Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Day i Swallowed Daboos ( a pin)

Well there are so many funny stories but i think most can't be shared on this blog... but i remembered something that happened to me that i posted here a long time ago and well for those who are new readers on this blog you must have missed this... so here is the post :

Where was i the last 2 days? Hmmm not really wedding planning... i was in the hospital....

Yes... again i have a weird experence to share... things like this ONLY happen to ME... i SWALLOWED A PIN!!! Out of the many things a person can choke on or swallow by mistake.. COINS,FLYS,BONES,RINGS,EARINGS!!!! i swallow... A PIN!!!

How u may ask... let me explain... i was fixing my hijjab with pins.. so that it doesnt fly with every slight gush of wind . i was talking to my friend Aloosh with the pin in my mouth.. then i think i GASPED at something either she or i said... or just breathed in slightly... then GULP!!!!!

*dinos looks at alia with eyes full of SHOCK & FEAR & CONFUSION!!

*dinos points at throat and then at other pin in the hijjab!! ALIA SAYS " Shooo u dropped it?"

*alia starts looking on the floor...

* DINO makes a weird NOISE TRYIN TO GET ALIAs ATTENTION TO HER FACE & points at THROAT.... afraid that if she talks she will die!

ALoosh s face now looks like DINAs only she is laughing at DINA now and freaking out as well lol
i was abt to pray so i freaked out.. i was like pray first or call my mom first.. ( mom is a doctor) so.... after running around in circles not knowing what to do i decided to pray.. cause chances are if i die from this pin i die praying! Then i call my mom ..

ALO MAMA.. ma tkhafi.. ma tkhafi...BAS BALA3t Dabooooooooos
( side note : my mom freaks out when there is no reason so you can imagine after telling her i swallowed a PIN)

story continues....

Mama : EISH!!DABOOOs!? KEEF!! ??? ( WHAT A PIN HOW?)

Dina : sho 2a3mal ??????? ( WHAT SHOULD I DO?)

MAMA : rooo7i koleeee KHUBZEH!!

ALooshti runs hysterically to the kitchen throws RGHEEF( piece of Pitta bread) at me!! i start munching on it like a beggar who hasn't eaten in a year!!!

MAMA: yala  ana jay 7akhdik il mustashfa!! ( im coming to take you to the hospital)

We are driving to the hospital and ofcourse i could not stay QUIET the whole time i was making jokes and laughing... id say things like... this will be a NICE BLOG i was actually running out of TOPICS! lol or " law ino il khubzeh feeha LABANEH or Za3tar kan ithanayt badal ma abla3ha 7aaaf"

hehehe i was actually pretty hungry before this incident

Anyway.. i reach the hospital and all the nurses would LAUGH when they ask what is wrong... 

MOM : " binitee bala3at daboos"( my daughter swallowed a pin)
Nurses looking around for a toddler... then i wave my hand with an embarassed smile :S

*nurse trys to hide the laugh... then i see them telling each other and laughing...
then they did an X RAY and i could see it in my STOMACHE!!! so they are like we need to make a ENDOSCOPY... i go like.. okay... UNAWARE of what this procedure REALLY MEANT!!!
the doctor arrives and asks where the patient is... mom says its her.. she says.. 
" OH Sorry I WAS LOOKING FOR A 7 year old "

arghhhhhh :S

LOL nice nice.... any one else want to mock me? aaahahahahah Soooooooo.. any hoooooooooo

suddenly they take me to a room... where i wear the operation clothes... and the inject me with something that i think was a anesthetic... so what i remember was a LONG TUBE WAS SHOVED DOWN MY THROAT!!! it was more like TREASURE HUNT in my STOMACHE!! After i don't know how long i woke up and i dont even remember anything other than i came in and i was shocked to see the had already took out the famous PIN!!

i also remember that it was fun being pushed around on a bed seeing the hospital lights! And i remember saying lots of weird things after the endoscopy since iwas still under the mukhadir effect! mom said i was dancing at a certain point lol when they asked if i was OKAy i stood up and did a quick NEMRA ( egyptian dance) lol

Felt like i was high.. not that i know what it feels like heheh but i should not be under any drugs whatso ever because i believe i am naturally high..

