Monday, December 14, 2009

jingal jingal

its been a while since i posted. and well it is for many reasons. but mostly cause i like to post with a new cartoon and i havent had much time to do a cartoon for my posts. but coming soon is my cartoon for my visit to london!! and it includes a cartoon of the day i got BIT BY A SQUIRREL! i mean things like this just happen to ME!!! had to get a tetanus shot! LOL

anyhow.... its the first time i stay anywhere that is not in the middle-east and i am surprised that there are a lot of hijabees here and london is pretty much 90% arabs! in the emergency waiting room while waiting for my tetanus shot i saw, a syrian couple, 2 moroccan man, an egyptian with his mom, an iranian, a libyan and surprising the security gaurd who i thought was from nigeria came to me and said " ya ukhiteeee intii mneeenaaa?" in a SUDANI accent haha

when i was in london it was like a bigger middle east! it was nice and i learnt not to feed any squirrels! EVER!!

about my little lulu... she is getting bigger and everyday she does something new. i remember going into the hospital with my big belly/karsh and i just could not imagine how it would be like to be a mom. and i remember when i left the hospital with her in my arms i was thinking! IS THAT's IT? i can TAKE HER HOME?! i felt like i needed to go through some sort of test or fill in some papers that make sure i will be able to do this MOMMY job!

it gets easier everyday. and anything i do for my baby. no matter how hard or tiring. i do with love and i will never ever make her feel guilty for any of this. some moms keep bringing up the 16 hours of labor or the 9 months they carried you around in thier belly. or the sleepless nights or trips to the hospital in the middle of the night to thier kids when the grow up just to make them feel guilty for being born or like no matter what they do it wont compare to 9 months and labor!

yes a mom does go through a lot. but it is all worth one smile, one laugh, and seeing your baby grown up and okay. that is my reward. i dont need a future thank you. i thank GOd for this blessing and i love being a mom. al hamduliAllah

and to all you ppl who celebrate christmas! JINGAL JINGAL is dedicated to you :) hehe

Sunday, October 18, 2009


YES believe it or not i am in scotland! my taller other half (hubby) is here for work and we came along! where do i start... it's so beautiful here. i feel like i have never seen trees or nature till now! trees to me have always been one color. GREEN! here now that is autumn there are wonderful shades of orange,red & yellow sometimes even purplish yellow! well its cold here in aberdeen but if you see lulu wearing her winter clothes and how her little tiny face comes out of a rabbit hat it is worth it! not only is nature here breathtaking. there are lots of ..... COWS!!!! AAAAAAAH! am i in heaven ? lol

seriously never in my life did i see so many cow and sheep roam freely in one place! And it is also the first time i see a horse wearing a jacket!!! YES! some horses wear jackets lol! i mean i can so imagine a rich horse wearing a burberry's jacket ! oh and the people here are so FFRRRRRRRRiendly! i love the accent! but sometimes they talk Rrrrrrrrreeeeellly fast i dont get what they say! but so so so sweet! they say lulu is a "GOrrrrrrrgeous PRrrrincess" hehe she is lovin it here as well

i so soso dont want to go back to reality. i would move here in a blink. oh its so weird to drink tap water here! its actually drinking water! try that in jordan and u will be in the hospital within minutes. there are rabbits and squirrels running around. there is a smell of fresh flowers everywhere.

why did no one ever tell me scotland was so AMAZING! al hamduliah that God has granted me the gift of seeing such a beautiful country! Sub7an Allah is all i can say.

Big hug to scotland, scotland cows , and ofcourse scottish people!

*Dino skips in cow farm

OH AND on top of allllllll this.... CHOCOLATES HERE........ *dino faints

apparently i have not tasted chocolate TILL NOW! even the ones we have in dubai are NOT like the ones herE! they just taste SO much better....

conclusion is I LOVE SCo2land :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadan Kareem

May God bless you all in this شهر
May you never ever feel قهر
I wish you all happiness
and yummy salatas with lots of خس

ّi also am sure you will eat lots of حلو
qatayef for dessert with lots of حشو
careful from those extra calories
especially in the samboosa with cheese

Don't forget that this month is truely blessed
even though some ladies still are hardly dressed
Lots of rewards and أجر that can't be missed
The month of the quran & not هز الوسط

