Monday, October 06, 2008

More on Pregnancy

Now that im pregnant even my dreams revolve around babies and pregnancy and labor! All baby dreams! Last weird dream was that my baby was so tiny and turned into "3ajeeneh"
I do know that my sister used to call me "al ragheef al 3ajeeb" because of my chubby round face but to have a "3ajeen" baby is something else! lol

So ofcourse the news of someone being pregnant spreads as fast as the news of engagements and weddings & death (b3eed il shar). So i keep getting calls from people saying " YOU'RE PREGNANT!" followed by a lot of chipmunk like screams and a few " OMG OMG OMG"
hehe it's nice! But what i hate is the unwanted advice! Or when people decided to say things like " oh you reminded of myself when i was 3 months pregnant i had a miscarriage" or " when i was pregnant i was going to die in the 8th month from complications"
"my marriage was fine up until i had kids" etc.

What i want to hear not is Happy Thoughts! Im already freaking out about the cow-like milk fountains that could start even before delivery! The Labor Pain! Whether or not to take the risk of Epidural! What will happen in delivery! How i will manage to take care of a baby when i can hardly take care of my plant! :S

Oh and what i hate! is when they always say "WALAD WALAD" inshala! As if il binit ils mseeebeh! i mean come on are we still in the stone age! They go like "jeebi il walad wa i6amani"! i say kolo min Allah mnee7! And its not like there is a button you press to get a BOY! i hear stories of men threatening to divorce the wife if she doesn't get a boy! all i can say to that is that is the definition of "TAKHALUF"

As for me i love girls and boys and if i love any gender more it would be girlies! with their cute baby clothes and hair clips! And when they grow up they turn into fountains of love. I would rather have a girl that grows up to make me proud and be good to me than a boy that could eventually yi6ali3 3ayni with his mughamarat & raging hormones.

Cow says she will help and that i am welcome to any fresh milk for the baby at anytime :)


Mona said...

May Allah bless you with an easy and quick delivery inshaAllah. You really crack me up Dino!

Dino$ said...

thanks mona :) glad you like my posts :)Allah yis3idik

Maioush said...

your dreams are LOL! 3ajeeneh ya bent el 7alaal?? :D
don't listen to the muta5alefeen people, the most important thing that the baby inshalla will be healthy :) , and tell you what, if kids do anything to marriage, they make it stronger, it's like having something you both love equally, and willing to sacrifice your lives for, inshalla bet2oomi bel salameh 7abeebti :)

Dino$ said...

shufti! once i had a 3lkeh dream!! u r right aham she ykoon il bobo healthy. And inshala what you say is true. *hugga

Ola said...

Congratulations!! Such happy news... make sure Cow doesn't get jealous :D

sea life said...

LOL, I like your funy way to express your feelings:)
I wish you all the best!

Dino$ said...

thank you sea life :)

vagueraz said...

Mabroook :) ;
w kol shy mn 3nd allah mneee7 :) ..
boy or girl ahamma shy el 5el2a el tammeh w el se7a el mnee7a :) .//

fakree shu beddek tsmme el babies :)

Dino$ said...

babies? kam wa7ad hommeh? walahi lisa ma ba3raf lisa waiting to see WALAD WALAD wala Banoooteh!

ya3ni mumkin khrewish, 6weigi3

Thabi so Ahmed is Abu Thabi :P

XTR Lash. said...

Inshallah you will be fine. Btw, this post was HILARIOUS! Make sure cow helps; did you know that I had fresh cow milk (for almost 2 years) when I was a baby? Unbelievable I know!

Reema said...

salam dear :)
zay ma 2olti, yekoon walad wella benet mish mohem bas el aham yekoon bi 9e77a wo kwaiseh wo yekoon men el thorrieh el 9al7a inshallah :)

Dino$ said...

xtr were you brought up in a farm? did you drink directly from the cow? Do u have your own imaginary cow? no wonder u love my bagoora :)

reema yes! wallahi that is all im praying for a healthy cute kalbooz bobo that grows up to be a good boy/girl and doesnt ghaleb his mommy :)

Fa6ma said...

Congrats =) I want a baby girl first too!! The hair clips awww =D..
O good luck!! I hate those kind of dreams =/