... first thing i said was "7ase fi SANDAL FI ZORI"
(i feel there is a slipper stuck in my throat) hhahahaha

now it feels like there is a baby shoe rather than a huge sandal!!! :S

truth is i have swallowed a nail in the past... when i was 8.. but this was a first.. the lesson i learnt is.. dont talk when u have pins in your mouth... wait... no its DONT PUT PINS IN YOUR MOUTH!!! :S

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Funny Stories II (Humus wala Cerelac)

Well its turns out my previous funny story got even funnier.. i msged my friend who i thought this story was about and told her to check out the post.. only to find out that she is not the person i am talking about. so till now i am unsure whose engagement i missed i dont even remember if i ended up finding the right party. which brings me to chain of endless stories about my memory loss that causes many many many emabrassing moments. but for today.. i will share the funniest story of my life.. i personally think this is the funniest thing that i have ever expereinced... so let me give you a bit of a background on this story..

My dad.. Allah yishfee.. before he got the stroke was always very serious and well we hardly sat there and talked and made jokes. To me he is like al 3ageeed in baab al 7araa. i would attempt to make him laugh or say jokes but usually he either did not react or just gave me a look that meant" SHARRRAP" haha So now knowing that about my dad let me start with what happened..

i love cerelac.. and before i even had lulu i would sometimes buy it and just make some and slurp away.. so one day i just felt like having cerelac and bought some. apparently it did not taste the way i used to and i didnt like it. So i didnt want to throw it away because growing up i was told any food u throw away will " yil7a2ek yowm al qiyama" ( follow u on judement day). so i imagined a huge bowl of ceralac running after me and me drowning in cerelac. so i put it in the fridge.. maye ill eat it later...

NExt day.. i wake up.. to see my dad sitting in the living room. with a troubled look on his face... i ask..

ME :"shu fee?" (whats wrong)

baba : EISH HADA IL FIL TAALAGEH???  fakarto humus 7atyt 3alieh zayt wa ghamastooo ( what was that in the fridge i added olive oil and had some thought it was humus)

ME : *DYing of LAUGHTER at this point ! BABA !! HADA CERELAAAAAAAAC!!! 

LOOOOOOOL so that my dears was the story of how my DAD ghamas CERELAC.

btw i have an idea... why dont you share your funny stories here as well? send me a funny story to my email and if i think its very funny ill draw an illustration for it starring you and i will post it here.. so you get to get a free cartoon of yourself and ofcourse you get to be feaured in my BLOJ :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Funny Stories 1

So im in a silly mood and well i started remembering some really funny things that happened in my life and i thought maybe id share a few laughs. ofcourse one post would not be enough because a lot of hilarious things have happened in my life. So ill just divide it to more than one post

Story 1

many summers ago i was in jordan. And ofcourse jordan + summer = 10000 weddings & engagements! and me being single then i would attend them not only for the free food but because i was told that was the place to be to get (3rsaaan) (husbands) :P soo i was told to always make sure the camera man focuses on me and then ofcourse my hand that HAS NO RING ON IT! :S haha Truth is the camera man ALWAYS comes when i am laughing out loud or making a CRAZY face! i make faces when i talk and well in conclusion im sure people who watch the wedding tapes will ask who i was becaues i usually look a bit Seeeko seeeeekoooooooo

yeah that is not soo funny that is not my story.... The story is... so in jordan and 1000 weddings i was on my way to my friends engagment or  katb ktab party. she mentioned it was in abdoon. and that i would see lots of cars parked outside and i would hear the ZAFFEH! i was not sure where i was and my phone decided to DIE so i had to just figure it out for myself... 

