Thursday, August 30, 2012

My latest Animation (الجمعيه) Rap Song

okay.. so my friend came over the other day.. i call her JJ and she calls me JJ. Why? its because we used to always take the same bus back home from university and hardly spoke. Till one day we sat next to each other and LOOLED the whole way back home making jokes with 7arf il JJJJJJEEEEM

JAM3iyah Tijjareya.. AJJRAB.. JURBAN. i remember singing a song

Raa7at 3al JJJJAM3iyah al TiJJJAREYEH
wekfet 3and il JJAAJ TBa7lek

something like that.. anyway.. so she came over and faJJJ2a we found ourselves recording 
silly songs..

IRTEJAAALI.. on the spot haha
and this i believe was one of our best productions.. and since i plan on practicing my animation skills i thought what better to animate than this NAWARI song

Hijaabees Can Rap Too haha
ignore the crappy quality and sound.. hopefull with time ill get the hang of it and ill be sharing better animations :P

JEEEEJti I LOVE i feel i am looking forward to our future tasJJJJEeelat HAAAHAH

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 Things Any New Mother or Mother to Be SHOULD KNOW


There are many things i wish someone told me as soon as i got pregnant. About motherhood and the things to expect as soon as you are pregnant and are about to become a mother. I will share some of the things i learnt. Some the hard way. So here we Go :

1 . Pregnancy Symptoms.. I believe when you pregnant ANYTHING can be related to your pregnancy! Im not talking about expected NAUSIA or dizziness. Those we know about. Im talking about sudden nose bleeds. Im talking about Skin Rashes. Just Don't FREAK OUT and know that once you are pregnant ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. I suggest you buy your husband a gas mask. ( for no reason at all).. * runs * hand shooing away trail

2. When you are Pregnant most of the pregnant woman i know experience .. FAJA3.. how can i translate that word.. you feel like your tummy is a bottomless pit.. and this pit my dears has nothing to do with Brad PItt.. you feel you can EAT AND EAT and you still seem to eat like you were STARVING... i still remember the look on my husbands face when i say " im hungry" and he says... " you just ate 5 mins ago" * dino glares at him * husband passes over plate of food

You could crave anything from bars of soap to food you never knew you could possibly EAT!
And in my case a TRUE CHOCOHOLIC i lost my LOVE FOR CHOCOLATE!


 * nods shamefully and sadly.. but that is no longer the case * munches on chocolata

3. You will feel the need to pee in the last moths 24/7 . you will feel someone is sitting on your bladder.. wait ... someone IS sitting on your BLADDER. but what i never knew is... this is kind of disgusting.. * ehem ehem * you could possibly reach a stage where when you SNEEZE or COUGH.. you might.. ermmm errmm.. okay u get it? JUST Always keep some extra clothes in your purse hahahaha

4. LABOR.. how do you know you are in labor? YOU WILL KNOW.. labor is no JOKE.. the pain of labor is not the kind of pain where you can stand there and wonder.. ohhh is this labor? YOU CAN BARELY STAND! Labor unlike in the movies last for longer than a short scene of a lady screaming in the hospital.  In first delivery  my labor lasted 16 hours.. My second it was 7 hours.. Again this varies from woman to woman.. and well good news is after the first baby they say بسلك الطريق .. meaning second baby labor is always easier.  Oh and btw EPIDURALS DONT ALWAYS WORK.. but i will take my chances everytime :P

5. As soon as you deliver.. you will look down and find.. A 6 month PREGNANT BELLY and wonder if there is still another baby left in there.. Dont freak out or be depressed although with all your crazy hormones you will very likely start crying hyterically. Know that it took 9 months to get this lovely baby bump and will take at least 6 months to go back to its natural state. To those moms who claim they lost all the weight in the first week post delivery.. *rolls eyes.. * offers them cupcakes and sweets.. oh have some you skinny people ..

Crazy Post delivery mom SIDE is UNLEASHED

* dino jump on and ATTACKS SKINNY LADY yelling : 

* body guards pull dina off skinny traumatized woman 

6. Your Baby is finally here.. OMG.. HOW am i GOING TO HOLD THIS TINY BABY!? Are you SURE you want to GIVE THIS BABY TO ME?! I drop my phone all the time.. this is DANGEROUS!.. that is what i thought.. Truth is.. it might seem IMPOSSIBLE at first but with time.. you get the hang of it just never get carried away and  do what this crazy lady did...

