Thursday, November 30, 2006


Have you ever spent the whole day talking to several people... smiling wide confident SIGNAL2 smiles to practically everyone you see... and then at the end of the day..... you get back home.... and you seeee.......... something staring back at you from between your 2 front teeth!!! lol


wa ana nazleh awazi3 ibtisamat!!! WHY don't people SAY SOMETHING LIKe HELLO you have a huge piece of brocolli, za3tar or corn... etc

PEOPLE SAY SOMETHING!!! ok... come to think of it if i dont know the person very well i wouldnt say anything either :P

how embarassing... *sigh* dina adds this to her list of embarassing moments...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ro@d R@Ge

so... every morning i get stuck in the morning traffic.. some days are worse than others but in general... i experience ROAD RAGE!!! hehe well im just kidding i dont even swear at people when they CUT IN FRONT OF very calm.... im a peaceful driver but this illustration is what i REALLY FEEL!!!!

Dont you just hate it when you have been waiting for over an hour to get into the EXIT then someone who thinks he is better than everyone else simply CUTS infront of you.. doesnt bother to LOOK in your direction... AT LEAST ASK ME.. ACT LIKE i just did you a FAVOR!!! ARGHHHH! or when someone HONKS at you before the traffic light is EVEN GREEN!!

ok i feel better now..... lol

side note to all the readers who are unfamiliar with sense of humor :

i do not carry guns... i definitely don't plan on shooting anyone in this lifetime :P maybe the next

Monday, November 27, 2006


you know how when you make fun of something for so long.. it ends up happening to you? well all my life ive been the tallest and well my fear is to marry someone shorter than me! i keep making fun of the way he would need to wear not only heels but stand on a ladder or attach a piece of the "RASEEF" to his feet! RASEEF : PAVEMENT :P

anyway.. have you noticed that in every ARAB wedding.. no matter how modern the bride & the groom are.. no matter where they lived.. whether its canada, japan, or the states all their life... in thier wedding.. there is always some lady who starts yelling the traditional " Fala7i" Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeee HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! hehe

ok i cant explain what that is to nonarabs... but if you ever go to to an arab wedding.. and a lady starts yelling in a weird tone.... you have witnessed the "AWEEE HAAA" lol

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ro$e$ vs. OnioN$

a cute couple... they meet.. and fall in love... they say they are going to be different unlike all the other couples they have seen in thier life... then well eventually the husband stops getting flowers to the house... starts getting more onions so that she COOKS :P what was once a love story turns into the typical everyday family :P

its not that bad you know.. its kind of cute when you see an old couple sitting there together and you feel maybe they are not as good looking.. maybe they care less about the way they look... but they only have each other... and they have overcome & gone through so much together... just the idea that they are still together and capable of smiling at each other after all these years is so cute :P

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

$h@bA$hIB M@triX

background music.. * from an old cowboy movie when the two cowboys are about to shoot...

tan na na na na naaa naaaa naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

If you are an arab... and you are reading this you might relate to what im about to say... imagine you as a kid sitting in a room and you did something wrong... your dad sees you and although he is far away... he has no problem aiming his shoe at you LOOOL ... heheh ok maybe im sharing too much info... but i remember in school when all the kids would gather around in the break and share thier "PIZZA" "Za3tar" CHips and "ZAKI" drinks we would all share these sort of stories...

So why.... WHY... do ARAB DAD'S USE SHOES as WEAPONS? hahahha its like when someone says lets go to "BATTA" or "SHOE CITY" i hesitate... *dino twitches

i will never look at shoes the same way again... thank u baba lol

so glad those days are over!! sadly i kind of miss the adventures.. it was like being in the MATRIX.... everything would go into slow motion.. SHOE IN THE AIR... hehehehe

ok mom is reading this... ops.. my dad never threw anything at me but fly kisses when i went to school everyday :P

*Dino$ RUns B4 someone refreshes her SHIB SHIB memories

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Re@$on I LOVE Cow$

Finally... after many posts about cows.. i will share my story with those who dont already know it... the story of the day i fell in love with.... BAGAR!!

