Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pregnanc = Bagraneh

So maybe some of you are sick of pregnancy talk. Others are feeling pregnant themselves from my posts and status updates. But what can i say? I usually post about my life and now i am pregnant and pretty much that is all i can talk about :) wait till lulu is here and i'll drive you crazy with baby talk!

Before i was pregnant i just craved chocolate. Then after i got pregnant i could hardly eat for 3 months of puking and lost 6 kg . then....there was a major turn in my karoosh lovin!

I went to bed thinking of my next meal. i woke up thinking of breakfast. i ate breakfast and planned my lunch. My cravings changed from just chocolata to everything!

Thank God i didnt gain as much as some pregnant ladies but i also was no angelina when i got pregnant so i have to keep that in mind before i pig out! But sometimes my cravings are stronger than my self control. *munching on chocolates

About 2 weeks left! AAAAAAAAH!

Bagoora looked at me the other day and said " mama"


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My First False Labor Experience!

So recently i have been feeling some abdominal pain that i just assumed was some " bowel"movement or kick lol. Till i started timing the pain and apparently it was every 5 minutes.
Knowing myself and how i have high pain endurance it hit me that it could be contractions.

So i call the emergency number in the hospital and ask them what i should do.

Dino :
Hello im in my 37th week and im having constant contractions what should i do?

Filipino lady : ohhh maam.. ur still early... but now taqe a hot shower and two panadol and if the contrQshan not going away and you feel you qannat Qook then qome to emergency.

Dino thinking to myself " Can't what?"

So well i assumed she meant when the pain gets stronger.. so after all that i still had contractions.. i go to my mom " yumma batneee biwaji3ni"

MAMA *sits up in bed and although was almost asleep is wide awake and about to jump

Dino *very relaxed... " mama it's probably nothing... momkin bas ghazaaat" lol

Mama : " mush 2oltelik itdubeee il shanta taba3t il mustashfa!"
Dino : ma3lish mama ma3lish mush 7awled today!

haram she starts running around the house trying to gather anything she could that i will need in case of DELIVERY! Then she remmeber that most of the baby clothes she has are 6 months or 3 months as she anticipated a BIG BAGOORA KALABEEZ BABY!

so my sister wakes up to the commotion and chaos going on around her and asks half asleeep
"sho 3am biseeer?"

Mom answers hyterically with a freaking out tone " UKHTIK BTUWLED"


sister went back to sleep.. i think she knew it was not the real deal!

After running around the house and gathering what we could at 3 am we headed to the hospital.
They connected me to a maching that senses the contractions . And apparently I WAS having contractions and I WAS unaware of most of them lol My mom would see the contraction on the screen and say " bit7iseeeesh inti yama"


So after 25 mins of contraction monitoring the same nurse that answered the phone came to talk to me. she was like :

Nurse : your Qontracshans are not strong enough and you are not yet dialated. I told you on the pone to qome only when you qannot Qook..

Dino thinking... " cook?" i mean i could hardly cook anything when i came..
momkin kaset shay
but not COOK

Nurse Qontinues " So epery 15 Miniks 10 miniks 5 minik qontraction and you qannot qook then qome"

It suddenly hit me.... she had a problem with the letter K... she replaces it with manhy letters..

Cannot Qook =Cannot COPE!


And that was my first false labor experience... i cannot Cook but i can COPE :) and today i plan on getting my bag ready incase!!!

still getting small Qontraaaaaqshans! pray for me!!! Poor mama i gave her a good scare!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear Belly

My Dear Pregnant Belly
You were once simple a Karoosh
You sometimes still feel like jelly
And sometime i fill you with Fatoosh

You sometimes block my view
And are starting to get in my way
You are so big i can't reach my shoe
You are getting bigger everyday

I will miss using you as a table
But i will not miss you in my sleep
when you are gone i will finally be able
to sleep without counting sheep


*p.s. this cartoon is an illustration of a real photo i took watching tv and was told its too embarrassing to post on my blog :)

Any Minute Now

i have officially entered the 9th month. Actually i am starting the 2nd week of the 9th month. It is said that as soon as you enter the 9th month you could POP anyday. Usually if its the first baby you finish your whole month but in some cases you deliver 2 weeks or more before!

