Monday, November 24, 2014

its the little things..


I am someone who reads a lot into things. I tend to overanalyze things that happen sometimes its good but other times its like.. over the top and excruciatingly annoying to those around me who just don't OVERTHINK things.. 

At the end of each night.. after kids finally in bed and i can actually hear my thoughts.. and the many voices in my head.. several with different accents.. i replay all my day and the events that happened and then one of the voices.. the rather mean one.. starts making me feel bad about things i did like. yelling at laila for not going to bed.. or replaying a conversation i had with my friends and suddenly the another voice comes and thinks of what the girl said to me and says things like.. 

"OMG what did she mean by that sentence? Why didn't I say anything back? "

 " You have to stop having Nutella for breakfast "

" Did you call * long list of names rolls in head..  la33333"


 " Yeeee Nseeeti ta3mali .. ( fill in the blank.. cause everyday i forget something)"

so this goes on for about a few minutes before i faint from exhaustion.. and i have to say overanalyzing is stressful and unhealthy especially when you will never know if you are right most of the time..   
But what i really think is a healthy thing to is to contemplate on Gods plan for us in life.. even through the little things in life.. those little details we sometimes don't notice but when you think of them you realize they are signs from God that HE is there and that nothing is a coincidence.. nothing is chance.. Its all part of a plan..what happened with me.. Is I had to get groceries and that is something I must do usually to the point it feels like I am addicted. I feel if I'm not there they will take attendance and give me a tardy letter.. Anyhooo.. I was in a rush and when i reached i realized i had no coins.. and i really needed the trolley.. and well in that same second I arrived a chinese guy was taking his stuff out of his trolley and left it right infront of me.. Perfect timing..

its like time you didnt plan on going somewhere and then end up going and meet someone there by coincidence who gets you a job

Maybe that means nothing to you.. but to me it means that every second of my day was part of a plan to reach this trolley in that second... it means God knows what i need before i need it.. God will never let us down and if we look at those little signs everyday you will feel a comforting feeling and sometimes even goosebumps from those little things that actually have much bigger meaning :) 

Al Hamdulilah..