Sunday, December 30, 2007

MY Trip to Kuwait

I was in kuwait for 5 days visiting Ahmed's Family and well it was a nice visit! I went to visit relatives who havent seen me in 17 years... you can imagine the stories they said about me!

"inti ya dina konti 6i6na6ani fil bayt wa tghaaani ughniyet " DIN DAN DON"

amm amm didnt remember that.. but i do remember my mom saying that i used to bite everyone that visited us! I also found out many stories about 7amooda's childhood! this story i MUST share with the world!

Apparently ba3loooli was always as quiet as he is now... only when he was a kid he hardly spoke they thought he couldn't speak.. till one day some anti was mad at them and said " ra7 adba7kom bil 3asayeh" ( i will slaughter you with this STICK) <-- come to think of it that is not a nice thing to say to little kids

Anyway then.... 7amooda SPOKE! and said " il 3athaaya ma btidba7 il thekeena bath il btidba7"
" the stick can't slaughter only a knife does that "

MIRACLE CHILD! hehe ya3nii all this time he could speak but felt it was unnecessary and when he finally does say something its kalam Jawaher! mashala he skipped that gaga googoo stage to saying meaningful sentences!

not only that he skipped the crawling phase and walked as soon as his parents got him shoes!

jowzi ana khateeer! I always felt he was special:)

Anyway enough about our childhood! back to the relatives visit! You know how some people love to force you to EAT?! ya3ni u eat as much as you can.. then they start swearing
" WALLAHI la takli wala baz3al minik" and u eat some more then u think you are done and they come in with DESSERT and you are like " i wish i didnt have that knafeh sandwich for breakfast"!! And you finally reach the point of NO MORE!!! And they glare at that ka3keh in your hand and say " YALLA KOLEEEHA 2odaaaaME GHAs MIN 3anik" * gulp

YALA koleeeha 7alaft bidik iyaaani Asooooom 3 days?

*dinos thinking i wish i was fasting before this visit!

Dinos : "bas ya 3amti ma ba7ib il ka3k bi fustu2"
Anti force feeder : LA LA haaaada ghier hada zaaaki JArbeeeeh
DinoS : YA anti law akaltha 7amooot
Anti : LA LA mush mushkileh kolha mowteh ( just kidding i made this up )
YA ANti 3indi 7asaseyeh min il fustu2

*Dinos looks at 7amooda for help offers the ka3keh with a puppy look and smile
*7amooda also full gives her the " ma dakhalneesh look"
* slowly dina bites the ka3keh.. feeling and tasting every crumb

Then we all ran away before they forced us to nitghada!

btw even after all that eating they were not pleased and said " ya dina btakleesh"

*dinos looks down at karsh that has suddenly popped out after visit


Monday, December 17, 2007


After a very long post that made even my mom cry :( i have to cheer you guys up...

EID IS HERE and im off for a WEEK! Kol sana wa into salmeen!!

And i guess no one will be singing Mary had a little lamb little lamb little lamb for a while.. it will probably be like.. sub7i thaba7 kharoof kharfan kharoof kharfan kharoof kharfan :P

ENJOY IT & here is a line from a movie i recently saw " ACCEPT THE GOOD"
i am going to accept the Good in my life :) Al hamdulilah

Sunday, December 16, 2007

life life life

A couple of days ago when i was at my parents house i took a nap on my old bed. It was the same bed same covers, same room, same pillow same feeling. And i thought to myself how i wish that everything was still the same. And for a split second when i woke up i wanted to believe everything was still the way it was. That my dad was in the living room taking a nap while he was watching al jazeera. That when i walk out he will give a lecture and tell me i am lazy that i should not sleep alot!

So many changes in my life.. some are so shocking that i don't think i will ever be able to get over. I feel terribly sad yet extremely happy at the same time, its more like schizophrenic feelings. I'm happy i got married to the man i love after meeting so many psychos and weird people that made me reach the point of wondering if he will ever come along doubting that i will always be a psycho magnet.Yet, i'm so sad seeing my dad like this.

It's been 8 months now.

I feel guilty every time i laugh. I feel i should do so much more but everytime i go to visit i am so helpless. They always tell me to make him laugh and smile and i usually manage to do that by saying silly stories and making a fool out of myself.

It hurts even more to be there trying to make him smile when i personally don't think he has anything to smile about. Everytime my phone rings my heart stops because i think something bad happened. Everytime i go to sleep i dream that he walked and spoke to me again.

It's like a part of me is moving on with life and the other is stuck.

Life is getting harder by the second and i just am sick of hearing bad news all the time..

ma fi ishi bifari7!

Anyway al hamdulilah.... Allah yishfeeh wa ykhafef 3anoh.. sorry 3al nakad

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


i had a long post but no one commented and i felt maybe it was a bit too long an boring ;P so i decided to change it to this...... this image is just how i imagined how it would be like if i ever had to take a mug shot with poolie :P

Thursday, November 15, 2007

LIsten to Your MOM or you will be ATTACKED BY ZUBALA

ok.. you are probably thinking what is she talking about? or NOW WHAT?
listen to this.. once upon a time i was sitting having a talk with my mom and i ws telling her how i keep breaking plates and cups she said i should always wrap the broken glass with newspapers so that i don't hurt myself when i throw the garbage... Well.. then i said.. " ana fadyeh alufhum mush ra7 yseerli ishi" .. i usually am stubborn and don't like taking advice especially on how to get things done.. and so well.. YESTERDAY...... i was cleaning the kitchen.. and putting plates in their place when i found a broken pirex plate .. so i threw it away.. and as i was throw the garbage bag away... A HUGE PIECE OF GLASS hit my LEG!

AYyyyy..... i thought it was just a scratch till i felt my abaya stuck to my leg! i was bleeding!
like really BLEEDING! anyway... 7amooda got home 15 mins after that and he took care of me :) it didnt need stitches... 7amdullila.... 7amooda always saves me :) SUPER 7ameedo

Moral of the stories... ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR MOM's ADVICE especially when its about GAZAAAAAAAZ :P or one day when you are not expecting it the GARBAGE will ATTACK YOU! btw poolie my bagara fainted at the sight of my blood.. she is also fine now too:)

Dont worry about us... :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wayn Kondarteee?