i saw cars... HEARD zaffeh.. same area.. CHECK... CHECK.. i went in.. and apparently i entered the MALE PARTY ROOM.. i remember there was a shiekh there and it was just the most awkward moment i had to be lead into the ladies party... so well how embarassing.. i go in.. lots of woman clapping dancing.. the usual.. what was unusual was... i did not KNOW ANY1.. still being the slow person that i am.. i was convinced that maybe she invited all her family and only me from UNI so i just started clapping and waiting for the bride to come in... Lady standing next to me, who could have been the brides MOM.. so 
i say... " IT IS Doaas ENGAGEMENT right?"
 Lady's smile turned into a confused more serious look and said " NO its LINAS engagment"

Dino Runs Off... and that my dear readers was the story of how i went to a strangers engagement .. i even remember having a drink :P hahah

share your stories.. i will be posting more soon! :P

And regarding the cartoon.. i was about to post another story that was more relevant to this cartoon then i changed my post since my last post was already too smelly! haha so next time!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pooopie Disasters!

I am sorry i am posting an old cartoon i have been baking all day i made cheese and spinach fatayer. And ofcourse somehow i forget the pan is hot after i take it out and try to pick it up without a glove and now i am typing with major burns on my right hand. bravo ya dina ya fal7a

so i did no have time to draw a new illustration and my right hand ma7rooooga ( is burnt ) but the truth is even if i did illustrate something for this blog it would look pretty similar as we are in th same topic... poopies.. yes... as lulu would say "kkkkuhhh kaaaaaaa"

There was a time... before i got married.. when i was still not used to diaper changing. a time where i was so disgusted from the sink drain. You know how after you do he dishes you pull up your sleeve and pick up all the laghawees that are clogging up the drain. well there was a time i refused to do that because to me that was.. Ya3333ooooooo Ewwww 

i must say looking back i believe i was daloo3a! (acting spoilt) ! First day lulu was born.. she pooped into my hand. and then it got on my white shirt. and lets just say that was not the last time that happened. And now lulu is almost 2 years and i plan on potty training her as soon as she turns 2 and well for now it just gets more and more challenging to change her diapers! she refuses to sit down. Runs around and sometimes falls on her soiled (_/_) and well today was one of those days..
i washed lulu up threw away her poopie diaper and i thought that i did a pretty good job at poopie control! SO  she ran out of the bathroom and climbed on the bed ( no pampers on yet) jumping up and down and i noticed a little brown spot on the BED SHEEtS! LAAAAAAA2aa! but i cleaned her so well!!! until i noticed something even more horrifying... lulus FINGER was... the color.. of... yes. yes she apparently had put her finger in a very dark place lol

ne way.. sheets are in the wash.. finger situation under control.. and that my dear readers is just a glimpse of what i deal with now.. ya ma7laa il sink laghawees..

so im guessing this is a very smelly post :P

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Constant Fears, Worries, Questions..

I never used to worry this much before... i think the older you get the more your responsibilities the more your worries, your fears. I remember the many things i used to wonder about before i got married. The many questions i know have the answers to while i have more questions arising every single day.. 

 All my life i have been asking questions... 
Will i pass this course? Will i graduate? Will i ever get married? Will i ever meet "the One"? Where will i meet il HIM!? Will i get the Job?! 

Then i did get married and then i thought Will i be a good wife? Will i learn how to cook? Will i ever be a MOM?

then lulu arrived and now im thinking Am i good mom? Will i be able to raise her to grow up with no psychological problems! Will she grow up to be my best friend?

Now im thinking inshala if i ever do get more children.. will i ever be able to Manage??

I feel all those questions we ask.. eventually we do get our answers and things do work out for the best. And when things dont go as planned and we are disappointed. we get over it eventually. so i decided from today.. i will stop worrying. stop wondering. and awakal 3ala Allah. ( rely on Allah) He knows what is best and there is no use in worrying about things before they happen. No use in worrying about things that i can't change. Just Pray that God will bring what is best for all and accept that even the bad that happens is part of Gods plan for us. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Frown when Skype is Down

So millions of skype users around the world simultaneously cursed at their computers thinking the problem was with the computer. then they assumed the connection was not so great.. only to find out that down all day! Click here for more info about what happened today.

