Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadan Kareem

May God bless you all in this شهر
May you never ever feel قهر
I wish you all happiness
and yummy salatas with lots of خس

ّi also am sure you will eat lots of حلو
qatayef for dessert with lots of حشو
careful from those extra calories
especially in the samboosa with cheese

Don't forget that this month is truely blessed
even though some ladies still are hardly dressed
Lots of rewards and أجر that can't be missed
The month of the quran & not هز الوسط

Monday, August 03, 2009

modern hijab

i can't help but notice that nowadays hijab has turned into a fashion statement and it is no longer stopping some girls from certain actions. for ex. i was walking in the parking and i see a girl bending over to get something from her car. i could not see her face yet. i could only see her thong and u know... i got used to this manzar but to my shock when she stood up and her head was out of the car.... she was wearing HIJJAB? r u kidding me? cover your head and expose ur (_/_) . not only that i have noticed that there are lots of girls that wear hijab yet have boyfriends, and don't even pray. so what is the point of it? just covering a bad hair day? i dunno but i feel slowly the world is coming to an end and the older i get the bigger the shocks i see around me.

Allah yihdeena