Again another adventure to share... you probably all know about how i get lost everywhere i go! i just don't seem to have that sense of direction! Anyway since ba3li is in abu dhabi for a week i decided to go to the gym alone this time... I got lost... then i found myself in traffic i definitely had no reason to be stuck in! It's one thing to be caught in traffic but its just another thing to be caught in traffic that is UNNECESSARY! lol

So yesterday i was determined to reach the gym... let my friend draw me a map.. actually payed attention to each an every detail! FINALLY i reached!!! Got my new mp3 player so that i can workout even more! till i opened my gym bag.... and what do i find? or shall we say what did i NOT FIND?!!? MY JAZMA my OTHER PAIR OF Sports SHOES! Ofcourse working out 7afyeh was not very smart!! SIGH

*dinos is disappointed

ba3dien i thought i forget it at home or in the car... still is missing... i will look again! i can't believe someone could lose a shoe! you lose a pen! a notebook! but A SHOE?! who does that?

*someone in the crowd yells " DINA tab3an"

the sad part is that i felt emotionally attached to it! because they were the first gym shoes that didnt hurt my feet!

i will hug the one i have left to sleep tonight lol :P

id3ooli ala2eeeha! heheheheh

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gym Gym Gym

After many days of blubber mode and lack of motion i finally joined a gym with 7amooda! I want to be fit! To feel that energy boost you feel after working out!! I still cant seem to stop the chocolate addiction but at least now im moving! hehe

A lady at the gym aims to make me anorexic and says that the ideal weight for someone who is 180 should be 55! hmmm i have a skinny friend who is way shorter than me who says she is 56 so lets say i do reach that ! i will probably be a eligible for a poster for the next " the ring" movie or more like " the SKELETON KEY"

my aim is to be more fit and healthy not kill myself! So what if i'm not a model stick! So what if i appreciate chocolata! So what if i like to eat real food once in a while! if i love myself and 7amooda loves me then i don't really care about what some lady thinks.

Cow joined too :P

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Another day.. another adventure... another injury lol

As i was ba7oos fil ma6bakh.. i slipped... i remember things went into slow motion as i fell.. but al hamdulilah as always GAT Saleeemah.. just a few bruises here and there... nothing serious hamdulilah!

But you know what.. my imaginary cow seems to be afraid to hang around me these days and even when she does she wears a helmet... wonder why? :P

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baab Al 7ARRA 3

I think most of the world is watching baab al 7aara! i have to say i am hooked! i have started saying things like " ya allah ya allah" everytime i enter a room! i call ahmed " ibn 3ameee"!

So this year baab il 7ara will be over but next year baab il 7ara 3 will be even BETTER ! Starring the NEW za3eeeem! My bagara! And a new addition to the cast that seems to fit in perfectly because she loves the kitchen! Um Mifli7 :P

I need to send out a message to all men who watch baab il 7aara... women in the musalsal are "make-believe". Women who are treated like they are nothing but slaves and cooks and are happy about it DON' t Exist . And if they do... Allah y3eeehum 3ala hal 3eesheh

many men have thought about finding a syrian wife... and well my syrian friend says " MA 3aaaad fee hayk bi sooooriya, killon 2wayaaaaah"

EID MUBARAK EVERYONE!!!! i'll be off for a week so no posts :) take care

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Chef Don Don

Don Don, Chef Don Don is the name ! I forgot to tell you all that about a week ago i had my first 3azeeeemeh! I had to cook for 7 people! I made " waraq 3inab", lazagnya, chicken with mushrooms and white sauce & fatet MaQdoos!

*pats herself on the back with pride
* dino bakhirs herself and says " ismaaaalllaa 3alaya ismallah" lol hahaha

I never knew that could be possible.. i am so used to sleeping till adan and mom having everything ready Allah ya3teeha il 3afya!! Oh i also made chocolate mouse that day!

it was all good! the sign was that the girls could barely breath or move from eating way too much. ( wait that could also be a bad sign ) lol

3anyway... As i promised i will share some secret recipes so Jeeebo waraka wa kalam wa ta3aloooo jaaaaay yamma! :)

let's start with the easy stuff...

Chicken with Corn & Mushroom

Ingredients :
2-3 tbs oil oil
1 cup water
1 onion
1 green onion
Chicken Breasts ( sliced ) no bone
1 can mushroom
1 can corn
salt & pepper
1 maggie cube
2 small cooking creme
3-4 tbs flour ( depends on how think you want the sauce)

How to Cook it :)

Get the garlic around 4 cloves of garlic grind them
Cut the onions and chicken to small pieces.
Mix the chicken with garlic and onion with around 1 tbs oil till you feel the chicken is almost cooked

Then Add Mushroom & Corn . Mix

leave for a bit.. then add maggie cube with 1 cup water

Add Cooking creme

Mix and add corn flower to make it thicker... add much as desired and then add salt and pepper

( eat it with rice ) uncle Ben's rice tastes better with it :)

ENJOY Yummy yummy yummy


Sunday, September 30, 2007


What is "jarabeenophobia"? it is the phobia of "JARABEEN"? jarabeen = Socks in ghazawee or general falasteeni... in jordanian "kalsaat"

3anyway... so let me explain.. ever since i got married i have started doing a lot of laundry and i realized that i hate jarabeen... i hate how they hide in the ghaseel and sometimes in other clothes! What i hate is when you finish the laundry and then realize you have just one fardeh clean other lost somewhere beneath the pile! ARghhh..

i must say... jarabeen have a life of their own... at the moment mush tay2aaahum kolhum!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wijih book

So.. i think the whole world has a facebook and well i thought that i might as well make use of this website and share my cartoons and work with the world.. so if you like my cartoons join the group My Cartoons. I am also looking for freelance jobs so here is another group with some of My Work.

Enjoy :) and let me know what you think.

I will be posting some recipes and cooking tips in the next blog :)

so es es essss es

Salam o 3alieeeeeko

Wijih book

So.. i think the whole world has a facebook and well i thought that i might as well make use of this website and share my cartoons and work with the world.. so if you like my cartoons join the group My Cartoons. I am also looking for freelance jobs so here is another group with some of My Work.

Enjoy :) and let me know what you think.

I will be posting some recipes and cooking tips in the next blog :)

so es es essss es

Salam o 3alieeeeeko

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ya Lahwee Ya Lahwee

It's been a while since i blogged and here are the following reasons...