So i started thinking of this program skype. Millions of users use it everyday to me its a daily routine. i wake up check if my mom or my mother in law is online and we skype.

it usually goes like this

Me : " ALoooo yummmaaa ALOO sam3aanii" ( Can u hear me)

Mom : AAAH bas fesh SOORA" ( yes but there is no IMAGE showing

Me : 6ayeb 6ayebb irja3ee 2a3malee restart ( restart skpe)

Mom : 2eish eissh 2a3maal? (what what do i do)

Me : ikbeseee il muraba3 il a7mar wa sakreee wa irja3ee ifta7eee (press the red box)

Mom : fesh muraba3 wayn aroooo7 ( there is no red box)

Me : *bangs head on computer

a few minutes later.....

Mom : aaaah hayoo hayooooo ( i found it)

*suddenly picture appears with... NO SOUND... yee 3alieeenaaaa

eventually my mother did get the hang of Skype but this also happens with my mother in law, and its so funny and its not because they dont know how to use skype but it sometimes gets stuck .:P

At first i used to look in the mirror and fix myself up a bit before letting ppl see my crazy morning hair and funny PJ'S with cows and sheep all over them. Then i realized that i wont be able to pull it off if i skype everyday!

So after a few skype calls i just don't want to get all dressed up at home . I know skype makes you feel like whoever is talking to you is in your home but still its ok i choose to wear my comfy PJS. I can never manage to get the house clean so whoever is talking to me will accept that the house is messy in the morning before i take care of the lulu tornado. She is like the little tazmanian devil cartoon. you know how he just goes around in circles ruining everything he passes by! AARGH

So mostly everyone wants to skype now to see lulu do her new dance moves or talk her cute talk. No one does that for me! I have a few good dance moves * dino does robotic dance and attempts to do the micheal jackson moonwalk... *somebody laughs...

HEY! not funny :P

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thocooootaaaaataaaa yummy

thocotata.. is what lulu calls "chocolate".. she sometimes wakes up in the morning and the first thing she says is " THOCOTATA" continuously and this goes on for a few minutes.. i cant say i am surprised as her mommy is a chocoholic and ofcourse i too think of thocotata when i wake up. Sometimes i am too lazy to get out of bed and i remember that the day before we bought the yummiest chocolate croissants and i just jump out of bed!

click here to hear my lulu saying thocotata

This is something that took my hubby a while to adjust to. For a while i think he didnt realize how intense my chocolate cravings can get. I remember once he asked

Huzbandee : " Meen bit7ubi aktar ana wala il chocolata?" ( who do you love more me or chocolate?")

Me : silence * looks down shuffling feet *

Huzbandee : shocked look on face that i still did not answer the simple question.

Me : The beauty of this world is that i will never have to make this choice. *runs off before she gets another challenging question

I love chocolate so much... i will write a poem now on the spot...

THocotata Thocotata i love you with all heart..(my galb)
Without you there is no sun.. darkness in a room with a burnt light bulb
You bring me joy and sometimes make me fat
But its okay i still love you inspite of all of that

You complete me and are always there in times of stress
And most of all you are there when us woman have PMS
Oh no.. i dont think i will fit in my new dress
Maybe ill go to the gym or ill just play Chess! :P

P.S. i made that cake and it looks better than it tasted :S haha well it was not that bad but it was a bit dry! i love moist chocolate cakes.. *drools

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Old Blogging Days!

wow.. i just spent the past hour going through my old posts and its like reading my diary. it brought back smiles and tears and its like reliving memories. I dont even remember how i started but for sure i never thought then that i would be blogging for the next 5 years! this pic i posted is a screen shot of the FIRST i ever got on my first post .. a SPAM msg.. that i actually replied to because i had no idea it was SPAM lol love the anonymous comment here.