One day i was driving to my friends house... and ofcourse... I GOT LOST... btw my sense of direction is getting better.. now i get lost in only uae without reaching OMAN hehe ok.. sooo when i felt i was way off track i decided to take the nearest exit... the exit road was kind of underconsruction and well eventually turned into a sandy road... then no road... still iwas taking rights and lefts.. tryin to figure out an EXIT.. Assuming im driving a four-wheel. ( i drive a nissan sunny) hehe

suddenly... in the middle of no where... i press on the gas...frrrrrm frmmmmmmm... car stops moving...


*sound of crickets in the background
*sound of a wolf howling.. AAooooooooooooooooo
*sound of A COW????????

just to give u some background... of the scenery... * sun setting... its getting dark... houses that looked HAUNTED all around me... black dogs around.. i swear!!! so i think ok ill call my friends... MOBILE BATTERY was LOW.... i look around trying to find some sort of landmark!! and i see...............

2 COWS!!!!!!!!!! lol and im like? HUH?! BAGAR? so long story short... it got dark and 6 cars were searching for me... 6 fourwheels GHARAZO as well... till one of them SAW A COW!!! And they say they JUST KNEW THEY WERE CLOSE!!!


I LOVE COWS.... u know after 4 hours of bonding with them & sharing all my secrets i have to love them!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dont know if this worked.. but well just updating you guys... i still get calls not only from my indian mother but from many different indians including one that was apparently asking for the indian "ME" & searching for an apartment.. how i know? he said the word Room in between his 5minutes of indian talk :S

hehe im starting to think maybe im a schizophrenic that is unaware of her other indian self... no wonder i can perfect the accent!! no wonder indian men love me! hehe

so here is a song she sang to me in her last call... check it out! hope it works.. hehe ok just kidding she didint sing anything but it would of been hilarious if she did!! ehehehe ENJOY!!!

try to check this link... :S hope it works.. ull hear the indian lady sing...


powered by ODEO

Friday, November 17, 2006

My F@mou$ NuTell@ C@ke

On Thursday we had kind of like a party at work :P there was food.. soo its considered a PARTY hehe.. and i promised the girls at work id make them.......
*drum roll*

gu3lus enjoyed it too!! ppl kept saying i was a "moJremeh" "hehe how can i translate that??
a criminal hehe.. dont take that term literally... i have not murdered anyone since the last time i broke out of jail :P

So im a "mogremmmmaaaa" for all the KILOS they will gain after this CAKE hehe... yummmy...

I PLEAD.... GUILTY your honor... hehehehe its WORTH IT!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

WeirD C@ll!!

ok.. listen to this i found a miss call on my phone the other day.. i call back cause ithought it was one of my friends... anyway..


Lady: HALOOOO<--- (kind of yelling)
ME: oh hi... i have a miss call from you
Lady : 2 mins of speaking in the SPeED of LIGHT... (in indian)
ME: HUH? ok ok Wrong Number....
Lady: *silent*
ME: bye
Lady : "ok bye"

Later that night... same number rings...


ME: Alo?
Lady Again : 3 mins of indian in the speed of light again
ME: its a WRONG number
Lady : oh... sorry sorry


Me : hmm no this is my number
Me: im pretty sure its my number
ME: ok... bye mama lol

*sigh* im expecting another call anytime soon...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

NEW @DvenTURe$

OMg.. where do i start.. so today i left later than usual to work... usually i leave b4 the sun comes up.. but today i left while it was coming up... anyway... i was caught up in TRAFFIC from 6AM till 10 AM... not only that i hit the car infront of me cause he hit a sudden break... but it wasnt an ACCIDENT ( ma tkhafi ya mama)... my car hardly touched his car so it wasnt an accident... anyway... so i get to work at around 10:30... and THE PARKING is FULL!!!

sooooooo...... i went around in circles hoping to find a parking... thinking things cant get any worse... the guy infront of me HITS some other CAR ... blocks my WAY..... they have fight... i sit there... just waiting for them to MOVE!!!

He would scream at the guy then look at me and smile.. :S im thinking.. "HUH? MALO hada?"<-- whats up with this guy?

ARGH... then... mr. Angry man... comes to me and says he is sorry and indirectly PROPOSED & insisted on giving me his Business CARd.... :S Mush Wa2tak halaaaaaa2!!! <-- now is not the time!!

