Monday, October 05, 2015

Eid Carnival 2015

Hello again! i know its been a while.. truth is i blog in my head more than i blog here and i promise to try to change that as my head is already full of ideas, things i have to do, random habal thoughts and worries and i need to let it out here!!

So as i always do this year i planned a EID party! It was one of the best parties i have planned and i am very happy that it brought joy to many kids.  Every year i plan on making a bigger and better party so that more and more people can bring the joy of EID back.

I will attach some pics from the party & i would appreciate it if you liked my page on fb and told me what you think of my party planning :)

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This years party was held in KidsHQ :) if you haven't taken your kids there you're missing out :)

cake and cupkcakes and cake pops were sponsored by the yummiest  SaleSucre  :)

I hope this inspires you to celebrate EID