7. Babies WILL  CRY. that is what they do. Dont freak out if sometimes you try everything and they are still crying. The first 3 months most babies cry because they could possibly be a colic baby. And this goes away usually by the 3rd month. And if your baby cries instead of crying and freaking out know that its okay for babies to cry. Its their way of comminication. They cant talk yet so they cry. I feel your tolerance to hearing your baby cry goes up with the second baby because you know sometimes they just cry because they are bored or want to be carried and its not always for a nappy change or milk.
Sometimes its just cause they are sleepy. So just dont freak out and RELAX..

8. Diapers.. will leak one day.. no matter how well you close them .. accidents happen and for some reason i believe babies tend to do these accidents in the worst times. When they is no changing room or the changing room is really far. Or when you forget to get a change of clothes. So just expect to be pooped on. oh puked on and for a long time you will smell like SOUR MILK :P

9. Sleeping.. you will not be sleeping without waking up for night feeds for the first 2 years.. Unless if you are luck and blessed with a baby that sleeps for a straight 12 hours.. Bye bye sleep.

10. Breastfeeding.. i breastfed my first daughter lulu for a whole year and yes breast is best as they say and i support breastfeeding 100 percent. But if you CAN'T for any reason. Either you dont have enough milk or have to go back to work or you know what.. even if you choose not to breasfeed..

*old lady knitting in the background ignoring this whole talk suddenly looks up and GASPS

yes khalto.. it doesn't make you a BAD mother and FORMULA is not POISON.. and no mother would   make this choice to harm her baby. Yes breast milk is better but Formula is Okay and i tried the pros an cons of both. My second baby lina refused to be breastfed as in the hospital they gave her the bottle and once she was introduced to the bottle she would not breastfeed. It was either leaving all my daily errands and connected myself to a breast pump all day like a cow or giving formula..

i breastfed for as much as i could but i could not in the end and formula has its benifits. Its easier for you as mom when you have to give a baby a feed in public. you dont have to run to the nearest bathroom or corner. you just MAKE HER A BOTTLE. Its more convenient at times and is less stressful on the mother. Plue when you are not breastfeeding you can drink coffee and eat anything you want without worrying about it coming out in the milk.

Ne way.. what im saying is i was a formula fed baby and so were many others i know.. and i think we turned out fine.. or did we * twitches * rocks self in dark corner :P

I just hate those judgements that come along with not breast feeding.. its like OMG you CRUEL CRUEL MOTHER! HOW COULD YOU! HOWWW!!!!? 

GET OVER IT.. Still i believe breastfeeding is beneficial for both baby and the mother and helps mom loose weight. With each feeding,  a hormore called oxytocin is released which causes the smooth muscle cells in the uterus to contract, enabling the uterus to shrink to its pre-pregnancy size. Also i felt with breastfeeding there was a special skin to skin bond with your baby that no words can describe. Just if you cant.. dont let those people make you feel guilty you are still a great mom and can still bond with your baby.

10. You brain will be so full of baby thoughts and baby talks dont be surprised if you wake up holding a pillow and freaking out thinking you slept with your baby in your arms.You will one day attempt to give your husband a pacifier because you are so used to doing that and then realize OMG what am i doing. I swear i once really poked at my husbands behind in the mall to check if he needed a diaper change and then i was like OMG OMG?! WHAT AM I DOING! and we were in PUBLIC! 
The good side of the story here is that he was my husband and not some random dude at the mall

 * Dino is arrested for sexual harrassment in Dubai Mall

Basically your brain will be engulfed by baby talk, baby changing and all that baby stuff with the lack of sleep will make you do many CRAZY THINGS

You will HALLUCINATE at some point for sure

Thats is for now if you found any of these tips helpful let me know and i will write a list of 10 things a mother of a TODDLER should know :) 



Saturday, August 25, 2012

What Do I WANT? شو بدي؟

What do you want? a question i am asked at least once daily. When i'm in a restaurant about to order food. When i'm home and my husband asks me " what do you want to do today?" 

Everyday i hear this question  over and over and even when its for the simplest things like whether or not i want pickles in my shawerma, whether i want the mcchicken sandwich to be spicy or regular. Even in the simplest situations i always am hesitant i feel i DONT know what i WANT! I am so INDECISIVE it drives me mad and other ppl as well. and i feel it has gotten worse lately.