Lots of work

Lots of na3as
Lots of tabeekh & tabeekh research

i could tell you all about my new cooking adventures , accomplishments & ofcourse my new injuries.. but i would rather share a more interesting story! I also promise to share the recipes with you all inshala b4 ramadan is over..

Now.. why the ghosts in the cartoon? *dino hears wolf howling in the background of her mind and shivers and bites her nails vigorously * spits nails out because its ramdan balash tiftar 3aliehum .. ok too much info! :P

i have been having nightmares... i always dream that there are people living with us only they are not exactly "PEOPLE"...i try not to think of it because i know they can't harm you especially when you read quran and du3a2.. but its just creepy! And when i say i dont want to think of it i think of it more!

*twilight zone music

Do you guys have any creepy stories to share? yala isri3ooni kaman! ma ho na2isni :P

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Sub7annallah... RAMADAN is HERE! Just felt like yesterday that we were saying the same thing! It's my first ramadan as a MADAM! The first ramadan where i do the cooking hehe

You know i'm sure most of did go grocery shopping before ramadan.. well i did.. and even though you plan on buying just a few things.. knowing its ramadan and you will be starving and you will be thinking about your "IFTAR" all day.. you end up loading your cart with all sorts of food! As if you heard that a NUCLEAR bomb is going to hit the country and you have to get as much food as possible to survive in your shelter!

Oh and that shopping trip was made on a normal day when you are not fasting... wait till you go grocery shopping when you are fasting and there is like an hour left for adaan!! AAAAH! that is what i would call " IJRAAAAM" <-- a criminal act lol so.. about cooking.. i love cooking.. seriously! i will post pics after a request from the readers but as soon as i fix my camera! It's ART! really! your tabkha is your work of art! 3anyway... so my point is.. although we tend to get carried away with food in ramadan.. it is not the purpose of the month and we should all take advantage of these few blessed days and try to focus on the true purpose behind ramadan.. its not to watch all those tv shows or to eat like never before.. it's to get closer to God to feel the spirituality of this month.. to reflect on the past ramadan and how we were then.. will we be better this yeas? we should always hope and aim to be a better muslims, better people... I think of it of a chance of repentance & self-renewal.. May God BLESS YOU ALL!

May this month be an end to all sadness ... Inshala baba will be better after we all pray4 him throughout ramadan... Al hamdulilah he is back home... recovering really slowly... but at least there are signs of recovery

May God accept our prayers & good deeds & forgive our sins and negligence throughout the years..


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ana M3aDaLLeH

Now i can say im officially married.. liesh? well.. i discovered i can cook! no seriously i CAN cook! You eat it my tabkha and not only are you alive it actually tastes GOOD! * dino pats herself on the back and says " m3addala zay maaaaamit-ha" hehe

Not only do i cook.. i also manage to always leave a memory of the tabkha on my skin.. a scar of some sort.. a cut.. a burn... i ALWAYS forget to wear those cooking glove mittens we have!!

So i recently discovered that i can master the act of MULTI_FUNCTIONING.. once i was cooking lunch & dessert (nutella cupcakes) with ghaseeel bilaflef in the ghasaleh.. TV show on for entertainment... phone on speaker so i can talk while i cook... mamsa7a under my feet to wipe the mess i make.. between stirs i usually do the dishes... or anshur il ghaseel.. then lamlim the first batch of ghaseel & ofcourse somehow i manage to make time to get rid of all the lovely tabeekh smells from me and look nice before 7amooda gets home... Sometimes he comes early and i'm in the middle of this mess he3 he3 he3

AM i bionic woman or what? thinking back at the me b4 marriage i never thought i would be able to do all these things and work! But discovering the Chef Dino$ in me is GREAT! i LOVE cooking!!! yummy!

My cow refuses to stay in my kitchen while i cook and says she will not witness the cold blooded murders of any bagara... she has been trying to make me become a vegetarian... convincing me that chicken is a better choice...

bas sho 2a3mal i'm not really into beef but ya3ni generally speaking Ba7ib il la7ma!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Unforgettable Video$

look at how this kid says "BLooooooDEEEEEEEE" hahhaa too cute

And this chechen boy has a future in dabkeh in the arab world !! look at the hand moves and the turns PROFESSIONAL! hahaha love it!

Monday, September 03, 2007

HoneyGamar III

So.. as i promised you here is the continuation of the honeymoon post... i would like to see this as the highlight of the honeymoon... it was a rather different experience!

In Koh Samui there was a place with waterfalls and ELAPHANT rides! I also saw a cute yet very jarban monkey and as soon as i got close to him i think he had mistaken me for his mother girdeh hahaha if i believed in past lives and being an animal in my past life i am pretty sure this would make me think i was a girdeh!
ok did i just insult myself? lol

anyway so he hugs my foot and holds on to it even after i raise it and try to shake him off he thinks its a joy ride! i have it caught on tape lol 3anyway.. other than my lost jarban gird i dunno why i made ahmed ride an elephant with me... i remember being on a camel in 3amman and i remember thinking... WHERE IS THE SEAT BELT!

when i was a kid once i fell of a 7mar... nice sa7? brought back memories..

so there were big elephants and there was a few baby elephants... for some reason we rode the small elephant!! hmmm it's scarier than being on a camel! poor thing was probably suffering ana wa a7med are giants in thailand wa this elephant zghantoot like thailandiyeen! i think it was meant for strictly tiny people!

so... the ride began and not only was it me and ahmed on the lovely gelephant!

there was the ( shall we say ) driver who sits on the elephant's head! hehe he had some sort of painful 7adedeh in his hand and he would yell things like " EEEEEEYYYYAAAAA" or " AAAAAAAAOoooooY"
and the elephant would understand!! i learnt a few words!! i can imagine the elephant thinking " MUSh BIKAFEEE ka3id 3ala raseee kaman bitrakib 2 giants 3alay wa mush 3ajbak kol3aaa6 ykal3i6ak!!!"

haha soo then after the elephant had a few stops for breathing.. and after ahmed and i tloola7na from side to side wa sirna hayk milkshake 2ad ma nkhadayna.. the elephant decided to end the ride with a lovely "BATHROOM STOP"....

have you ever been on an elephant while he goes to the loo? ishi kteer raa2i3.. hahahah the man started saying " YOU ARE ON WATA FOO WATA FOO" i was like "whata what??"

