa pampers??""lisa ma nadafteeha?" which basically means " OMG your daughter still wears diapers you are such a lazy mom! 

Well i took tips from mothers and believe it or not 2 mothers who SHOCKED ME recommend using a MATCH. how? they would light the match and then BURN THIER KIDS (_/_) if they pooped or peed on the floor!! I CANT BELIEVE ANY MOM WOULD DO THAT and actually RECOMMENDS IT!?? its child abuse! they SWEAR it works! but i am sure it also causes major psychological DAMAGE for the poor kid!

Then there are those mothers who show off and start saying " OH your daughter is not potty trained i potty trained my daughter at 12 months or 18 months". And for some reason it makes me feel like i am doing something wrong and that they are better mothers. But the truth is, every kid is different. Some walk before others, some talk before others, some teeth at 3 months other teeth at 10 months. 
All is within the Norm. So its not like in the future if i apply for a job i will " Potty trained my child at 12 months" as point that makes me more qualified. It reminds of the whole breast feeding lectures i heard if i ever gave lulu formula. YES i know breastfeeding is the BEST for your baby. And Breast is Best ofcourse ! and i did for one year but every once in a while i would give lulu formula and i dont think its " POISON" as some would say. I was hardly breastfeed and so many of working parents were not able to breastfeed for long & some actually dont get enough milk.  wa hayn zay il GROOOD ya  ma7lana SO please do not judge any mother for not being able to breast feed her child. i am not arguing here if its better or promoting formula i am just saying LAY OFF the poor new MOMS! i think i never mentioned "breast " this much in one paragraph! Speaking of BREAST! omg omg omg

I came across this LADY in the middle of the FOODCOURT BREASTFEEDING *twitches* and not in a way where she is hiding or trying to hide her (.) she was like just sitting there and i dont think her baby was even feeding. she was just considering her (.)(.) meals on heels! she was just like sitting there exposing herself to the world. Maybe she thought the food court was the best place since was feeding :S

Anyway back to main subject.


So what i feel is that lulu is not ready.. i tried removing her pampers and ended up cleaning poopies and pp from everwhere. MORE MORE cleaning. More Laundry. More STRESS! AS if i needed that! i think i will wait a few more months till she is more aware. Some start at 3 years and potty train thier kids in 3 days only cause they are old enough to GET IT! 

I QUIT! And if anyone has anything to say like " i did it in 3 days" please take lulu for 3 days and i will PAY YOUU!!!

I NEED THE SUPERNANNY! is there an arab supernanny anywhere?

ok what a smelly post this is :P i wil try to blog more often :)