Monday, October 30, 2006

Pollution of D@ Mind

You know i sat there the other day thinking to myself as usual.. i thought about how the world has changed and is changing drastically.. i asked a kid to recite verses of the quran he had memorized , he satrted singing " boooos il wawa" instead!! i was horrified.. its a 4 yr old being subjected to haifa wahbe and im sure worse things! I have seen little girls dancing like those girls in the Music Videos... their innocence has been stolen away from them... what is the main source all this???? TV!!!

tv has become a "norm" a world that is as real to ppl as their worlds are... some may argue that it is harmless and that its just a way to pass time... knowing nowadays ppl have replaced reading books with watching movies.. surveys show that the average person watches around 4 hours and 32 minutes of television DAILY & that number increases on holidays!!

$ince people rarely read nowadays and have replaced books with tv shows or movies.. this also means that TV is their MAIN source of information and what ppl are continously viewing will definitely have an effect on them... for ex u spend most of ur time with your best friend... eventually u start talking and acting alike... even without realizing!! its pretty much the same with tv... ppl start to immitate what they see sometimes they are oblivious of the serious effects Tv can have!

Every generation is worse than the next ( i sound like a granny but its TRUE)... you want to protect yout children from the effect of television u can control the channels they watch..maybe even not have a TV in the house.. BUT what about in the REAL world... in school.. in the street! Is the solution blindfolding them? locking them up in a room away from this polluted world...

Cause from what i see EVERYWHERE you look there is something you shouldnt be looking at lol

Have you not noticed how they is hardly any censorship anymore? And that even in the morning or at noon when kids are mostly watching the tv the not very "sesame street" shows are on!! Yes i am not saying TV is all BAd... Yes there are alot of cool shows and i myself am a movie freak :S but some movies are just FULL of brain washing ideas that corrupt the taste, pollute the heart & brain, debase the mind, & demoralize the conduct of not only children but ADULTS as well.

Recently ive noticed that there is a noticable increase in violence, profanity, disrespect for traditonal values, unethical & morally unacceptable ideas, sexual connotation in movies.. What is considered a "G" RAted movie is FAR from "General"!

Ask yourself if the same kinds of scenes and messages we see now of all too many programs of today were found in the programs of twenty years ago. Not even 10 years ago!!

We are being exposed to growing amounts of inappropriate material if we choose to watch TV without being selective of what we watch with time we also will be brain washed and our minds will be polluted.

What people are repeatedly exposed to in advertisements, entertainment, novels, motion pictures, etc, has a great affect on ones self-image and behavior!

Television is no longer just entertainment it has become a "value-setter" where ppl compare themselves and thier lifestyle to what they see on TV! Movies have glorified violence, infidelity, & deviant behavior and have even made them look glamourous!

Another thing i noticed is that by continously being exposed to such shows & movies that hold soo much violence is being DESENSITIZED! People have gotten used to seeing death and violence that they have less sympathy for suffering and accept the idea of violence very easily. Which explains how the world sits their looking at people die in palestine,iraq,Lebanon & all around the world without taking any actions.. not even a flinch...

We must NOT take this matter lightly & have to at least be AWARE of what is happening around us and what will happen in the future if things keep escalating the way they are.

SAid like a true movie freak :P its been a while since i wrote something serious :)
but kolo wala that "boos il wawa" kid!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Phone Drowned!

not only do i drop my phone almost daily.... not only do i forget it ... yesterday it drowned in cup of water lol dnno how i dropped it in a cup of water! then i blowdryed it!! haha anyway... and believe it or not IT'S ALLIIIIIIVEEEEEEEE! :P

is there such a thing as phone rights? hehe u know i feel sorry for my phone....

Friday, October 27, 2006

HUH i look like Who?!?!

Ok... i was sitting with a group of people i have met for the FIRST time... and for some reason they ALWAYS have to say something like " Doesnt she look like"fat7ieh".. (fill in the blank with a name of your choice)"

Then the other girl stares at every angle of my face silently... Concentrating so HARD that her face turns into a confused frown!( i hate being STARED AT) then she screams and says


Dino$ : *nervous laugh*wondering is that a complement or an insult..