HE MEANT WATERFALL il elephant Pee...

jameel jameeel... it was a lovely experience.. the smells were breathtaking.. literally i could not BREATH hahah

but the place was amazing! and it was soo much fun!! i loved everything!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

In6agieeet Again :)

Been Taggeg by 3oriental and JasMinO

i have to mention at least 5 smells i really love... hmmmm khaleeni afakir... bas 5??

the smell of ti2layet il towmeh (garlic) when you cook molookhiyeh especially when you are starving!!! Of course i don't mean after you eat it and your breath smells like many unpleasant things lol

the smell of al nadafa... mostly the smell of clean clothes ( with softner )

the smell some hair conditioners & bath oils especially when it's a good hair conditioner gives you a whiff every once in a while like a sunsilk ad

ta ta ta ta taraa raaaa raaaaaa

the smell of scented candles

the smell of anything that is made out of CHOCOLATE

the smell of BAnzeeen * dina twitches wipes nose with her sleeve :P

the smell of Super glue & markers! hada ana tli3t JUNKIE!

* after this dina enrolls in a support group by the name " ana ba7ib ashim floooooomaster " then goes to " no more banzeen " group

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Car Trouble

Ok.. i promised honeymoon adventures but there is "khabar 3aaajil" breaking news hehe that interrupted my train of honeymoon thoughts...

remember how i i blogged once about my last car getting canceled in a car accident.. i forgot to mention i recently got a new CAR... that is not the khabar.. the news is that my new carcareeero.. :(---- 3a6laneh! there was an oil leakage and i dont even know how it happened.. yes i sometimes daydream when i drive and im not exaclty the best driver which makes all fingers point at me when things like this happen but really im innocent! i have no idea what hit the car! :(--- its new!!

not only that it got scratched 2 huge scratches in the PARKING!When i say scratch i don't mean those down with a key.. like MAJOR SCRATCH! ALLAH ysam7ak ya b3eed!

i park and wake up the next day to surprises! PEOPLE if you scratch someones car leave a NOTE or actually LOOK WHEN YOU TURN! ifffffft

i started thinking of other ways to get to work that don't involve car scratches oil leakage or speeding tickets! :P You know off the topic you know when you are following someone to somewhere ( not following as in psycho killer stalker following) but folloowing as in for directions.. and you end up on a roundabout... don't you get annoyed how you always end up waiting for like 10 mins after they pass?! or when you are at a traffic light and it turns RED right after they pass!? or when suddenly all the buses trucks and cars in the world decide to CUT IN FRONT OF YOU!!

AAAARGH.. sho hada?!

Ofcourse bagarti is back in business! She has had a hard time getting over the fact that i'm married! But now she adjusted to the new lifestyle :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

HoneyMoon Adventures II

Let me start by saying thank you to all those people who keep reading my blog and leave me the sweetest comments i am so sorry if i dont always get a chance to reply to all of you.. but know that when i read your comment i always smile :)

so well as i promised i will have more than one post about the honeymoon adventures so what did i do on most of the honeymoon days??

lets see it was a mixture of sleeping coughing and mostly trying to control my runny nose! it was not only runny it was burkuth rkaaath! how attractive? hehe but you know il martha fi blaad il ajanib ghier ya nass! hayk il naffeh hnaak ghier! lol

i felt sorry ahmed who had to witness my beautiful recovery ! but you know even with me being sick it was an amazing honeymoon! I will post the real adventures soon but i have lots of work these days because soosi my friend who works with me in the design department is on her vacation! soo kolo 3ala dmaaaghi!! lululeeeeesh

Sunday, August 19, 2007

More Wedding PIcs

here is a closer look at the post-it giveaways i did for the wedding with a pic of the zaffa and cutting the cake :) the zaffa people were very good! they kept saying something then "A7maaaaaaaaaayyyyyd" and i remember when they left the ballroom they did a zaffa group hop to the door!! hehe

I LOVED OUR WEDDING :) nifsi kaaan akol basssssss all i had was shrimpayeh 7azeeneh ! people are still telling me how good the food was!*sigh* next wedding im going to bug the bride and groom and i will not let them eat!!!

i used to always wonder why the bride and groom leave when the boufet is served! it is because if they stay in the hall they will not EAT!!! lol

i forgot to mention the bouquet i was holding weighed at least 5 kgs! im serious it had some wires in it or something! by the end of the zaffa my hand was shaking and people thought i was nervous! i wasn't nervous i was IN PAIN! lol

at the end they asked me to throw my bouquet... i decided not throw it in case if it landed on someones head and caused instant death of the poor bride to be!

HoneyMoon Adventures I

So.. where should i start... i talk for ages on my normal days.. days that are typical and mundane in my life somehow turn into adventures so you can imagine what i have to say about a trip to a land with lots of snakes elephants & monkeys!!

i'll write in episodes ! Of course when you go to an island with beaches and pools... less clothes ( nas labseen min ghier hudoom) is expected... at certain points i would feel the urge to aim a remote at people hoping somehow i would change to " IQRA" or " AL JAZEERA".. sadly my plan would fail.. and i would try to distract ahmed! it's not about ghad il basar.. i mean no matter where you look there is a body part smiling back at you!! ehem !! next time we are going to saudi or iran! hehe

what else... nature there is BEAUTIFUL! AMAZING! i will post pics as soon as i download them here!! the weather was also AMAZING compared to UAE humidity ! The only thing that could have bothered us was the mosquitoes!!! they seemed to like new mustawrad meat! i lost track of how many mosquito bites i had! i think I'm still itching!! but then look at the bright side... no malaria in Thailand *PHEW*

So... did i mention how i got a major VIRUS as soon as we reached Thailand... i think i carried it with my luggage from UAE! hehe spent most of my time in bed! but eventually it got better and we had a wonderful time :)

next post will be about the monkey and elephant adventures!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm Back

MISS ME? ana back!! ok i dont even know where to start with the wedding or the honeymoon adventures but lets start with the WEDDING!!

so after stressing out and planning and freaking about about the little details things always turn out different and no one even notices those little details you freak out about and you spend your time tense on your kowsha when people didnt even realize if the cd has played twice or the other changes in plans...