Monday, August 03, 2009

modern hijab

i can't help but notice that nowadays hijab has turned into a fashion statement and it is no longer stopping some girls from certain actions. for ex. i was walking in the parking and i see a girl bending over to get something from her car. i could not see her face yet. i could only see her thong and u know... i got used to this manzar but to my shock when she stood up and her head was out of the car.... she was wearing HIJJAB? r u kidding me? cover your head and expose ur (_/_) . not only that i have noticed that there are lots of girls that wear hijab yet have boyfriends, and don't even pray. so what is the point of it? just covering a bad hair day? i dunno but i feel slowly the world is coming to an end and the older i get the bigger the shocks i see around me.

Allah yihdeena

Friday, July 31, 2009

Bagoora gets a Makeover

after gaining a few pounds in her honeymoon bagoora decided to get a makeover with mbc joella a7la :) i was luck enough to record the episode for you all :P

enjoy my latest animation of bagoora and tell me if u like it

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My heart needs Dry Cleaning

Okay this is one of my rather serious philosophical posts so just skip it if u dont like such posts. So i have been thinking a lot about life and how we tend to change sometimes without even realizing we are changing and before you know it you are looking at yourself and thinking WHO AM I? what happened to the OLD ME?! And no matter how hard you try to reach the person you were, its just not happening.

time passes and the old you is more and more intangible. like a faint memory that you yourself doubt was real.

I was sitting the other day while lulu was sleeping in my lap. i noticed the floor needed cleaning and well not major major cleaning. a few little crumbs of za3tar here and there. i ws too lazy and said i will clean it later. then i dropped my pasta plate later on that day and oh my you cant ignore THAT! so i ended up mopping the whole floor.

why am i saying this? get to the point ya dino! yes yes okay...

i feel our heart starts out like a white floor. or carpet lets say. little sins may be little crumbs we think are insignificant and we ignore them because we think its a mess that we will eventually clean. with time if we dont clean these little crumbs or stains our heart will no longer be white and it will be harder to get it clean.

Sometimes we fall into huge sins that we either feel so bad about that we repent and our whole heart is cleansed. other ppl choose to ignore the big stains thinking its too late to clean anything right now cause the stain is probably never going to go away after so long. so they add more and more 6eeneh to it :S

i feel my heart needs major cleaning. with chlorox jiff anything :) and i hate how i get caught up in life and i forget the major thing we were brought here for. 3ibada ( worshipping) Allah in everything we do. We have to fix out niya ( intentions) in everything we do so that even bringing up a child is rewarded.

things are easier said than done. and i will inshala work hard on going back to the way i used to be and better inshala. Even when i miss a prayer, even when i dont wake up for fajr, God still blesses me everyday in everyway & all i can say is Al Hamdulila.

oh how i wish i could send my heart to to the drycleaners!

God is the most Merciful. AL Rahman Al Raheem.

Cant wait for Ramadan.

Allah yu3fu 3anna wa yihdeena

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Updates

So... its been a while since i told you guys my news. Motherhood is a 24 hour job.
Don't even try to compare motherhood to a normal daily job. Any job is a piece of cake next to being a 24 hour mother and ofcourse a wife. If u have a maid at home and work and say ur life is even harder casue u are a mother and working. sorry. you have a maid. when you get home you actually spend quality time with your baby while someone cleans the house for you and will hold your baby for you when you need to shower or run to the supermarket. it's still hard but when ur on ur own its harder.

I mean even when i finally get a chance to sleep im sleeping and my mind is awake and worried about my little lulu. Worried that she would puke in her sleep and choke and that i would not hear her! b3eed il shar. All sorts of motherly fears come to my mind and i just am always so scared of doing something wrong. She will be 3 months in 2 days inshala! She always wants to be held and i must admit " dala3naaha". which is why she crys when we put her down and will only sleep in someones arms. At first she wanted to be held. then she wanted to be held while you are standing, then she wanted you to walk around with her, then now her new thing is to sit in the stroller while i walk around the house lol. soon she will need a helicopter ride!

she is starting to smile more and make the cutest baby sounds and sometimes yells at me in her baby talk and it sounds something like " INGEL3iii" :P

oh and if i finally get a chance to shower she has to puke all over me to express her love. I actually realized that babies have different crys! i mean is so amusing! there is the ENGGeee ENGEEEEEE and the AAGHH AGHHHHH and ofcourse the AWoooooooooooooooo! :P

i just have to tell any woman out there who is about to have a baby and is freaking out and who is a new mom as well. Its not as scary as it seems. It is a lot of hard work but its worth it . You'll get the hang of it. I can say i am now starting to enjoy motherhood more because im understanding my little lulu more and im not afraid to go out to the mall with her anymore. :) but i have to say you seem to forget about yourself, your life and your baby is your life now and you no longer live for you but for her.