I have no idea who they are talking abt.... then when u forget abt that comment .. u do something and then they scream

" OMG OMG U & Bat3a ARE seperated at BIRth"

i have to say some people have NO SENSE of TAshbeeeh... they sometimes ask me if my friend and i are twins just cause we wear the same style of hijjab!! :S

anyway.. i dont look like anyone.. i look like ME!! Apparently a girl in JOrdan by the name of ZENA looks like me cause evrytime i go there strangers come to me about to HUG ME saying


ZEna if ur out there and somehow have come across this blog and have been told you are DINA... im the mysterious DinA ... lol

p.s. U should be flattered DAaaaaaaaaaaahling :P hahahahaha :P

i love how i compliment myself hahah *pinches her own cheeks*

Thursday, October 26, 2006

@m i DREAMinG?!?

So... today i got the best present ever!! its the biggest bar of CHOCOLATE i have ever seen !!lol i will try not to eat it all at one GO !!

My friend who is one of the very few friends i have who are TALLER than me hehe got me this from LOnDon!!

*smile turns into a look of confusion remembering a fwd i received about CAdboury Chocolate... something abt it causing a deadly sickness... hmmmmm.... at the moment that is IRRELAVANT...

well sara has been mentioning how we don't hang out much lately... hmmm could she be trying to murder me...

*twilight zone music playing in my mind

*dinos stops munching on chocolate.. *face is smeared with chocolate now

thinks to herself....the damage is done... already ate way too much .. might as well GO ON no use stopping now!! And remember Dino$ YOU Aint a Quiter....

*nods to self yells " YEAAAAAAAAAH" into space... realizes no one is around feels stupid that she is talking to herself.... lol

* returns to chocolate & hummms as she eats it ....


You have BRIGHTENED up my LIFE lol :P


*face so smeared with chocolate that sara's shirt is stained with chocolate now! lol

so today i wore my new shoes... and well at FIRST they were fine.. then by the end of the day i was limping in the mall.... i think people noticed the pain i was in lol so.. i ran (more like limped) to the nearest shoe shop and got another pair that were less PAINFUL!

What A Great DAY!! :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

2D@y was A H@ppY D@Y

Unlike yesterday which was utterly depressing.. today was a good DAy! i know we all have those days... believe it or not EVEN ME! hehe :P I woke up and spent the whole day with my friends...i still have a holiday till SUNDAY! Wooo Hooooo!! i spent the day not only with my friends but with habeebi BABY hamza!! MAshala 3alieh.. Allah yi7meeh...

im like his stalker! PAPARAZZI! taking photos of him all day.. of his every drool.. every nap.. every burp!! Id be standing there making weird noises and faces and ppl would stop and look at me weird!! im used to that by now! hahaa

no matter how depressed i am... if i see a cute baby i forget everything!!! Anyway not only that.. i also... went SHOPPING!! i think shopping is THERAPY!! for WOMEN at least! hhehe maybe it has a REVERSE EFFECT if ur a MAN... especially IF ITS ur WIFE spending YOUR MONEY heheh

today i counted my blessings... i counted the many blessings and thanked God for all that he has blessed me with... i was abt to count my money... changed my mind

side note : i should not be given MONEY... i spend spend spend like there is no 2moro hehehe :P

but i hardly go shopping... but when i do... Oh OH

*pockets of pants dangling out of pants :P

MU$h TayG@H

You know those days.. nothing major happens... but many " minor" things happen... And you would already be emotional for some reason.... and u just want to CRY?! mush tayga 7ali....

i feel so sad for so many reasons.... so many reasons to cry... so many reasons to be angry at the world... at myself...

*sigh* im goin to bed maybe 2moro will be a better day...