 I am so used to being okay with everything and going with the flow that i have reached a point where i DONT KNOW WHAT I WANT! Having a CHOICE is tough! 
Making simple and big decisions is TOUGH! 

Its like for ex. when we go to bed my husband asks me which of the 2 covers i want! and i'm like.. hmm this one.. then he takes the other one and i feel .. no no i want that one. and well this goes on for a while till he reaches a point where he is like.. TAKE BOTH COVERS
wa حلي عني hahaha 

ok he didnt say that out loud but i felt it. I think i like both covers equally but whenever he wants a cover it becomes more cozy and warmer to me. I hate making a decision and regretting it or wishing i made the other choice. Unfortunately in life we dont usually get both covers. You need to make a decision and no one will decide for you. You need to decide for yourself. You need to MAKE UP YOUR MIND ya SIT DINNNAAAAA!

Its not just this indecisive nature. i always find myself leaving things unfinished. I get excited about something. I start an idea for a business and as soon as i want to take the idea to the next level, as soon as things start getting real, i face the first obstacle. I QUIT.  I lost track of the many endless ideas i had and never did. Problem is i feel i can do so much. I hate this feeling of feeling that you need to be discovered or that your trapped in yourself. 

Things i have done.. I have done wedding, party favors. and well i never really took it to the next level cause i feel it will take a lot of time and i dont have time.

I have designed wedding cards but well lots of ppl dont go to designers for wedding cards but rather just have a ready made design. Aslan most of people who come to freelance designers these days expect you to work for free like your time spent is worthless which also gets depressing.

I have done artwork and digital designs but never actually sat there and produced a series of artwork. Love making funny greeting cards just never took that to the next level either.

I love writing and blogging and would love to write a book or kids book but i never actually did take this to the next step.

i love illustration and thought of selling my illustrations to shutterstock or a simalar website. again i never tried that either. i feel i always need a push. 

i love making people laugh whether its through my animation or stand up comedy but well my animating skills are still at the beginner stage.

kolo love love love Lovni برص hahaa

My latest صرعة  is being a stand up comedian making my own stand up sketches on youtube inspired by kharabeesh N2o Comedy who sara7a are not all very funny. I feel i can do so much better. Rajae qawas is hilarious and if you havent seen FEMALE you really have to.

 After thinking it through i realized it  would mean that i will definitely face a lots of harsh criticism that i dont think i can take
 انا قلبي رهيْف.

 And lets say i get famous. would it mean i go on comedy show tours? what about my kids? وين أوديهم؟  plus for sure as a hijabee i will face extra criticism for sure. 
its a challenge im not sure i will take.. maybe ill change my mind.. you know me.. indecisive haha

Maybe ill do short funny animations instead and work on my animation skills but t. بدريششش

I know a lot of people who are now ماشاءالله very successful and have fulfilled thier dreams and have done something they loved. Sometimes you find people who you never expected to be successful, like those who never attended class or were always sleeping who suddenly have started thier own business. Im actually happy for them and inspired and i find myself thinking.
 HOW did they do it ?
Why didn't I do something BIG when i know i have the ability and talents to do a lot?

Answer is that.. They did not just sit there and talk talk talk about what they WANT to do. they thought of something they wanted to do. and they DID IT. They did not quit as the first obstacle they faced. The one thing they surely had is DETERMINATION & CONFIDENCE. They were willing to take RISKS and they knew that if they failed once or many times eventually they will succeed because they BELIEVE. 

Reminds me of the inspirational story of 3amo KFC whose name is actually 

Colonel Harland David Sanders he actually faced 1000 rejections and the 100person who finally not only did not reject him but instead agreed to be his parthner in this Kentucky Fried Chicken business was Pete Harman

That my deary dears blogging peers is the route of my problem. FEAR. Fear oF Failure.

I dont have DETERMINATION. I see daily inspirations people like my fellow blogger Ola Eliwat
who just published her book "قبل السفر" which will be the first arabic novel i read انشاالله
 ( when i get my hands on a copy that is)
She is a great writer and expresses herself so eloquently in her writings. Can't help but feeling a sense of familiarity when you read her wrtings. She is one of the few writers and bloggers whose writings intrigue you and capture you and no matter how long they might seem you find yourself reading on and on till you realize you just read her whole blog or book and want to read some more.