So what am i feeling this month? Its like i was not pregnant till this month started! my movement is sooooo hard! getting out of a chair seems like an exhausting task! I sit there and have to swing myself off the chair or ask someone to help me up! I usually dont feel like getting up after i sit down! Baby lulu is getting bigger and so are her kicks! She is starting to hurt mommy with her turns and kicks. Not only is there pressure on my bladder but my intestines seem squashed ! *sigh

my days are long... and so are my nights... when will i boggg this baby already! lol

yes yes i know i will not sleep when she is out but i already cant sleep or roll over in bed !

GOTTA GO to the bathroom.. again... "YA MAMA BIKAFEE SHALALEET "

Pray for Dinos!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sea Lion Dino

So now that i am entering the 9th month! AAAAH! let me repeat that so that it will sink in the 9th month! im just feeling all sorts of things. i mean its only now that i REALLY feel pregnant!
At the beginning of the pregnancy i felt like i was just a bit bloated and maybe sometimes food poisoned because of the puking. Then in the second trimester it was like am getting fat only in mostly in my belly and that my meals are alive and just twirling in my stomach. I also felt like a pig from the way i have been attacking food! i also felt like a cow for reasons i am not comfortable sharing on my blog lol well im sure most of u got it already.


Now.... i feel like a sea lion lying on a shore of an ocean. All i wanna do is sleep on a rock and listen to the sound of the ocean. I also feel like a penguin when i walk from side to side. i can't even turn around in bed without feeling like i need a crane to come and pick me up!

Not to mention that there is a head on my bladder. meaning i might move me bed into the bathroom.

Sigh.. so to summarize... pregnancy makes humans experience being all sorts of animal like traits and its a lovely experience lol


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Glad to be back & Alive !!

Egypt trip was a very in6aras6ing exberyons.. i sink i will talk lik zis for a waaayil :P

just kidding... i love the english egypshan.. its like language on its own! Well while i was there i spent most of my time in the hotel but still managed to go the mall "city stars"!

i have never seen worse driving EVER than in egypt! its like who needs roller coaster rides when u can simply get in a CAB!

Ofcourse i had a mild case of food poisoning after having a salad . should have listened to mama when she said dont eat anything that is not cooked. naughty dino.

whats up with people asking for tips for everthing there? "ma tekremeeena ba2a" "ma 3andikeesh haga 7ilwa" "tab 2ayzeen nishrab shay"

the lady in the airport who was checking me in was like " ma feesh haga 7ilwa liya" *shocking

we planned on going to khan al khalili but after hearing about the bombing we chose to stick to city stars mall :P we went to al neel had dinner.. it was nice... i had a good time...

on the flight back..... i ended up sitting next to 2 egybshanz ... both male.. on the right a very shy and nervous man and on the left was a very saye3 "yo yo wassap" guy who seemed to have 2 phones and 100 girlfriends. before the plane took off he would call different girls and say
" ideeni bosa" lol eww..

so an hour before landing the plane went through major turbulence.. when i say major i mean like the pilot lost control for a whole minute the plane was pretty much crashing.. ppl were screaming and crying... and yelling "shahada" ! i think i just wanted to hang on to anything! it was so scary.. i thought of the movie final destination.. the series lost and wondered if i will end up on an islan with ben and the lost shilah!

but most of all i felt omg.. i dont want to die. and in that moment i felt i regretted so many hours i wasted doing nothing and how bad it felt to know that im an not in that place where i feel islamicly ready.. i feel i got so caught up in life and meaningless things that i forgot that in one second i could die! In that moment i wish i read more quran. that i prayed more. did so many things.. and now im back and im fine and its hard to feel that feeling again. we forget. but God doesnt. we regret. but God forgives.

i wish that i can be a better person and that i can press one button to clean my heart and make my iman as strong as it once was.

ok that was a serious moment.. so well if u all wondered where bagoora is.. she is still in egypt and has been spending lots of time with a gamoosa :P will keep u posted with her news lol

Im Due April 18th inshala..... Pray for Me & little layla "lulu"