Monday, October 23, 2006


EID REMINDER.... to those who havent showered in a long time.. probably since last EID! WhAT BETTER DAY TO DO IT than TODAY? lol

so....i don't know if i mentioned this before but i can hardly express any emotions to my dad... and well i kiss him only on EID and when i travel to another country!! so well today i kept planning the scenarios... how will i approach.. which cheek first... will i SAY i will give you a "bowseh" or so i just drop it in the middle of a conversation...

like...."BABA WAYN IL *quickly kisses dad's cheek* 3eedieyeh *runsssssss <-- dad where's the $$$$$$$

hahhaa or mayeb i ll wait till he take a nap... aaaaaaah lol soo sad.. he is my dad..

anyway... after many plans.... and consultations from my sister... i HAVE SUCCEEDED... i backed out the last minute last year lol

oh and i also GOT some ca$h Wooooo Hooo... *calculates so if i got 1000 .... 500 for each kiss.... im thinking i will kiss my dad more often... hahaha

p.s. my dad is not a monster nor is he scary... he is just soo serious and well expresses his love for us through food and money and other ways that dont include hugs/kisses heheheh..

he is just not the mushy type thats all... but he has a BIG HEART behind his BIG KARSH (belly) <==belly and frown :P

*wonders if sometimes she should keep things to herself .. tooo late for that


Thursday, October 19, 2006

BiOniC TeT@H!

Im waiting for a mircale or sign to happen so that i know its laylat al Qadr.. im thinking maybe ill see an old granny lifting weights!! hhe i loved this illustration its so funny.. reminds me of a story my dad told me about my great great great granmother.. apparently she was soooo strong and worked all day (fil 7aqlat ya yumma)..

And well till the age of 90 she was still very strong mashala.. and one day while she was digging and planting a SNAKE BIT HER! the heels of her feet were sooo hard because of the many years she spent working on her feet! so... well.. the snake couldnt bite through lol! haahaha i think the snake died after she smashed her to death!

Not only that... my bionic teta ( allah yirhamaha) in her last years... was said to have kind of lost her mind... wait i said that wrong.. she just started to hallucinate a bit an talk to herself ..normal symptoms of being over 90... so she wanders around the house by herself...

well so one day she wandered to the balcony which was under-contruction and had no railing and well... she walked off the balacony and FELL FROM THE 2nd FLOOR...

And No... that is NOT how she DIED.. lol MASHALA... she died in bed years later! i want to be a bionic TETA someday!

TETA : GRANDMA in arabic sk :P

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

L@ylat Al Q@Dr

Again i repeat... Ramadan is almost over and i cant grasp that idea.. it just wont sink in.. when i compare it to my past Ramdans.. i feel really depressed*sigh*its not like it was before.. don't feel that much "barakeh" and spirituality.. its said that its signs that Judgement Day is near when u feel time passes by soo quickly...without barakeh... maybe its just me...

im just hoping i dont miss out on laylat Al Qadr... we don't realize how important this night trurely is! Laylat Al Qadr Khayrun min ALF shahr! so any deed you do on this night no matter how simple u think it is.. IT is better than whether its praying,sadaqa or even smiling in the face of ur muslim sister/brother.. oh wait let me clear on that point.. smiling in the face of ur muslim sister.. is considered sadaqa IF UR A GIRL.. if ur a GUY u better be looking away from the SISTAS (ghad al basar)heh

So men be friendly and smile to men and girlies to girlies.. :P

For those who don't know Laylat al-Qadr is a holy night also called the Night of Honor, which is equal to a THOUSAND MONTHS. All nights of Ramadan are holy nights but Laylat al-Qadr is the holiest night of this holy month. It is also the holiest night among all other holy nights throughout the entire year.

On this night, a countless number of angels descend with blessings and mercy until dawn, as they descend when the Qur’an is recited and they surround those sitting in circles in remembrance of Allah (SWT) and they lower their wings in presence of the
sincere seeker of knowledge in honor of Him.

We are not sure when it is exactly but its said to be in the final 10 days of Ramadan... most probably the 23rd 25th or 27th(most say its the 27th)...its an odd number and since every year every country decides to DISAGREE on a RAMADAN DATE! ( can we ever AGREE ON ANYTHING?)

