Friday, November 04, 2011


EID IS HERE :) happy eid everyone! kol 3am wa into bkhier! Lots of people in U.A.E. are disappointed because they anticipated a longer holiday for EID.. i guess we will try to make the best of the few days off
You know when i think of this occasion i feel a bit sad because i feel growing up we see all the amazing decorations for christmas. The fun costumes of Halloween. The endless Easter  and NEW YEAR activities. And when it comes to EID.. we hardly have as much EID attractions..

I dont want our children to grow up thinking EID is just a boring occasion where they have to sit through long family visits while the adults talk and the kids sit quietly on a couch counting their "3eedeyeh".

We should have more FUN on EID! Especially for kids.. So many EIDS have passed where i havent even felt it was EID! We need to decorate our houses. Make more activities that are only done on EID which makes us and our kids look forward to this day!

When i say activities i dont just mean getting new clothes and 3eedeyat or gifts. We need to have bigger events with more people. The problem we have these days is that everyone is so busy with thier own life that they kind of lose touch with family and friends. We hardly even bother to send or call each other on EID. We just share a EID message on Facebook. Lets make this Blessed Occasion the most we can and lets try to think of creative ways to make our kids love EID! Share your ideas or suggestions :)