Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Faja3 il Pregnancy

So as many of you know.. i am pregnant and with pregnancy comes a BIG APPETITE! I can't really explain this to people who are not pregnant or to those don't appreciate good food. Its just suddenly all i wanna do IS EAT and even when i am eating i am thinking of what i will eat in the next meal! I sometimes get up from bed when im lazy just because i am motivated but what i will wake up to EAT! i better watch out because my last pregnancy i gained around 30 KG if not MORE! *CROWD GASP

And its not like you can eat and get FULL! There is like this hole in ur stomache and you can NEVER feel FULL for more than like 3o minutes :S 

Its hard to differentiate between hunger and PURE FAJA3! really.. its not like a regular craving you can ignore.. these craving are so strong and powerful i admit i have driven to malls that are not exactly close to my house just to get that specific craving.. *drools *pats on belly

I still don't look very pregnant and well even in my last pregnancy my belly was never really firm but more like 3ajeeen. *pokes at blubbery belly that jiggles 

i look like someone who just delivered.. or maybe someone who just has a big karsh

i was in canada for 3 weeks and due to the good food and everyday tim hortons drink i gained 5 kgs in 3 weeks! YA FARE7tiiii

now im trying to control my cravings.. but il akl latheeth.. i can write you poetry on the spot about the food that i crave.. let me try now...

ya salam ya salam 3al chocolate crepe 
what makes it better is that tim hortons ice capp sip
oh pasta oh pasta where art thou
tell me not of your calories, feed me now

oh dear chocolata, i am sorry i loved u less in my first trimestUr
i love you deeply now so i Allah yustur
Dear Tabeekh,mlookheye wa jaj wa roz 
i am weak infront of you, bidi aakol tanjara wa 2a2ool tozzz

As for you my dear ice white mocha,
2u7ibukeee doonaa shakaa
And for some reason i like sha66a
but i admit i have always been a ba66a

Seee told u i can write something on the spot.. will try to blog more often.. and soon i will share my airport drama story :) 


Dino$ said...
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Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

ok, I can comment now :)
مع إنو مصفي النية أنا! خخخخخخخخ

I guess u womEn -AKA; weirdest species to date- use that as an excuse!
Sure the baby needs foodING but com`on ..... and plz stop it with th "wi7am" card! plz , ha!


هذا و أنا مصفي النية؟، واخدة بال حضرتك :)

bon voyage :D
***how`s lulee takin` it so far! :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

this comment is for subscribing, deal? :)

Dino$ said...

il wa7eed il 3abarni fil comments :) bas y3ni sara7a Allah y3een martak 3aliek ! ka3edlha 3al lukmeh ! u will never understand the appetite of a pregnant woman.. ya3ni there is person in our bellies eating the food we eat and ordering more food.. ma3kool no2oloh la333??

Anonymous said...

I am an obese secretary who eat just like your pic in the post , the thing is that i am NOT preganant :(.

Manal k

Sniper said...

Guess what, tim hortons is now open in szr!! I had to wait in a q for 40 min that day just for a cup of coffee!

Dino$ said...

anonymous... u made me laugh so much.. well truth is whether ur pregnant or not sometimes u cant resist the temptation of yummy food.. its just when ur pregnant its harder to control those cravings and well u can always blame ur pigging out on the baby :P

Dino$ said...

sniber... yes i heard! i want to go but heard its crowded all the time! so i will wait till il sar3a goes away and the lines are not wasleen la bara il share3 :)

Dima said...

oh my God,, your super funny,,and although i always read your posts,, but this time i felt that i have to tell you "this is the funniest plus weirdest posts i have ever read"
Allah yetamemlek 3ala 5air, bs you better watch out, ana sar fiyyi ta2reeban zayyek and it's only my fist baby, and till now my KARSH 3ala 2oltek mesh radi ye5ef..

Dino$ said...

Dima :) haha so u find this funny .. i think woman who experienced pregancy bagraneh will relate!

dont remind me of that extra karsh u are left with as a gift after delivery... its like i wish i can just cut it off .. its like so far out there that i cant imagine any workout can affect it.. it has a body of its own..

maybe i share too much... have u ever seen the karsh pppl who get twins are left with... makes me feel better about myself. :P i am evil :P

kinzi said...

Habeebti, shu cute! I was remembering that terrible lack of appetite control and opened a bag of chips while reading. Dangerous blog, Dino while pregnant!

lana diab said...

loool well since i am still in my first trimester i can say that i am still NOT THAT FAJ3ANEH... oppss! lool

but in my 1st pregnancy i gained 14 kgs! 5 of them gained during a trip to dubai! god i can never forget those yummy foods i had there! the good news is i am 5 kgs thinner when my i knew i am pregnant with my 2nd baby than the first time,

i still have 2 weeks to begin my 2nd trimester and i can proudly say i still wear my fav jeans:D

hala2 el cravings are scary! o agree i know the feeling eno the word food is written with huge letters every where u look! but i am just tryin to focus my cravings if there is such a thing(focus) on non fatty foods u know fruits w haik (yaa3 i know!) lool

w haitham plzZzZz plzzzz try to understand! pregnancy is a monster ! and u guys are lucky !:( lool

Dino$ said...

i havent checked my blog in ages! just saw ur comment! haha yes pergnanct is a monster and men will never understand the dangerous appetite pergnant woman get! :P thanks for ur comments everyone

Dino$ said...

kinzi! hahah i cnat imagine u have an apptite similar to mine whether im pregnant or not! i can PIG OUT! *dino opens two bags of chips of two different flavours cause she wasnt sure which one to choose haha

Haitham Jafar said...

y should I try to!