One day when she is famous i hope she remembers Dino the Chocoholic blogger who loves Bagar.

Another inspiration of the week is my friend and relative who made this really cool educations app for teaching kids for IPHONE IPAD i downloaded it for lulu and she loved it and im sure your kids will love it too download it for FREE here  very nice idea. I have also alway wanted to make an app for kids.. someone yells " انتي كل شي بدك قرفتينا"

To those who have started thier own business, wrote thier own book, made thier own app or started thier own show pursued their dreams. Good for you, you are truely inspirational. For those people who are like me know that by true determination you TOO can achieve your goals.

* dino nods taking in her own advice

Truth is after talking to my wise huzbandi and telling him how confused i was about what dream i want to pursue. He asked me why i feel the need to be famous or on youtube to feel that i have achieved something in life. He reminded me of my beautiful girls lulu and lina and how being a MOM is one of the greatest achievements of my life.

He also made me realize that i havent actually sat down with my lulu to read to her and teach her in a long time. She is messing up her letters and that made me feel really bad.
 I am focusing on how i can be productive to the world when i didnt even
start in my own home with my own kids.

Tomorrow i'm going to sit and read to lulu. Teach her and revise the alphabet and numbers again. In the end of the day whether or not i start my own business or write my own book, I have to bring up my daughters the best way i know how because they are my life and they are what makes me happy.

Instead of complaining and wondering about what i could have done for now i will say

الحمدلله على كل شي

وانشاءالله خير

و الله يعينك يا جوزي قد ما بغررررر

blablablalablabla hahah okay now that all that is out of my system im going to bed.


did i mention i also sing and write poetry?

*someone throws shoe at dina

*dina ducks

Monday, August 20, 2012

EID MUBARAK كل عام و انتم بخير


So Ramadan is Over?! just saying that gives me goose bumps cause i didnt even get used to saying Raman is HERE?! now its over?! and i feel it just passed in a blink of an eye. I know i should have done so many things and taken advantage of this holy month and yet again i seem to have missed out.

So i said i will make the best out of EID! Let me start by wishing you all a EID MUBARAK and May Allah accept all your prayers and bless you and your family and loved ones. 

I grew up not really excited about EID. yes i got new clothes but usually our parents would take us to visit family and sometimes ( most times) it would be visiting a group of older people who talked about things like  أسهم نازلة و طالعة or shared recipes for making food or complained about this kids.. and well now i would probably enjoy all this conversation ( maybe not the one about stock shares and finances) but in general i probably would have joined in all these topics but as a kid. those conversations seemed like the most boring conversations in the world. and i could NOT wait to LEAVE! 

To me EID was fun cause i got my EIDiyeh but we never decorated or had a EID activity that made me look forward to EID. I always looked forward to HALLOWEEN in school cause we could wear fun costumes and go trick or treating. I Always looked forward to easter cause we would go for our egg hunts and paint eggs in school. I felt no connection to EID. Which is why i decided i don't want that to be the case with my kids. I want them to LOVE EID. Look Forward to IT!  I want them to know that it can be AS FUN as EASTER, HALLOWEEN and any other occassion. Believe it or not there are many muslims who have christmas trees in thier home each year and not once have decorated for EID. 

We decorated our house and with a group of friends we arranged a party for our kids. Where we bought small lanterns for the kids to decorate and loaded a bucket with sweets. The kids attacked the bucket of sweets and in a matter of seconds all their candy bags were full and the bucket was EMPTY!
It was fun to watch! They danced and had a great time and from now on InshAllah every EID we will have a party for the kids so that they know EID is for THEM and not just for just US to do our family visits. Dont forget to have little party bags of sweets and 3edeyeh in them for the kids to take when they go home!

Eid Should bring the joy of all the other celebrations we think are so much more fun!
You get to dress up, get sweets, get money, get gifts, decorate your house, go to play with your friends! 
You also get to spend quality time with your family which is something we tend to somtimes miss out on in our everyday life. Everyone is too busy, too tired too distracted to focus on family time. ofcourse they get to OPEN thier EID gifts on EID morning as well!