Anyway we are left confused to which is the RIGHT NIGHT?!

so what we do in this situation is stick to the safe side and increase our efforts in ALL the last 10 nights of RAMADAN.. wa inshala we will All be lucky to win the rewards of this NIGHT.

so... why is it soo hard for us to just push oursleves in these last few days of RAmadan that are almost over... so that we can get as much rewards as possible...

Why are we soo caught up in life that when we come to pray or do something for God we feel lazy or sleepy... is it our sins that hold us back? is it too much temptation around us? i guess its both... Allahum 2u3fu 3anna

If a believer is eager to obey Allah (SWT) and increase the good deeds in his record, he should work hard to encounter this night and to pass it in worship and obedience. IF he does inshala all of his previous sins will be forgiven.

It is recommended to perform a long Qiyaam prayer and read Quran during the nights on which Lailatul Qadr could fall. This is indicated in many Hadiths, like: Abu Hurairah Radhiya Allahu `anhu reported that the Messenger of Allah, (SAW), said : "Whoever stands (in prayer) in Lailatul-Qadr out of Eemaan (faith and sincerety) and seeking reward then his previous sins are forgiven". {Bukhari}

the best prayer to say on this night is
Allahumma innaka 'affuwwun tuhibbul 'afwa fa'fu 'annee
O Allaah You are The One Who pardons greatly, and loves to pardon, so pardon me.

May GOD accept our fasting & prayers this month and Allahum Balighna Laylat Al QAdr wa la ta7rimna iyaha min thunoobna :(--- AMeeeeeeen!

Sorry this was too long but believe me its important to remind ourselves always..

Friday, October 13, 2006

Too Much CUTENE$$

Did i ever mention how much i love kids?! well... today i saw the most adorable baby my friends baby hamza!!!! mashala habeebi sooo CUTE! did anyone ever have a heart attack from seeing too much CUTENESS! im telling this baby is soo cute it hurts! i have pics to prove it! i love everything about babies! especially their tiny fingers and toes! And how they hold on to ur finger when they sleep!!! their clueless looks into space! the way their face is soo soft & squishy and ADORABLE!!! *dinos faints

today littel baby hamza 's face suddenly turned from a smile into a frown... and then then slowly got into a shade of red! first i was worried..... then i found out he was pooping! lol hahah even when they POOOOP they are CUTE! hahahahha

Akhhh ya GAlbi!!! MAshala 3alieh little hamza! Allah yi7meeh wa ybarek Feeh.. i need to rest... too much love.... my heart is going to burst with love ! hehe yes i know im emotional... cant help it! :P im a bundle of love!

*dinos is now singing " Heal the world make it a better place " .. heheh why... hmm was that last statement irrelevant ? im sure it was lol... haha ok i had coffee.. i think u noticed....

*bouncing off walls "WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"


I have been asked to state nine things about myself, "weird or otherwise", and then tag six others by leaving a comment on their blogs. Hmm, okay now, let the parties begin! :P

can i mention more than 9? lol ill write more i cant write just 9! hehe

1. If perfume is sprayed next to me or if i spray perfume i sneeze... 3 TIMES wara ba3d

2. When i was a kid when on the beach id enjoy eating SAND. not with a spoon but i remember munching the ones that fly in my mouth with pleasure lol (pic below)

3. When i sleep my sister tells me i do weird poses! one hand on waist the other on my cheek! LOL oh i and also talk and have long conversations in my sleep!

4. When im nervous i sometimes scratch my nose, say the stupidiest things, blink more, lose concentration, and if anything is in my hand if its a paper it automatically torn into a million pieces... if its a can it is crushed.. if its a chocolate bar it is liquified... etc lol u get the point

5. I have Absolutely NO sense of DIRECTION! no matter how many times i drove somewhere if i get to to from a different location i FREAK OUT, brain goes BLANK and end up lost in a DESERT somwhere in OMAN!