so the day passed by soo quickly it was the quickest day of my life! i invited more people that the hall could fit and that was the major thought that occupied my mind the whole time.. so when the zaffa started at first i didnt see much people.. then suddenly i saw a LOT OF PEOPLE!! and people could tell from my face that im thinking " OH MY GOD WAYN RA7 yu23odooooo kol hadol!! there are not enough seats!!"

inforont us in the zaffa i had my friends cute 6 year old girl throwing flowers.... wel that was the plan and my cousins 2 cute kids were holding candles infront of us... in the middle of the zaffa the cute little girl decides to tug at my dress and say " ANTI ANTI sho 2a3mal wayn aroo7".. * dina smiles at camera and glares at the nearest family members to save the scene... family member are too caught up in the zaffa they don't really notice the GLARE or the GIRL lol .... the other 2 kids seem to be having trouble keeping the candles still.. soo i could see the flame heading towards the camera mans head and im thinking " hareeeeeeeeega!!" soo then all the kids come to a halt and i'm thinking yes zaffas are supposed to be slow but are we supposed to stop?! sooo ofcourse no one noticed my glares of " HELP" and i actually had to give the kids a little push on the back fi nus il zaffa to MOVE!! LOL

sooo... after the zaffa there was an entrance song supposed to be played WHEN WE GET In.... as we were standing outside waiting for the people to get back to their seats i HEAR " TUleeeeeeeeeeeeeee bil abyad TUllleeeeeeeeeeeeeee ya zahrit neesan" and im thinking " TAL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN Lisa walum lisaaaa" ahhaha

so after almost half the song finished playing and people got back to thier seat we played it again at the RIGHT time.. lol again things i thought people would notice went wrong!

so then... after the zaffa 3adat 3ala khier no tripping no fires no stepping on little kids... we sat and infront of us was some yummy looking food! And each time ahmed and i tried to eat a lu2meh! people came for pics!! i just had one lu2meh and then the food was taken away.. :(----

oh oh cake time .... the cake ofcourse had a hijjabi with shades... done by me ofcourse and well the sword was big but no injuries al hamdulilah... there was a slight problem though when we attempted to give each other a sip of JUICE... from my side everything was okay.. i aimed at ahmeds mouth and the straw was easy to capture but ofcourse ME.... i looked so silly like a fish following bait as ahmeds hand was a bit far away from my mouth and i had my mouth open trying to get the straw of 3aseer in my mouth! lol mom saved that scenario after like 2 minutes of struggling! sure it was on video to horrify me later lol

what else..... yes there were some people sharing seats.. some people sitting on the wrong tables.. some kids who were not supposed to be there were there... but in ther end it was a nice wedding.. the food was great ( i heard ) and the people had fun.. it was a small dinner and people said it was cozy and classy... i will post pics of the hall decoration and the giveaways too :)there were chocolate boxes on each table with our honeymoon cartoon on it! ( no cow though) i will post a clearere close ups of the boxes & post-its soon :)

for now here is the cartoon that was inside the wedding invitation & some wedding pics :)

here is the mini-kowsha i did ! i made mini seats for the pens out of clay and covered them with cloth and the same ribbon that was on the seats! ofcourse the pens too are designed :) and you know that little golden thing next to the mini flower bouquet was not supposed to be there.. another mini mistake lol :)

these cartoons were circles one attached to the wedding invitation (front/back) other to the chocolate box :)

so WE ARE MARRIED! and it went WELL! i wish i was less tense thought because no one noticed anything but the food :)

CAN't wait to tell you all about THAILAND!!!

Coming Soon.. Dinos shares how she spent the honeymoon recovering from a VIRUS!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


its 12:50 AM.... i would say my wedding is 2moro but its actually today... I AM GETTING MARRIED.... the more i say it doesnt help me realize that its going to happen lol it's like ive been to many wedding only this time im the 3aroosa! weird! so all those people who will clap and zaghrit will be zaghirting for me?!

i need to sleep i SHOULD be sleeping right now but guess WHAT!? i can't.. i keep thinking of scenarios and possible mess ups! like for ex the CD being exchanged by mistake with some weird SONG like " sean paul" or BOMBASTIC or even some weird CD with the sounds of Nature .. * suddenly crowd hears sound of waterfall and horses

dina raises her (very heavy) dress and runs to Audio man.. " WALAK MUSH HAADA IL CD"
or even worse if i really have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the zaffA! ( i usually feel like going when im nervous) ( Someone remind me why im sharing this with the world) lol like excuse me zaffa people can you wait 5 minutes till i go and powder my manakheer!?

or even worse like im holding the sword with ahmed to cut the cake and some lady sneaks up from behind us with no prior alarm or notice she zaghrits the most egptian zaghroota in the world.. and ofcourse nervousness + zaghroot + sword = THAT CAN'T BE GOOD LOL

again remind me why we have to cut the cake with a deadly army weapon?

i just had flashbacks of all the weddings ive been to... all typical... couples slow dance people cry... ( i cry too at weddings there is just something about seeing somene get married that seriously makes all girls cry) here is why :

married women cry because they got married and single women cry because they WANT to get married

then people complain why the food is soo late... food arrives and people still complain about something.. " il wara2 3inab mush zaki" or " yee il khubuz baarid" then well they all form a "crtique session" and start discussing the bride's dress and makeup and ofcourse each person shares the info they know about the bride and groom and how they met and who loves each other more... bla bla bla...

then some kid crys somewhere and ofcourse we all KNOW where those babies should be right now! FIL DAR MAKHMOOODEEN! :P

and ofcourse there is always that person who is in the video and the wedding that NO ONE knows.. bride's side assume they are with the groom and the groom assumes they are from the bride's side of the family!

aah i can go on forever about weddings lol and well i should SLEEEP.. today i had some sort of nervous breakdown when i tried the dress... hoping i dont get anymore nervous breakdowns!!

