Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lazy Dino

So pregnancy is not as easy as i thought. Nausea aside you actually get really emotional. I cry to almost everything. for example there is this "ramadan" ad with a kid singing. I cried to another ramadan ad where a guy buys another guy a shirt. Everything makes me cry! So dont tell me anything that is even slightly sentimental or sad. I cry then i wonder WHY AM I CRYING?! its my hormones i guess!

Anyway. i feel so lazy and i just want to sleep all day! I know its too early to be in pregnant mode but wallah i already have lower back pain along with a bunch of other not so lovely symptoms!

NO Coffee No tea no tuna or anything raw. I have to eat more vegetables and healthy food.
Certain smells make me wanna barf! Even tastes! The toothpaste makes me GAG everytime i brush my teeth! Some perfumes too!

I feel my sense of smell has become even stronger! I always knew my nose was small but fa3aaal! now i feel i have super powers! i can smell things from a distance!

Not a good feeling when you are walking in a corwded place! Imagine walking next to someone who smells like sweat to a normal person. TO me i feel like my nose is ta7t baaaa6oh! ya333oooo

*dino puts nose clip on


lost within said...

yella few more months w all will be over!
Is ur belly showing ?! :D
Ladies look cute when they have have that little rounded tummy !

Dr.Invisible said...


Dino wiz super powers now , next thing ur will telepathic :)

XTR Lash. said...

It must be the hormones in your body! Hmmmm... pretty soon you will start craving for the most unusual combinations of food (Chocolate perhaps?) or at least this is what I have heard of.

You know what they say; there is no wrath like a "pregnant" woman scorned! LOL!

Inshallah you will give birth to a healthy, beautiful, and a happy baby!

I hope Bagooraa won't become REAL jealous of the little one though!

Umm Yusuf said...

lol!! just reminds me of when i was pregnant... i actually.. ahem.. kinda.. er... miss it! hah! just wait until you go into labor! how much longer do you have?

Please check out my site for information on a good sadaqah opportunity, jazakAllah khayr sis!

Rebecca said...

Alf Mabrook! I'm so happy to hear your good news. :) May pregnancy be easy for you and may you be easy on your hubby!

Dino$ said...

lost within 6 months !! well my belly looks like i had a heavy meal! like i ate a kharoof hehe manfookha

Ya3ni but looks kalabeeez not pregnant.

Dr mush mawgood ana aslan telepathic.

Dino$ said...

xtreyelash :) yes there is nothing like pissing off a pregnant woman! you might as well have made a death wish! i think in trail the jury would be more understanding if they knew a woman is pregnant because they know the effect of her hormones on her!

SO careful what u say to me

*evil laugh

Dino$ said...

umm yusuf mashala u have a bobo well i still have 6month to go not looking forward to labor or delivery but i cant wait till the baby starts kicking.

will check your site thanks. i definitely wont miss the puking

Dino$ said...

rebecca thank you so much and i will keep you guys posted with my pregnancy adventures

XTR Lash. said...

LOL @ XTR "Eyelash"...
The word "Lash" in my nickname has nothing to do with eyelashes! It's just that I am a Circassian and Lash happens to be my family name.

Dino$ said...

xtr im jsu kidding i know it doesnt i jsut always reply and play with names :)

Anonymous said...

but then on the other hand, maybe this will influence bagoora to have a family of her own. :)
Maybe she'll it baby bagoodino :P

Anonymous said...

How dare you be close to GOD , yet you're evil .

Anonymous said...

Alf mabrook Dino, I am late but I just saw your post :$ Allah y2awmek bel salameh.

Dino$ said...

Thanks haloosh :)


Mnoosh said...

mabroooook Dinos :D

hay bdna nser n2asem el blogs la fe2at: elpregnan6 3a 2oltek, el 2omhat aljadedat o el3rayees o el fe2a elahm alate la zelna fe saf alintezar :P

sea life said...

Congratulation dear Dino!
I was away so long time and I just saw your posts.Great :)
I wish you and your baby all the best!!!

wortor said...



Anonymous said...

Thank God that I'm a guy with a masuclar build .