6.When im shy.. my face turns into a tomatoe! i smile.. the smile is usually directed to my feet or someones shoes! lol

7. I add ketchup to almost everything !! LOVE ketchup! ( even with ceasar salad) * crowd cringes

8. I can perfect many accent and immitate people ofcourse i have many weird sound effects.. my friends know my "baby" voice... those who have not heard it... the first reaction i get is " NIFSI AFHAM MIN WAYN bItla3 il sowt" <---- where does it come from

9. Im afraid of tight spaces! Yesterday i was in an elevator with no mirror and the walls were made out of carpet walls! i FREAKED OUT! im clausterphobic!

10. After seeing the movie JAWS when i was like 6 if im swimming in a pool or the beach i feel there is a SHARK after me! eeeek

11. Very emotional that i could cry when i watch cartoons! <-- speaking of cartoons some are very disturbing for kids! Do children have to see depressing stories?! i remember once i saw a cartoon of a fly tryin to find his mom in every episode.. and when he DID find her the last episode SHE DIES right infront of him! THAT IS JUST WRONG ! hehe anwway <-- siwar al 3asal is the cartoon.

12. i dont like to eat( pickles, olives "ZAYTOON", sheep intestines,tongues or brains<-- now that i think is weird) *disgusted look
13. Normally people are ticklish under their arms maybe their stomache or feet! mee its... (its the first time i tell the world) its my FOrehead! more like the top of my head! u should see me when i go to a salon and she has to wash my hair.. i end up giggling to myself ! ehe lol

hmm i can go on but i ill spare u more of my weird qualities...
brain to dina : hmm people will think ur a weirdo now
dina: well i think they figured that out from my previous blogs
brain: *nods sadly
dina: im not weird... i'm unique.. special... eccentric ... at least id like to tell myself that :P hehehe

pl now im tagging Abed , Lady DonDon, $im$im, Ola, the one, Weddo, Dar :)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

IT$ the WeekenD?!

AAAH its the weekend!? its the 20th OF RAMADAN!!!!!! omg?! its like yesterday i was thinking RAMADAN IS HERE?!
u know when soo many events happen... and they happen SO FAST!!... u sit there in shock with too much info that just CANT SINK IN?! its like.... when someone calls me and says btw i got married i have 2 kids now... and i just cant imagine that girl who is my age... who was in my class... with 2 kids? weird.. lol

*imagines if she had 2 kids

Scene : DINO IN KITCHEN.. kids jumping on couch... breaking things... yelling at each other in the living room... then saying " MAAAAAMAAAAAA ta3aali shooooofi yusuf sho kasar!!"one kid holding on to chandelier other standing on TV!! (one kid will be yusuf i love the name) hehe

*Dinos Screaming in the kitchen " WALAAAAAAAAA INzil WALAAAAAAA" " MA TUDRUB AKHOOK LA AKKASSIR RASAK inta wiyah!!"
now the mama dinos has the ability to use shoes as frisbies!! hehe

ok i got carried away .. anyway... life is always changing... i hate dealing with change... hope its always to the better!

like the cow i drew? it was inspired by "dookie" who u will meet soon on this blog :D

Sunday, October 08, 2006

KItChen Dr@mA

its funny how its RAMADAN.. and we are supposed to eat LESS not MORE... yet we spend MORE hours in the kitchen in ramadan ! its like suddenly you crave everything... and what is supposed to be ONE meal turns into one continuos meal from iftar time till FAJR! LOL

And when u have people over its even more stress and DRAMA! its like u have to give them a wider variety of food cause that reflects your hospitality & generosity! ( and hungry ppl are very demanding )

So more hours in the kitchen... more food... more stress... i had to cook yesterday and i have to say.. ITS NOT EASY! especially when a lot is going on at the same time! CAKE in the OVEN! SOUP Boiling! BAMYEH about to burn!! Oil sprinkling EVERYWHERE after throwing the SAmbosa in the oil too fast! EEEEK! it was a MESS! i was A MESS!

u know the worst is the last minutes! u suddenly remember things like OMG " IL LABAN WAYN" <-- is="" or="" strong="" the="" where="" yougart="">" WAYN IL KHUBIZ" <-- br="" bread="" is="" the="" where="">
someone yells frantically " WALAK Roooooooooooooo7 jeeeeeeeb khUBIZ" <-- br="" bread="" get="" go="" now="" some="">
* brother sprints to nearest supermarket

its like u were stuck on an island for 10 years and u suddenly sit on a table full of food! LOL
Dino$ :RELAX PEOPLE its just FOOD!!