I am loving her more and more each day and this love is the strongest love i have ever felt. I just want to protect her. I feel she was safer in my belly! :P now with her strong kicks and her "ras il belaGleG" <-- jiggly head. i always hope she doesnt hurt herself .

i still can't believe im a mother. i still cant believe i finally DELIVERED :P

So im getting better at animation and will post more bagoora stories soon inshala :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thursday, July 09, 2009

my first animation

i have been trying to teach myself animation on flash and here is my first bagoora animation :)
it is when i callef her in her honeymoon :P

i know lots of technical mistakes but will get better inshala :)

Monday, July 06, 2009


at 5 am i hear what sounded like lulu choke
so with motherly hysteria and fear i woke!!
half asleep i got out of bed with a JUMP!
i tripped on a blanket fell on my back with a"THUMP"

Ahmed woke up masroo3 from the sound
he was so scared when to see me on the ground
lulu was fine and was fast asleep
Ahmed gave me a lecture "not to Anu6 or LEAP"!

Moral of the story is for me is to wake up for fajer
Before i wake up hurt or with a broken ijer

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bagoora updates

i have not been able to update the blog for a while. i have actually not been able to do many things. Being a mom is a full time job. when i say full time i mean there is no time at all to do anything but feed lulu, change lulu, hold lulu, burp lulu *cycle continues. My time is not mine anymore, i forgot how it feels like to think of myself and to do anything other than be a mom.

It gets easier with time and everyday you fall more and more in love with your baby. She is starting to smile and makes the cutest sounds! sometimes i just feel my heart turns into melted hot fudge!

Now the Big News. After feeling neglected and replaced. Bagoora chose to accept a marriage proposal from 6owr from her past. She is happy and says she will visit me from time to time. I will miss her and will still update you with her cartoons when i get a chance :)

Thursday, May 07, 2009


i have to remind myself everyday
that im the motha of this baby
She only wakes up at night to play
will mommy ever sleep? maybe!

Never in my life did i hold this much poop
My life has turned into a big Loop
i am feeding,changing, burping lulu 24 hours a day
i miss sleeping ofcourse ! lulu please sleepat night if u may

i was not informed that it would be this hard
i feel like lulu's body guard
i am her all you can eat open buffet
i feel like a cow in every way

but i must say all this work & lack of sleep
is nothing compared to this love so deep
i love you lulu no matter what you do
even when u vomit on mommy & cover her with poo

i introduce my lulu cartoon in this post :) she is cuter but its close

Saturday, May 02, 2009

EPidural I Love You

i was in so much pain
till you came along
you are the sun after the rain
i am writing you this song

Epidural..Epidural i love you
I don't know why i hesitated to take you
You worked like magic!
Without you my delivery would have been tragic

MR amo who took my pain away
i thank you with all my heart
i would have hugged u but islamically its not okay
but your work is fine ART :)

Epidural Epidural I Love you
Dunno what i would have done without you

Monday, April 27, 2009


If you have followed my status updates & notes you might have known i have FINALLY delivered my lulu! I tried everything to deliver! and when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING! Including walking, driving on bumpy roads, eating spicy foods, dancing, foot massages, & finally my last resort CASTOR OIL! which i was told can cause major dhierria & Qontraqtiions! lol

So i was overdue and desperate to deliver and drank almost all of the bottle! So i sat there an hour 2 hours. 3. 4.. nothing. no REAQtion. no QontraQshon. so i lost hope and knew that this baby is here to stay.

I took the castor oil around 1 pm. at around 2 am finally a REAQtion. i got Qontractions. which i thought were false labor. i could still Qook afterall. they were a bit stronger. 5 mins apart. still i did not believe it could be REAL! So i told ahmed to go back to sleep & came on FACEBOOK.

