Sunday, August 14, 2011

YES i AM PREJJJnant & its a JJIRLL

Wow its been so long since i blogged and well a lot has happened since my last post.. First big news is YES i am pregnant and beneath that karsh is an actual BABY growing inside of me.. i must admit i am also slowly inflating in areas where there is no fetus :S And i do feel like everyday my appetite grows with the baby.. so ALLAh yustur i dont gain 33 KG lke my first pregnancy!!

But that is not new news. im already entering my 5th month and in no time inshala i will be screaming my head of praying for amo epidural dr to arrive. The NEW news is that today i found out its a GIRL :) i thought it was a boy because well all my symptoms were different in this pregnancy.. i craved different foods.. i hardly puked as much as i did with little lulu.. i  didnt gain that much weight (YET) just half a kg till now * CROWD APPLAUSE *

So... unlike many who might believe that a boy is somehow superior to a girl. I am sorry neither i or my huzbandi have this mentality al hamdulilah and all we pray for is a healthy baby. I do admit that a part of me wanted a boy so that i had both genders incase if 2 kids was too much and i decided 2 is enough for me that i wont feel like i missed out on a gender :P but al hamdulilahhhh al hamdulilah and inshla inshala i pray that my bobo who inshala i will name "Alia" after my best friend  and hopefully she will be healthy as CUTE as my "plintheth yuyu" and ma tghalebneeeshhhhhh

I am not at that stage of pregnancy when people look at me and hesitate whether they should say " MABROOK" CONGRATULATIONS ON your pregnancy or pass me a DIET.. i am tempted to stick a sticky note on my belly that says " THIS IS NOT JUST A KARSH"

Unlike those cute petite pregnant ladies who look skinny and like they have a small zaytooneh ( olive) growing in thier belly.. a perfect circle.. no extra fat.. just baby bump and as soon as they deliver mashala they are like even skinnier..

 i admit i have always been on the chubby side.. i never was skinny.. not even as a baby... i was born 4.5 kgs *ykhzii il 3ayn 3alay  kalabeez wa tabakaaat 3ajeeb.. i was like layers of fat!

 i was so chubby as a kid my uncle used to say he cant carry me because he already had a disc in his back. :S yet somehow i accepted the fact that i was "DABDOOBA TEKHEENA" and it was my favorite song growing up.. i would jump with every " Nutee na6aaa ya dabooobaa " HEEEEEY HEY HEEHHHHHHHHHH"

but i was cute chubby not that chubby u see and think OMG OMG haram take that child to SHAQs show for fat kids or biggest loser! anyway.. what is my point?? yes 7aseh 7ali bagara.. and i crave so many things i never used to crave like FOOL MEDAMES and shurbet 3adas... i would CHOOSE TABEEKH OVER CHOCOLATE * CROWD GASPS*

Oh sorry im late but RAMADAN KAREEM everyone wa kol saneh wa into salmeeen... or as lulu would say " AMADAN BAKIN" or " AMADANT KATIN" ... i will not say what she says for " KOL SANEH WA INTO SALMEEN" cause it just SOUNDS WRONG

*dino smacks forehead

time for me to get some sleep! will try to post more updates :)


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

mabroooooooooooooooooooook :)

girls rooooooooooock :) [just look at us and u`ll know] :P

lulee will torture her! he3 he3

UmmOmar said...

ياااااااااااا ررررررررررررريييييييييييييييته الف الف الف مبروك

تقومي بالسلامه يارب,, ويجيكي البيبي بصحه وعافيه يا عسل

رمضان كريم عليكي,, والله يعينك ع فقره النوم والنعس
كنت أكرهها ,, بكرههها بعدني

Sniper said...

Alf mabrooook Dino! Nshallah bet2oomi bel salameh ya rab :)

Hey, if u ever consider an exchange, im here :p

Dino$ said...

hahah *lookin at sheeshany... AL HAMDULILAHHH inhaa BENT :P

but i agree lulu akeed ra7 tbade3 feeeha!

Um omarrr.. lazim takreeeni looool wallah im already worrying about that! bakraahhh il sleepless nights! but yala be3adoo bsur3a inshaala :) wa ramadan kareem

SNIPER haha exchange meen bi meen?? thank youuuu Allah ysalmak

Sniper said...

Well as ur saying inno part of u wanted a boy and YES two kids is enough, I offer u a two years old baby boy in exchange for ur baby girl..  u just need to do the potty training thingy asap :p

Anonymous said...

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Me said...

mabroook...alf alf mabrook..t2oumi bil salameh inshallah

Dino$ said...

sniper bashoof keef btetla3 il banooteh and then i will think of the exchange lol :P

i must see pics of ur sons :P
i have had other offers and would like to revis all options :P

but i must admit that my children will very likely have a crazy gene

anonymous yes i do have a a twitter @umlulee

Me.. thank you very much :)

kinzi said...

Mabruuk al bint!!! Ukht Lulu!!!