Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Mothers Day to All Moms!

If you are a mom... you will know what i'm talking about. single people with no kids might not get this and might even judge me for the things i will say.. first of all dear mom reading this  you need to know that you are NOT alone.. I love my kids and i love being a mother but there are a lot of things about being mother that are driving me MAD and i'm sure you might relate...

I believe all moms had the shock of their life realizing that motherhood is not as EASY as we thought. We knew it wasnt easy but we didn't think that motherhood would be so life changing.From the moment you are a MOM your life does not only revolve around your kids, they ARE YOUR LIFE. and you cant seem to remember how life was Before having a baby. But you are just in SHOCK that this is what motherhood really is a 24 hour job for the REST of your LIFE * GULP

Motherhood is loving your baby even when they look like nothing but a blob with a heartbeat. It is the miracle of life growing inside of you. The miracle of Life and its happening inside of YOU!

You will miss sleeping. You will miss doing a lot of things you used to do and apparently took for granted at the time. Taking a shower whenever you want is a luxury that you didn't know you had back then.

Problem with reality that what we are exposed to growing up and what we see pics of happy families walking around having lunch or a picnic. Happy Family photos with kids dressed up so neatly and smiling perfectly to the camera. We have no idea that in reality to actually take a decent family photo we have to actually yell at our kids to sit in place and SMILE to the camera.

So what i really find hard about being a mother is that Motherhood comes with lack of sleep. Exhaustion. ( physical and mental). When i say mental exhaustion i think what gets to me the most is the WHIINNNNNING! KIDS WHINE.. a LOT!

 typical day..  Me and my huZbandeeee want to go out..
Lulu " mama i want to come with you" Me: no laila you cant its your bedtime
Lulu: i want to come with you. i want to come with you... *crying * screaming lasts for about and hour or till we leave..
then the tantrum gets intense and involves a lot of kicking and banging on the floor.
aAt first you reply calmly.. the first 100 times... then somehow you feel she pressed this button that triggers your inner monster and you scream


* lulu looks at you silent for one split second afraid of the loud scream

2 seconds later

" Can i come with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"


Motherhood is to wake up to your kid kicking you really hard in the face because in the middle of the night they ran into your bedroom slept sideways and on top of you and their dad and keep moving and kicking through the night. Or them preferring you as their pillow.

Motherhood is guilt, confusion. NOISE lots of NOISE and screams... worry.. oh lots of worry.. its like the moment you become a mother is the moment you will worry for the rest of your life NONSTOP.. even when everything is FINE you WORRY that WHAT IF this happened to my kids? And you freak out and just want to protect them and hide them from the cruelty of the world.

You feel guilty all the time because no matter what you do you will make mistakes.. because no matter what you do you will never be perfect. You feel guilty because in the midst of your crazy day you forgot that you promised to get your daughter or son something you had promised to get them.  You feel guilty after you lose it for a minute and yell at them and then see them sleeping so innocently and want to ball your eyes out because they are so CUTE and innocent and you are such a bad mom. :(--

Motherhood is being so tired that your initial bad memory is now even Worse.. that you might go to buy groceries and go back home forgetting the whole trolley in the store. I believe with every kid that you deliver a part of your brain DIES or is no longer functional.. or maybe it becomes so OVERUSED it just CRASHES.

Motherhood is being the REFEREE when your kids fight.. usually over the toys that they have NEVER EVER Played with.. one of them Touches something the OTHER starts WANTING it!
its like the real life baby version of STREET fighter.. only they are usually at HOME.. and their fights usually end in them calling each other " STINKY POOPOO" or lulu threatening Lina that she will draw her with a SAD face if she does not give her the toy back.

Motherhood is going to shop for yourself and coming back with loads of stuff for your kids forgetting that you went to get something for YOU..

Motherhood is being so used to having the Kids CD in the car with their nursery songs ( which you know by heart) on loop to the point that even when there are no kids in the car when you park your realize OH this was on the whole time :S

Motherhood is cleaning  and changing diapers and wiping more poop and that you never imagined you would see in your whole life.

Motherhood also turns you into a poop expert and you master giving suppositories and knowing the healthy poop from the oh no she is constipated or sick poopie.

Motherhood turns us into the fastest thermometers! by the first touch on your kids forehead you KNOW if their temperature is above normal

Motherhood is feeling sick and suffering from a million physical problems but sucking it up and doing everything you do everyday because so many people depend on you.

Motherhood is getting lots of unwanted advice from people who are desperately in need of Advice but are in denial and think they know it all. Its dealing with people touching your belly and talking to it when you are pregnant as if you are no longer there.. HElloo... you do know im up here right?

Motherhood is when you really start to rethink your life and start appreciating everything your mother did and you realize that she did her best and that no matter how old you are she will always see you as her little baby.

Motherhood is thinking about 10000000 things at once and doing 100000 things at once and its all about the art of multitasking

Motherhood is understanding what your 2 year old means when she says " Montess" (monster)
and lots of other gibberish that sounds so clear to you.

Motherhood is not even hesitating when using your bare hands to wipe your kids Barabeeer ( boogers) or your sleeve when their noses are runny all over your face and there is no Tissue in SIGHT   * people cringe and decide not to shake dinas hand EVER

Motherhood is having so many hormonal changes happen in your body that you are crying one second laughing the next. You crave food you have never craved when you are pregnant.
Your belly is a bottomless pit.. and i doubt brad pitt would approve of it.. haha

 Motherhood is feeling like a cow after delivery and not only becuase you now Pump your own milk but also because your body still seems to be prengnat even though your baby is already a year old :S

 Motherhood is carrying your toddler who btw walks now because she refuses to sit in a stroller and wants you to carry them and is throwing a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store. So you end up pushing the trolley in one hand carrying your daughter in the other and by the end of the day your arm is shaking from all the weight and ofcourse the Disc in your back that was caused by carrying your daughter abruptly is not getting any better this way :S

Motherhood is peoples looks piercing through you as they glare at you in the mall when your kid decides to take off her shoes and throw them at you or throws a tantrum.

Motherhood is sitting around your kids after a long hectic exhausting day, and suddenly one of them does something really hilarious and you laugh from your heart even though phsyically you didnt think you were capable of laughing this hard . You find yourself in a laughing fit and you notice your daughters missing teeth and how the new ones are now out already and how they grow up so fast. And you hear this innocent giggles and laughs and in that moment you pause and realize that these are YOUR babies and they are right here and they LOVE YOU inspite of your many flaws and mistakes. They are worth every sacrifice you have made... They ARE your life.. and you are blessed to have them right there with you... AL hamdulilah.. 

  Motherhood is a lot of things.. some are wonderful.. some are exhausting. but its not all smiles and laughter. There will be a lot of drama and crying. There will be days where you feel like a total failure. There will be days where you feel i did good today. Don't be so hard on yourself because in the end all they need is your love. 

May God protect our children and Bless our Mothers who indeed have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice selflessly for thier kids everyday. 

       Happy Mothers Day to All the Moms in the World.. You are the comfort of the world.