Friday, March 31, 2006

Life is 2 $hort 2 B Understood!!

So... one of my many thoughts was how we sometimes underestimate things in life... we see someone and we would want to say somethng nice but we dont... thinking it wont matter.. not knowing simple words can change someones life if said at the right time...

We find our money is spent on nothing at all because we spend it on the little things... We don't realize that its those little things in life that matter the most... a fortune is just a bunch of pennies gathered throughout the years... A lifetime is actually minutes and seconds... a river is made out of little drops of water... a desert is a bunch of sand particles... A mountain is a bunch of rocks on top of each other... and so on...

i believe one word can change a life.. and one word can end a life... an hour a day is 365 hours a year... a portrait is splashes of ink... a novel is a bunch of letters ... every moment is unique and will never be repeated again... different yet the same...
life is a only a limited number of breaths and only takes a split second for a life to end.... *sigh

Let's not underestimate anything in life.. because its the little things that matter and make the big things..... every second counts....

too philosophical today... *dino walks into dark desert smoking pipe and scratching head analyzing insects!

Rotten Apple$

So... the past couple of days soo many thoughts have gone through my mind.. i need to vent i think ill blog for the past week today!! soo i got this fwd the other day..

Girls are like apples on trees.
The best ones are at the top of the tree
The boys don’t want to reach for the good ones
because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt
Instead, they just get the rotten apples
from the ground that aren't as good, but easy.
So the apples at the top think something is wrong with them,
when in reality, they're amazing.
They just have to wait for the right boy to come along,
the one who's brave enough to climb all the wayto the top of the tree.
So i guess im on the top of the tree cause im single! And i guess all my married and non-single freinds are rotten apples?! hmmm is that a good thing? And well with the technology throughout the years a guy can easily use a ladder a long stick, a Trampoline, to get to the apple! LAZY BUM!! And well knowing my luck.. if a man is man enough to come and get me.. he will then realize he could have a burger or a chocolate instead of an apple and change his mind!!
Anyway... at least i know im not a rotten apple lol!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Egg D@y!!

im soo tired! i envy bears who get to hibernate!! can humans hibernate?
hmmm im typing this blog with egg and olive oil in my hair... why u ask? i was wondering why i did such a thing too!

i was talkin to my friend and she mentioned how eggs and oil make ur hair healthier! hmmm and i guess i had to try!! Suddenly i feel like a walkin egg salad!! Sure hope i dont smell like one after i clean it out!!

So... today i left work at 10:40 PM!!!!! imagine?! im still in shock at the amount of work i managed to get done today! im seriously rethinking this whole work decision! The thing with design and advertizing its not like you go to work and leave.. u have to FINISH the job.. :(-- it takes more time than any other job!!

*sad violin plays in the background as dino tells the sad story of her life

Why dont i just quit and start my own show.. i love entertaining ppl!! i should of been a stand up comedian or a chef!! You what would of been worse though.. me being a TOUR GUIDE!

imagine me with tourist tryin to explain some site .. "like hello everyone... we are now... *scratches head....." we are"* looks at tourists confused and says... "where are we?ok dont panic people just follow my lead... if u see a COW follow it.. it will lead u to the right way".. i have a history with cows helping me find the way!!

the only that has kept me awake and able to type this now although its almost 2 am is the redbull i drank.... its wearing off i better go get this egg out of my hair b4 its too late!!! :S

did i mention how i found out that stress makes me get spots?! not major spots.. but ne way.. right now there is this spot centered in the middle of my forehead! just like some indian ladies have a red dot.. lol im sure they will envy me now that i wake up with my natural red dot!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Got back home later than usual... shall i mention how i missed a turn ? or u guys know i get lost everyday by now? anyway.. its soo sad ... id be already sick of traffic.. tired.. hungry..thinking abt soo many things so i end up daydreaming and missed the turn!! ( STOP LAUGHING)

*glares at audience

so its not just about my lack of sense of direction its about my lack of CONCENTRATION! i think i have ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER!! And that is like ONE of the many disorders...

im also afraid of tight spaces! heights! i can go on forever lol why do i share this with the world? remind me please? hahaha...

so... after a looong boring tiring day at work... i feel like someone stepped on my neck or drove over it with a truck!! its soo stiff!!! wawaa me :(

So... i got back home.. and without thinking i found myself automatically heading towards the kitchen!! *soldier in the background yells " ATTTAAAAAAAAACK"

u know when u are soo hungry that you feel u have the ability to eat EVERYTHING! And u suddenly have a craving for EVERYTHING! And even when you are full you wish u had an extra stomache so that u can keep goin lol ( again im sharing way too much info)

dino trys to speak... fails and only says *oink oink lol

soo i found myself wondering in the kitchen mixing all sorts of food... i think that was a bad idea!
if i get sick 2moro i know why lol

ok the reality is i didnt eat that much but i ate a bit of everything which itself is equivalent to DIGESTION SUICIDE!

