Sunday, December 14, 2008

IT's A GirL

Sorry i haven't posted for a while i was in kuwait :) Back now and GUESS WHAT?!

ITS A GIRL! YIpeeeeeeee! i have to admit i kind of felt it was from the start! with my baby girl baby dreams! i thought maybe the dreams were because i always wanted a girl but apparently my psychic feelings were CORRECT :)

someone has to stop me from spending all my money on cute baby girl clothes! i am addicted to baby shopping! OH and someone has to STOP ME FROM EATING!

in the beginning the problem was that i could not eat because of the puking so i ended up losing a lot of weight! NOW I CAN'T STOP! its like there is a HOLE in my stomach i can eat and eat and eat and not feel full!

But after the doctor said i gained way too much for one month i am starting to control myself
*munching on khass and khyar and healthy food and trying to imagine that it's chocolate 


Baby is kicking now and when i have chocolate i think she starts dancing and kicking all over the place!

i am going to name her LAYLA inshala :)


kinzi said...

Mabruuk!! sugar and spice and everything nice...they are GREAT!!!

LOL, pretending khiyar is chocolate, I should try that, it takes a BIG imagination.

Love the name, too :)

Reema said...

mabroooookk!! inshallah tkoon bi atam el 9e77a wel 3afieh wo akeed nshallah t2oomi bel salameh, btw these are the best days in pregnancy, enjoy them as much as you can :D keep in touch dear and welcome back :)

Diana said...

I felt that it was a boy long before the doctor told me so... e7sas el om, lol
mabrook dandoon, inshallah t2omi bil salameh. Pregnant women are faj3aneen, that's a fact :D so you're not the only one.
When you give birth and start nursing, you even wanna eat MORE, haha, so be prepared for a long period of faj3aneh :D

Rabia said...

Layla is a beautiful name. Congrats dudeee!

Retrotrut said...

Mabrook!!!! Inshallah she will be a healthy baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7aki Fadi said...

t2oomy bilsalameh with a beautiful healthy baby girl!!!

Qwaider قويدر said...

Alf alf mabrook ... I wish you a safe and easy delivery and inshallah t2oomi bil salameh

Fa6ma said...

WOWOWoWwowoOW =D I'm so jealous I must say =pPpp..
Inshallah ti6la3 bissalama and inshallah she doesn't inheret that hole-in-the-stomach gene =p

Iris said...

Yay! A girl! Baby girls have the best clothes :)

SomeGuyFromPlanet said...

chocolate and dancing and kicking baby loooooool.

you have a hilarious wild imagination reaaally!

anyway i like that vampire's name: layla. lol.

Zara said...

Mabroooook! Gosh i love all the cartoons in your blog, they are so cute. I want a baby too =D

Dino$ said...

kanoozti :) btw the khyar trick never works

thanks ya cute

Dino$ said...

reema :0) r u the reema on my msn :) if yes then i hope ur pregnancy is going well too! i wait for the kicks! its amusing to have someone growing inside of u! sub7anllah

dondon lisa fe eating lol haha the last dr visit tbahdalt lol she was like 6kg in one month is too much! infatha7at! kashafatni! kiss little keero for me

Dino$ said...

rabia :) is that ur real name! i live next to u in amman :) i am in tla3 il 3ali :) hehe

i like the name rabia very nice :)

Dino$ said...

retrtrotrootitooti :) cant seem to remember how to spelll ur nick :) thanks kyaas malyaaaaneh 7ob wa grunful

Dino$ said...

7aki fadi inshala ya RAAAAAAAAAB i saw some women in labor.... SAraaaaaaaa3ooooooooni

Dino$ said...

qweider :) thanks inshala ya rab

fa6oom 3o2balik inshala and i sure hope my daughter is not a bagara lol

Dino$ said...

iris yessssssssss its addictive to buy those tiny cute pink little skirst and socks and dresses!!

someguy :0) thank u :)

liesh vampire ? bismilaa 3aliehaa!


zara :) sho bi2rablik mango

thank u for ur comment and inshala u will get an adorable baby someday too

Rabia said...

haha but I don't live in Amman =( ...why thankyou for liking the name though, and I don't really understand Arabic so I have to skip the Arabic bits even in your posts =(

Anonymous said...

Found your blog surfing, and anyone that has the same Chocolate addiction is certainly worth a read.. spent and hour reading everything! LOVED IT! I am hooked.. Mabrook on the little girl.
Chocoholics Stick together!

Dino$ said...

rabia so sorry :) i will try to translate more :)



Glad u found my blog

Princess N said...

A girl or a boy, kul shi min allah mnee7.. il mohim to be in good health..
But I have to admit, girls are much cuter :)
Layla is a beautiful name... inshalla twaldi bil salameh..

Tainted Female said...

Wow... I'm so late, bs mabrook!

I had no idea. Reading this brought back all those memories of being pregnant again... Part of me wants another one, part of me knows I'll never ever do it again.

You enjoy this special time.


Anonymous said...

hmm , from the layla name , I'm sure your baby will be a fat kalbooza one , since the layla's I know are fat, ahh...poor things .

Anonymous said...

Thank u :-) you should look at this emo boy style on this blog:

mediatrend said...


Haitham Jafar said...

zay ma gal l ostaz l seeny bel zab6! ana ma3ah b kol jawari7y!

Dino$ said...

hahahahaha haitham inta 7ashash!

Haitham Jafar said...

لا أبشرك

بطلت حشيش من فترة

حتى شوفي عيوني


زي الفل

ما فيه لا لون أحمر و لا حتى أصفر فيهم