Monday, September 29, 2008


I just wrote a long post for EID and it disappered! So let me remember what i said. So EID is here and RAMADAN is over! HOW? i mean it was just yesterday i was thinking its here and now its gone! It was the fastest Ramadan ever. I didn't feel so spirtual this year was puking most of the time and have to make up for 11 days! I puke almost everyday :(-- bobo is tiny but mghaleb il waldeh ktheer ktheer.

So.. Its EID! Woo hoo! I love waking up early on EID! (only on EID i would rather sleep any other day). So we go to EID prayer then ofcourse we go to have BREAKFAST! i miss having a big yummy breakfast! Pancakes! Fried Eggs with Toast and Croissant & jam!

I just remembered on EID once in jordan a long time ago i saw an AD for shoes. And a girl had bought her new EID shoes. BATA shoes. She slept with them right on her pillow next to her head. i mean okay we look forward to eid and new clothes and shoes but do we have to sniff our shoes to sleep? :P

Ofourse bagoora is giving out Eideyeh only to people who promise to sign a contract that they wont slaughet any animals on EID :) hehe

Oh i also love love love ka3k il EID :) especially when it's homemade ! speaking of ka3k bi 3ajweh i remembered a song that i dedicate to anyone who was in jordan who probably heard it before.

Ka3k Bi3ajweh
ABU Youssef

Dino Ahmed & Bagoora wish you all a HAPPY EID wa kol 3am wa into bkhier :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lazy Dino

So pregnancy is not as easy as i thought. Nausea aside you actually get really emotional. I cry to almost everything. for example there is this "ramadan" ad with a kid singing. I cried to another ramadan ad where a guy buys another guy a shirt. Everything makes me cry! So dont tell me anything that is even slightly sentimental or sad. I cry then i wonder WHY AM I CRYING?! its my hormones i guess!

Anyway. i feel so lazy and i just want to sleep all day! I know its too early to be in pregnant mode but wallah i already have lower back pain along with a bunch of other not so lovely symptoms!

NO Coffee No tea no tuna or anything raw. I have to eat more vegetables and healthy food.
Certain smells make me wanna barf! Even tastes! The toothpaste makes me GAG everytime i brush my teeth! Some perfumes too!

I feel my sense of smell has become even stronger! I always knew my nose was small but fa3aaal! now i feel i have super powers! i can smell things from a distance!

Not a good feeling when you are walking in a corwded place! Imagine walking next to someone who smells like sweat to a normal person. TO me i feel like my nose is ta7t baaaa6oh! ya333oooo

*dino puts nose clip on

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Dino on the way...I'm BrEGNaN6 :)

This is the post you have all been waiting for ! Baby Dino is on the way! yes i am pregnant i still don't get it and realize that a human being is growing inside of me but soon when i look like i have swallowed a big bateekha i think it will sink in. I'm 8 weeks now. And well believe it or not this baby didn't like chocolate!! But now maybe cause its ramadan bobo is being good and is liking chocolate with mommy!

Bagoora was sad to hear the news and packed her stuff and wants to leave. i told her she could stay that i can love both my bobo and bagoora but she still feels that it wont be the same :P

Can't tell if its a boy or girl yet... i have craved many things i would never crave like " 3adas & FISH" :S weird? the only thing i ever craved was chocolate!

So... Conclusion is im gonna be a mama. Pray that the baby is a healthy baby and that im good mommy! will keep you posted :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ramadan Tv

People have this idea that ramadan is the month of tv shows and late night sheesha and ofcourse food food and more food. Some have 3azayim for su7oor. Im not saying i don't watch baab al 7ara or tv but im shocked at how many shows start in ramadan. I saw this preview the other day for a tv show saying "ahlan ramadan" with a ra2asa ? hmmm

I remembered fawazeer nelli and sharehaan that we  used to watch as kids. In my head growing up ramdan was the month of fawazeer. Its sad but true that we are all caught up with all the "events" that come with ramdan that we don't do much thikr and 3ibadat. 

Allah yu3fu 3anna & May God accept your prayers.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fatta humus wa Fatwa 3al hawa

So its ramadan again and ofcourse if you turn on the radio station you will here a lot of Fatawee 3al hawwa. Ofcourse people call with the same yearly questions. Whether its oka to brush your teeth in ramadan. If its okay to wear perfume and makeup. All sorts of questions! Some are just sometimes weird and emabrassing and you sit there wondering did that guy just REALLY say that?

Bagoora overheard a question on a station the other day. Someone was asking if its okay to eat a cow that is also considered a relative because they are so close to each other. She suspects it was me and has been avoiding me again. lol

I forgot to mention that fatta humus is something that tastes good with la7m il bagar :P ehehehe

Anyway... happy ramadan again!

Monday, September 01, 2008


RAMADAN IS HERE AGAIN! A year has passed ! Sub7annallah! it was like yesterday that i was cooking for last ramadan :P oh the stress of finishing the tabkha on time! Today ma3zoomeen so NO COOKING YEAY! 

Has anyone one of you been to the supermarket lately? im guessing YES! i saw you all there when i went lol ! seriously EISH HAAAAAAATH?! hheh that called for the jordanian accent to come out. It only comes out in times when i want to make my point more AGGRESSIVE !

We went to get groceries. And ofcourse in the beginning we couldnt find a 3arabayeh! so we ended up with those messed up ones that are so m3affneen that you can even push them right! you end up bumping into ppl and saying "sorry" and pointing at the messed up shopping cart! And sometimes it decided to stop on its own like an sa3eedi donkey. And sometimes it just goes in directions on its OWN! After a lot of kicking and pushing and high blood pressure! i noticed that maybe its not just ramadan maybe its TSUNAMI or something? 

PEOPLE were shopping like crazy! VIMTO was out of stock 3 days ago! Cheese Sambosa all GONE! I was like omg? are we all MAFAjeeee3?! ofcourse i couldnt help but peak at everyone else's cart and omg. All full to the point that you cant see the person pushing it! haha

oh and the line for the cashier was up till the end of each aisle! can you imagine? so i experienced how it feels like when people ATTACK  a supermarket! 

So before i was told never to shop when i am hungry. I think shopping while you are fasting is much worse!!! :P

I admit we also got a lot of food but it was just because we don't plan on shopping for food in ramadan so it was like a month of shopping.. hehe 

So anyway... PEOPLE... RAMADAN KAREEM! kol 3am wa into bkhier! May all your prayers be answered. Bagoora is avoiding me and says i look at her differently. She claims that i see her as a walking hamburger in ramadan. I dont plan on eating her but last ramadan i was so close to using her for tabkha when we ran out of la77777meh!! :)