Anyway.. so much to say.. i used to write and hardly anyone read my posts so i just wrote anything i felt like writing. Soon i had followers and people i know from real life started reading my blog and i love that i love having readers. what i dont love is that this causes a lot of necessary DRAMA! like i post some random thought and the next day i find someone m2ate3ni and does not want to talk to me anymore :S I am generally an open person.. for EX... i shared my life with my readers. the good the bad, the sad and ofcourse the CRAZY . some say i share too much and that i shouldnt and now i try to keep my blogs more general and not personal. i shared my 3ersan stories and fears.

I feel like i found myself here. after blogging for a while i decided to try illustrating cartoons for my posts and stories and that was when i introduced my famous "Bagoora". who is actually my imaginary cow friend who is there for me always. the story behind the cow love is here.

Made me realize that i love illustrating and now i am working on becoming better in animations as well.

Bagoora was a big hit.. lots of fans and followrs loved her.. but i admit once i got married i broke her heart and she found herself a husband 6owr.

Looking back at the events that happened in the past 5 years. i started this blog single, depressed and jobless. then i found a job and in 2007 got married. this was a funny blog i wrote in my single days on how i felt then :P i also shared how it was like to be a newly wed with my cooking adeventures ( burns, slips in the kitchen).

I also shared my sadness as well.. a 3 years ago my dad had a stroke and i thank all my blog readers for standing by me with thier prayers. never underestimate how simple kind words can affect another person. Al hamdulilah he is stable now.

Neway so then i shared my wedding with you all.. then i blogged while i was pregnant updating everyone on my pregnancy and drawing cartoons of how i imagined lulu with a poem for each post :)

And now i am sharing my experience being a new mom and sharing my stories with lulu :) my now 20 month year old daughter! Wow lulu will be 2 soon! i admit i stopped blogging for a while as i was overwhelmed with being a new mother but now i am back on track ! will 2agrefkum with my blog posts and cartoons! working on an animation right now..

So in conclusion.. i feel deciding to blog has been the best decision i ever made... i have gotten to know a lot of amazing people like Abed who is funny and only speaks (jawaher) also very active on twitter

Kinzi a person who makes your heart all warm and fuzzy.
Ola with her lovely posts
Maioosh who is an amazing person, a new mom like me now who is married to another blogger Qwaider. Not to forget to mention mr Abulsharif and his batata tree.
Halawa who is the most hilarious person to tweet with :P Other ppl i have followed for a long time areMqabbani, KJ ( who has an amazing photography blog as well), Mzaher ( my old friend from uni and brother of one of my best friends who is like a sis to me which makes him technically my brother ). Other cool people i got to know a little are Malaget Ghaseel , SimSim , Damdoom.

Lots who used to comment here i still remember but they no longer have blogs. Im sorry if i forgot to mention people i am sure i have. Thank you all for making this blog possible. If i didnt have followers or readers i probably would have never come this far :)

Thank you all.. Group Hug.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Plenty of fish in the Sea?

So we all have heard the " plenty of fish in the sea" metaphor at some point in our life. And i must say yes there are a lot of fish in the sea but there are also a lot of fish that are now extinct. And sometimes the fish you find is a rare fish that is not found very often. So when someone is depressed or just feels like they lost someone special. Don't use this metaphor to make them feel better. imagine you are out fishing and just caught a really huge and rare fish! you are so happy and suddenly it jumps out of your hand and back in the sea. There are a lot of fish in in the sea is not what you want to hear right away.

There could be a lot of fish in the sea but unless if you are aiming on having mermaid children that is not a comforting thought. So.. instead i will say to all those amazing single ladies out there looking for their special fishie .. you dont need to go fishing. because usually you will be disappointed as the fish you thought you caught, after pulling at it so hard turns out to be a big "kundara"(shoe). So just live your days as they come don't try to make things happen and let Gods plan take action because He knows what is best. There are a lot of good people out there and some actually dont even smell like fish :P

Saturday, December 18, 2010


omg omg omg... galbi... i cant explain the feeling.. never been so scared in my life! I was in the bathroom about to take a shower... and i heard lulu cough outside. my hubby was outside so i thought he was with her. apparently she was in the room alone and CHOKING!!! i ran out like hysterically only to find she is still CHOKING! i had no idea what she was choking on! and i DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO! i heard you should flip your kid upside down or put your finger in to try to get what she is choking on. And well i know kids will choke on things and will always put things in their mouths but this time it was a long choke! And in that half a minute i felt so helpless and scared. like my world could end in a second.My hubby was there too and glad he was calmer than be because i was screaming my head off like a scene from an egyptian movie where the lady is screaming as her house is collapsing.