WHAT A DAy...... feel more adventures are coming up soon.. ALLah yustoR!!!! And no i dont think ill marry him.. its just too weird to meet in a parking.. plus he needs to take a major ANGER MANAGEMENT COURSE!! hehe

oh how i wish i was in this pic with the COW!! ehhee

Monday, November 13, 2006

In7@rAG R@AS$i!!!

so now that im a member of JP i should try to use more jordanian words in expressing myself!! hahah soo ya naaaaas IN7arag RASSI!! :P hah anot sure how translate that sk... my head is on fire.. haha it is an expression of so many things that include ANGER and being FED Up.. it a jordanian expression... so instead of having a "i hate i love list" i will just mention the thngs that 7arago rassi lately! heheh

They ARE :


Anties in weddings or gatherings sit and STARE and TALK TALK TALK abt EVERYONE... usually i feel like the TOPIC...

OF PPL WHO are 2 faced and ACT LIKE they LOVE u and as soon as u turn ur face they are making FACES about you

I HATE GOSSIP!! why cant u just MIND UR OWN BUSinESS!!! :S ARghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Some ppl with low confidence and lots of psychological problems try to put you down by saying negative things to you

PPL MEntioning the OBVIOUS " SHOOOO TAWEEEEELEH" <-- ur sooo TALL... ya3ni i think after 24 years of havin a bird's view of everyones head i NOTICED.. or "SHO BAYDAAA!" WALLAHI I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW 7ilo 3aniiiiii lol

PPL saying things like " LIESH LA HALA2 ma itzawjati?" <-- "why arent u married yet?" followed with a look of Despair and
Sympathy as if ur dyiing of ANFilunZA Al 6yoor(bird flu).. or junnoon il BAGAR(mad cow disease) hehe

side note those woman who say such things probably have the wrost marraige in the world and say things like " yin3an il yom il tzawajt feeh" <-- i curse the day i married you lol

PPL honking behind me in traffic EVEN B4 the LIGHT IS gREEN!!!!!!! ya3ni COME ON!!!!

PPL Cutting in front of me when im driving and not only cutting in.. they even Give me DEATH looks AS if i didnt JUST DO THEM A FAVOR by not SWEAring AT THEM !!! a THANK U WOULD BE NICE ya 3ami!!!

PPL Showing OFF... treating others like they are below them or that they are BETTER...

PPL who think cause they have memorized some verses from the QUran than they have the right to JUDGE The world!! ISLAM is not abt Judging OTHERS! ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE! IFFFFFFF! Soo annoyed!!! If you knew islam properly you would know that teling somone whether they are going to hell or heaven itself is the HARAM!! NO one CAN KNOW but GOD!


i can go on forever but .. i shall Stop now...*tshhhhhhhhhhh <-- sound of fire being put out lol

Sunday, November 12, 2006

B@yTha 4 LiFe

I love the beach... that is funny cause i havent gone in over a year!! EVERYTIME i actually Do Go or PLAN to Go something HAPPENS!! IT RAINS! GETS CLoudy!! This Friday i was all ready and when i reached the place!! it was CLOSED!!! ARGH!! Im soo WHITe its not even funny... im no longer white im a lighter shade that is TRANSPARENT!

HOW DO u know you are WHITE?

When ur whiter than ur MOM
When your mom notices h0w white you are
When ppl stop telling you you need a tan with a smile and say it with a serious look " GET A TAN!!|
When ppl place thier hands next to yours and say jokes like : UNITED COLORS OF BENNETON
When you look at your reflection on drak glass and STILL the reflection of your face is WHITE!!!
When ppl in your office call you SNOW WHITE!

i can go on forever... so i miss the beach and i still love playing in the sand... i remember when we were kids we would dig holes for hours and then someone would sit in and we would bury them!!

So im thinking im going to be "baytha" forever!! I remember once i wanted to go to tan and my TATA (grandma) freaked out and gave me a lecture on how being white is something that is highly APPRecited in GHAZA and in the ARAB world! lol i also heard a saying in jordan this year...

" KHUTh_ha BAYTHA wa LAW Majnoooneh" hahah i will never get over that one!!

