Thursday, June 22, 2006


Nowadays there are many misconceptions that come along with hijjab. Some people automatically assume that the girl who wears hijjab is opressed and thinks backward or has serious issues that lead her to wearing it... To those people freedom is seen as exposing as much of your body as possible ... and so on..

IT could be hard for someone from a totally different cultural background to realize the point or beauty of hijjab... and sometimes ppl just need to get logical explanations for things and ask the question "WHY HIJJAB?" and then they ask " How come not all muslim woman wear it if its part of ISLAM? soo ill try to answer this question maybe someone out there might come across my blog and learn something about the beauty of hijjab..

Why wear hijjab? Well first of all as muslims we follow the Holy Quran & Prophet Mohamad(pbuh) and just like we have to pray 5times a day woman are supposed to wear hijjab. This is mentioned in more than one verse in the Quran and in Hadiths and the literal meaning of the word is :

Hijab or ħijāb (Arabic: حجاب) is the Arabic term for barrier,to hide from view or conceal. By extension, it can mean clothing or demeanor that protects modesty by creating a barrier

I feel hijjab is a protection and honor for woman.It gives an indescribable sense of security and dignity. A woman wearing hijjab is making a statement to the world about her identity saying " I am a MUSLIM and i am PROUD". She is also stating that i am not going to be looked at as a piece of meat or an object,and not anyone can see my beauty. That itself is an honor to every woman.

IF you look at Gods creations you will realize that almost everything has a cover that protects it.

Fruits have outer layers that keep them fresh and protected. A pearl is found in an oyster.

For ex. you have a diamond. Would you leave it lying around the house for everyone to see it or steal or step on it? OR would you leave it in a safe Box and hide it ?

Woul d you get a chocolate with or without a WRAPPING?
( had to bring chocolate in the subject) hehe

When you want to buy the simplest things as food would you buy the food that was lying out for soo long that the surely has been touched and might have flys swarming all around it.. OR would you go for the sealed package??

Even when you buy perfume you might spray from the TESTER but when you want to buy the perfume you will defintely get the closed bottle :)

I think i just compared hijjab to food,chocolate,perfumes and pretty much everything that came to mind and im in no way sayin that non-mohabah woman are not modest . Im just saying that hijjab will only ADD to your modesty, purity & dignity.

So...Islam has no fixed standard as to the style of dress or type of clothing for Muslim women. However, some requirements must be met :

A woman should show only her face and hands ( some scholars say the face should be vieled too while others believe its not manditory ).
Another requirement is an over-all dignified appearance.

The clothing should not attract men's attention to the woman.

It should not be shiny and flashy so that everyone notices the dress and the woman.

The clothing must be loose and thick enough so as not to show the color of the skin it covers or the shape of the body.

i can go on forever but mainly this is kind of a small summary that i hope was helpful

Hijab is not merely a covering dress but more importantly, it is behavior, manners, speech and appearance in public. Unfortunately is misconcieved by the way some women who wear hijjab are not practicing islam properely or giving the right impression nowadays.

Why not all muslim woman wear it is not because it is not an obligation but i guess we all sometimes feel weak and maybe not ready to take certain steps in our lives even when we know they are the RIGHT thing to do... Some lack enough knowledge about religion and dont understand or appreciate hijjab the way they should... And i guess some women are just waiting for the right time and its all in God's hands....

So in conclusion, im a muhajjabah ( hamdulilah) and have been for almost 6 years hamdulilah... im not oppressed and I would NEVER trade it for the world. I know that for me this is what Allah[swt] wants me to do, and it's the most correct, Insha'Allah.

I feel blessed and i wish i could express the beauty of hijjab to the world so that they actually envy me for wearing it rather than judge me and assume wrong assumptions about me.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dino$ Thought$

More time on my hands so i have more time to think and share my thoughts!! My mind is continously thinking about life and i try to find answers to the endless questions i have... i just end up with more deeper questions and a blank look on my face... Sometimes feel im a patient in an operation room who has just woken up from a deep comma.. looking around in confusion tryin to figure out the world around me... my illustration shows how i feel :)

I was thinking about different things like beauty& intelligence and the ways people follow many stereotypes to measure things in life.. So to be considered intelligent does it mean you should get straight A's? Do your grades determine how intelligent you are? Einstien was a failure in school and look how he turned out!

And what about beauty? im not goin to say " beauty lies within" or "its in the eye of the beholder" to avoid sounding cheesy ... but i beleive beauty is what is natural what GOd has created.. i dont think going through many plastic surguries and ending up looking like a barbie or somehow plastic as a way to be beautiful..