Oh i also designed this EID poster and stickers the kids placed on their lanterns. And i actually made EID CUPCAKES! Nutela cupcakes! what is EID without CHOCoLAte?! :) Here are some photos :) 

Lets all try to make EID as fun as possible for our kids. Let them know ISLAM is FUN too :) Lets Make EID and Occassion that Even NonMuslims want to celebrate with us!

Make a difference by starting with your family and before you know it you would have made a difference in the whole world and a whole new generation. Lets start new and fun EID traditions that we look forward to every year :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sadamat Al 7ayat ( Shik Shak Shock)

So what is so shocking about life?! Answer is Everything and Nothing.. How is that?

*dino wears falsafeh thinking cap
*plays a tape of the sound of the ocean in the background

Life is shocking but you see so many shocks in life that you reach a point where NOTHING shocks you.. you feel you have seen it all.. i remember when the first woman in one of Amr Diabs video clips showed a little bit of her tummy and everyone was SHOCKED! ino KEEEF?! ma btest7i! KEEF KAN on TV?!!  that was a long time ago.. now if she shoes JUST her belly we say HAMDULILAH she covered her Gluteus maximus  and other dangerous Qanabel ( bombs )haha

Kids driving cars, smoking weed killing their fellow students in school, pregnant MEN & ofcourse shock of the month for me is some Indians giving thier toddlers and babies snakes to play with because they cant afford TOYS! (shock of the month)

We are in a time where anything can be turned into a video like this haha ( aint no body got time for dat)

People getting shot after they passed tawjihi in AMMAN.. cause HOW can you PASS without some idiot whos concept of CELEBRATION Is shooting Random SHOTS IN THE AIR?!

 Can't they just use those party pops that we use in parties?!

*POP* lovely colored pieces of paper scatter in the air

opposed to 

*POP* Allah yer7amo kaan il awal 3al saffoh!! 

( GOD Have mercy on his soul he was the first in his class)

We are now living in the new " Jaaaheleyah" where people no longer know right from wrong and thier source of information is probably thier schoolmate or friend or maybe haifa wehbi. In a time where hardly anyone has the will or feels the need to learn or know more about their own religion. They don't check thier facts and just are ready to bite your head off if you disagree with their point of view.

Its like you dont like what i say then you are now " KoKha"

ya CD and kokha okay but at least i admit that i myself am guilty of not knowing a lot of things that i should know about Islamic History for instance. I pretty much forgot everything i studied in school and university because then i only had the ability to store the informtion in my head till i wrote down in the EXAM and as soon as i wrote it down its like it FLEW AWAY.. I need to read more.. educate myself from the jahl il ana fe.. but even though im in no place to judge anyone.. i just know for a FACT that there is a LOT.. A WHOLE LOT of WRONG going on in the world.. 

it doesnt take a smart ASs-PRIN :S to know.. that ISLAM is not about people from the same nationality and religion killing each other.. Innocent people dying around the world for one simple reason


It doesnt mean if your SISTER was listening to a song by ABD AL HALEEM that she must be in love  and in a relationship and you have to SHOOT HER fe QADEYET SHARAF ( honor killing)
 ( true story) what if she was listening to SHAKIRA?!

Something is very wrong when you hear about GAY MUSLIMS
huh?!? whats next MUSLIM PROSTITUTES? Believe it or not i once heard of a
*drums roll

GAY IMAAAM (shiekh) *face palm and rejel saweyan

Why do they have they have to use the name of ISLAM?? Just say you are GAY.. Do you have to make a Statement that you are MUSLIM so that some idiot in the world thinks.. OH SO BEING GAY is OKAY in ISLAM? woo hoo...

*man jumps into dress and does a catwalk infront of the mirror while he vigourously chews on a gum like a girly girl 

 There are PSYCHOS in the world doing pretty much anything that crossed your mind or didn't cross your mind. What im trying to say here.. is that we have reached a time and age where so many shocking things are going on around us that we are desensitized bel 3arabi... tamsa7na..

  We have to open our minds in a non shakoosh (hammer )
 against someones head way. 

anybody remember abu shakoosh? haha jsut got a flashback.. this guy in jordan used to run around
pharmacies with a hammer killing people! for a while i used to freak out whenever i 
saw any man walking with his hands in his pocket and big karsh ( belly) id
think is that really a belly of pure fat or is there a hammer hidden under that
jacket somewhere?!

