Friday, October 26, 2012


EID MUBARAK EVERYONE !!! I have been meaning to blog for a long time but so much has been going on i havent really had the time to blog! but ITS EID! I HAVE TO POST SOMETHING!

First let me warn you the sheep are not happy this EID. they are very angry.. as you can see from this APP they created :) :P

 i really hope you all had a lovely EID and that you did something FUN for the kids ! We had a lovely EID party with a EID CARNIVAL theme! Wouldnt have done it without my friends who pretty much organized the whole event and made sure everything was PERFECT!

The best part about this EID party was that throughout the party we had lots of fun ! There were the EID letters cut out from FOAM. I drew some EID and Fun illustrations on them for the kids to color in.

There was also a jumping castle for the kids :) i dont have a pic yet. 
I designed the EID CARNIVAL poster as well

There was loads of CANDY! a HUGE CANDY STAND full of goodies and treast for the kids :)
Yeah a group of 25 sugar rushed kids is what EID is all about :P

There was also a photo booth set up with lots of fun props ( hats, wigs ties and loads of fun props) where all the people that attended can take a pic home with them as a souvenir of the PARTY

oh noo im one of those ppl who POUT for pics too! hahaha .. 

At the end of the party each Kid got to take home a flower pot with a bag full of little butterfly shapes and fun decorations and a glue stick. Something to decorate at home. 

And last but not least.. if you don't get to do a party bake some cupcakes with with your kids. make them a eid tradition. So easy to make all you need a a ready made cake mix box and you can even buy the icing ready made as well. Some marshmallows and thats it! might not look exactly like the photo but still it will be fun to make with the kids! :)

You know the best thing about this EID party was that now that the weather in dubai is a little better and not too hot to be outsidem the party was held outdoor and people who passed by to go the coffee shop near us would all stop and look and want to join. Some even joined and really wanted to be a part of our event. That moment meant a lot to me. All my life i have been looking at christmas parties, halloween parties, Easter egg hunts thinking oh they seem like so much fun why is EID always so BORING?!?!? FINALLY FINALLY we made EID FUN! and not only to US to non-muslims, non arabs and to everyone! That is what we all should do. ITs a TEAMWORK and it wont happen overnight.

LET the whole world know HOW FUN EID CAN BE :)

I hope by sharing our EID ideas you have been motivated to make your EID fun. And Believe it or not 
All these ideas are not costly if you know where to go to get the materials you need. 

:) EID MUBARAK to you and your loved ones! 
LETS MAKE EID truly سعيد