Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bla Bla Bla Blue

Im just blabbing along.. too awake to go to sleep because of my constant thoughts and worries. Too lazy to get up and do something useful.. So i thought id blog a little since i haven't done that in a while..

The world is such a scary place.. i admit i'm not really the type of person that watches the news.. or know much about politics.. History was not my favorite topic.. neither was Math.. or Economics. ermmm my favorite class was the class the teacher is absent and we get a substitute teacher and we just sit and get all giggly in the back of the class talking about silly things that at that age seemed sooooo sooo SERIOUS! Like OMG did you notice she shaved her legs! MY MOM WOULD KILL ME!!!! * GASP * girl raises skirt a little to expose her leg that looks a little a GHORILLA!

 * Terrified SCREAMS in my head... ok i love to exaggerate... but seriously what do you expect .. 15 &ARAB.. and im pretty sure the chicken we eat has some major hormones injected in them... and everything we eat has been processed with something nasty.

ANY HOOOO... i tend to forget my main topic... somehow i ended up talking about Gorilla legs..

AT that age the biggest problems were money to buy the man2ooshe and chips in break time.. passing the MATH exam! Growing up so you can make your own decisions... not turn into a GORILLA!

Suddenly im 31... with two kids who I AM supposed to be making decisions for my children. Its so scary when i wasn't even sure i was making the right decisions for myself most of the time. I realize they catch on very quickly and without realizing i have created mini- ME's.. I feel it also has a lot to do with genetics but still.. DO i want my children to turn into ME? Do i want them to have my FEARS? My Worries? Of course not.. i want them to be better.. i dont want her to grow up with the insecurities i had..  and that is why im trying to be better... but still no matter what i do the world is a scary place... i dont want to do any huge mistakes where one day ill wake up and think to myself WHERE DID I GO WRONG??

There is so much Politics, and HATE everywhere you turn... Innocent lives go unnoticed.. Greed... I feel no one even know thier own religion... People Committing crimes in the name of their religion or faith when they have learnt it all wrong.. Being Modest is not considered weird or oppressed.. Wearing slutty clothes that leave no room for imagination has become the NORM..

Forgive me if i dont know much about the exact political situations around the world... but i know enough to know that the world we live in is messed up. We are all desynthesized by all the death we see on tv. Seeing a group of dead kids lying on the floor has become something we are used to.

I dont need to know politics to know that the world is full of greed and selfishness . Family killing each other and on the never ending quest for an extra dollar or dirham. Violent Protests all around the Arab world over thier lifetime presidents that have seemed to gathered so much wealth throughout the years when their country is left with so much poverty.

We as humans have lost our humanity. Hate and Greed has consumed us. We all seek our own well being not knowing that when we don't unite and fight against each other we will never be WELL.
We have lost our compassion for each other, with an inability to compromise.  I believe its in our nature to be SELF-DESTRUCTIVE. We think of all the reasons to HATE one another when there are FAR many better reasons to LOVE each other. Isnt it enough that we are the same SPECIES ???

When will we rise above our nature, when will we listen to the voice inside us that tells us to do what is RIGHT, what is best for HUMANITY..

The way things are going i predict that with all the chemical bombs and in the wrong hands, this selfishness and greed will bring down the world and our human species will be exitinct.

And one day in the future a group of monkeys or new species will rule the world and hopefully they will do a better job than we did.

Everywhere i look there is NAKAD .. whats NAKAD in english.. you might thing it means NAKED but no it means Gloominess.. and well everywhere you look there is also NAKED people.. i dont know what it is.. but it seems that is fashionable now to walk around either with shorts with pockets longer than the short itself or with only a shirt and forgetting to wear pants.

So long story short... 

Dear All.. Make Love Not War
There are things more important getting your hair done BelSeshWar
If someone says something that makes you SHRUG
Instead of beating them up give them a HUG

IF someone doesnt agree with you
The right way is not by throwing a SHOE,
but maturely discuss the Issue,
Then make up and cry and make sure there is a box of Tissue

Its not about being RIGHT
its not about winning the FIGHT
IT's Not about WHO is STRONGER
We just ALL wish to live LONGER!

translation ( Bel Seshwar : BLowdryer)

 Do not.. i REPEAT.. DO NOT.. Google " hairy woman" Its.. nasty and disturbing on so many levels
*pukes shalaaallll


Imagination is a lovely thing.. ladies in the world who choose to not leave any room for imagination for anyone with the clothes or lack of clothes they wear.. i suggest you add a little mystery into your life.. or a bantalown.. wa SHukrann..

( "war" typography artwork by Levi Dubbelman from deviant art)