Back to the subject..

When i say we have to be OPENMINDED i dont mean the meaning 
we live today. Nowadays its like " yaaay habeebti you STILL didnt move 
in with your boyfriend??! Come on khaleeeki OPENMINED?

what i say to that is.. 
and probably her parents know about him and they ofcourse are 


Ne hooo.. time for me to goo..just something to sink abawit ya gama3a.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake TRIFLE

This pic.. i am proud to say.. is not from any site but straight from Dino Kitchen.. and believe it or not this is one of the easiest desserts you can EVER MAKE! and still you will look like PRO ahaha

so here is the INGREDIENTS!

- Vanilla cake Mix ( betty crocker)
- Vanilla Custard ( i used danayt )
- Strawberry filling ( same one you use on cheesecake )
- Whipping Cream
- Fresh Strawberries

You cut the cake into pieces and make a bottom layer of cake.. add a layer of custard.. top it with a layer of strawberry filling.. and repeat as much as your plate can handle :) and when you reach the top add the whipping cream. i used an icing pipe to get those swirls but it will still look yummy without the swirls

wa sa7tayn ya 7ilweeen ( 2 healthies you pretties) :P

Nutellayy Cheesecake Brownies RECIPE!

In the spirit of this holy month, i want to share the love, and since im a chocoholic i had to share this recipe that i did yesterday! Just by reading the name... i drooled.. i tried out this recipe yesterday.. actually its a group of recipes.. what i usually do before i cook anything is google it.. look at several recipes and then take the things i like and make my own dino recipe... ya salam.. although my final brownies did not look like the this pic at all.. this pic was from this  site ... they still tasted... WONDERFUL!

 i actually burnt my hand while i was cooking them (as usual) and my reaction was to throw the pan in the air somehow.. so it landed safely but the whole mix was shaken ( ya 3alaya 3alieh inkhad shwaya) sooo welll it didnt loook wow.. but still i will share the recipe hoping yours will turn out better and that you wont drop it like its hot drop it likes its hot :p like me

so here is the recipe.. wa ed3oooli ya haabaybi.. i will also share another desser recipe that looks AMAZING but is actually sooo EASY coming next :)

Sooo here we go your ingredients are :

You either make your life easier and just buy the ready made brownie MIX by Betty Crocker (Allah ysahel 3alieha ) or you make the brownie mix

recipe mainly taken from here 

the next pics are all MY PICS :) i took some photos to share on my blojjjj :P

Brownie Mix :

- 140 grams of melted butter, allow to cool
- 1/2 cup Nutella
- 2 large eggs
- 1 cup of plain flour
- 1 cup of golden castor sugar (or regular castor sugar)
- 3 tablespoons of cocoa

Cheesecake Layer
- 250 grams of cream cheese at room temperature
- 1/3 cup golden  castor sugar
- 2 large eggs
- 1/3 cup of plain flour
- 2 teaspoons of vanilla paste

- 1/2 cup of hazelnuts toasted, skins removed and cut in half ( i didnt add hazelenut i added pecans and walnuts instead )
- Extra Nutella to pipe ( i added extra NUTELLA)


- Preheat oven to 170 degrees Celsius

- Grease and line a 20cm x 28 cm slice tin

- Mix together the wet ingredients for the brownie until well combined 

- Mix in the dry ingredients until well incorporated

- Do NOT burn your hand and drop the tin on the flooor like i did 

- Spread brownie mixture evenly in prepared tin

- In a mixer (or by hand!!!!) mix the cheese, sugar and vanilla together until smooth, light and fluffy

- Add the eggs gradually until well incorporated and the mixture is smooth and fluffy again
- Gently mix in the flour until well combined, but don't over beat at this point ( i forgot the flour :p)

- Pour the cheesecake mixture over the brownie mixture and spread out evenly on top

-Fill piping bag with Nutella and dip the nozzle in to the cheesecake mixture and pipe nutella dots or flowers in any formation you like. 

( i obviously didnt use forgot to use the pipe) 

i will not be posting pics from my actually final brownies cause well u might not do this recipe if you see them :P but trust me.. a true chocoholic.. when i tell you.. they are a taste of heaven.. and calories ofcourse.. wa sa7nayn.. i mean sa7tayn :P