Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hassa batokhkin

As i promised here is a new cartoon with our new adventures! We wanted to do something new so we went SHOOTING in abu dhabi a few days back and well i must say i was surprised to find out that i actually can AIM! But its not as easy as angelina makes it seem in her movies!

Bagoora was afraid that i will aim in her direction when the targets became boring and i was looking for more action and challenge! :P

So now i know that i can tukh! but didnt know that my shoulder would be sore afterwards !

Conclusion is il biza3ilni.. Batokho :P

*some ppl who read dina's blog arrest her claiming that she is a potential threat to society!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bobo (_/_)'s

Sorry for not cartoon today and for being away for a while. i keep catching all sorts of flus and end up feeling sick and tired. I think that i can feel little bobo kicking but not so clearly its like little butterflies or twitches. Some say i could be mistaken that it could be gas lol but i stand by my belief that it was the bobo!

Don't you love baby (_/_)'s !Soo cute! im probably never going to let my baby wear diapers so that i can admire its tiny tatooz! But well i will probably suffer the consequences! Those tatoozat are tiny and cute you would never believe the amout of poop that can come out of them.

I think this is one of my rather disgusting posts and i dont know why im discussing gas,tatooz and poop 3al subu7. :P

Have a great day ! :P

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pregnancy & Runny Noses

I learn something new everyday in my pregnancy. Apparently the puking was the reaction of the body rejecting the "bobo" because to the body it is a "foreign body" and will reject it and eventually the immune system will be suppressed an is less effective and well this explains my cold :) 

I feel like someone forget his shib shib in my throat. I feel like i need to attack a vacuum to each nostril! i think in 2 days i have finished 4 tissue boxes. 

Il muhim al humduliah :) i got to see my bobo move for the first time. Little tiny bobo that is only 4 cms now and already moves and kicks little bobo kicks! Sub7analah!  I mean seriously this calls for a movie called "what lies beneath the karsh" lol 

Monday, October 06, 2008

More on Pregnancy

Now that im pregnant even my dreams revolve around babies and pregnancy and labor! All baby dreams! Last weird dream was that my baby was so tiny and turned into "3ajeeneh"
I do know that my sister used to call me "al ragheef al 3ajeeb" because of my chubby round face but to have a "3ajeen" baby is something else! lol

So ofcourse the news of someone being pregnant spreads as fast as the news of engagements and weddings & death (b3eed il shar). So i keep getting calls from people saying " YOU'RE PREGNANT!" followed by a lot of chipmunk like screams and a few " OMG OMG OMG"
hehe it's nice! But what i hate is the unwanted advice! Or when people decided to say things like " oh you reminded of myself when i was 3 months pregnant i had a miscarriage" or " when i was pregnant i was going to die in the 8th month from complications"
"my marriage was fine up until i had kids" etc.

What i want to hear not is Happy Thoughts! Im already freaking out about the cow-like milk fountains that could start even before delivery! The Labor Pain! Whether or not to take the risk of Epidural! What will happen in delivery! How i will manage to take care of a baby when i can hardly take care of my plant! :S

Oh and what i hate! is when they always say "WALAD WALAD" inshala! As if il binit ils mseeebeh! i mean come on are we still in the stone age! They go like "jeebi il walad wa i6amani"! i say kolo min Allah mnee7! And its not like there is a button you press to get a BOY! i hear stories of men threatening to divorce the wife if she doesn't get a boy! all i can say to that is that is the definition of "TAKHALUF"

As for me i love girls and boys and if i love any gender more it would be girlies! with their cute baby clothes and hair clips! And when they grow up they turn into fountains of love. I would rather have a girl that grows up to make me proud and be good to me than a boy that could eventually yi6ali3 3ayni with his mughamarat & raging hormones.

Cow says she will help and that i am welcome to any fresh milk for the baby at anytime :)