Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hassa batokhkin

As i promised here is a new cartoon with our new adventures! We wanted to do something new so we went SHOOTING in abu dhabi a few days back and well i must say i was surprised to find out that i actually can AIM! But its not as easy as angelina makes it seem in her movies!

Bagoora was afraid that i will aim in her direction when the targets became boring and i was looking for more action and challenge! :P

So now i know that i can tukh! but didnt know that my shoulder would be sore afterwards !

Conclusion is il biza3ilni.. Batokho :P

*some ppl who read dina's blog arrest her claiming that she is a potential threat to society!


Dr.Invisible said...

Lool so now ur shooting things , we all should be cautious wiz ya :))

XTR Lash. said...

Armed and Fabulous!

Notorious said...

Aww that's hot,, i'd love to try!!

Jundi said...

cool .. what gun did u fire?

Dead Man Walking said...

wen had? bede aro7 a6okh :D

sky said...

Is this skite shooting(ceramic disks thrown into the air) you did or target shooting..?
I did skite shooting once and it was so cool...I could see you doing that.Glad you are out trying new things.

Errant said...

you go girl .. it mustta have been so much fun .. doom 6a'7 doom .. booooom ..

SomeGuyFrom said...

A cartoonist cow girl mommy with gun and her frightened cow. I think you should put another character, a crazy horse perhaps? I would like to have the comic. Make one please.

hijabee said...

Lol. funny

Dino$ said...

dr invisible you must always remember i am also pregnant with raging hormones! :P hehe don worry you are not on my target list

Xtr lash! Thanks! Always supportive !

NOtorious hmmm dunno if i would go again the shoulder pain afterwards isnt so fabulous

soldier it was a shot gun i think..
like the on i the illustration

ya CD ya abu kareem its i jebel ali shooting club.

Sky is that you? are u sk? anyway how is is paris?!?!

errant :) yeah! it was! girls can shoot !! Woo hooo

someguy.. a horsE? not sure about that i mean bagoora is my thing but y dot u draw one didnt you start illusrating? but ill think about it

hijjabi thanks :)

SomeGuyFrom said...

it's just that yours are much funnieeeer :D

Fa6ma said...

LOL now I'm like, a5af minik =p

Diana said...

cool, where in Abu Dhabi? We want to go shooting ne7na kaman :D

ghorBty said...

asalam 7lekom

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i love it Especially blog hijab