As i was sitting and updating my status..... i felt my WATER BREAK! which explains how i updated my status! Some ppl thought i ran to facebook after my water broke lol i didnt i was on already and said i might as well UPDATE lol

So... after my water broke i knew THIS IS IT! I informed the world with msgs & calls on my way to the hospital. it was 6 AM traffic TIME. thoughts of delivering on the way were running through my mind! but hamdulila traffic wasnt bad! i reached the hospital!! Was put on a wheel chair! which ended up being full of more WATER lol

SO the Qontractions werent that bad. i was taking pics with my friends smiling making jokes. i would say " EWWWWA" with every contraction. i thought i was dialated ! Apparently i was only 1 CM! i should 10CM to deliver! AAAAAH!

Dr said i was expected to deliver at around 4 PM! AAAAH! it was 6 AM!

Qontractions started getting stronger! i asked for the epidural! they said they cant give it to me up until im at least more than 3 CM dialated!

THE PAIN WAS INTOLERABLE! i started saying things like : "BIDEEESH AWLED"
there were no more smiles. just tears & pain & even vomiting. i still cant believe that some woman deliver without any medication!

by 3 pm i was still just 3 CM!!!! i was in so much pain i became a bit violent lol

by 4 pm my friends would ask me to pray for them all i could pray for was the EPIDURAL!

FINALLY the DOCTOR Came. and btw on this day i think everyone had the pleasure of literally seeing another SIDE of me lol

After the magic of the epidural. i felt nothing anymore. no pain. i was making jokes. smiling. i could actually witness the delivery instead of just screaming with pain!

at 5:20 Pm after around 16 hours of labor. lulu arrived into this world.


yes i know i do miss sleep. i do feel like a cow more than ever especially when i pump milk lol
i do change diapers all day & night. I have been been puked on with milk many times. I have been pooped on. I am still recovering from the delivery. But lulu is worth it.

Allah yi7meeha. She needs mommy now. another poopie. lol

sorry lubna i didnt draw u. i used alia and zahray mama and 7amooda from older posts.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LULULEEESH Lulu is Finally Here

will post details soon. but for now summary is. i delivered april 20th. 5:20 pm after my labor started 2 A.M.

i am in love with lulu.

will post the labor adventures soon!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DIno Did Not Deliver

Too lazy to draw a cartoon. just updating you before u assume that i delivered in the past 2 days.
WE ARE still here! :)

*sigh* i will keep u posted

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lulu Bifafee LAba6

Ya Yumma.. Ya habeebti...
Would you like a cocktail or tea?
Whats so cool about my belly?
shaklek 7abbeh titbahdelly!

Ur laba6 is starting to get on my nerves
Ur kalbazah is adding to my "curves"
I think ENOUGH Is Enough already!
Will you ever be READY?!

I keep getting calls and msgs everyday
Asking if you came out to play
You already have a group of fans here!
PLEASE KHALSEEENI! *dino sheds a tear

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Waley Lulu

Lulu at first waznek ma kansh t2eeel
I compared you to a happy meal
Now you are hurting my back
And you r leaving no room for my snack!

I must say for golfing there is the golf creek
So why don't u break my water! a small little leak!
Look around you for the nearest exit please
And when you're out the dr will spank your t$%z

Waley lulu your making mommy go insane
You better not give me major labor pain!
Also don't break the water in the rain
Allah ysam7ek 3ala this weight gain! :P

translation : waznek ma kansh t2eeel= u werent that heavy

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

When will u sharfeena?

Almost all my bregnant friends have had their babies
I asked my DR when will I?! she gave me lots of "maybes"
So here i am sleepless and inflated
i think my delivery will be belated

Since my little lulu is having fun inside
I shall jiggle my big belly with pride
Soon my taf3eees u cannot ABIDE

The more you will make me wait ya binti
The more i will fa3is the inti
so please please yumma sharfina
ta3ali la your mama dina!!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Dear Lulu

Dear lulu! sho bitsawee in my batoon?
Isnt it crowded in there? R u Qoming soon?
I know you are not due for about a week
but i just can't wait to pinch your cheek!