im off to bed now!! feel like someone left a log in my neck and an alien in my stomache! lol

Monday, March 20, 2006

Lo$T Ag@in!!

ok.. today.. after work i decide to take my coworkers advice and take an easy way to avoid traffic!! in my heart i knew i was goin to get lost... but i was like .. maybe..just maybe... for some miracle today i will suddenly have some sense of direction.... *eaaaaaa*sound of bell when a contestant says the wrong ANSWER!!

today i reached RAS AL KHIAMAH... for those who dont know much abt uae.. ras il khaimah is kind of like as far as abu dhabi... if not farther... sigh...

ne way so my plan to avoid traffic again lead to me reaching weird places!! i got home.. dead tired.. still am... and just as i was attacking some food i found lying on the table after a long day!! the door opens.. my sis comes with her friends who were in PARTY MODE! ofcourse i can never say no to some FUN! i used the energy i had and went crazy with them !

NOw the girlie party of 3 is over... and im left even more exhausted and i think im going to collapse at any second now! AAAAAAh the thought of waking up 2moro is just soo depressing!! * crys!! its mothers day 2moro and i dont know what i should get my mom... any ideas?

why isnt there a daughters day?! hmmm what abt a tall girls day? or a hijjabi day? hehe or maybe a CHOCOLATE LOVERS DAY! that i would love to seee!! time for me to shARrrrRRAp now!:P

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Time Time Time

No time... at all... weekend just passed by so quickly.. not only my weekend my life seems to be passing by so quickly.. its like just yesterday i was in school waiting for the bell to go off for me to carry my backpack and run home! its like yesterday that i was buyin my mickey mouse lunchbox for KG ! its like 2 days ago that i felt 20 was a long way to go!! Aaah.... soo freaky... im like 24 and i don't know how i got here!

the other day my sister found this home video my parents had recorded like 20 years ago!!! Its soooo WEird.. how there are moments in time that we never knew existed that are on TAPE! i saw myself jumping around all cheerful dancing oblivious of my surroundings!

seriously i was even a cheerful kid! everyone around me was like busy doing their own thing and i was going around in circles laughing entertaingin myself!! My friends say i look the same! lol i feel the same! bit taller though hehe

Got me thinking abt those many many many moments in our life... we forget about... its like if i never saw that video i would have never remembered!! Soo many good memories seem to fade away... i would of never remembered my dad's face as he carried my little sis smiling and maknig the weirdest sound effects to make her stop crying... so many moments in out life are lost.... not caught on tape... i guess we have to learn to appreciate every moment.. each moment is special and will never be relived...

one of the reasons i love takin pics and filming home videos is because with time there is only so much ones brain can remember and its those pics and tapes that capture those moments... feeling very nostalgic at the moment... wish life was as simple as it was as a little kid dancing to some silly song abt a big fat "dabdooba" <-- bear in arabic.. lol

gotta get back to work... see ya

Friday, March 17, 2006

It$ D@ WeeKEND!

AAH.... finally its my weekend!!! i slept till 11 am today! FELT GREAT!!!! my neck is still in pain.. but i am appreciating this TIME!! SO... what will i talk about today... i was thinking abt how we always try to do the right thing.. and sometimes to do the right thing u end up doing somethin wrong? ok too deep? like for ex.. men who park their cars in the middle of the street and block the roads ( WRONG).. they are doin that only to get to the morning friday prayer ( RIGHT)... sometimes we are too caught up tryin and focusing on doing the right thing that we end up doin something wrong in the process... sigh...

So i am a working woman... its one of things that happens overnight.. happens so quickly it takes time for the though to sink in... like graduation.. its like all u look forward too is graduation and when u graduate u just are in disbelief for a couple of years lol so now i graduated and working :)

i wish i could take a peek into the future... like 10 years from now or even 4 years from now if im still alive... would i be married to mr. right?? will i still be bloggin?? would i be happy? what sort of shocking experiences would i have gone through by then?! *wonders

Anyway.. im goin to watch a movie now .. enjoyin my weekend while it lasts!
I cant believe they gave me work to do on the weekend! no wonder ive been sleep walking lately!!! i do sleep walk sometimes... talk in my sleep... but only when im really tired!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


no time no time no time.... its like i rest my head on the pillow as soon as i get comfortable and doze off i feel its time to get UP AGAIN NOOO! *dino throws alarm out of window!! * sinks head in pillow * hugs covers

seriously... hate waking up early!! then the morning traffic... and my car apparently is dead too and is making the loudest most embarrassing noises every time i hit the brakes! i was driving next to a truck and i swear my car made a louder Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee noise when i stepped on the brakes... YES I KNOW i need to change my brakes and fix my car!! but NO TIME!!! by the time i leave work all the places are closed.. inshala on sat on my weekend..

