Sunday, December 21, 2008

Anybody see Bagoora

I'm in the 6th month now... and i feel my belly is getting bigger by the second. i wish i could say it was all baby but i know for a fact i have been pigging out! Yes Yes i know i should eat healthy and watch what i eat and those extra pounds will stick to me forever. TELL THAT TO MY APPETITE! It's not a feeling of hunger! its simply "FAJA3"! whats mafjoo3a in english??

Slowly i am sayinbg bye bye to my feet. i still see the front part but im sure soon i will have a hard time reaching my feet! maybe i will walk around barefoot like my cartoon :P

So bagoora seems to have been missing anyone SEE HER? lol

Sunday, December 14, 2008

IT's A GirL

Sorry i haven't posted for a while i was in kuwait :) Back now and GUESS WHAT?!

ITS A GIRL! YIpeeeeeeee! i have to admit i kind of felt it was from the start! with my baby girl baby dreams! i thought maybe the dreams were because i always wanted a girl but apparently my psychic feelings were CORRECT :)

someone has to stop me from spending all my money on cute baby girl clothes! i am addicted to baby shopping! OH and someone has to STOP ME FROM EATING!

in the beginning the problem was that i could not eat because of the puking so i ended up losing a lot of weight! NOW I CAN'T STOP! its like there is a HOLE in my stomach i can eat and eat and eat and not feel full!

But after the doctor said i gained way too much for one month i am starting to control myself
*munching on khass and khyar and healthy food and trying to imagine that it's chocolate 


Baby is kicking now and when i have chocolate i think she starts dancing and kicking all over the place!

i am going to name her LAYLA inshala :)