Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Pin on my Wall

Everyday when i brush my teeth i notice there is a pin on the bathroom wall. It is stuck on some small foam sticker on the wall and everyday when i see it i think " why is this here? i need to take it out" then i get distracted and i go on to the next day and i see it again and i think the same thing. It has been on the wall for years now and its not so hard to take it out i just have a habit of procrastinating things even the simplest things. Before we know it a day turns into months and years and time is flying faster than we can comprehend. Ramadan is already in the last 10 days and i cant believe how fast time is flying.

So many people i said i will call tomorrow i havent spoken to in years. A girl i used to know got pregnant and i kept saying i want to visit her to say mabrook. She now has 5 children and i still didnt manage to go visit her because by the time i wanted to i felt it was too awkward.

So many things i wanted to do that i never came around to doing. I feel we are going in a vicious cycle in life and everyday we rush into doing our daily routine and before we know it years have past and we realize that we were too overwhelmed and stressed to even enjoy them because we were just rushing through life.

Time flies fast enough already so why do we stress ourselves over unnecessary things?
Why do we fill our time with  many meaningless obligations that we dont even enjoy doing rather than doing the things we enjoy?

Today i decided i will take out that pin. I will write down a list of goals and dreams and things i have always wanted to do or achieve in life because if i don't another 10 years will fly by and my to do list will only be longer and longer.

I find myself stressed over raising the kids and being the best parent. I make so many mistakes and i try to learn from them. The biggest mistake i feel i make is not just enjoying every little detail of my kids being kids.

I close my eyes and i imagine myself 60 years old in a blink. My kids are older and married and live far away and i am calling them hoping they would call me more and just come cuddle with me like they used to when they were babies.

I imagine how i will do anything to go back to these days i'm living right now and that makes me forget my worries because i know these days will fly by in a blink and i want to enjoy them as much as i can instead of complain about how tired i am and how stressed i am that i cant tell them a story.

Hug your kids.. Love them.. squeeze them.. play with them..sniff their cute little heads..and when they keep calling you and asking for your attention give it to them because you will you regret every second you missed. Every moment we are given in life is a blessing and an opportunity lets always try to make the best of it and not waste it with negative thoughts and emotions.

And even if you don't have kids just appreciate our loved ones around you and let them know how much you care about them. Life is unpredictable and we never know what it brings us,take everything lightly and know no matter what it is, it will pass...

                                               i just crossed one thing off my list...
i have been meaning to blog my thoughts for a while now :) what will you cross of your list today?

enough falsafeh for me today. * takes off falsafeh cap
 HamduliAllah for everything.. Ramadan Mubarak and Eid Mubarak :)