WISH ME LUCK PEOPLE! i promise to show u all cool wedding things i did as soon as this night yi3adee 3al khier :)

ok that was too much


when they say beauty sleep does it mean if u dont sleep enough u will turn ugly

i will not be posting for a while but inshala i will as soon as i get a chance with ALL WEDDING DETAILS.. hope i dont have weird stories to share!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


ok... yes im relaxed but i need to VENT... list is still way above the limit... all im getting is ppl saying " NO ONE WILL MISS YOUR WEDDING".... ( that was supposed toe ba comforting thought ? : lol what happened to "invite 200 ppl and 100 will show up" lol im kidding if i invited u i wish you can make it... bindabirlkum ma7al ba3teekum my chair kaman... ill keep the 3arees :P

anyway... i would love that everyone i know be there including the bloggers but walllahi its small so if ur not invited its just because its not even a wedding its a small dinner...

anyway... soo i went to the visa consulate today... after getting lost for an hour ofcourse.... jsut to find out that thialand is celebrating some thialand holiday and decide to take 2 days off! the 2 days i had planned on applying for the visa.. so another PLAN of the day RUINED! AAAAAAAH

then i get a call.. from a weird number.. and usually that is not good...


miss X:Dina?
Miss X:Inti madam wala 2anseh
*dino thinking to herself...this is a wrong time for anti's with 3irsan offers
Dina :MAdam... khier?
aah ana baddee 2ilieek ino il ra7 ta3malik sha3ratik fil 3urs saafarit 3omra and ana ra7 2a3milik iyaham...

me HUH? safarat? meen? wayn? who are you?

so the lady who i had booked to do my hair for the non hijabi pics decided to go for 3omra.. now i have this other person who i have no idea about...

anyway... what the worst that can happen? she could easily decide to TRIM my hair and make tisreee7aaaaaaaaaa "ra2i3a" with meeeeesh and weird 7ashwat in the hair... making me look like im part of " cirque de soleil"

i hate it when salon ladies think they know what you want and end up ruining your hair!! or when you say bidi LIGHT MAKE UP.. like INVISIBLE makeup.. the make up that you have to wonder if its REALLY THERE.. she says.. "eh eh ma inti 3arooooooooooooooos lazim makeup 3ashan iltasweer "and before u know it your face looks like a VAN GOGH painting 3alas shwayait zahrat al khaleeej style!!!

yes u said it TASWEER not being spotted through a SATELLITE from outer space! ya3ni all my life i have taken pics... and they look fine ( expect for a few where i have werid facial expressions" but how come yowm il 3urs your makeup has to be INTENSE as in layers and layers.. :P have u girlies out there noticed how when a salon find out u are a bride they charge u extra!! like ok.. how much is hair styling... 200 ok yes ok so will u adjust the tar7a for me.. : oohh Tar7a lala il tisree7a ta3it il 3aroos is 1500!! if not 3000!! HELLO its the same freakin tisree7a?!?!!

ARGH.... 7arameyeen il nass sayreen!!

anyway...i will not let some lady turn my face into merlin manson..i will do do everything my way.... and btw when it comes to makeup LESS IS MORE PEOPLE LOL

ANyway.. then i get a call from my cousin who is coming from amman today... and well.. guess what SHE MISSED HER FLIGHT.. and now she is taking a later flight... which somehow stresses me out more..

sho kaman???? I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED VALIUM.. thanks for your comment forgive me for not replying im just like my cousin said " ur probably running around like a headless chicken" lol

Soo true... :P

today is over so i have 2moro and after wa BASS!! hope there are no last minutre mishaps or surprises.. i hope i dont trip.. since we ARE going up STAIRS.. i hope i dont spill juice on ahmed.. i hope i dont step on the litte girl who will be throwing flowers inforont of me.. i hope i dont step on ahmeds feet when we dance! i hope that my wedding will be perfect... as soon as i have time ill post all the wedding stuff i did!! :) i had the cartoon on the wedding invitation :)

thanks for all ur support guys

Allah yis3idkum


let me start by saying....


now let me just quickly type this before i run out of the house being the bridezilla that i am!!

wedding was supposed to be 100 to 110 people max.... when i went through the list of invited people ( who probably WILL come) 140 PEOPLE!!!! some MINI-Miscalculation!!

or lets say MAJOR miscalculation!

dina : mama how many ppl are your list
mama : ma bitla3ooosh 20 30 maximnum
dina: mama akeed? akeed? 3ashan ba3zim naas kman
mama: aaah aaah

*dina invites more people ( including some who didn't invite her to their own wedding which she regrets very deeply now) lol

later on that day... counting list.... AAAAAAAAH 140.. 30 ppl must stick to the dance floor.. wait.. there is not much dance floor... there is not DANCING lol
ok i guess 30 ppl must just come sit by me and ahmed

anyway... ofcourse im getting not only lovely spots on my FACE but i feel sick and have a major COLD today!! 2 DAYS usually pass by quickly in the normal days you can imagine how FAST they will pass by when u are GETTING MARRIED

IM GETTING MARRIED!! ME ? DINA? pls keep telling me because the thought is not sinking in ... its soo weird... not bad weird.. not twilight zone weird.. just weird..

i wonder what embarrassing things i will do when the cameras are pointed at me for 3 hours.. all my experiences with video cameras and being taped include major embarrassment ! because i tend to do many faces when i talk .. like very expressive faces... that i dont even realize im doing... and when im nervous i SMILE.. like that major signal 2 smile... ok smiling is good but overdoing the smile is just :S GOOFY!



Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Countdown HAS BEGUN

So... on a less depressing note... i'm getting married ( INSHALA ) :)

irdaa al nasss ghaya la tudrak... so whatever i do... or don't do... i will always here criticism complaints and negative comments... been driving myself mad trying to think of how to make everyone happy... including myself.. and well.. that is not exactly possible...

yes dad is still recovering and his recovery will take months.. even years... some suggested i wait for a couple of years before i get married.. others said i should not even wear a white dress... people said all sorts of things.. and what i have to say is that.. AL hamdulilah baba is ALIVE... he will be better with time inshala...

it's been around 5 months now and having a small wedding dinner does not mean i'm selfish.. it does not mean i don't care about my dad's current situation.. it just means life goes on and i know if was able to speak he would be the first to tell me to go on with this...

i am sad because i will not have the dream of him walking me down the aisle... but la i3tirad 3aala qada2 Allah... wa i still want what every girl lives her whole life dreaming of... a BEAUTIFUL WEDDING DAY...

