Tuesday, June 24, 2008


After almost 2 years of working in a pharmaceutical and doing things like Diabetic Foot Brochures and seeing images of amputated feet, ulcers and all sorts of infections ALL OVER THE BODY. when i say all over i mean ALL OVER!!! Ewwwwwww

So... yesterday was the day i decided to take the step of leaving. And well today i finally RESIGNED. And i think its the best choice i ever made. I was simply staying for the wrong reasons and i can do so much better.


OKay Anyone have offers in D0ubai?

I prayed istikhara last night and i feel so relieved.


At least for a month till my month notice is over :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

BAgoora Goes to Burger KING

Another Day, Another Adventure. I have been wondering where bagoorti spends her time and i found out from (secret) sources that she has been standing outside burgerking with signs asking people to stop eating BURGERS!

i told her not to do that before after one of the people who worked there tried to turn her into WHOPPERS! :S

So.. after a long long talk and a few hugs and promises that i will never eat her even if we are stuck underground with nothing edible but her. I promised her not eat any of her relatives either ( except for the annoying ones). I am not really that into bagar eating, i am a chicken eater :)

So.. this pointless will end with a something meaningful. So let me think of a moral here.. hmmm... When you love someone and they are a big cow, you can still be the better person and not eat them when you can. You will rise and be the better person. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sha7adeen Stories

Shahadeen, Sha7ateen, Beggars whatever name you choose to call them, they are everywhere. In some places more than others and with endless scenarios and acts. i will share a few stories :

Once i was standing in Jordan in "sweifyeh" where they seem to have DAWAM RASMI and well some guy comes up with a paper and he was not saying anything and gave me a sad look of "ana miskeen" and came up to the car window. I think the paper was some medical paper saying he is DEAF! Just as i was about to get my purse some car from behind him HONKED its HORN and GUESS WHAT THE DEAF GUY DID? bil 2orduni " NAGAZ" hmmmm ya3ni mush fahmeh how he HEARD THE ZAMOOR!!!

Again in Sweifieyeh in the car this time i stopped at one of the traffic lights. And the traffic light in jordan first thing you should do is roll up your window unless if you want someone to throw in some "S&B" chewing gum, or even sometimes stick their head in your car and yell things like " ALLAH yib3atLIK WA7ad 7ilo zayek! Allah yib3atlik wa7ad 3yooonoh ZURUG". So as i was about to roll up the window i notice one little boy crying and his box of chewing gum ( which he apparently dropped on the floor).

He was crying and picking up the gum. So i was like haram miskeen, he probably will get in trouble by the BIG BOSS who throws them in the street to start with and i 7sint 3alieh and gave him some money. NEXT DAY!!!! SAME BOY! CRYING! SAME PLACE! SAME BOX! it was FILM! and so many ppl fell for that! When i told my friend she too FELL for that FILM and felt so sorry for him and went and got him another box of chewing gum to SELL!!

i felt so stupid! i mean this boy deserves an award for his acting!

Oh so many stories i lost track. But well this one is funny. Last time i was in amman i was feeling that my IMAN needs a boost that i miss going to the masjid and that i want to feel the spirituality again.

So that day i was so emotional when i went to the masjid next to our house. The lecture was about tawba and how if GOD loves someone He makes it easy for them to get 7asanat. So after the khutbet il jum3a i was leaving and this lady came to me crying telling me her son has something wrong fi "thaanoh" (his ear) and needs an operation.

At that time i did not plan on buying anything so i had no money on me. So she kept crying and telling me about "thaan ibinha" and in my head i felt that i couldnt help her because maybe God doesnt love me and doesnt want me to get 7asanat which is why i dont have my wallet. So i started crying and crying! And praying for her and her son. Suddenly i look at her and she is not crying anymore, she has a weird confused look on her face and she said " khalas khalas and walked away." She realized her act was useless and went on to someone else.

looking back all i can say is ma ahbaaaaaaaaaalni!

Oh oh and once i had like 10 JDs and this kid kept following me trying to sell me " BLASTAR" so i was like ma3eeeesh fra6ah he goes " haaaaaaaateeee maaaasik"

really yantabiq 3alieh al qawl "shahaaat wa bishare6"

If you have any stories to share please do! :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cow Afro Adventure

For those of you who are new to this blog, you are probably asking the same question which is " WHAT'S UP WITH THE COW?" Your answer is in this old post that will clarify how my cow obsession started :)


So, well to those who already know Bagoora and are waiting for her new adventures. She has become quite famous and has started avoiding her fans by wearing AFRO hair and sunglasses only every once in a while someone realizes who she is and yells out " BAGOORA"!

She is not liking the fame too much and says that she misses lying in the 7asheeshat without someone following her with their video cam.

You know some people are affected by fame and become snobby, but bagoora will never let her fame and fans change her. It's so funny how some people go through extreme life changes and still are the same and they don't let life change them. While others go from extremes without really going through any major life changes.

Il muhim sometimes people are forced to change to be able to survive in this world.

Keef 2alabt drama? okay so back to COW. she is not for sale. and she is does appreciate being called " EISH YA SHAWERMA"

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Dino & Baby Bagoora

Today is one of the days i am feeling nostalgic and looking back at the old days when life was much simpler. I remember the first time i saw the snow! And well i ran out to play with it made a very ugly snow man that looked more like jabal amman.

I would open my mouth and wait for some snow to come in my mouth.Come to think of it it did taste weird :S Or i would stand like in that scene from the movie "i know what you did last summer" when jennifer love hewit has her arms wide open and yells


I used to hang out with the neighbors kids ( till this day i wonder why i did hang out with them. They were pretty handy when it comes to finding old tires to use as snow boards! i remember getting on a 3ajal (tire) and sliding down a small hill next to our house. It was an interesting ride the required many pushes along the way down the 10inch hill! :P

Come to think of it those neighbors might have lived in the street :S because i remember no matter what time i go down they are there doing things like riding their " BUSOKLAYT" on ramps ( which were khashabat they found in the street). They even taught me how to make a SLING SHOT.

maybe i have shared too much about my past lol

so.. bagoora loved the snow too and borrowed a pair of my boots when we went out. Only by the time we came back home we could not feel our feet and had them stuck on the "Dafayeh"(heater).

Monday, June 09, 2008

Girl$ & BathrooM Talks (oh btw im BACK)

So... after a lot of thinking and hesitation and many messages from people! I really didn't know that many people liked reading my posts. That is why i am BACK!

If you find my blog offensive, and if you think this blog is pointless you can easily overlook it and not visit it.

Now about todays post.. cow noticed that girls usually go to the bathroom in groups.. unlike her cow friends they usually go anywhere and they don't need to take their friends along. So she decided to hide in one of the bathrooms to see what is the secret!

Conclusion is Girls go in groups to GOSSIP and talk about girly stuff like their current crush, boyfriend, or someone who is sitting with them on the table wondering why they took so long in there.

Some girls mostly in jordan choose to smoke in the bathrooms.

Others reapply layers and layers of makeup and spray tons of perfume.

Hope this post was enlighting to many males wondering what was the big secret.


Many more cow adventures to come inshala! It's Good to be Back!