Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My First False Labor Experience!

So recently i have been feeling some abdominal pain that i just assumed was some " bowel"movement or kick lol. Till i started timing the pain and apparently it was every 5 minutes.
Knowing myself and how i have high pain endurance it hit me that it could be contractions.

So i call the emergency number in the hospital and ask them what i should do.

Dino :
Hello im in my 37th week and im having constant contractions what should i do?

Filipino lady : ohhh maam.. ur still early... but now taqe a hot shower and two panadol and if the contrQshan not going away and you feel you qannat Qook then qome to emergency.

Dino thinking to myself " Can't what?"

So well i assumed she meant when the pain gets stronger.. so after all that i still had contractions.. i go to my mom " yumma batneee biwaji3ni"

MAMA *sits up in bed and although was almost asleep is wide awake and about to jump

Dino *very relaxed... " mama it's probably nothing... momkin bas ghazaaat" lol

Mama : " mush 2oltelik itdubeee il shanta taba3t il mustashfa!"
Dino : ma3lish mama ma3lish mush 7awled today!

haram she starts running around the house trying to gather anything she could that i will need in case of DELIVERY! Then she remmeber that most of the baby clothes she has are 6 months or 3 months as she anticipated a BIG BAGOORA KALABEEZ BABY!

so my sister wakes up to the commotion and chaos going on around her and asks half asleeep
"sho 3am biseeer?"

Mom answers hyterically with a freaking out tone " UKHTIK BTUWLED"


sister went back to sleep.. i think she knew it was not the real deal!

After running around the house and gathering what we could at 3 am we headed to the hospital.
They connected me to a maching that senses the contractions . And apparently I WAS having contractions and I WAS unaware of most of them lol My mom would see the contraction on the screen and say " bit7iseeeesh inti yama"


So after 25 mins of contraction monitoring the same nurse that answered the phone came to talk to me. she was like :

Nurse : your Qontracshans are not strong enough and you are not yet dialated. I told you on the pone to qome only when you qannot Qook..

Dino thinking... " cook?" i mean i could hardly cook anything when i came..
momkin kaset shay
but not COOK

Nurse Qontinues " So epery 15 Miniks 10 miniks 5 minik qontraction and you qannot qook then qome"

It suddenly hit me.... she had a problem with the letter K... she replaces it with manhy letters..

Cannot Qook =Cannot COPE!


And that was my first false labor experience... i cannot Cook but i can COPE :) and today i plan on getting my bag ready incase!!!

still getting small Qontraaaaaqshans! pray for me!!! Poor mama i gave her a good scare!


Rabia said...

This is funny stuff...except I didn't understand the arabic bits..but wow...that's some experience right there! Good luck for the real time inshAllah. =)

Maioush said...

inshalla bel salameh ya rab Dino, you made me laugh so hard 3ala el nurse, allah ywa2mek bel salameh! :)

Nur said...

i imagined you in the hospital with sunglasses :D
Dua for you and the sweet baby! :D

ZeZe said...

Oh my god, I thought she meant COOK at first, then at the end it was COPE!
Inshallah everything is going to be fine.
Sweet lil baby girl on her way =)

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