Are you smoking shisha inside?
Are you enjoying the jiggly karoosh ride?
Are you dancing to dagat galbi?
When u are out akeed ra7 tghalbi

I wonder if u will be as crazy as mommy
So well as long as you are in my tummy
i must remind u girls are'nt meant to be soccer players
so bikafee shalaleet come out & answer mommy's prayers!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pregnanc = Bagraneh

So maybe some of you are sick of pregnancy talk. Others are feeling pregnant themselves from my posts and status updates. But what can i say? I usually post about my life and now i am pregnant and pretty much that is all i can talk about :) wait till lulu is here and i'll drive you crazy with baby talk!

Before i was pregnant i just craved chocolate. Then after i got pregnant i could hardly eat for 3 months of puking and lost 6 kg . then....there was a major turn in my karoosh lovin!

I went to bed thinking of my next meal. i woke up thinking of breakfast. i ate breakfast and planned my lunch. My cravings changed from just chocolata to everything!

Thank God i didnt gain as much as some pregnant ladies but i also was no angelina when i got pregnant so i have to keep that in mind before i pig out! But sometimes my cravings are stronger than my self control. *munching on chocolates

About 2 weeks left! AAAAAAAAH!

Bagoora looked at me the other day and said " mama"


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My First False Labor Experience!

So recently i have been feeling some abdominal pain that i just assumed was some " bowel"movement or kick lol. Till i started timing the pain and apparently it was every 5 minutes.
Knowing myself and how i have high pain endurance it hit me that it could be contractions.

So i call the emergency number in the hospital and ask them what i should do.

Dino :
Hello im in my 37th week and im having constant contractions what should i do?

Filipino lady : ohhh maam.. ur still early... but now taqe a hot shower and two panadol and if the contrQshan not going away and you feel you qannat Qook then qome to emergency.

Dino thinking to myself " Can't what?"

So well i assumed she meant when the pain gets stronger.. so after all that i still had contractions.. i go to my mom " yumma batneee biwaji3ni"

MAMA *sits up in bed and although was almost asleep is wide awake and about to jump

Dino *very relaxed... " mama it's probably nothing... momkin bas ghazaaat" lol

Mama : " mush 2oltelik itdubeee il shanta taba3t il mustashfa!"
Dino : ma3lish mama ma3lish mush 7awled today!

haram she starts running around the house trying to gather anything she could that i will need in case of DELIVERY! Then she remmeber that most of the baby clothes she has are 6 months or 3 months as she anticipated a BIG BAGOORA KALABEEZ BABY!

so my sister wakes up to the commotion and chaos going on around her and asks half asleeep
"sho 3am biseeer?"

Mom answers hyterically with a freaking out tone " UKHTIK BTUWLED"


sister went back to sleep.. i think she knew it was not the real deal!

After running around the house and gathering what we could at 3 am we headed to the hospital.
They connected me to a maching that senses the contractions . And apparently I WAS having contractions and I WAS unaware of most of them lol My mom would see the contraction on the screen and say " bit7iseeeesh inti yama"


So after 25 mins of contraction monitoring the same nurse that answered the phone came to talk to me. she was like :

Nurse : your Qontracshans are not strong enough and you are not yet dialated. I told you on the pone to qome only when you qannot Qook..

Dino thinking... " cook?" i mean i could hardly cook anything when i came..
momkin kaset shay
but not COOK

Nurse Qontinues " So epery 15 Miniks 10 miniks 5 minik qontraction and you qannot qook then qome"

It suddenly hit me.... she had a problem with the letter K... she replaces it with manhy letters..

Cannot Qook =Cannot COPE!


And that was my first false labor experience... i cannot Cook but i can COPE :) and today i plan on getting my bag ready incase!!!

still getting small Qontraaaaaqshans! pray for me!!! Poor mama i gave her a good scare!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear Belly

My Dear Pregnant Belly
You were once simple a Karoosh
You sometimes still feel like jelly
And sometime i fill you with Fatoosh

You sometimes block my view
And are starting to get in my way
You are so big i can't reach my shoe
You are getting bigger everyday

I will miss using you as a table
But i will not miss you in my sleep
when you are gone i will finally be able
to sleep without counting sheep


*p.s. this cartoon is an illustration of a real photo i took watching tv and was told its too embarrassing to post on my blog :)

Any Minute Now

i have officially entered the 9th month. Actually i am starting the 2nd week of the 9th month. It is said that as soon as you enter the 9th month you could POP anyday. Usually if its the first baby you finish your whole month but in some cases you deliver 2 weeks or more before!

