Wednesday, June 26, 2013

American WaLAAAkin

I havent had time to illustrate my own cartoons got this off the net but added my text :p but i will soon inshala :) but have lots to blog about.. 

ok.. so did you ever meet one of those ppl who lived all thier life abroad and speak english " bet3ajo" ino ERR ERR American or Bri2ish.. and suddenly they speak arabic and say something like

"Bakaayna Ka3dat fel 7adeeqa it go2 really freakin cold fa rakathna 3al DAAAR"??

welll true story.. wa fe minhin TCHTHEER TCHWAam Tchwaam

il english Yo Yo wil 3arabi HATH HO

and i have to admit its hilarious... and shocking to see the transformation. but it made me think...

*someone yells.." yee 3alaina wa 3al falsafeh again

So.. why is it that we feel so strongly that the AMErican Accent is the "Prestige" accent.
Why isnt the Fala7i accent seen as vulgar, and some would look down on someone who speaks with such strong Falaaa7i accent and degrade them like they are beneath them because they dont speak

Sheeka Beeka

ya3ni we would be sitting in a group.. and a girl whose english is no so great would pronounce a word wrong like .. the P. B. or PRAD BITT. or pronounce a silent letter like 

WAitor can i have the SHEEEKIN FAJJJJJITA

i think i would crack up.. walek FAHeeeta Faheeta ya habla.. hathi il JJJ SILENT.. zay il MObile fil cinema lazim ykoon SILENT .. 

* ja7ra as she reminds her of the time her phone rang mohamad muneer 3alee soootak lil Ghunnaaaa in the middle of the movie 

So... what im saying did you ever see a group of AMericans or Brits siting in a room talking in ARABIC and then the American was reading an ARabic WORd and pronounces incorrectly and his American friend laughs at him ???

NO LIESH??? li2ano i7na il 3arab ... we forgot that the Quran is in ARabic.. this is the Language God Chose to address us in.. which means its the best language in the world.. whether its Fala7i or just Arabic we should be proud of ourselves and not make others whose english is not so great feel bad..

i personally feel bad that my english is stronger than my Arabic

*someone says " IKHS"

*looks around.. and yes its something im not proud of.. wa nifsi akoon shatooora fil i3raab wil Spelling wil qawa3ed qabl ma aseer min il qawa3ed min il nessaaa2

my dad is from tulcharem. and when he used to speak to us bel qaaf. "Quleeli wa Qultelek" and we used to laugh and make jokes.. and now i think about it.. il fala7i accent could sound funny to us but its how they were brought up and does not make them any less intelligent or classy that the ppl who say " 2aal wa 2ulna"

old lady says :

"LaweEish Burtunoo engleeezi hadol il NABi 3arabi"

but i confess.. i just love love the falahi accent and just the mix of fala7i ana amreeki will always make me laugh because its just so drastic :P

Monday, June 24, 2013

Deep Thoughts

Hokay... i must say fe nsaas hal layali im i find myself caught in very deep thoughts. so warning ra7 atfalsaf KTEEER..

I was thinking about a lot of things... i dont know how my thoughts went from oh this hot choco was sooo yummmy if only i could have enjoyed it more drinking it without my mouth and face being Numb.. i went to the Dentist today.. and well now when i smile i look like two ppl. one side smiles the other frowns.. freaky.. im sure there is a good side to this.. hmm if anyone slapped me now i wouldnt feel it..

*someone slaps dina min nifso .. ermmm WRONG side.

AYYYYY.. what was that for anyway?? *ja7ra..

sooo anyhooo.... back to my deep thoughts * wears thinking cap..

i was thinking about life.. and the cycle of life.. and how we all set our priorities in our lives thinking we are making the best choices.. What if our priorities were wrong? How will we ever know?

Let me give you an ex.. i thought of my dad.. he spent his whole life working.. he life was hard ever since he was a little boy.. My grandpa was 3ageed il 7ara apparently and well he had a tough life and when he was old enough he saved money for a ticket to Amreeka sheeka beeka.. and when he got there to pay for his tuition he had to clean dishes and work two jobs while he studied.

He built himself from scratch and when eventually he got married to my mazar wa khalafna ana wi ikhwati.. he provided us with the best education and life he could. Something he wanted to give us because he felt he never had. He spent his days and nights working. Traveling at times and even when he is around he was not around for so long that it was hard to really sit and talk with him.

The years went by so fast and we grew up and yes i love my dad and yes all he did was for us to give is the best life, but was it all worth it? Was he working extra hours because that is all he was used to doing or because he needed to? i felt he reached a point where he could no just sit down. he needed to work.. he needed to get up and work on something..

Sometimes we don't want gifts or money or fancy clothes.we want the person you love to be there when you need them the most.. now i think back of all the time i missed.. that he missed.. time is so precious... but we take it for granted.

Akeed this is not an inviation la kol rjaal yuk3udo fil daarr wa yel3abu ma3 wladhum. im just saying.. we just need balance..

We work and work to get money and when we have enough money we want more money to ensure our future and our kids future. And one day.. like my dad.. he wouldn't know what hit him when he suddenly had a stroke and was left fully paralyzed and unable to speak.. all his money in the bank frozen that even He cant spend it on himself in a time like this.. Al hamdulila money is not a problem but im just saying.. working is good and sometimes its not a choice but a Need.

