Thursday, February 21, 2008

First Newspaper Publication

Hello All :) this is the first cartoon of mine published in a newspaper :) to read the article go to . I don't write the articles i just draw the cartoons:)

Btw the newspaper comes out every Wednesday and is FOR FREE :)

So if u are in dubai.. pick one up and maybe u will find a cartoon by moi


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

il HijjaB il Cool

I recently did another freelance cartoon that i enjoyed drawing. It shows the different hijab styles. The "modern" shakira/ britney hijab and the right muslimah hijab.

Recently i feel there is a misconception of the concept of hijab. You find a girl with her boyfriend holding hands, exchanging kilmat fi bo2 ba3d :S.

Missing prayers that is IF they pray at all. I see all sorts of styles the funniest to me is the one with the high boots and short skirt! lol come on girlies?
Fakhdeh = 3awra

Oh and there is another new style of hijjab where the girls raise there hair up so high under the hijjab.(the Camel-Hump Look).

Or even add weird things under it to make it puff up and they put the hijjab on just enough to cover the Jabal on their head and ofcourse there is always the perfectly blowdryed "ghurra" bangs that shows.

It's not just about covering skin its also about not wearing something so tight that it seems like it was sprayed on you. It is not about bringing attention to yourself.

I am not in a place to give lectures to anyone. But it is also my duty as a muslim to deliver this message to the world.

Hijab is not just a piece of cloth on your head. It is an honor. It is a flag telling the world you are a muslim. Your actions now represent ISLAM. So please think twice before you become the reason people have more and more misconceptions about hijab.

The clothing must be thick enough so as not to show the color of skin it covers or the shape of the body.

The Prophet (SAW) said that in later generations of his ummah there would be, "women who would be dressed but naked and on top of their head (what looks like) camel's humps. Curse them, for they are cursed." (Muslim)

" صنفان من أهل النار لم أرهما بعد : رجال معهم سياط كأذناب البقر يضربون بها الناس ، ونساء كاسيات عاريات مائلات مميلات على رؤوسهن كأسنمة البخت المائلة ، لا يدخلن الجنة ولا يجد ريحها ، وإن ريحها ليوجد من مسيرة كذا وكذا

May God help us all always to live up to the name of ISLAM.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Meen Famous??

ANIiii :)

For the first time my blog is mentioned in a magazine :) ARABAD magazine. I couldn't find it in the uae. But they sent me a copy :)

When i am a famous cartoonist i will 2a3zimkom all on MANSAF :)

BTW i also got my first freelance cartoonist job with ALALAM newspaper. SO if you are in the uae you better start BUYING IT :) Finally my work will be published somewhere.

It's a start! Btw i am currently teaching myself flash and am doing my first animated BAGARA cartoon! Can't wait to post it!! Yipeeee!

*dino skipping away

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


this guy's cartoons are amazing i didn't know he had animations!! He has inspired me to start my own animations! CHeck this "3alarasi" video out! hahahahahahahaha

Soon i will be posting one of my VIDEOS starring BAGARTI

Thursday, February 07, 2008


So just when i thought i got those " bidkeesh titzawajee?" people off my back! A new group appears and this group is called " Bidkeesh tkhalfeee?"

Oh oh and the question i hate the most " MUSH MKHABYALNA ISHI?"
hmmm awalan it's not a GIFT for you for me to HIDE wa when you say " MKHABYA-LNA"
does it mean when the baby is born you will be the one staying up all night breast feeding and changing diapers??

or when they say "bidkeeesh tjeeebelna baby nil3ab 3alieh?"

HELLO?! Go to jbeeiha il3abi as much as u want! Babies are not a TOY!

I see mothers who spend the whole day complaining about their kids and how getting babies ruined their bodies and their marriage! Then after an hour of complaining they say...


Dont get me wrong i love kids and inshala someday i will have my own kids. BUT STOP ASKING ME! When i do get one i'll probably have a big fat post about it!!


Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Did you ever feel like you were "JAAAHLEH"? (ignorant) I remember the first time i had to use those automatic water taps that work by sensors. I remember thinking " HOW DOES THIS WORK? WISHO hatha?" i felt like a had just come from the farthest desert when the lady in front of me looked at me and laughed and said " hayk" as she very elegantly swayed her hand under the water faucet and OMG WATER CAME OUT!

ALLAHU AKBAR! *dino stands mouth wide open staring at the magic water
* dinos starts doing tricks by seeing how good the sensors are
*people stare at dino when she uses her foot in the sink
* dinos is taken away from the bathroom with bodyguards after being reported as a "weirdo"

Anyway.. This whole automatic thing has become more and more common. Everything is automatic even the FLUSH! i mean come on are people that LAZY? Even the soap comes out as soon as you place your hand at the sensor!

My friend heard a man who most probably was Jordanian in the mall and he was also as amused as i was with this technology. he was like " YA ZALAMEH HAATH IL SAboon BINZAL HOWN MARGHI KHAAALIS"

3anyway i sense people are only becoming more lazy depending on technology in everything in life. They move less and eat more. Which brings me to my new Jowhara theory which is that