so ppl keep asking me what exactly it is i do at work... here are 2 ad ideas i did for a new phone!! its a girlie phone made out of GOLD!!! its for 4000 dirhams! i would NEVER buy such a phone! id rather spend my money on shawermas or chocolates hehe just kidd.. seriously its gonna end up fallin on the ground a billion times a day because im always so disoriented!

in general i am not a materialistic person and dont care much abt showing off... if i like somethin i get it... even if it not gucci or worth 4000 dirhams!!

so why get a phone that expensive and have my heart break every time it falls!! hehe ne way.... here are the 2 ideas the client is going to chose from.. gives u a better idea of the things i do... i design ads,logos,flyers.. etc..

I was very emotional today for some reason.. maybe its the extra redbull ive been drinking.. and the caffiene overload... i dunno.. in general im way too emotional.. and i wish i could just be less sensitive... and most of all I WISH i didnt think TOO much!! all day not only am i exhuasted with work i find myself analyzing things, planning the future,regretting some things in the past,wondering abuot the present, missing things ( like sleep), reliving memories in my head,erasing other memories!! SOO MANY othe thoughts go through my mind.. sigh...

*i need sleep!!

btw another thought that crossed my mind today ... i thought of all those ppl i miss and really care abt that have NO CLUE and sometimes they assume i dont care because i dont email msg call or see them as much as i want to..... and i thought of those ppl who you would love to contact but u DONT for some reason or the other... maybe because u feel they dont care enough to contact u.. and in some cases either u get too busy or u feel that something is stopping you...

maybe u feel its better to keep ur emotions to urself because as soon u express urself and open up to a person and let them know how much u care, let ur gaurd down ull eventually get hurt....

those thoughts made me realize that NOT ALL those who are in touch CARE. and not all those who ARE NOT in touch DONT! someone out there could be missin u and thinkin abt u.. only u wouldnt know it ... guess that is a happy thought... or maybe not? :S

Thursday, March 09, 2006

LookInG Too H@rD

Today was a long day.. woke up later than i was supposed to... jumped out of bed and was out of the house in less than 10mins!! wow... then i was glad that thursday the trafiic is less sinsce most ppl have thursdays off.. i reached work on time... so... on my way back ofcourse i managed to get lost.. its a daily thing... so pretty much i end up spending my salary on gas and radar tickets!!

So... i didnt go straight home i saw a surpringly great movie " Derailed"! not bad at all!

ne way... so on my way back i had soooooo many thoughts!! SO many.. i always replay conversations in my head.. and analyze the world continously... sometimes im overwhelmed with my own thoughts... which explains why i get LOST!! i daydream a lot lol

so...the other day i was looking for some superglue to fix my broken shades... then i found myself thinking everything i see was that superglue ... its like when i used to look for my lost contact on the ground... or a little screw that fell from my glasses... same scenario..
everything i see for a split second seems like the thing im looking for... got me thinking... abt life.. and how this doesnt only apply to super glue!

its like when someone is in love... they love that other person soo much that everyone they see somehow looks like them... its like u know he is on the other side of the world but u could of SWORN U saw him walkin in city center next door!! hehe

So.. i think when we are looking soo hard for things in life we tend to easily rush into making hasty decisions and assumptions when in reality we should stop looking that hard and one day when u least expect it... it will come to you...

its the same concept of looking too hard for love... fallin for someone you havent even met or hardly know... i dunno.. im blabbing again....i think too much.. wow i hope no one wakes me up 2moro!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cow D@y$

hehe have u ever had a cow day? and what is that u may wonder.. a cow day is a day that starts out fine.. u wake up makin cow like noises because u want to stay in bed.,... u get soo tired at a certain point that u feel like a cow that has trouble moving... haha ok im exaggerating... i adore cows ... MOOOOOOOO re than ull ever Mooooooo hehe

ok... so today i went to work and ofcourse i decide to take a new route to work to avoid traffic ended up really close to OMAN another country... hmmm.. i have no sense of direction what soo ever... lol ... seriously mr magoo is better than i am... ( those who dont know who mr magoo is... he is a blind man who drives a car... cartoon.. ne way...

so i have no time to sleep... or do anything.. the only free time i have is the time imk stuck in traffic.. i end up makin all my calls hehe.. soo.. somethin happened and got me thinking again... i was on my way to work on a raod i have passed by soo many times... and i dunno how... there was this amazing garden to my left that i never ever noticed... its been there this whoel time but i was too busy complaining abt traffic and the ppl who just cut infront of me when i drive.. that i NEVER took the time to turn my head in the other direction... it was a beautiful garden.. full of flowers and trees... i literally gasped.. ( in a non horror movie way) hehe

this got me thinkin abt not only this amazing garden that was right infront of me all this time.. but the many amazing things i might have missed out becuase i was too caught up focusin on the negative things.. i am tryin to always try to see the beauty of everything... to look the other way if i might say... soo many good things out there that are left unoticed or appreciated... so with this attitude my drive back home was not negative at all.. instead of thinkin of the 3 hours of traffic ahead of me i thought of how nice it was to call up my friends who i have not been in contact with in ages...