*moment of silence... expressing how offended they were... shock/horror/disappointment written all over their faces.. group GLARES at me with threatening looks that said
" HOW DARE U" lol

* sharp objects and shoes fly at dina from all around the room! :P

so after a hectic chaotic day in the kitchen. the food was good.. there were 2 survivors lol
:P just kiddin.. * pats herself on the back.... CHef DIno$ in Da House... but i do not want to go through those last stressful moments b4 ADAN ! i felt like i was in an exam and the bell was abt to RING and i didnt finish writing!!


that went well... what a happy family.... (skipping in garden) singing " lalalallalalala"

not only that but then there is the AFTER- Cooking EFFECT THE DISHES!!

The nutella cake was successful too :D yeay! MAMa was proud of me * blushing*

side life or death note : never piss off a hungry person ... especially if he/she is fasting

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Meet Gu3lus!!

this is gu3lus!! he might seem like a normal stuffed toy... dont be deceived.. he is actually a CD HOLDER.... he is habeebi! :) listens to me when i need someone to talk to! he also gives the best hugs!! have him here infornt of me at my work desk! hehe u know its not only gu3lus who is not what he seems to be!! In life we will keep meeting people like him... they seem to be something and are something else... not only that... but some ppl at first seem so gorgeous and beautful and when u get to know them... slowly thier cute image is blurred out and u can only see them as UGLY!! And some ppl are actually not that fortunate when it comes to looks and when u get to know them and how kind they really are... they are the most beautiful people on earth.

u know the only negative part of being in a office full of girls? welll its GOSSIP! :S i try not to be part of it but u get sucked in sometimes... istaghfarallah... even if u dont say anything sitting there listening is just not right :S argh...

soon ill show u "poolie" and "dookie" my other friends at work lol

Sunday, October 01, 2006

MY FIR$Y D@Y @ Work!

Soo... my work starts at 8 AM in ramadan which means i have to leave the house at around 6 to avoid traffic!! anyway i decided to SLEEP EARLY and as usual.. WHEN U PLAN ON SLEEPING EARLY the OPPOSITE HAPPENS! i stayed up in bed staring into space till around 3:oo AM.... had to wake up to have some coffee for suhoor or ill FAINT!! so welll had the cofffee prayed and left to work!! its weird when u leave the house BEFORE THE SUN is UP! its weird.. its like staying out late... but not really...
*blank look on face

anyhow... i forgot to mention that in the past 3 days i HAD 2 ACCIDENTS.. BOTH my fault

the car head lights fell off .. so did the front part... but hamduilah nothin happened to moi other than hearing some long lectures from my BABA... *biting fingernails * dinos starts writing her will

Sooooooo my first day at work was AMAZING! i love it i love it i love it.. hamdulilah :D its just the waking up early part that annoys me... dont mind leaving early! hehe my normal non ramadan work time is 7:00 AM so i have to leave the house even earlier.... EEEEEEEEEEEEK!

you know.. i had to go through a couple of crappy job experiences that included sleezy people, psycho bosses, extra hours,stress, etc...till i finally got to this one... and it just FELT RIGHT!!

but then again its just my first day.. but thre is no perfect job.. is there? *wonders

* twilight zone music plays in her head lol inshala khier

And i know i would not have appreciated it this way unless if i had bad experiences... sub7annALLAH... i think this same theory applies to meeting "THE ONE"! i know when i meet him it will just feel RIGHT!

I GOTTA SLEEP! ooopss i mean... i dont want to sleep.. ( reverse psychology)... does that work on yourself? lol ARGH... the cycle is happening again... HELP!