So anyway.. finally she is either swallowed it or spit it out and i just started crying.all i can say is al hamdulilah. and i got an answer to a question i always wondered about. well growing up hearing stories about judgement day and how we all are goin to be butt naked! i used to think omg so won be stare at each other ? wont we feel weird... answer is... you wont even notice because you will be so FREAKED OUT!

and i remember choking many times and once some lady came to me and started pulling my ears down! i was like then not only choking. but choking and CONFUSED! Another time i was at my cousins house and thier maid saw me choking and started moving my arms up and down as if i was flying or like she is trying to turn me into an old water pump where water will suddenly start coming out of my mouth like a water fountain. Maybe those acts were based on some researches or studies but i just was confused. As confused as i was when i bumped my head in school and they had a pievce of bread on my head to stop the swelling. heard ( batata) poatatoes stop swelling as well. So good thing in those edible remedies you can use them and then eat them :P ya3ooo :P

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Funny Animals A MUST SEE!

the giraffes are my favorites !! LOVE THIS! And reminds me of the time i got bit by a squirrel! i dont know how many have been bitten by a squirrel but im sure there are not many out there! I cant say i didnt expect it. these things only happen to meeeee. so incase if you are amused by squirrels like me. i used to live in kuwait jordan and dubai.. a squirrel is not an animal you see running around. you will see lots of camels and maybe stray cats. omg reminds me of egypt&jordanand the stray cats there! they are like a little cat mob that wait for you to open the door and then gather like they are in line for bread or 2a6ayef in ramadan! some have a missing foot or a missing tail or eye... i sometimes feed them because i am afraid of the consequences!

Anyway i keep jumping from subject to subject.. so moral of the story if you want to feed a squirrel do not pose for a picture while you do it. the squirrel will not like waiting and ofcourse it would be a great idea to actually have something they actually eat instead of a nutshell u picked up from the floor :S i just wanted it to come my way... i guess the squirrel didnt like that i fooled him either.


The New Facebook Layout ($hi2 Happens)

" im GLAD COWS dont FLY" :P

anyway speaking of cows. bagoora sends her love and wonders if you guys still remember her. i feel i have lost most of my followers since i stopped posting as much. but if she still has fans i will update you with a cartoon of her news and new baby 6owr.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kol she kan 3assal law inek makleh bassal

When its freezing cold.. and you dont drive in AMreeka pretty much most of my time is spent online or watching tv. means i will be able to blog more i guess :) i must say its like i am drawn to the couch if i get up im sure the couch seat is now molded to the shape of my .. back :S so ne way... i find myself getting drawn to watching tv show after tv show. drawn to them like a moth to a flame. and i know its not good. that i should get up and read a book or do something more useful. but i say there is always 2moro. today i came across this Jordanian video and this proves that Jordanians can be funny too!

breaks the stereotype that jordanians have no sense of humor. in this song " bitkhooneeeni" one of the verses he says " kol shee kan 3assal law inek makleh bassal"
( everything was honey although you had onions) :S translating always sounds weird.

ne way.. reminded me of myself. i had a sandwich the other day that i thought dint have that much onions in it. only to find out hours later by my poor hubby that i have been talking with bassal (onion) breath for the past few hours hahaha he was kind enough to not tell me at first but then i felt he couldnt take it ne more

*dino bites thumet na3 na3 & gargles with mouth wash..

mar777777aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bah... *hubby faints.. ok maybe no more onions EVER :S

i promise to blog more and maybe draw a new cartoon if i stop being a lazy bummmm