We need to work to provide for our families.. we need to work to feel like we are making a difference in the world..

we cant get everything in life.. its just so hard knowing that whenever we make a choice we are missing out on another one.. i think we should all learn to balance our lives and that we don't wake up one day and think to ourselves that we missed out on the best days of our lives because we chose to chase a dream not realizing that we were already living the dream.

we need to know that sometimes we miss out on what we already have because we are so worried about fulfilling a hope that we dont really need.

Allah yshfeek ya baba ya katkooti il kabeer..

next post shall be more cheerful.. i bromise

Disclaimer :

This post is not 6al6eesh 7aki to anyone.. and i am not referring to anything in specific.. this is just me thinking out loud.. i know someone taweel wa katkoot might think im referring to him but i really am just thinking about my experience here so dont over analyze this *throws fly kiss in the air * waves bat really hard

DUjjjjjjj * fly Dujj hayy kur kur kur ma aznakhni.. time to sleep

Monday, June 17, 2013

SuperMama SuperStress SuperMan *giggles

im sure alot will be thinking.. yeee 33alieena another Mommy Post... Bedha t7amelna jmeeele again ( (translation : she wants to carry a beauty on us  :p) that she is a mother.. like we used to feel when our moms gave us lectures about motherhood and reminded us of pregnancy and said

" bukra betshoofi bas yseer 3andek wlaad" and we would say.. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 3alieeenaaaaa

Life passes by so fast and when i get a moment of silence and actually have the ability and time to look back at my life.. like right now when kol 7ada nayem.. and im resisting the urge to sleep although i think i might fall asleep before i finish this post.. twitches

*ighmaa2 on keyboard


* wakes up from MAC ding ding ding from keys being pressed by dinos nose

So as i was saying.. its not the physical part of motherhood that is the hardest part.. suddenly pregnancy and labor and all that pain seems like nothing compare to the emotional stress and vulnerability mothers can feel.

It starts when we are pregnant and start feeling bad for breaking the rules and not eating right all the time.. thats when the motherhood guilt starts.. the guilt comes with the worrying.. am i doing everything right. will the baby be okay.. how will i go home with this little nu2ta??

you start freaking out about how tiny the baby is... your body feels like it has been hit by a train but the love you feel is overwhelming.. you no longer live for yourself. you live for your baby.. and as days go by you start to get the hang of it.. you learn the best ways to close the diapers so that they are no leakage accidents.. you are brave enough to bathe your tiny baby without the help of your mother or mother in law.. you try to do everything by the book.. only you have no timeor patience  to actually read A book!

24 hours a day for the rest of your life you will be constantly worrying and thinking about your children.. in your eyes they will always be the baby you held in your arms that day after alf saneh of labor...

i used to think the hardest part was labor.. till after labor.. the i thought the hardest part was the sleepless nights... till my baby start sleeping through the night only she was walking now and i worried about her hurting herself all day long..and so on.. truth is it doesn't get easier... every age has its difficulties and challenges.. and i feel like a failure most of the time and i will ball my eyes out almost everyday because i always feel that i did something wrong...

i especially feel that when my law law is throwing a tantrum in the mall and ppl give me the " bta3rafeesh trabee look"

or when a mother stops you from giving her kid "Cheerios" ( which to me were a healthy snack) because they have sugar.. *GASPS * dina hides bags of chips and chocolates

i know i make mistakes.. and we all do.. but i have to stop beating myself about it and start looking at all the things i did right instead of all the things i have done wrong.

the most important thing is that i will do my best to be a super mama... i am not superman.. i mean superwoman..

speaking of superman... Salmooli 3alieh * giggles like a 13 yr old muraaheqa

Astagherulllaaah.. yala qooolo ma3ay  " Ya Rab ma teftin Dina fe Deeeenha" :P


 * someone throws shibshib at dino.. is that Sheeshany?? oh thanks thats one of my shabashib ive been looking for it

You know watching the movie superman made me realize that usually im sitting there watching a movie ma3 ba3li and all sorts of Gamameer come on screen wa lazim faj2a tma6er wa yghayroo malabess wa hakaza... its the first time there was not much ladies but focus on il wad il Super * evil laugh

and i want to say... GUYS how did you feel watching the movie next to your gamoorat?? did you feel like you wanted to punch him? did you feel like you dont want to be compared ?

Did you wish he was SUPERFAT like this ?

Did you feel your blood was boiling at the thought that the person you love would ever compare you to that? l well that is usually how us woman feel when you stare at ridiculously hot woman on tv!

Dino yells : Hathol il Setaaat Ma bikhalfooosh ( someone yells  ANGELLINAA has 20 walad)...ermmmm

ok ok .. dina ends argument before ma tkhabes haha

Shoofo.. i started talking about Motherhood.. and somehow ended talking about Superman.. and it seems any conversation or topic i have with anyone leads to this same topic


on a serious note.. Allahum balighna Ramadan.. wa ihdeeena wa ij3al kol zawj fe 3ayn zawjto Superman wa a7la kaman  :)

Ana zowji tab3an bya3raf he is my superman mini zaman ba2olo hayk ( 7aqeeqah ) wa aydan tar2eee3

.. wa akeed ba3looolu  by3arf ino il soora hay il feeha ana wa superman is just il nas bet7awel twa2e3 bayna .. ma kaan fee bayna ishi.. bas kont bawka3 min il sutu7 wa ana banshur il ghaseelat wa lagafni suBarman..

innocent wag3a.. i bromise :p