Monday, September 01, 2008


RAMADAN IS HERE AGAIN! A year has passed ! Sub7annallah! it was like yesterday that i was cooking for last ramadan :P oh the stress of finishing the tabkha on time! Today ma3zoomeen so NO COOKING YEAY! 

Has anyone one of you been to the supermarket lately? im guessing YES! i saw you all there when i went lol ! seriously EISH HAAAAAAATH?! hheh that called for the jordanian accent to come out. It only comes out in times when i want to make my point more AGGRESSIVE !

We went to get groceries. And ofcourse in the beginning we couldnt find a 3arabayeh! so we ended up with those messed up ones that are so m3affneen that you can even push them right! you end up bumping into ppl and saying "sorry" and pointing at the messed up shopping cart! And sometimes it decided to stop on its own like an sa3eedi donkey. And sometimes it just goes in directions on its OWN! After a lot of kicking and pushing and high blood pressure! i noticed that maybe its not just ramadan maybe its TSUNAMI or something? 

PEOPLE were shopping like crazy! VIMTO was out of stock 3 days ago! Cheese Sambosa all GONE! I was like omg? are we all MAFAjeeee3?! ofcourse i couldnt help but peak at everyone else's cart and omg. All full to the point that you cant see the person pushing it! haha

oh and the line for the cashier was up till the end of each aisle! can you imagine? so i experienced how it feels like when people ATTACK  a supermarket! 

So before i was told never to shop when i am hungry. I think shopping while you are fasting is much worse!!! :P

I admit we also got a lot of food but it was just because we don't plan on shopping for food in ramadan so it was like a month of shopping.. hehe 

So anyway... PEOPLE... RAMADAN KAREEM! kol 3am wa into bkhier! May all your prayers be answered. Bagoora is avoiding me and says i look at her differently. She claims that i see her as a walking hamburger in ramadan. I dont plan on eating her but last ramadan i was so close to using her for tabkha when we ran out of la77777meh!! :)


Anonymous said...

is it normal that i went with my wife for Ramadan shopping and we ended up with 750 DHS? is this normal or marriage is new to me?

Dino$ said...

lol u are actually lucky if you pay less than 1000 DHS nowadays! i go to buy the simplest things i end up paying around 600dhs !

Mabrook your marriage and welcome to the club

SomeGuyFromPlanetBlogspot said...

First days and last days of Ramadhan are shoping days.

Reema said...

looool it's exactly like you described and let's not forget that schools began with ramadan so there's alot to shop for..
give the people ten days from now and they'll start shopping for eid :D
Ramadan Kareem to everyone :)

Anonymous said...

Ramadhan Kareem to you, may Allah help us make the most out of this festival of Divine Blessings :-)

Amjad Wadiِ said...

ramdan kareem w kol 3am w inti bkheer

Dino$ said...

someguyfromplanet yes ur right but i think all throughout ramdan ppl shop like crazy :D

oh yes!! eid try to get something done 3ind il khayat on eid ! its like booked 5 months before! :D

Ameen Dubai Guy :) inshala Allah yataqabal mina 2a3malna wa syamna

wa inta bkhier amjad :)

Anonymous said...

Ramdan kareem & kel 3am ou inti bi khair :)

Pls keep on smiling in Ramadan and spread out the smile so ppl won't say "aiwa, ballasho siyam ou ta3seeb"

Dino$ said...

hehe yasminati kol 3am wa inti bkhhier! ana 7ata lama 2a3aseb i smile :) but this advice should be to those in jordan :P

Fa6ma said...

LOL I luved ur post, so amusing!
At our house we stopped shopping for Ramadan, we usually start the cooking a bit later than everyone else, and I try to discourage mom from cooking too much and too many fries. Ramadan had become the month of eating instead the month of Allah =/

Amjad Wadiِ said...


مش عاجبيتك اللهجة الأردنية


كل عام و انتي بخير و رمضان كريم ...

XTR Lash. said...

Ramadan Kareem!

The only thing that annoys me though is the greedy traders. The always tend to increase the prices in Ramadan since they know that people shop like crazy during this month.

Btw, say hi to Bagoooora!