Thursday, February 25, 2010

IM Back

so it s been a while since i posted anything and its been crazy. i am now in the states yes.. amreeka sheeka beeka. with my taller other half and my mini me. or mini-us lets say :P
lulu has grow so much habeebti. and i think this is the best phase. when they start to interact and copy you. but now i have to be careful what i say! haha

so now being in america for a while. the flight is something i will not miss. travelling alone with a baby on plane full of not only babies but sick babies and kids coughing all over the place is not an experience i want to relive. i dont miss the indian guy sniffing his vicks and coughing and falling asleep almost on my arm . i will not miss the indian kid yelling "MAMA AJAAAA MAMAA AJA" throughout the 16 hour flight. aaaaah

soooo what else is new.. i will try to blog more often. as for now this is the creepy version of lulu the bride of chucky lulu which comes when she is naughty. she sure loves cheerios. they are all over the place.

will keep u posted :)