"marry a white woman even if she IS INSANE" hahahahah

well.. im guess im supposed to be happy to hear that... but i doubt i will marry someone with this mentality! LOL not that im insane or anything *twitches* lol

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


SO.... yesterday i go back home... sit on the computer... checking again if someone was reading my blog... and YES!!! LOL i was RIGHT! My MOM found out abt my blog and was reading every SINGLE post... Probably is READING now...

SO if ur MALE ya rayt titwakal 3ala Allah wa LEAVE THIS SITE IMMEDIATELY! LOL

it is NOW offcially an ONLY GIRLS site!! :P hehe

I feel im being watched.... i am... lol :S

So.. the main point of posting was to vent.. slowly ppl online found out i have a site... till ppl from real life not only the blogging world found out... so i couldnt say anything abt anyone i knew... or they would find out lol

i thought THAT was limiting my topics.. IMAGINE when u KNOW ur MOM is reading every word?? lol

reminds me of the time she found my diary when i was kid... *twitches... not a good memory lol

ya3ni nifsi to have a secret life... no more secret bloggin life... back to boring life hehe

u know she actually said she liked iT!! Mama ya nab3u 7anani nawarti il site :)

yala salmo 3al WAldeh.. Say hi to the mother of the psycho who writes here!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


You know... i have noticed something that is very sad.. yet very true... we sit there at home flipping through the channels... we see the most graphic scenes showing dead bodies in palestine/lebanon/iraq...war all around the world... seeing soo much of this everyday has made us desensitized... we no longer react to such scenes... we are used to seing them.. and u know what the media shows nowadays is always with effects, dramatic music and screen shots that only make us feel its less real cause we relate it to the everyday movies we see... *sigh*

what do we do after watching the news???? simply.....FLIP THE CHANNEL!!?????? :S *sigh*

Monday, November 06, 2006


ok title literal translation : FROM WhoSE HOUSE ARE U!! real meaning " WHAT IS UR FAMILY NAME?" yes arabic when translated to english is a disaster! hhe ok... so PICTURE THIS...

U meet a group of people for the first time... the first thing they ask u.. " MIN DAR MEEN INTI?" so ur like.. " bla bla" suddenly from the expression on thier FACE U KNOW they are searching the FAMILY NAME DATA BASE in thier mind.. trying to recall if they KNOW anyone from ur family... and ofcourse if ur an ARAB YES THEY ALWAYS know... someone that is sittt abu 2im ukht khalet jiditak!! or ur greatgranmothers nieghbors SON IN LAW... lol

so u either get the DELIGHTED lOOK of APPROVAL.. or the FAKE SMILE followed by a sudden excuse to end the COnversation... then they whisper somethin To the ANOTHER lady next to them :P lol

soo after a long silence and deep concentration is as if a LIGHT BULB appears on the top of their head... then starts the million questions on " bt3aarfi 7aanafi ibn Mirvat?" or " mo3taz ibni was with u in university" yes anti i memorize all the names of all the students in the university(sarcasm)

Or even better when im im amman i say i came from dubai they start giving me names of all the ppl they know in dubai... as if dubai is a mini-playground and as soon as u go u all know each other... wait u know sometimes i actually DO end up knowing some of the names lol it is small world...

Sometimes the older generation that most probably grew up with my parents or grandparents start giving me names of ppl thier age... hmmmm sorry i dont even know UR NAME 3amo so pls stop asking me if i know the anti who fed me falafel when i was 2!! i dont even remember wha i ate yesterday!! chances are i WONT REMEMBER lol

US ARAbs we talk alot... and we ALL know each other somehow.. Especially if ur Palestinian or JOrDANIAN !!

BUt what i hate the most is how they have the need to LABEL U!! like as soon as they know ur family name they rememeber someone who is or is not related to u with the same family name... so according to that persons impression on them or reputation then u are either
" GOOD" or "BAD".... like if one person or 2 in one family is a CHEAPO the whole family is "BUKHALA" if one person is a "7arami" (thief) the whole family is "7arameyeh"...

i hate being judged for my own actions let alone SOMEONE ELSES!! its like why should anyone be judged by his name? family?nationality? or any other stereotype... ive seen brothers that are total opposites.. ive seen GOOD parents with the worst children! IVE seen BAd parents with GOOD kids!!

