Saturday, April 13, 2013

Following your Instincts..

Instincts.. when do you follow them.. when do you ignore them... i am a person that believes that we all have an internal radar.. its tell you when things are right.. its tells your when something is fishy.. i tend to ignore my instincts at times about some people.. because what i see from them contradicts what i feel.. i tell myself maybe i'm paranoid.. maybe im just being negative and doubtful of a sweet innocent person.. then.. something happens and i say.. I should have followed my instincts..

So when.. do we know its instincts and not just natural worries and doubts...

When do you follow your gut even if following your gut might seem irrational.. so what is intuition ?

Intuition is basically how you quickly tap into your subconscious mind, which is where you "archive" all kinds of information that you don't remember on a conscious level.Sometimes you pick up on things subconsciously without realizing it, such as body language. It'll register as a certain "feeling" that you can't articulate at that moment, but it could very well be valid.

You may fight your gut feeling.. and ignore it.. but eventually and sooner or later you will know that this feeling was there for a reason..

All this time i thought instincts was something on a psychic level.. i didnt know it was actually like a subconscious data base of collected information that we have gathered from previous experiences.

What if you meet someone and they seem nice and sweet but your gut tells you they are bad news do you back off and follow your gut feeling even though they still didnt really harm you or do you just give them the benefit of the doubt?

i guess this is one of my serious posts.. next post will hopfeully be a funny one :)