So what am i feeling this month? Its like i was not pregnant till this month started! my movement is sooooo hard! getting out of a chair seems like an exhausting task! I sit there and have to swing myself off the chair or ask someone to help me up! I usually dont feel like getting up after i sit down! Baby lulu is getting bigger and so are her kicks! She is starting to hurt mommy with her turns and kicks. Not only is there pressure on my bladder but my intestines seem squashed ! *sigh

my days are long... and so are my nights... when will i boggg this baby already! lol

yes yes i know i will not sleep when she is out but i already cant sleep or roll over in bed !

GOTTA GO to the bathroom.. again... "YA MAMA BIKAFEE SHALALEET "

Pray for Dinos!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sea Lion Dino

So now that i am entering the 9th month! AAAAH! let me repeat that so that it will sink in the 9th month! im just feeling all sorts of things. i mean its only now that i REALLY feel pregnant!
At the beginning of the pregnancy i felt like i was just a bit bloated and maybe sometimes food poisoned because of the puking. Then in the second trimester it was like am getting fat only in mostly in my belly and that my meals are alive and just twirling in my stomach. I also felt like a pig from the way i have been attacking food! i also felt like a cow for reasons i am not comfortable sharing on my blog lol well im sure most of u got it already.


Now.... i feel like a sea lion lying on a shore of an ocean. All i wanna do is sleep on a rock and listen to the sound of the ocean. I also feel like a penguin when i walk from side to side. i can't even turn around in bed without feeling like i need a crane to come and pick me up!

Not to mention that there is a head on my bladder. meaning i might move me bed into the bathroom.

Sigh.. so to summarize... pregnancy makes humans experience being all sorts of animal like traits and its a lovely experience lol


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Glad to be back & Alive !!

Egypt trip was a very in6aras6ing exberyons.. i sink i will talk lik zis for a waaayil :P

just kidding... i love the english egypshan.. its like language on its own! Well while i was there i spent most of my time in the hotel but still managed to go the mall "city stars"!

i have never seen worse driving EVER than in egypt! its like who needs roller coaster rides when u can simply get in a CAB!

Ofcourse i had a mild case of food poisoning after having a salad . should have listened to mama when she said dont eat anything that is not cooked. naughty dino.

whats up with people asking for tips for everthing there? "ma tekremeeena ba2a" "ma 3andikeesh haga 7ilwa" "tab 2ayzeen nishrab shay"

the lady in the airport who was checking me in was like " ma feesh haga 7ilwa liya" *shocking

we planned on going to khan al khalili but after hearing about the bombing we chose to stick to city stars mall :P we went to al neel had dinner.. it was nice... i had a good time...

on the flight back..... i ended up sitting next to 2 egybshanz ... both male.. on the right a very shy and nervous man and on the left was a very saye3 "yo yo wassap" guy who seemed to have 2 phones and 100 girlfriends. before the plane took off he would call different girls and say
" ideeni bosa" lol eww..

so an hour before landing the plane went through major turbulence.. when i say major i mean like the pilot lost control for a whole minute the plane was pretty much crashing.. ppl were screaming and crying... and yelling "shahada" ! i think i just wanted to hang on to anything! it was so scary.. i thought of the movie final destination.. the series lost and wondered if i will end up on an islan with ben and the lost shilah!

but most of all i felt omg.. i dont want to die. and in that moment i felt i regretted so many hours i wasted doing nothing and how bad it felt to know that im an not in that place where i feel islamicly ready.. i feel i got so caught up in life and meaningless things that i forgot that in one second i could die! In that moment i wish i read more quran. that i prayed more. did so many things.. and now im back and im fine and its hard to feel that feeling again. we forget. but God doesnt. we regret. but God forgives.

i wish that i can be a better person and that i can press one button to clean my heart and make my iman as strong as it once was.

ok that was a serious moment.. so well if u all wondered where bagoora is.. she is still in egypt and has been spending lots of time with a gamoosa :P will keep u posted with her news lol

Im Due April 18th inshala..... Pray for Me & little layla "lulu"

Monday, February 23, 2009

dino in egypt

Well so sorry for not blogging for so long i have been so busy with the new apartment and the baby room and the pregnancy that i havent had much time to blog. Well now i am blogging for the first time from EGYPT! :) Here for a few days with my hubby who is here for business.

