Friday, January 30, 2009

Moved to New Apartment

Hello I'm Back after a long time! I have been so busy with the moving process ! We moved to a new apartment ! It's in sharjah and its much bigger than the one we were in & i love it! hamduliah :) its 5 mins away from my parents house and my best friends live on the same ROAD! woo hooo :) 

My belly is getting bigger and bigger by the second and i find myself sitting and staring at it while baby lulu kicks and turns and i see it changing in shape! sub7anallah. her kicks are harder now and soon i think they will start to HURT! 

im in the 29th week. 7th month. so i think i should start the countdown and freaking out! AAAH! I need advice on what are the best stroller/car seat/crib/baby changing table to buy.

All you mothers and people with experience in that department don't hesitate in leaving me a comment to enlighten me to this world of baby stuff i just get so confused when i go into the baby shop! 

p.s. i officially walk like a penguin now 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Day Another Massacre

The israeli attack on Gaza continues and in 15 days 875 palestinians were killed (240 children and around 200 women) 4000 injured. Not to mention the many bodies that have not been counted yet as they may still be buried under the rubble. Seeing these war crimes happening everyday on international tv with the world watching and not taking action drives me mad it's emotional and mental exhaustion to see this going on everyday! 

My mom's family is in Gaza so is my husbands family and no matter what the israelis claim this war is not targeting HAMAS or (khamas) as they pronounce it. There is no shelter or place to hide. Not even ambulances are safe from their bombs, 11 ambulances destroyed . Israeli air strikes have targeted at least 17 mosques with the latest destroyed by a half-ton BOMB dropped from an F-16. A church seriously damaged, over 12 medics and a journalist killed.

My grandmothers house was hit by a bomb but thank God they are all fine. When i say FINE i mean barely surviving. With no electricity or water and very limited food supply left . The windows are all broken down and many die of illness if not by the israeli bombings. Not even schools or shelters are safe from the bombings. Israeli would warn the families they will be bombing in 5 mins and after this warning families would all gather in a shelter or school thinking that they were safe in the UN school. Israel didn't hesitate in bombing it and claiming Hamas was hiding in the school! 

Bombing homes and mosques and schools and killing innocent civilians every single day and claiming it is "self-defense"???? Has anyone seen the rockets launched by hamas? How many israelis have been killed? How man israeli kids? mothers? poor israelis have been taken to group therapy after the sound of the missiles caused them some major trauma! 

Is our palestinian blood cheap? Are we not as human as everyone else? 

The Red Cross is unable to reach the wounded people of gaza and stopped by israeli soldiers. Egypt borders also is not allowing any of the donated food and aid in. Claiming that Israel has the right to decide what goes in and out of the borders.

Israel is also using white phosphorus in military operations in areas with dense populations. This substance can burn down houses and causes horrific burns when touching the skin. 

Human Rights Watch believes that the use of white phosphorus in densely populated areas of Gaza violates the international humanitarian law.

Let's all pray for the people of Gaza and hope that GOD saves them from the hell they are living in right now. I only have hope in God as i have lost hope in the world.

 There must be an end to this blood shed and spreading the truth about what is going on is what we can do from where we are. 

Gaza you are in our prayers always.