there is always a way to see things positvely.. even in the worst i always say,. its all in da membrane... :)

gtg get some work done b4 i faint

Monday, March 06, 2006

W@rning : Energy Level$= Very LoW

aaaaah today i signed the contract with the advertizing agency... i am officially a VORKing VOMAN!!!!!!! YEAY!! remind me why that seemed like a happy thought.... my time... just seems to evaporate... i wake up from around 5:30 since the way to work takes 3 hours with the sharjah dubai traffic.. i stay there till 6:30 then i get stuck in the dubai sharjah traffic till 8:30.. then i get back home and i have to work on the work they gave me to do at home.. ofcourse by now im DEAD tired.... so i collapse into deep sleep.. and just as soon as i am gettin comfortable in the warmth of my bed i hear the ANNOYING ALARM!!!

AAAAAAH! remind me why i wanted to work llol.. ok the brigh side is that i feel like im doin somethin in my life and now that i have no time whatsoever i realize the so many things i want to do IF i had time!! ANd then i remember like a week ago is at home thinking WHAT CAN I DO WITH ALL This FREE TIME!! AAAAAH! oh how i already miss sleeping.. sigh

its soo funny how we plan our lives every single day... what we will do... who we will marry.. and in the end God is the one who chooses what is best for u.. i dreaded work in media city and i alwayds said id NEVER work there.. and here i am... i guess its my fate to get stuck in traffic everyday... im still in shock that im working.. all happened so fast... unexpectedly..

when ppl used to say im too busy with work i thought they were just makin things up.. that they were just sayin.. they dont want to hang out with me in a nice way... now im the one saying " cant go out.. too much work" today i officaially say goodbye to my social life.... *waves to friends sadly* blows nose... *crys

im soo stressed out the moment.... so many projects to do... i hardly have time to look in the mirror * looks at mirror SCREAMSSSSSS !! omg... why didnt anyone tell me i had a huge ink mark on my face?! lol maybe its a good thing.. will distract ppl from the sudden zit appearance! i dunno how i got like 3 spots on my face.. suddenly.. not like zits.. red spots.. hamduliah i have clear skin so i never get zits but i guess its the stress / lack of sleep factor!!

*applys facial and cucumber on eyes to relax... realizes facial is made out of fruits and yougart.. eats it.. ( i forget to eat these days).. then dino eats cucumbers that were on her eyes lol

ill try to blog whenever i can.. since some ppl liked my work il just keep postin my work here till someone complains :) no one said anythin abt the islamic calligraphy poster.. *ehm ehem.. it took me ages to get that right *sigh

gtg get back to work.... *faints on keyboard

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Today i found myself more spiritual than other days... its because i spent the day with ppl who remind me of GOD and the beauty of ISLam.. i sat there thinking of the many ways GOd has blessed me.. the many ways i consider myself blessed... and then a thought came to me... I thought how Merciful GOD is... we sin.. HE forgives.. we forget to thank God for many blessings yet HIS blessings are showered upon us everyday..

what if for each time we sin we lose a blessing? What if every sin we do is written on our faces for the world to see? WE all have sins... no one is SIN-free ...

yet one of Gods many blessings is that HE doesnt punish us with our sins even when sometimes we deserve to be punished.. HE forgives us and not only that.. GOD loves us... and His mercy upon us is more than than the MErcy of a mother on her own child... subhannallah...

i thought of how much i want to be a better person... of the many times i forgot to thank pray... how i feel like a hypocrite sometimes because i say things i dont do..feel i always have ups and downs...oh how i wish things were easy... but i know life isnt easy... but heaven is worth all the trouble.. inshala GOd will guide me and help me to be a better muslim.. to set a good example..

i just realized how thanking GOd itself is a blessing... i am even blessed by remembering God ... al hamdulilah..

Thursday, March 02, 2006

WorK Work Work

Ye$ i think i got the job inshala.. but i didnt sign any contracts waiting for the call to confirm.. but im already goin to work .. the problem is that there is soo much work to do.. and so much traffic on the way... ne way... i guess its better than sitting at home.. im feelin kind of sick... throat is killin me.. ne way..

i think this will be my last weekend as a non-working woman... hehe im already stressed out with loads of projects to do... here are a few ideas for posters i came up with today... not finals so dont look at the quality of the image .. its just a concept... ne way i gtg get some work done... brain is abt to explode..