The doctor said its okay to travel till the 34th week.! wouldnt want to get into labor in the flight! So here i am!! EGypt is something else... or should i say.. IT IZ SOMESINGE ELES! BEoble here all share the same english egyptian accent. I LOVE IT :) its so entertaining just hearing people talk.
even when they talk egyptian they are naturally funny without even trying.

WE haven't gone to the pyramids but i have seen them before and really dont think running around in the sun would be a good idea :S

Has anyone seen how people drive in egypt?!?!? There is no lane.. All cars drive wherever they want to in any direction. its SO SCARY! the cars here look like came out of a abd al haleem old movie! but in general its a nice experience.

don't go out much in the hotel all day while husbandi at work. but i must say i am enjoying watching tv. showtime and orbit and egypSHAN ShAnnelZ :P

any ideas of where to go if in egypt?? Share with me BLEAZ before march 1rst

masr um il dunya. and i had to come here before being an UM myself.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Moved to New Apartment

Hello I'm Back after a long time! I have been so busy with the moving process ! We moved to a new apartment ! It's in sharjah and its much bigger than the one we were in & i love it! hamduliah :) its 5 mins away from my parents house and my best friends live on the same ROAD! woo hooo :) 

My belly is getting bigger and bigger by the second and i find myself sitting and staring at it while baby lulu kicks and turns and i see it changing in shape! sub7anallah. her kicks are harder now and soon i think they will start to HURT! 

im in the 29th week. 7th month. so i think i should start the countdown and freaking out! AAAH! I need advice on what are the best stroller/car seat/crib/baby changing table to buy.

All you mothers and people with experience in that department don't hesitate in leaving me a comment to enlighten me to this world of baby stuff i just get so confused when i go into the baby shop! 

p.s. i officially walk like a penguin now 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Day Another Massacre

The israeli attack on Gaza continues and in 15 days 875 palestinians were killed (240 children and around 200 women) 4000 injured. Not to mention the many bodies that have not been counted yet as they may still be buried under the rubble. Seeing these war crimes happening everyday on international tv with the world watching and not taking action drives me mad it's emotional and mental exhaustion to see this going on everyday! 

My mom's family is in Gaza so is my husbands family and no matter what the israelis claim this war is not targeting HAMAS or (khamas) as they pronounce it. There is no shelter or place to hide. Not even ambulances are safe from their bombs, 11 ambulances destroyed . Israeli air strikes have targeted at least 17 mosques with the latest destroyed by a half-ton BOMB dropped from an F-16. A church seriously damaged, over 12 medics and a journalist killed.

My grandmothers house was hit by a bomb but thank God they are all fine. When i say FINE i mean barely surviving. With no electricity or water and very limited food supply left . The windows are all broken down and many die of illness if not by the israeli bombings. Not even schools or shelters are safe from the bombings. Israeli would warn the families they will be bombing in 5 mins and after this warning families would all gather in a shelter or school thinking that they were safe in the UN school. Israel didn't hesitate in bombing it and claiming Hamas was hiding in the school! 

Bombing homes and mosques and schools and killing innocent civilians every single day and claiming it is "self-defense"???? Has anyone seen the rockets launched by hamas? How many israelis have been killed? How man israeli kids? mothers? poor israelis have been taken to group therapy after the sound of the missiles caused them some major trauma! 

Is our palestinian blood cheap? Are we not as human as everyone else? 

The Red Cross is unable to reach the wounded people of gaza and stopped by israeli soldiers. Egypt borders also is not allowing any of the donated food and aid in. Claiming that Israel has the right to decide what goes in and out of the borders.

Israel is also using white phosphorus in military operations in areas with dense populations. This substance can burn down houses and causes horrific burns when touching the skin. 

Human Rights Watch believes that the use of white phosphorus in densely populated areas of Gaza violates the international humanitarian law.

Let's all pray for the people of Gaza and hope that GOD saves them from the hell they are living in right now. I only have hope in God as i have lost hope in the world.

 There must be an end to this blood shed and spreading the truth about what is going on is what we can do from where we are. 

Gaza you are in our prayers always.