These days i flip through the channels and i feel all the singers and women on tv look alike! maybe they go to the same plastic surgeon! sad... but true.. some actually have facial expressions that seem to have stuck after the operation.. soo much weird stuff injected in their faces they cant even smile without looking constipated!! lol

I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way.. or has a certain beauty to them.. not many are as fortunate as charles theron or brad pitt... :P

I believe that each person is born with a gift or many gifts.. some might not be great in school or with grades.. might be great artists or even scientists someday! Intelligence should not be measured by A's or C's which are mere letters to label ppl! i've seen people who were the considered the smartest kids in school.. make the stupidest decision in thier life...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Know Me Better :)

this is for you LAdy D .. sorry its late.. i recieved a similar email ill answer:)

5 people who top your craplist, and why
- liars hypocrites & show offs
- haifa wahbi and all " boos il wawa" amthal
- people who are muslims and give out the wrong impression
abt islam with thier unilsamic actions...
- sharon tab3an wa kol 2a3da2 il islam
- ba3rafsh liesh bas ILHAAM SHAHEEN & Mohammad Muneer!!

Close brushes with death dangers:

lol i lost track but ill mention the ones i remember
- i was hit by a car when i was in the gulf war in kuwait...
- i almost drowned as a kid, and more than once jumped in shallow water and
HIT MY HEAD cause i thought it was deep! lol
- jumped off a closet when i was a kid with bed sheets on my back sayin i was " superwoman"
landed on my back! OUCH
- Have had more than one car accident... nothin serious but could of been many times
- Was almost kidnapped as a kid

lots more i forgot ...

5 Guilty Pleasures
- The guilt u feel after having CHOCOLATE! yummy!
- The guilt we feel after playin pranks on friends when they feel soo stupid for fallin for your prank! lol
-The guilt you feel when you take somethin away from a kid and he starts crying
- The guilt you feel for laughing when someone said a hilarious joke abt someone else
- The guilt you feel after Sleeping way too much...

5 Things you never want to forget:
-The moment i opned my eyes after the lazic operation and COULD SEE WIthout GLASSES
-The moment i first saw al ka3bah
-How it felt to play in the snow ( hown ma fe snow ) :(---
-How it feels to be a young so that when i grow up i will know how to deal with my kids
-A dream i had once..

5 Things you wish to forget
- Someone i had grown attached to for a while who simply walked out of my life...
- The death of my close friend in an accident
- The many mistakes i have done in my life
- My school days when i was a major geek lol
- A nightmare i had more than once..

5 really exotic dishes you have tried:
-Mansaf YUMMA!
-Msakhan we fREEAKA!
-Sumagiyah ( i think this is as exotic as it gets)

5 crushes/loves in your life… in chronological order:
5 bass? :P
when i was in Grade 2 i liked this called call hani in my class and asked him to marry me lol
when i was in Grade 4 i think.. i liked my teacher!!!
in University i had one major crush....
*blushing.. khalas bikafee... eyyyyyyyy

Strangest dream you've ever had
i sleep a lot.. ya3ni i dream alot... but one of the weirdest dreams i had was one where i saw myself but it wasnt really me but some evil witch possessing my body!! and she was making tea for my teta and mom! and she put some poisong or seomthing! i was SCReaming but no one can HEAR ME or see me and thought i was that EVIL witch!! CREEPY film hindi!

once i prayed istikhara for a guy who proposed and well i dreamt he was scratching his head with his SHOE!! LOL weird.... glad that didnt work out lol

5 most valued personal possessions
- my wallet with all my karakeeb in it and pics
- my car soona! ( which btw i finally WASHED)
- little notes i keep from friends and cards from the kids i teach sayin " love u miss dina"awww
- many gifts that i got from ppl who were dear to me...

ill edit it with more answers later :) enjoy


Well... after 3 months of working.. i have had enough lol.. not its not that ive had enough.. more than one thing happened... i know i made the right decision to leave..

i just didnt belong there and felt i had to leave... im soo happy now... i can appreciate the concept of : TIME!!!

no more stress! long TRAFFIC hours!!! NO MORE BOSS! this what i call...

i have soo many thoughts that are stuck in my mind waiting to be blogged... so i dunno where to start... i learnt soo much this past 3 months... its different to work and have a taste of the real world.. where MONEY is everything.. and everyone forgets everything when it comes to that... its sad... but true...

we live in a materialistic world and people dont really care abt ethics, morals, what is right and wrong.. its all abt getting what they want..and stepping on whoever gets in their way.. getting what they want no matter how they do it.

i miss the old days when my troubles in life were whether i got a "mickey mouse" or "mini mouse"lunch box to school... the older i get the more nostalgic i feel to those KG days :P

i got lots of job offers hamdulilah but im think im goin to take a break b4 i go back to the stress again... :) guess you'll be reading more thoughts