Why wont ppl stop judging others?? i dont care iza ibn 3am ukht abu sitee used to be a SERIAL killeR!!

Prophet Noahs Son was not a believer.. Prophet Ibraheem's DAD was not a believer... and those were PROPHETS!! imagine THEM being judged by thier Fathers or sons?!????

So ppl next time you want to judge anyone... just DONT!!

On a Rather Islamic Note this is Reminder : Ayyub (Allah be pleased with him) relates that the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace be upon him, his family, and companions) said, “Whoever fasts Ramadan and follows it with six days from Shawwal it is as if they fasted the entire year.” [Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, and Ibn Majah; Ahmad transmitted it from Jabir, Muntaqa]

ONLY 15 days left for Shawwal to be over :) so yalla shido il himmeh :)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

MoM Re@D$ My Blog?!?

(translation 4 sk : mom look at your SON! STOP IT BOTH OF U or ill BREAK BOTH Your HEADS"

lol today i came to use the computer and well i usually dont leave my blog window open... so well i found my blog staring back at me.. "AAAAAAAAAAAH" and who was sittin on the computer? either my MOM or BRO...
*heavy breathing
*thinks if she wrote anything she will not approve of.. hehe ok i think im ok cause she would of said something right?

i could be wrong.. but if not...

"KAAAAAAAAAAAAAYFIK Yummma! Sho Tabkha ilyom?" <--- what did u cook today? hehe

u know when i think of my mom i feel sorry for what i made her go through growing up! i wasnt a naughty kid! but i used to always fall & get sick! i spent most of my childhood in the hospital! most of the time it was cause of my BROTHER! he once broke my ARM!! Once pushed me and i bumped my head on the corner of something... all i remembere was that i was wearing a white t-shirt that suddenly turned into RED!! :S

we would FIGHT EVERYDAY... then id call my mom at work crying

the ppl at my moms work got used to us calling!! ONCE i even called my UNcLE in London andsaid " ALO .. MAMA ?? WAYN MAMA" first they freaked out.. then they got used to it and would tell her.. "Your KIDS are fighting AGAIN"

i rememeber when we were kids how we would just fight all the time and then the BATHROOM was our only SHELTER! id hit him and RUNNNNN like CRAzy!! or he would do the same! ehhe

till one day.. while i was sitting inside laughing thinkin " hahaha U CANT GET ME NA NA NA ANA " he was soooo ANGRY hE KICKED THE DOOR AND BROKE IT DOWN!! Suddenly what was once a SAFE place turned into a HORROR movie!! hehe

My mom is a doctor so well me trying to get out of going to school by sayin im sick was not a smart IDEA !!! she knew when i would FAKE it lol i feel sorry for all the HELL we made her go through growing up...

HABEEBTI MAMA.. i LAFF YOU!! :) ( and im not just saying that cause she could read this )

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Crying is Blackmail

sooo trueeeee.. i got this in a fwd with " men Rules" lol well when ur a girls tears are very handy... they are WEAPONS lol
in an office full of girls u get not only lots of gossip.. but lots of nervous breakdowns! I guess girls are more emotional & resort to crying in many situations...

$tressed out = we cry...
PMS= tears accompanied with unecessary ATTITUDE & ANGER ( avoid women in such state )
Depressed= we cry...
BAD grade= we cry
Good GRade AFter Freaking out for soo long = we also CRY
Friend Travels = CRY
Friend Comes After Years of living in AMreeeetchaaaa= CRY
Friend gets MArried = CRy
Friend gets Divorced = CRY
FRiend backstabs you = CRY
BAD News = Cry
Breakup/Fight/Rejection= CRY
i can go on forever lol

tears are very handy in situations when u want to be forgiven for something you did... to get out of car tickets... what else.. hmmmm i just think us woman cry alot... and its funny how the same tears when come from a MAN.. are not as effective or powerful as when a woman CRYS :P

So All you woman out there... KNOW u have a GREAT POWER within YOu lol USe it WIsely.. is tough! hehe