INshala all goes well.. 6 DAYS left....

the thought that im going to a wedding where im THE BRIDE is just not sinking in :S

cow is also stressed with me! Allah ytamem 3ala khier

Sunday, July 22, 2007

i miss you

dear baba..

i miss you... your loud voice... your loud cough when you enter the house.. your friday breakfasts & grocery shopping "outing"...the many awkard silences we had... i miss the way you used to express your love by making us never need anything... you had a bad temper and sometimes yelled for no reason.. but behind that roar was a soft heart...

you were my security... you protected us from the cruelty of the world and to me although we didn't bond much i knew i could count on you.. i knew you would be there... i knew you would take care of us... what i didn't know is that i took your presence in my life for granted.. i wouldn't make any effort to get closer to you... i didn't express what i felt because throughout the years it became even harder for me to express my feelings to you... you confused strength & pride with expressing your feelings.. to you expressing love was a weakness... which is why there was this unbreakable barrier between us... to save myself from feeling rejected by you i also pushed you away and created my own barrier without even noticing...

i never knew tears could flow down your cheeks without you even realizing they are... i never knew pain could be so intense that it feels like it has become a part of you... i never thought i would feel this much regret in my life.. i never imagined this could happen to you...

i can't believe this is your reality... i can't bare to see you like this... i'm so sorry if i wasn't the best daughter.. if i didn't appreciate you... im so sorry i am selfish sometimes... i'm sorry i can't say anything to you when i see you...

i just miss you & hate my life without you...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cow Appreciation Day!!

Today is not any day... it is... COW APPRECIATION DAY.. so people... if you come across a cow... give it some lovin'

:) a hug... a massage... a facial... just be good to all cows today :) Eat your burgers 2moro :)

Sunday, July 08, 2007


you know recently i have realized that i have this strange ability to block things... i think its a blessing.. like i have a built in firewall that only accepts certain thoughts and blocks others...

this firewall works almost all the time... but there are moments.. it suddenly shuts down and i'm overwhelmed with those thoughts i had blocked and i feel like i am going to burst into tears.. and sometimes i do.. and people around me would look at me weird and think .. wasn't she fine just a second ago... well.. just cause i don't express what i feel doesn't mean i don't feel it..

my bagara has been a great help and keeps dancing in her new leopard outfit singing lurpak songs...

anyway... i don't think i'll ever get over how my dad is now... and i'll never understand what happened to him... i can't imagine that he might not ever be the same.. i can't imagine how he feels... it hurts so much that blocking this reality is what keeps me okay..

some things don't get easier by time.. the only thing that gets easier is blocking...

ok... too much nakad for one day...

after all this time just when we thought baba was getting better and moved out of the ICU.. he went back in last night... they might get him out today.. inshala khier... its so hard to deal with things especially when you have high hopes... then suddenly you are back to square one..

Allah Ysabirna wa yishfee :(

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


hello readers... i am looking for someone who is good piano player that will play the piano for 2 hours in my wedding dinner (not for free ofcourse )... if you know anyone or are a pianist and ofcourse are interested leave me a comment and i will be so grateful...

:) i had to give it a shot.. you never know who reads your blog :)

next cartoon is coming soon im going through wedding stress again... less than a month left... so much to do...


Monday, July 02, 2007

Cow'$ Update$

i know most of you are fans of my cow.. and well i havent updated you on her life for a while.. she was fired from her last job because her inability to read or write was a major requirement :S so now she has started her new job as a house maid! :S

she mentioned that the couple that live there usually argue about the same thing...the fact that they are so different.. when i say different i'm not saying as individuals but as "MALES &FEMALES" and she felt the wife would always be talking all day... asking her husband & reminding him to get things done.. telling him the littlest details in her day... telling him her thoughts and feelings... while the husband would nod and might even doze off & get sick of her endless blabbing..

so i had to explain to cow some things i realized about males & females :

Woman think completely different than MEN.. what is so obvious to a woman does not usually occur to a man.. what WE think is the first thing that comes to our mind is the last that comes to theirs.. we feel talk IS communication... men feel talking must have a purpose... "give me a problem ill solve it " type of thing... Women think they are simple when they are so complex... men think they are complex when in reality they are really simple & easy to understand if you knew them well... Men are like big babies...

Conclusion is... MEN & Woman have had and will always have their differences.. that's how they were created... it shouldn't be a problem if they learn about those differences and adjust to them... if you are stubborn and so close minded thinking you are right & the other person is wrong.. things will definitely get worse...

its not about who is right or wrong.. or who wins... or even who is the strong one in the relationship.. its all about sacrifices... respecting & understanding each other.. loving each other without boundaries or limits...

p.s. cow slept by the end of this conversation :P

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why DoeS it Always Rain On Me?

i don't like to be negative.. and i don't like to believe that there is such a thing as bad luck... i don't like how people say everything is " 7asad" or "3ayn".. thier son trips they go like " ma7soood".. ( it could always be that he was running on wet floor)
someone gets a ZIT on their face.. they say its " 3ayn"
i usually would have said.. come on people.. 3ayn does exist but don't let it be the constant thought in your head...

but.. with the recent events... i've been told wallah hay " 3ayn 3alieki"... maybe its true because its unnatural what has been going on...

ofcourse you are all updated with the events in my life... most recent event is... that sharjah recently decided to make a RULE... awal ma they heard i am getting married.. they decided to make a rule that doesn't allow "ZAFFA" in hotels.. hmmm

i won't have a party... pretty much zaffa WAS the wedding... so now i have to look for another place in dubai... not only that.. the guy who was going to print my wedding cards... disappeared... one day he said i'm coming to your office 2moro.. next thing i know he doesn't pick up and is in india for an emergency...

all i seem to be hearing is bad news! mom's car broke down for no reason.. my friend's dad is in the hospital with a brain stroke like my dad.. my friend at work canceled her wedding because her uncle and grandmother are both extremely sick...another friend canceled her wedding because her dad got a brain stroke too..

