Thursday, February 14, 2019

Shifting Focus

 The older we get the more life makes sense to us and the more we understand a lot of things. I want to share my experiences with you in hope that somehow i can help people who were in a place i was before find this clarity that i have found just recently.

 I know i am an emotional person and i am very sensitive and sometimes dramatic about how i feel and as the egyptians say can " 2a3mel min il 7aba 2oba". But what i also have become aware of is that i tend to focus on negative things in myself and that focus on the negative aspects of anything makes it hard to see the positive.

  I am aware of my self confidence issues and how i have lived my life as a people pleaser. I am aware of the many mistakes i have done throughout the years and mostly are caused by not knowing my self worth.

I realized that i measured my self worth by the way people treated me and by how much love i received from the people i care about it.

 Not feeling loved or feeling rejected only makes a person feel unworthy or not good enough.

I felt i needed to work to deserve someones love. I always felt the constant need to change something in myself to be GOOD ENOUGH.

I focused on all the negative things said to me and overlooked the many compliments and positives.

I focused on what i have no achieved rather than what i have.

I focused on what i did not have rather than many man things that i did.

I focused on the harsh words that were said to me in a moment of anger.

I focused on my many mistakes and regrets.

When we grow up you realize the world is not black or white.  People are not just GOOD or BAD.
Things are not just simple and most of the time things are too complicated to be simplified that way.

Sometimes a person can be holding a ROSE in their hand but are only focused on it's thorns.

Let's not let the thorns that hurt us take our attention from the many roses we have in our lives.

      There is no Black or White.. our lives are technicolored.

Focus on loving yourself and believing YOU ARE MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH and that no one should make you doubt that! Have you forgotten who made you ? ALLAH!! SWT! So you must be exactly the way you were meant to be!!

SHIFT your focus to the positive things in your life and the people in it and it will instantly get better.