Soooo.. what is going on? mawsim il jaltat wil wedding cancellation? is it possible someone has "3ayn" vibes spread on all the world especially the 3arayis!

people used to tell me " khaaafo min il 3anayhom zuru2 wa snaaanhum furu2" " you should fear those with blue eyes and a gap in between their teeth"

it is said that "3aynhum bitseeeb" lol

soo what about hazel eyes? do contacts affect the intensity of the "3ayn"?
hmmm what if someone had the "LAZIC" operation... would he have lazer 7asad? lol

i'm not saying 7asad & 3ayn don't exist.. they do.. and maybe i have been ma7sooda or 3alay il 3ayn.. but it's also maktoob 3ala every person what will happen to them... thinking WHY will drive you mad... just say al hamdulilah.. and know its for the best... if you feel better blaming it on your blue-eyed snaan furug neighbor then do that ... or blame it on that girl who stared at you all day long... blame it whoever you want...

whatever floats your boat :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's All About The $$$$$

"Money makes the world go round " is what people say... i think money makes the world go NUTS..

i used to say money is not a problem and its not the most important thing in life.. that there are other things that are more important like a person's faith health & love .

i still think those are more important BUT what i have realized is that money is not a problem when YOU HAVE IT... otherwise it could be... that to get good health and the best treatment you NEED money.. to get married and live the life you want with the one you love u also NEED money... i realized that without enough money love health & faith can be shaken..

Anyway... money...i would never ask for it even if i needed it..hamdulilah we are not in need of money... but i hate asking for anything or feeling that i need someones help in any way... i know its not right.. but i can't help it..

like now without a car i never ask for rides and well people have to insist on dropping me off.. i just can't deal with the idea that i could be a burden on someone.. or that someone would get out of their way to do something for me... or that they would do something just cause they feel its the right thing to do...

What i hate the most... is to finally say okay after they insist.. like for ex "pls let me drop you off... plz plz.. its no problem at all... you are on my way..." i eventually open up and think it's okay to need someone or to accept help i say.. "okay if you insist..."

till its time to go and she would say " oh sorry... i said i was going to drop you off... you are not exactly on my way.. but wait i'll drop you half way if you want"

then i'd say it's okay... i'd rather take a cab..... ( what i wish i said was)

I Never asked you to drop me off... you insisted...i would have never asked you..
& i hate to get in someones way...


which brings me back to the main subject... COW has realized the importance of $$$ & has started her new JOB today! due to her inability to read or speak the work load is getting bigger...


Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's NOT ALL about YOU

The WHOLE world does not revolve around YOU.. when i say YOU i mean those people who somehow make any event that happens, no matter how trivial or significant it might be, they make everything ABOUT THEM ...

Those people who would come and just flip out and act like its okay to bite your head off just cause THEY are having a bad day...

Those people who say things like " i know that girl lost her parents in tsunami and is paralyzed and will not be able to pay for her treatment, I've been through worse!! I was swimming in jumaira beach once and i SWEAR i was about to drown! then i got bit by a jellyfish!! I FELT like i was going to die so i KNOW how she feels.. at least she doesn't have a jellyfish SCAR on her arm"

pssssssht * dinos Rolls eyes

I think we all tend to get a bit selfish and make things always about ourselves... i also know people do stupid things sometimes and say " It's MY LIFE ANA 7ur free to do what i want" unaware that sometimes THEIR stupid actions don't only affect them but the people around them...

Freedom of choice has nothing to do with being an IDIOT!

Someone who drinks and drives can kill innocent people and block traffic for hours!
Someone can suddenly go into "CANDYMAN/ FRIDAY 13th" mode and kill innocent people..

Unfortunately, as soon as ANYONE does something horrible they are not the only ones who suffer the consequences.. Every person comes from a certain group or is labeled

So if one arab or muslim does something bad.. automatically the WHOLE GROUP "shilleh"
is to blame...

IT's NOT ALL ABOUT YOU... it's NEVER just about you...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Choking Love

when i say choking love.. i am not using choking as a VERB.. but i am saying it as an Adjective to express how love can be choking sometimes...

Sometimes you feel a person loves you so so much to a point that it turns into possessiveness... it turns into a sort of unbearable clinginess, over protectiveness...

You feel you have to get away because you can't breathe... it's like poor cow who has to deal with my EXTRA loving! She seems to think she has grown up but to me she will always be a baby... i do express way too much and maybe i worry a bit too much too... but i have to realize she is not a kid anymore and will have her own baby cows to worry about someday! Glad humans don't eat their children like cats do when they are afraid they would get hurt.

If that was the case then there we would all be walking happy meals.

min al 7ubbi ma qatal.

i have to realize that by being over-loving and clingy i'm actually pushing people i love away rather than keeping them closer.... not everyone expresses love the same way you do... which is why each person should be free to express themselves the way they want to...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shark Tale

I went to see an aquarium a while back and i was amused at the different types of fish and i still remember how the shark was "darib booz" swimming like he owned the place! ofcourse with my imaginative mind i imagined swimming in that huge tank.... and i thanked God fish can't think like humans do.. or they would create ways to come after US! :P

Sunday, June 10, 2007

hyundai ad

:) here is something that made me laugh today.. thought i would share it with you

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tea Spill

the reason i don't blog much lately is because i feel my negative feelings and vibes will spread to the world so i try to save he negativity to myself and blog later when i'm back to "cheerful" mode..

but... then again the initial purpose of this blog is to vent & let out those negative feelings online rather than out on the people around me..

Let's say you are holding a very hot cup of tea... and for some reason you trip on something.. your hot tea is now not only spilt all over you.. but all over the person by your side... when you are hurt.. you usually unintentionally spill some of your anger and hurt on to the people closest to you...

so.. recently i have had not one.. not two but many slaps of reality... and i think i have been spilling most of my "TEA" on the closest people to me..

especially poor Cow :P who has her nieces visiting from "AMeriCana"

if i ever unintentionally burnt anyone by my "shay il wizza" im sorry...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Gat $aleemA

first let me just assure you that i don't make up stories.. and this blog is proof of how dramatic my life can get! Here is the story...

i was driving to the hospital to see baba.. and well te traffic light turned yellow and i knew i would miss it so i decided to slow down and stop when it turned red... and well i did... suddenly i hear someone hit the BREAKS.... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE still unsure if that person would hit ME!! BOOOOOOOOOM! HE HIT MY CAR!! he was driving over 100 on a road with 70 speed limit!!! im so glad i was wearing a seatbelt... that no one was driving ahead of me!! it could of been much worse... so al hamdulilah...

i have to wear a neck brace for a while till my neck feels better.. nothing serious.. al hamdulilah.. but its the whole experience!!!

hope this is the end of the DRAMA!

Cow survived the crash with slight injuries.. and a broken leg :P

btw my car is useless now.. too damaged to be fixed.. so im carless now.. *sigh

yala al hamdulilah...

do u believe me now when i say... 7ayati FILM!